Morning Lust

By jjustjenny

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Getting freaky for my girl. Might be a bit crude for some.
The soft light of a new day wakes me. A smile forms on my lips as I slowly stretch, my body so comfortably warm under the single sheet that covers us, with most of the warmth coming from your lovely body spooned to my front. My movement causes you to roll slightly away, but not enough to wake you, or to fully break our bodies contact. It does give me a better view of your body, and I, ever so lightly, brush your hair off the side of your face so I can see your peaceful face.

I gaze for minutes, never tiring of looking at you, watching you breathe and sleep. My fingers softly move along your side, dancing lightly on your hip bone, as I carefully lean forward and plant some tender kisses on your shoulder. The moment my lips touch you, I feel that electricity jolt me alive again, my nipples springing up, and poking into your back.

The sudden thought erupts in my mind...this beautiful woman is mine! And I can never get enough of her.

My kiss brings you to half consciousness, and you roll again onto your tummy. I kiss your shoulder again, letting my nipples brush over your back as I do, and whisper, "Good morning my love."

I see you smile, not quite awake, and I lightly continue my kisses... moving to the middle of your back...then lower.

I hear you murmur as you become more aware of my movements, of my fingers more openly caressing your body, as my lips do the same. My feet push the sheet off us as my lips and tongue travel down your spine. Now it's your turn to stretch, your arms going above your head, as if to allow me to explore your back. Slipping lower, I kiss the rising flesh of your bottom, my fingers massaging your ass as I do.

From beside you, I lean over and bring my face between your cheeks, pulling your cheeks apart, I kiss your dark star. "Good morning baby."

I kiss your rosebud again and then touch her with the tip of my tongue. Your body squirms a little, and your legs spread, giving me more room to lick at your tight asshole. My fingers pull your cheeks open more and I bury my tongue into your puckered flesh. Licking and probing as I hear you moan softly, your legs opening more letting me know that I shouldn't stop...not that I would have anyway.

My nose touches your cunt lips, as I lick at your tight asshole. Feeling you move, I shift my body to let you lift up your ass, and to let me move behind you, between your legs. My tongue stabs at your star, wiggling the tip of my tongue each time to loosen and open your ring. As I eat your ass, I feel the occasional brush of your fingertips at my chin, knowing you are touching yourself as I work your asshole open once more.

Snaking my tongue into you, your flavor stronger now further ignites my lust and I jam my tongue in lewdly, making my baby gasp and moan.

I reach a hand down between my legs, finding my cunt molten hot...leaking... I finger myself with two digits deep up my cunt, the two that I will bring and slide up your ass in a moment. But for now, I use them to pleasure myself all the while my tongue cleans your asshole spotless.

"Baby, I just can't get enough of your hot ass."

My pause to talk to you allows me to press my wet fingers to your rosebud. I watch as your ring opens and lets me slide them deep up your tight rectum, smiling as I feel your ass tighten on them.

I spit on my fingers and your asshole to help them fuck your asshole harder. I reach around the bed with my free hand, seeking one of the toys we used the night before to fuck each other. My fingers feel the movement of your fingers inside your cunt, and I press mine towards yours to touch through the thin membranes of your cunt and ass.

I look up at you, and find you sucking one of the vibes. Our eyes lock and I smile at you.

"Fuck. You look so sexy doing that."

I kiss the soft flesh of your ass, right by the teeth marks I left the night before. Watching as your lips move up and down the shaft of the toy cock, I wonder if you're tasting me or you on it. Cunt or ass. Not that it matters, its probably both anyway. Both us, and the juice of our bodies.

Our fingers fucking you faster, your body rocking back and forth, I can see your eyes flutter and I know that you're close. I bite your ass, and watch your expression change, seeing you crest and release. My fingers suddenly crushed inside your ass, I feel each spasm of your orgasm as I see it flow over your face.

Only after you've laid back down on the bed do I pull my fingers out of you. Moving back to spoon against you, kissing your shoulder once more as I mold my body to yours. Our hands joining, we snuggle in. You pull the covers back up and we match our breathing as we rest. Resting up for the next round...that's soon to come.