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Moving On

Disclaimer: Although some of the titles and verbage used in this story are actual military terms, all combat and medical situations are from my imagination and not real protocol.

Julie looked down into the most gorgeous pair of blue eyes she had ever seen. A petite, athletic girl stood in front of her, decked out in her cammies, hat off, bag over her shoulder. She had light blond hair, perfectly arched eyebrows and a spattering of freckles across the bridge of her nose. Flawless skin topped off a perfect looking body that looked to be around 5'8" or 5'9". Since when did they let beauty queens in the military, is what she thought.

The girl was biting her lip, looking slighty nervous as she faced her. Julie knew she could be intimidating to younger squad members. Not only because of her rank, but because of her presence and stature. She stood at 6 foot, tall by a woman's standard, and was all muscle and grace. She had come in early, earned her degree, and rose quickly in the ranks.

The girl in front of her actually looked to be not that much younger than her, and a few ranks below. "Now you know..." she looked at her name tag, "Petty Officer Jameson, that when you arrived at base camp, you were supposed to report here, correct?" She could tell the girl wanted to say something other than what she did when she said, "Yes, Senior."

She liked that the girl didn't make excuses, even though she knew that she had actually been given the wrong information and gone to the wrong area on base. It was a confusing one with a lot of commotion and quite honestly she was surprised she made it here as quickly as she had after being miles in the wrong direction. Her shirt had darkened in areas from sweat, some of it rolling down the side of neck. She must've run. Impressive.

They looked at one another and then Julie nodded, motioning her inside the tent. Her "office" was a long table, papers and folders scattered on it, a large cooler in the corner, a big locker and her actual living quarters behind a big screen. "Sit, please," Julie said, touching a chair across from the desk in front of her. The girl put her pack down and sat in front of her, still nervous, but remaining still, those gorgeous eyes taking everything in.

Julie sat down and opened Jameson's folder, looking at her accomplishments and past history. She had a remarkable record, scoring high marks in all her accomplishments. Consistent. Good coremen were hard to find, most of them in and out in a hurry. Looks like she had stayed around, had done her combat time, and still volunteered for another tour.

Julie was getting out next spring at the ripe old age of 35. She skimmed the dossier...28. 7 years younger. Damn she felt old, but at the same time felt like her life would be like being born again once she got out. She looked at the other side of her jacket, recreational stuff. "Play softball?" Julie inquired, reading that she was on the All-Navy team for two years. "Yes, Senior." Julie looked up at her and smiled at her for the first time, "Good, we need some more female players out here.." Jameson gave her a tentative smile, "Glad to help." She could hear the sense of humor in her voice and laughed softly.

She skimmed through the rest of her folder and then closed it. "So where are you interested in working on base? You were given the tour, yes?" "Well Senior, I was hoping actually to work in your squadron. I hear it's the best." Julie studied her, raising her eyebrow, "Where did you hear that?" "Everyone." "So you think you are good enough to be part of my group?" "Yes, Senior."

She liked her response, a lot. You had to have a lot of confidence to be part of the elite groups, had to know you could be out there saving lives, being a part of the team. She had actually been looking for a new coreman, one to replace the awesome one she had who was leaving next month. There had been a few inquiries, a few other coreman interested in taking his place, but she hadn't made a decision yet.

"We run over 15 miles a day, bad conditions, a lot of convoys, sometimes no sleep and no food. Think you are up for that?" Jameson's mouth curved slightly and she nodded, "Yes, Senior." Julie shook her head, a smile making its way to her face involuntarily. "Tell you what, I have two other people vying for the same spot you are interested in. If you think you can handle it, come out with us. We go on a two week excursion tomorrow. You belong to us now so don't worry about reporting anywhere else. More practice than anything although we do have a mission. You and the other two coreman will come along. Show us what you got."

She stood up and Jameson stood up at attention. "Jameson..." Julie sighed, coming to stand in front of her. Even in the hot dusty air and the obvious exertion the girl had put forth trying to get here, she smelled...good..if that was even possible. "I don't know what kind of squads you belonged to before, but this one isn't like any other one you have been on. We work with Seals and Rangers, and we certainly do not stand at attention. So don't..." Julie raised her hand motioning to her posture.

Jameson slowly relaxed, her eyes changing slightly. "What's your name?" Jameson asked, her voice sounding a little hoarse. Probably from calling cadence in this damn wind tunnel of an area. "Last name is Peterson. Call me whatever you want as long as it's respectful," Julie raised her eyebrow. "You got it," Jameson smiled.

She was damn cute. It had been a long time since...well, since Julie felt attraction towards anyone. "I'm sure you're well aware of how beautiful you are, and that you are used to getting hit on, but rest assured, mess with any of these men out here, and you will be seeing the inside of another tent and assigned to another squad captain, are we understood?"

Jameson looked her square in the eye and nodded, "Yes." "Go and talk to Kalowski. He'll get you what you need for tomorrow. Try not to go to the wrong area again, okay?" Jameson laughed, and she saw she understood that Julie had known what had happened. "My fault." She still took the blame. Smart girl. Might be hope there. Jameson was almost out of the tent when Julie said her name. Jameson turned. "Don't let me down." Her way of saying she better give it all she had. "I won't."


Cara rolled into a sitting position, rubbing her eyes. It was still dark outside as she made her way to the shower area. She knew it would probably be the last one for quite some time so she had purposely woken up early so that she could mentally prepare and be sharp.

She had a hard time getting to sleep last night, her mind running a mile a minute. Everytime she closed her eyes, she saw Senior. She was pretty sure, damn positive, that she had never met anyone so stunning in her entire life. From the moment she had looked up into her eyes, she felt something shift inside of her. Her mind and body seeming to align itself differently just being in her presence.

Peterson. She said to call her by her first or last name. She didn't know her first one, she hadn't given it. Which meant she didn't want her calling her by it. She was sure that Senior knew her first name from her file, but still called her by her last name. She was such a strong woman, she could see she was in excellent condition, something she always had gravitated towards, being a jock herself. She also had that indefinable "it" that true leaders possessed. Just looking at her, hearing her voice, made you WANT to stand at attention.

The fact that she was a female and ran such an elite squad of all men...well it said alot about how much those around her respected her. She felt her innate energy just from standing close. She was tall as hell and the only other word to describe her Very sexy. Those light green eyes not one bit hesitant, intelligent, and seemed as though they could see right into her. She wasn't someone you messed around with. Her voice alone gave her a slight shiver up her back. But that smile. Wow.

Cara hadn't been with someone for a long time. Over a year and a half if she thought back on it. It wasn't something she consciously thought about. Being gay in the military was hard outside of it..well, she found she didn't have a lot of time for it. She liked release as much as the next person, but found sometimes it was too much drama. She only had half a year left and though she hadn't let her intentions be known, she was planning on getting out and moving back to the country. She missed home and just wanted to settle down...find a new life. She loved what she did with a passion, but she knew at some point, she needed to slow down.

She heard Peterson's words in her ear as she finished her shower, pulling on her clothes. She had assumed she was straight, had been matter-of-fact about making sure she didn't mess up what could be a good thing. She was crystal about that. Yeah, she had been right, she got hit on a lot. It didn't bother her, she let it slide off her back. She was professional regardless, didn't ever look at people she worked with. Talk about drama.

She was pretty sure they were going to test her, give her shit. She knew how to handle all that. She wasn't worried about the guys. She was worried about how her heart pounded faster when Senior was looking at her, or standing close to her. She had never been affected this way by just looking at a woman. What a fucking speciman. She knew she was pretty easy on the eyes too, but she worked hard to keep herself top shelf, made sure she was never the person holding a team back physically. She worked through the pain many times and never once had faltered or fallen behind. She wouldn't now.

She finished putting on her boots and it occured to her that Senior had to think she was beautiful to say what she did. Not that it mattered...all the women that looked like her, that she was insanely attracted to, they were always straight. It seemed to be the story of her life. Fall for the people that won't ever be hers.

She went through her gear one more time that she had gotten from Kalowski and also packed a few necessities he didn't bother to offer. Dry socks. Heater pads. Beanie. Two Under Armour long sleeved shirts and one short. Gels in the side. She had been in a nearby camp before, knew what newbies didn't. Without the shelter of solid buildings, it could be harsh out there. And if you somehow got caught in a wet spot, you'd be freezing and uncomfortable the rest of the night.

She checked the time and then ran it over to the meeting point. When she got there, she knew she had been tricked into wearing the wrong getup. Everyone was wearing their brown shirts not green, separate set of cammies, and brown boots. Damn Kalowski. She almost wanted to smile if she wasn't so irritated. There were already 6 or 7 men sitting on boxes inside the tent, some of them laughing when they saw her. She shrugged as if to say, "Oh well."

She looked at Kalowski with an arched brow and he grinned at her. Bastard. She might barely have enough time to change before..shit, of course she would walk in as she was turning to go. She was dressed like everyone else, a large bag in her hand, another duffel on her shoulder. Their eyes met and she saw her eyes flirt over what she was wearing. "Are you sure you're in the right place?" Senior asked dryly. A few chuckles behind her. "Give me 2 minutes," was all she said and started a fast jog back towards her tent.


"Kalowski," Julie sighed as soon as Jameson left and everyone laughed. "That's it," she said looking at him, meaning it. He stopped smiling and nodded, "Okay okay." Poor girl, first lost yesterday and now embarassed. She had handled it pretty well. Didn't make any excuses, just like before, even though it was obvious someone had put her up to it. She also liked that she hadn't asked to go change, but just went. She showed all the qualities of not just a good follower, but a leader. Independent thinkers were rare these days. They worked as a team, but each had to function as a unit in and of themselves as well.

She heard one of the guys say under his breath that she was gorgeous. She knew that bringing her along might be a distraction, but she trusted her men and she wanted to put her through the fire. Women sometimes acted differently in stressful and combat situations. She had to make sure that Jameson was as strong as advertised.

They all finished packing the extra gear and Julie turned to see that Jameson had come back in and was helping the other two coremen with their packs. Their eyes met before Julie turned to grab the pack next to her and she threw it into the back of the large truck. Her mind went to the mission. It was an exercise, more of a reconaissance, but she never took anything lightly. The area they were going into was not well beaten and the little intel they had told them it was supposed to be mostly uninhabited. That also meant rougher terrain and possible attacks.

They had brought more ammo than normal for an exercise mostly due to this. And 4 damn coremen. Well, at least they would be bandaged up correctly if something happened. The other two coremen were eager beavers. Both men, both gung-ho. They wore their guns with pride, happy to be part of the team. She found nothing wrong with that, but it was just so...obvious. Jameson also had a gun of course, but it was almost as if it was part of her uniform. It didn't stand out like it did on these coremen whose eyes would go to their weapon or their hand unconsciously feeling for it.

Jameson had two guns she was pretty sure. The standard assault that they all strapped on, but she also saw she had something smaller, looked like a Sig possibly attached to a clip on her hip, barely visible. Still, it didn't seem as if she was overloaded or gunning out, it looked natural on her. Julie thought it was damn sexy. Now that she was dressed like everyone else, mingling and saying hello to everyone, she could definitely see her as part of the group. She didn't have to try to be liked, she could tell by the smiles in her men's eyes that they did already. Sometimes integration could take at least a few weeks. Guess they would have to see.

They all piled in and started on the convoy, 40 miles outside of town near the coast. As they carefully manuevered the roads, Julie laid out the map on the makeshift board next to her and motioned Curt over, her terrain expert. They talked over the motor, mostly just signaling, both of them jotting down coordinates in their notebooks. She only told him where they had to go, not the time they had to be there in. She needed to make sure it worked for them to take certain paths before making the journey.

The missions she were assigned were pretty closed door. She got her orders directly from the Admiral's right hand man. Find, scout, recover. Sounded more like a goose chase to her, but it was her job. The truck started to slow down and soon the engine stopped. They all piled out and filled up their canteens and food boxes. Now was the hard part.

She had a strange routine of waiting until she got to the drop off point to make her teams. She was always spontaneous this way, though it better that her team just adjusted immediately and not be given time to lolligag beforehand. People got lazy thinking they knew how everything should always good. She knew she could put any three teams together and they would do what needed to be done. 9 people in her squad. 4 coremen. "Pete, John, Lane and Greg, Extract." Pete nodded, being senior he automatically became their leader. They all went to stand near him, checking their packs. "Joey, Tim, Curt, Haley and Wil, Lead."

Curt smiled, putting his hand in the air. Curt loved being lead. And he was the best at it. She could've put John in lead, but lately he had been a little scattered and he knew it. "The rest of you with me, Recon." She had put two of the coreman with Curt on the off chance they ran into something before the rest of them could catch up. Pete would meet them all at the extract point 25 miles west which means they would be on their own for the first few days. She looked at her team as they came to gather closer.

She kept Jameson in her team. She knew it was a risk. She knew all the other coremen were good. Hers obviously, and the other two because of their commanders who had vouched for them on the field. Jameson, she might have a good record, but she had no idea if she really was. Something about her made her choose her. She wanted to keep her close and she wanted to see how she would do.

"Tex," Tony said as he looked down at the map with her. Julie nodded. Tex was the nickname they have given her when they had all started working with her. She didn't mind it. Reminded her of home. Tony was her field expert and they looked at it, Jameson and Lang watching. Tony and her clicked from the moment they met. Like a brother from another mother. She thought him probably the most stand-up guy she knew. Lang was quiet, all muscle but built like a panther. Pretenatural almost in his senses.

She folded the map, watching Lang strap on the radio to his sack. Jameson did something curious. Out of the corner of her eye she saw her turn to face Lang who looked at her questioningly. Jameson held out both hands, showing she had nothing in them and pointed at something hanging from his sack. He nodded and turned and she tucked in the chord and strap he had missed. No words. It was almost as if Jameson knew that Lang preferred actions to speaking. Tony had seen it too.

"She's going to do just fine," he said quietly as they turned to watch Curt and his team move forward. "We'll see," Julie smiled slightly. They waited a for about 45 minutes as she surveyed the map and the surrounding land giving the first team a head startm, then started off after Curt. Julie looked back at Pete and he nodded at her, the familiar excitement in his eyes. She knew it was mirrored in hers as well. "Get 'em Tex," Greg lifted his head. She nodded in response and they went down into the jungle, Tony taking the lead, Julie in the rear.


From her estimation, they had gone about 4 miles, jogging lightly through the terrain. She was behind Lang, Julie behind her. The jungle was thick with humidity, the smell, rotting foliage. If she wasn't used to the smell, she would probably be gagging. Tony ran at a good clip, trailing the first team at a steady pace. Senior was silent behind her, but she knew she was there. For being as tall as she was, she made no noise, hit no brush, almost like she was a shadow. She was damn good. If she had sneaked up on her, she wouldn't have known what hit her.

The pace was fast, but she barely felt her breathing change, used to the heat. She ran 10 miles every day so this was no sweat. If they ran alot more, it might be. She prayed they would rest before then. Tony suddenly stopped, holding up his fist. Lang and Cara held up theirs as well and she became still. The jungle was silent. A bad sign. Suddenly they all heard gunfire up ahead of them, possibly less than a mile away.

Cara immediately fell to her stomach, rolling lightly into the brush as she pulled off her weapon. Lang was to her right, crouching behind a tree. She looked slightly down and towards her feet and froze. She barely saw it, but it was there. Some soft of spring trap device. Held down by something light, a small string connecting it to another stake further away. She saw movement close to it and saw Senior, scooting slightly towards it, her eyes on the trail.

She put her hand down, a slight thump and Senior looked over at her. She pointed to her eyes, down to the trap. Peterson's eyes followed her movement and she stopped her body from moving towards it. Their eyes met and Senior nodded slightly in thanks, then got into a crouch. She waited for her signal. Senior put up two fingers, pointed towards Lang and then herself, then the brush to their left. Cara nodded, repeating it to Lang who repeated it to Tony who was next to him. Senior motioned for cover and Lang pointed one way, her the other. 5 seconds later she and Lang were across to the other side and Tony soon followed.

A minute later, Senior was leading them through the underbrush quietly, Tony now taking the rear. Lang got on the radio. Static, then Wil's voice. Sporadic, gunfire. Silence. They moved again, closer to where the gunfire had been heard. They reached a slight clearing and stopped, Senior looking at her map for a moment. She looked so calm, but her eyes were dark, anxious. She put the map back and then looked up at the embankment. They all waited. Cara wanted to move, wanted to do something, felt trapped. Still, Senior waited, her body still as death, her eyes on the hill above them. It seems like hours although it was probably more like minutes. Both Lang and Tony were faced away, on the lookout.

She saw Senior's eyes move and she looked up the embankment to see two men coming down it. Locals, semi-automatics. Cara took her gun off safety and kept her eyes trained on Senior and then on the two men. Senior pointed down and Cara and Lang got on their knees, both of them now trained on the two men, Tony still acting as a look out. Suddenly the radio sqwaked and immediately Cara put her sights on the two men, one of which started to fire in their direction. She shot one directly in the stomach and rolled towards Lang who was shooting at something behind them. Cara zeroed in on two men coming up the trail fast.

She heard a loud pop and Tony groaned, falling backwards. Fuck. Her finger squeezed lightly and the second man dropped, Lang already taking out the first one. She turned to see Senior had taken out the second man on the hill and turned to Tony, searching him quickly to try and find an entrance wound. Right next to his heart. Tony was wheezing, his eyes already starting to cloud over. "Stay with me buddy," Cara whispered. "First name..." she could see he was in pain and grabbed her kit, pulling out the pain killer, "Cara." Tony nodded, "It's ok. Save it...might need it for someone else," Cara had her hand pressed deep, knew it was going to do no good as blood spilled too fast for her to stop. Tony brought her closer, "Take care of my guys, Cara. You're a keeper, I can tell." Cara gave him a soft smile. "You look like an angel," he whispered, grabbing her shirt lightly, and then his smile disappeared as he let go slowly, his eyes gone.

Cara closed his eyes gently, and took her hand off his wound. "Goddamnit," Lang whispered next to her. She lifted his tags off and reached into his inside pocket, finding his letter. Lang crouched next to him and quickly started to unload him, gunfire in the distance. Good, it meant the guys were still alive. She looked down at herself. Blood everywhere on her. She turned, scanning the area. Nothing. She turned back to Senior who at first she didn't see, but looking closer she saw that she had moved about 10 feet down and to the right.

She blinked, saw what looked like blood near her shoulder. She got to her quickly, touched her lightly. Senior turned, looking back towards Tony and then to her. Cara shook her head. Senior closed her eyes briefly and then watched her as she put her hand on her shoulder. Senior winced slightly. Damn. Entrance wound. She pushed her lightly down on the ground and then got on her knees, pulling away her shirt gently by tearing it. Clean entry. She rolled her slightly over, still holding the bleeding wound from the front. No exit.

She knew they didn't have time to try to take it out here, would have to wait until dark and under cover. "Have to leave it in," she whispered close to her ear as she disinfected and then wiped the area clean quickly. Senior clenched her jaw but nodded. Tough girl. She then put three sterile pads a thick cloth and then strapped tape on her, closing the wound in.

She looked up at Lang who had thrown some of Tony's belongings into his and Cara's pack, seeing Senior was wounded. "Radio?" Senior asked, sitting up. Lang nodded. "Pete...need extract location. Have to find Curt." Lang called up the radio and talked softly into it. Pete came back almost instantly, telling him to standby. Senior got into a crouch and turned towards Cara. "Thank you." She knew she was saying thank you for Tony and her. Cara followed her eyes to the back trail. Lang put the radio on silent and then they were off and running behind Senior.

They reached the top of the hill, all of them dropping. What she saw below her turned her stomach. She saw four of their guys down, all of them still, laying at unnatural angles, blood everywhere. She saw Curt tied to a nearby tree, two men in front of him taking turns beating him with their guns. Senior and Lang both brought up their guns and Cara turned to make sure no one was behind them. "Three," Senior said and they fired simulataneously, both men next to Curt falling.

They immediately got up from their crouches and started to run down the hill. Gunfire to their left. Senior and Lang turned to return the gunfire and Cara rolled, kept moving, her eyes remaining on Curt. She reached for her knife on her side and got to Curt in two more strides, cutting the rope that tied him back fast, Curt falling into her arms. His left eye was completely swollen shut, the other one barely open. "Run, go," he wheezed, blood coming up from his mouth.

He had lacerations and bruises all over him, gun shots to both his knees and one to his gut and one too close to his lung. What a strong man. No one should even be alive after what he had been through. She pulled out her pack, and pulled out her syringe, gently pushing the drug into his veins. She held him as he clutched at her lightly, his face smoothing out as he felt the morphine kick in. "Thank you...the other men?" Cara nodded, "Everyone is okay, Curt." Better to lie to him than let him die thinking his men were all dead.

Senior had dropped next to them, her eyes taking him in. "I didn't tell them anything," he whispered, his lids growing heavy, his hand still holding onto Cara's. Senior nodded, her hand touching his face lightly. "This must be heaven," he coughed,"Two beautiful women on their knees in front of me." Cara couldn't help the small laugh that escaped her and Curt smiled. His body jerked slightly, Cara feeling the last of the blood he could afford to lose seep through her hands. Senior bent down, taking his head in her hands, "I love you, bud." Curt nodded, "I know," and then he was gone. Senior sat up slowly, the anger and pain on her face making her want to reach out.

Cara took his tags and letter and then put her arms under his, dragging him backwards behind the shelter of a large stack of wood. She turned to go to the other men. Lang was in front of her, about to say something when he suddenly fell forward, the pop loud. She let him fall onto her and then rolled him under her. Senior was shooting across the ledge from them. Someone they hadn't seen. Senior got him right between his eyes. Cara looked around, and then down to Lang. He was holding his chest, blood coming out between his hands.

"Shit," Cara ground out, gently pulling his shirt back. He didn't just have one wound, it looked like 3 or 4 bullets, his chest torn up. She pushed her hands on it, trying to stop the bleeding. Lang groaned, shaking his head. Cara felt tears come to her eyes from frustration and anger and she grabbed another pack, giving him the same pain killer, but slightly less. Lang let out a breath and then relaxed slowly. Cara quickly pulled out her packs and started to dress him as quickly as possible. If they could stop the bleeding, he might be okay. None of the hits looked vital.

Senior was next to her, her gun turning slowly. She suddenly saw movement from behind one of the trucks directly behind Senior. She reached for her Sig and with one smooth movement, took off the safety and shot the man square in the chest twice. The man fell backwards against the truck and Cara put her safety back on, and the gun back in her hidden holster, her hand still on Lang.

"You're like one of those....Bad Girls." Cara looked down at Lang's voice and raised her eyebrow. "We have to move," Senior said quietly. Cara nodded and looked down at Lang. She bandaged him as best she could and then looked over at the radio which was blinking. Senior saw it at the same time. She picked it up, talking softly into it. Pete with extract coordinates. 10 hours. Cara felt her heart drop. Lang wouldn't last 10 hours. She rolled her finger to Senior and she nodded. 6 hours, but had to be more distant coordinates. Possible.

Senior reached down and picked Lang up slowly, his arm going around her. Shit, she forgot about her shoulder. She quickly went to the other bodies and took their tags and letters. They made their way out of the clearing, dark already starting to settle in. Cara put Lang's other arm around her shoulder and they walked at a fast clip through the jungle, less worried about silence.

Finally after Cara knew Lang had to stop, they made camp. Lang lay down, almost immediately going into a fitful sleep. She re-bandaged him, the bleeding still strong. She then turned to Senior. She saw her rubbing her eyes tiredly and turned back to her pack. She pulled out all the things she would need, knew she had to get the bullet out or else infection could start setting in. Might already be.

She knew shock was trying to seep in and she wouldn't let it. She turned towards Senior who was pulling out her roll. She put it over Lang and then sat again, pulling off her boots to change her socks. "I need to take that bullet out," Cara said softly, crouching in front of her. Senior let out a sigh and nodded. Cara hesitantly reached for the hem of her shirt and tugged it up. Senior lifted her good arm, the other one slow to come up.

"Just relax," Cara said quietly, putting her knees on either side of her legs, straddling her, gently pulling her shirt off. Cara felt nervous all of the sudden. This was the wrong setting to feel...butterflies. Well, at least she was feeling something. She slowly sat back on Cara's thighs, pulling off the bandage. Senior winced, groaning. It looked raw, painful, and ragged.

She started to pull out the morphine and Senior shook her head. Cara nodded. Knew she didn't want to be out of it or have clouded judgement in any way. She brought out saline and disinfectant and looked at her directly in the eye. "This is going to hurt like a bitch." Senior let out a breath, "Do it," her hands going to Cara's outer thighs. She leaned down and startled Senior, taking her lip between her teeth and bit, drawing a  little blood. She jerked, pulling back, her tongue going to her lip. Had to distract her. "My name's Cara, nice to meet you." Senior looked up at her and a slight laugh came out of her. "Julie."

Got her first name. She felt like she had just asked her for her number and won a small victory. Cara blew out a breath nodding and then doused her. Julie let out a low sound of pain as she cleaned her wound. She hoped she was thinking about her lip still, take some of the pain away. She then brought out her small light. She put it between her teeth and focused on the hole. She felt slowly around, until she felt the bullet lodged not quite an inch beneath her muscle.

"Fuck," Julie swallowed, her face paler. "I found it. Now try not to move." Julie nodded. Cara took her sterilized tiny forceps and felt with her other hand again, then pushed the metal inside. Julie's hands squeezed her thighs tight, her jaw clenching as she buried her head in Cara's chest, biting at the fabric of her shirt, Cara winced, feeling her teeth get some of her skin. Cara found it almost immediately and withdrew it as gently as possibly.

As much as she wanted to yank it out, she knew she could make the wound worse. She saw the head and then it came out. Not a moment too soon because her thighs were hurting like hell and she was feeling a tingling sensation in her lower back, her chest aching where she had bit her. She sterilized it again. Julie's head still on her collarbone, her breathing fast.

She took out her needle and thread. "Are you sure you don't want..." Julie shook her head. She tried to sew her up as efficiently as possible. Sweat was pouring down Julie's neck, her soft groans making her feel horrible. Finally she was done and she covered it with bandages, making sure to seal it tight for infection. There wasn't anything else she could do.

She put her pack down and picked up the bullet. Putting it between them. Julie's head came up, her eyes dark with two different kinds of pain. She took the bullet and closed her palm. They looked at one another for a long moment, both of them tired and angry. "I'm glad you're here," Julie said softly, her breathing slowly returning to normal. "Me too."

Their eyes remained connected, both of them wanting comfort. Lang moaned and Cara bit her lip, slowly getting off of her lap. She went to Lang who was sweating, but still asleep. She saw his bandages were starting to soak through and she pulled out more. It was going to be a long night.


Julie shoved the rest of the food bar into her mouth then stood slowly, surveying the land below them. No movement. She had been in the same position for the last hour. Knew they had to get going. She turned to wake Cara up and saw she was already up, tending to Lang. Well, she was right with her instincts. Cara was definitely in a league of her own. The best coreman and soldier she had seen in a long long time. There was no hesitance about her, her actions quick and efficient. She wasn't robotic though, you could see the feeling behind those blue eyes, knew she was feeling pain like she was.

If it wasn't for her, Lang and her might both be lying somewhere, bleeding out. The way she had taken care of Tony and Curt..and the way she had killed, by her count, three different men, her aim true..well, it was something you only dreamed a soldier much less a medical coreman would do for your team.

She felt her heart ache. She lost her whole first team. How did this happen? This was supposed to just be recon. Obviously the intel they had was wrong. There was a hideout very close and she knew they had to tread lightly. She felt her neck sag. 5 dead. Angry she looked over towards the area they had to start moving to. She would have time to grieve later. She needed to get them out of here and back to camp.

Her shoulder was throbbing and so was her lip. Cara bit her for God's sake. She knew why she had done it, but it still had surprised her. It did its job for a second, that's for sure. For a moment there, she wasn't in the jungle, shot and bleeding, angry and in pain; It had been a girl on her lap, her mouth on her, their bodies on one another. Yeah, Cara was damn good at what she did. She wondered if she did that with other injured people, thought maybe it was a good idea for all coremen to learn that particular trick. Julie felt her face flush slightly, knowing she had bit her as well, not meaning to, the pain so intense. What she wanted to do was push her off of her and yank the bullet out but hadn't.

She turned to see Cara next to her, her eyes alert. Julie finished chewing the rest of the bar and pulled out the map. 5 clicks south by southwest. She looked back towards Lang who was sitting up. His face was pale but his eyes were aware. "Let's do this," Julie said softly, pulling on her pack, trying not to wince again. "Okay?" Cara asked her, pulling on her own.

Julie's eyes went to Cara's collarbone. She could see the slight impressions where she had bit her, already turning dark red, small amount of blood. "I'm sorry," Julie looked at her, apologetic. Cara shook her head, "I probably would've done worse in your shoes." "I doubt that," Jule said softly, their eyes on one another. "How is your lip?" Cara asked, a slight twinkle in her eye. Julie tried not to smile as she gave her a small shove with her shoulder, then turned to Lang. They could make it to the extract if they hurried.


Cara was running hard, her footfalls sounding loud to her through the jungle. It had been weeks since the excursion and yesterday was the hearing. All of them had been cleared, the three of them receiving medals for their efforts. She didn't want a medal, she wanted to bring back the lives of those lost. She always felt personally responsible when she couldn't save someone.

They were transferring her out of the unit, a coreman needed 3 hops away. She didn't want to go, felt angry that she had to leave. She was still mired in the pain and loss of these men and her feelings for Julie were only getting stronger.

Once they had gotten back, it was as though the group folded in on itself. Their waking hours were spent with one another, usually no words spoken as they ate or hung out in their tents playing cards. No one wanted to talk about it, or couldn't. Lang had recovered quickly, his eyes always grateful on hers. She reminded him of a guy she knew back home, sweet, unassuming.

Her and Julie barely spoke, but they had started a routine of running together their 10 miles through the jungle. One of them would lead, the other would be close behind, both of them pushing one another, taking one another to that next level. Today was especially brutal, Cara running harder than normal. Fuck, she didn't want to leave. No matter what had happened, she felt like she was meant to be here.

Sweat was pouring down her body as she jumped over the dead log in front of her, down the trail into the valley. She could hear Julie behind her, following through the uneven terrain. She knew she was falling in love with her. You don't go through something that intense and not feel something deeper for the people you went through it with. Besides the fact that from the first moment she had met her, she had been floored. And forget the fact that everytime she looked at her now, she just wanted to be in her arms, wanted to taste her.

Sometimes their eyes would meet, she would find Julie looking at her or vice versa, neither able to look away, both in their own thoughts. She knew it was one-sided, but couldn't help what she was feeling. And she was leaving early in the morning. She felt her heart ache, tears springing to her eyes as she pounded up the hill and over it into the next dip. "Cara," she heard Julie behind her. She knew she wanted her to slow down. She couldn't. She felt like running as fast as she could for as far as she could.

She felt her lungs heave as she made it half way across the floor bed. "Stop," Julie said forcefully behind her and she slowed, and then bent over, her hand on the tree in front of her as she tried to catch her breath. She could hear Julie's labored breathing behind her, and she wiped the tears from her eyes angrily. "What's wrong?" Julie said softly and she slowly turned around, backing into the tree, putting her heels of her palms into her eyes.

"Hey," Julie whispered, putting out her hand, touching her shirt lightly. Cara dropped her hands, not looking at her, her eyes on the ground. How could she tell her how she felt? The need she had for this woman was deafening. Her eyes finally went to Julie's. She felt naked, vulnerable. Julie looked at her, her eyes changing slowly. Cara felt like an idiot, probably looked like some lost puppy dog in love. Cara shook her head, starting to move away from her and Julie stopped her, her hand going to her stomach to hold her where she was.

"Don't," Cara whispered, feeling her stomach clench. Julie didn't move and Cara put her hand on Julie's hand, pulling it away from her. She circled her wrist, their arms between them, eyes on one another. She wanted this woman in the worst possible way. "Talk to me," Julie said quietly. "I can't," Cara responded, slowly dropping her arm. Julie searched her eyes and then started to take a step back and Cara reached out, pulling her back with both her hands in her shirt, soaked.

Her mouth collided with Julie's and she felt desire roar through her as their lips parted and tongues met, both of them fierce, hungry. Cara pulled her into her, her back to the tree feeling as if she were drowning. Julie's hands went to the tree, anchoring her, and she felt like she was going to explode. Their mouths became softer and then Julie pulled back, her cheeks flushed, her eyes unsure. She didn't want to see that in her eyes. She didn't want to remember her with regret in her eyes.

She blinked up at her, feeling her heart break and felt her tears come again. She turned and started running at full speed back down the way they had come. She didn't want to hear the rejection, didn't want to face what she had just done and ran hard through the trail, just wishing for respite, knowing Julie would never be hers.


Julie turned to see Cara fly down the hill, away from her. Goddamn it. She could taste her, her tongue running over her lower lip. She battled with herself, wanting to run after her and wanting to just let her go. Fuck it. She turned and started to go at a dead run after her. She knew what she should do, what the military told her was right, versus what she wanted. And she wanted Cara. The way Cara had looked at her, the way she pulled her into her, she knew without a doubt she had been waiting for this woman.

She saw her up ahead. Damn she was running fast. Julie felt her legs straining as she jumped and ran through the maze in front of her, Cara now only about 20 feet away. She reached her not 10 seconds later and yanked on her top, pulling her to a stop and turning her around. Cara tried to push away, her eyes full of tears and Julie grabbed her hands, both of them going to their knees. Julie reached up, cupping her face in her hands and then they were kissing through their harsh breaths, Cara's hands going to her waist. Julie was over her, and then Cara was on top of her, their hands laced, their mouths fused, bodies tangled both of them desperate.

Julie raised Cara's shirt and put her mouth on her skin, tasting her and Cara moaned her hips shifting. Now, was all Julie could think. She slid her hands under Cara's shorts and a moment later was buried deep inside of her, Cara crying out softly and Julie groaning, as she glided in and out of her already wet depths. She made love to her fast, their mouths on one another, Cara's body moving with hers.

She looked up at her, so beautiful in the jungle surroundings, the light filtering across her body, the light strands of her hair escaping from her ponytail the color of gold. She felt tears come to her eyes watching the need coming from her, her body moving on top of her and then Cara suddenly arched, her body tensing strongly. Julie curved her fingers, her tongue and teeth moving over her neck and Cara came explosively around her, sobbing softly.

Julie's body was shaking as Cara held her, her own body trembling below her. Slowly Cara pulled away, their mouths brushing as they kissed gently. "I don't want to leave you," Cara whispered, closing her eyes. "I don't want you to go." Before Cara could do or say anything else, they both heard voices nearby. Cara stood up slowly, Julie following. More trail-runners. Julie's legs felt like jelly as she followed Cara on a slower run back towards base, her mind filled with mixed emotions and longing.

The next morning, Julie sat in near dark on her bunk, tired. She had slept like shit. All night she want to go to Cara, wanted to lay with her. Knew she couldn't. She suddenly hated all the rules imposed on her being in the Navy. Rank rules, rules about homosexuals. They seemed oppressive and useless to her at this very moment. She hated having to hide her feelings, hide who she was just because she was in love with someone of the same sex. It had nothing to do with morale and everything to do with making people of the hetero persuasian feel comfortable. In the civilian world...she sighed. Spring was not going to come soon enough.

She knew Cara left in an hour, and she had asked all the guys to be waiting for her outside. She got dressed, her heart feeling heavy. Outside it was just getting light and she saw the guys gathered near the meeting point, all of them sitting on crates. She got to them and turned to see Cara coming up the path, decked out and bag on her shoulders. She approached them and all the guys stood up. Lang took her in his arms and held her for a moment and Cara buried her face in his neck.

Finally they pulled away and Cara whispered something in his ear. Lang gave her a half-smile and nodded. She hugged each one of them in turn. She turned to look at Julie. Julie tilted her head towards her tent, "I have something for you." Cara nodded. The guys all put their hands up in salute and she saluted them back, smiling, tears in her eyes.

She followed Julie into the tent and Julie turned, putting her hands around her neck. She unclasped her necklace and took it off. Cara's eyes went to it, her heart beat quickening. St. Christopher's medal. She put it around Cara's neck, their bodies flush. Cara felt the tears again, her eyes still on her.

"Thank you, for everything." Cara smiled, touching Julie's shoulder lightly with her fingertips, brushing over her wound and Julie smiled at her, wanting so much to kiss her. She wrapped her arms around Cara and Cara bowed her head into her chest, both of them still for a long moment. Julie felt her heart breaking. They looked at one another, the longing almost too intense, the need she saw in Cara's eyes ripping at her. Cara took a step back, and then turned, leaving the way she came in. She missed her already.



As Cara was about to board the flight, Lang ran out on the tarmac to see her. "Just wanted to tell you," he said in her ear as the noise of the plane fell over them, "That Tex gets out next spring, May. You should look her up." Cara blinked at him and then a smile spread to her face. "Thanks, kid." Cara smiled and Lang laughed, winking at her before he backed out of the plane, running off the tarmac. Really. Getting out in the spring. She fingered the medal touching her chest. May to her June. The cloud around her lifted slightly. She would find her. Make her see what she really meant to her. That it wasn't just in the moment, some intense time she would just forget. She was in love and 6 months was not going to change that. She knew she would haunt her dreams every night until she could see her again.

June 15th, 2007

Cara was sitting on the floor of her new apartment, drinking her beer and staring blankly at the TV. She was so damn glad she was out, but felt a little lost. The excitement and energy of being out there, fighting for her country...well, she missed it already. She had been called by two different agencies trying to recruit her, but she wasn't so sure she wanted the same field she was in. She had a ton of money invested and saved and she was biding her time until something good came along, something that inspired her.

Highlights of the Astros game came on and she fingered the chain around her neck. Julie. She had tried like hell to find out where she was going, couldn't get the information to save her life. For people like Julie, they were ghosts in the system. Because of the things they did, they weren't on the radar and finding her like was like finding a needle in a haystack.

Lang said she was getting out in May. Why hadn't Julie said something to her? She tried to look down at the medal, the chain too short. She took it off carefully, always afraid she was going to lose it, then looked at it. St. Christopher looked back at her. She touched it lightly. She turned it over. Plain decoration, silver entwined edges. She squinted, seeing something on the outer edge, some type of small lettering. Bonney. Something else next to it. TX? She blinked. Bonney, Texas?

She got up so fast she almost spilled her beer as she raced to the computer. She pulled up a map of the state of Texas. She didn't see the city on it but it only showed ones with large populations. She pulled it up on the internet. Clicked on the link. Brought up a map. There it was. West Texas. She looked down at the medal again. Maybe Julie hadn't said she was getting out, but she just might have told her where she was going.

She knew she was from Texas as was she, but she never had found out where. She called information. Asked for Julie Peterson. Unlisted. Her heart lept in her chest. Unlisted meant she was there, had a phone. There was only one way to find out. She was going to have to go there. And pray she could find her somehow. Wayland was a small town, population only 5,000. She knew those type of communities were tight, but she also knew her charm was pretty convincing. Plus she looked small town, All-American.

It was early still, noon. She figured it was a 4 hour drive. She took a quick shower and then packed a bag for a few nights. It was as though time was standing still. She pulled on jeans and a tshirt and put on flip-flops, the heat nearly at 90 today. She turned off all the lights and took the stairs two at a time. She was going to find her. Make her hers. Now. She started the car and made it to the highway, the radio loud, her mind racing. Of course she had no idea HOW to make her hers, but she would.

Cara saw the sign and she slowed slightly, knowing town cops had nothing better to do. She made her way around the bend, her heart racing. A beautiful town appeared. Not old and antiquated, but rather quaint looking, as though it had a face-lift some time back. Clean street, people smiling as she drove past. A few folks were gathered on the bench near the corner store.

She got out and they all looked at her. All of them were old little men, cute in their bib overalls and straw hats. Cara smiled at them and they all smiled and nodded back at her. She walked in and saw there was actually a line at the register. Carts of food in front of each person. She overheard someone talking about the party, all of them laughing. She grabbed a basket and got a few items and stood behind a tall striking woman in front of her.

The woman turned and smiled at her and she smiled back. "Honey, you can go in front of us. I think Ezzie is still looking for something." A few of the women turned and saw she only had a few items. They all twittered at her to go ahead. She tried to refuse but they only smiled more, pulling her up. She took her items out and the woman next to her smiled, "Now what's a beautiful girl like you doing all the way out here?"

She had to be about 70 years old, wrinkles lining her face and neck, dark from the sun. Cara smiled, "I was just going to ask you that." The lady laughed, showing white dentures. Cara chuckled. "Actually, I came into town to find Julie." "Julie...which Julie?" the woman asked, tilting her head. "Peterson?" she asked, pulling out her cash. "Oh, Jules. Yes, she's coming into town later, for the party. Her aunt would kill her if she didn't go you know. She's probably out there tending her horses right now..down at the Q P Ranch." Cara smiled, "I appreciate it. I'll have to go see her out there then." The woman nodded as picked up her bag. "Cara, Ma'am," Cara smiled, putting out her hand. "Cara, nice to meet you, I'm Sandy. Hope we see you at the party."
Cara found out where the ranch was from one of the old men outside who flirted with her handsomely. God she felt so nervous. A ranch..horses. Yeah, she could see her with horses on a ranch. She always had a thing for cowgirls. Of course she would be one, seemed only right. She saw the ranch sign ahead and pulled in towards the house. She passed a huge pasture with cows and horses mingling. She parked.

Nervous, she put her hair up in a ponytail and took a long drink of water. She spit her gum out and took a deep breath, getting out. She walked up the steps, seeing the front door was open, the screen door closed. She knocked loudly. Nothing. She heard laughter in the back, a dog barking. She went around the wrap-around porch, saw a huge back field. Below her was another set of stairs and she saw two men throwing bales into a truck. They both saw her at the same time and took their cowboy hats off immediately.

"Hi, I'm looking for Julie?" "Yes Ma'am, she's in the barn," one of them said and pointed to his right. A large red barn, a small corral in front of it. "Thank you," she smiled at them and headed out towards it. She chewed on her lip as she approached, entering it. It was quiet inside. She heard the snicker of a horse and a voice talking softly. She felt her heart speed up. Julie. She was standing talking to one of the horses, her hand smoothing its mane.

She looked so damn gorgeous. Worn jeans, cowboy boots, gray tshirt, her hair pulled up. She was dusty and dirty and looked sexy as hell. She was close before Julie turned and saw her. She froze, her eyes widening. Cara stuck her hands in her pockets and came closer. Julie's mouth curved and she took two steps towards her, and then she was in her arms, Julie lifting her up, holding her tight. Cara buried her face next to hers, her heart leaping out of her chest.

When they pulled away, Cara felt shy all of the sudden. Now what was she supposed to do? "I'm sorry it took me so long to find you," Cara said softly, her feet back on the ground. Julie shook her head, "I would've waited, regardless." The words floated between them and Cara smiled. Julie furrowed her brow, "What time is it?" "Almost 5pm?" "Crap, I'm going to be late for my aunt's party." Cara nodded, "I was invited, I'll have you know." Julie laughed, "Little charmer." Cara grinned.

"Let me take a quick shower, you can be my date?" Cara nodded. "God I've missed you." Julie bit her lip, her eyes growing darker. "Senora?" they turned to see one of the men from the back, his hat in his hand. "Si, Paco?" Julie asked, as they walked towards him. "The hay is done." Julie nodded, "Bueno. Hasta Luego. See you manana?" "Si, gracias," he smiled leaving. They walked to the house together, looking at one another. "Come on in, make yourself at home ok? Will be done quick."

Cara nodded, as Julie disappeared down the hall. She heard the water start as she walked around the living room. Beautiful spacious house, almost built like a lodge. High ceilings, beautiful fireplace. Pictures in frames. Julie when she was younger. Tall, coltish, huge smile, her arms over two boys, looked just like her, brothers. Picture of her in a softball uniform, her, a man lifting her up, a huge smile on his face. Father. Grandparents in one possibly. Her and maybe her mother. She was so adorable as a little kid.

She heard her padding down the hall behind her and turned to see her changed and showered, looking cleaner and smelling even better. "I'm not this a stay up until 2am party? I think Ezzie and Sandy had a few kegs in their baskets earlier." Julie laughed, her smile big. "All night kegger. Don't worry, if you get drunk we can just walk back." "What makes you think I am coming back here tonight?" Cara smiled up at her. Julie backed her into the couch arm, "You don't want to?"

Cara felt her tongue get stuck in her mouth..."What I want to do is take you back to your bedroom and bury myself inside you so deep that you fuckin' pass out," Cara let out, their eyes on one another. Julie groaned, stepping back. " party.." Cara laughed softly, seeing Julie's face redden. "Not even complete sentences huh?" Cara smiled. Julie eyed her, then took her face in her hands. She brushed her lips lightly over hers and Cara inhaled, her eyes closing.

She grabbed Julie's shirt and pulled her down on top of her as she fell back into the couch, their mouths meeting. Cara moaned, her body cradling Julie's as they kissed, her hands going around Julie, Julie's hands in her hair. Their breasts were pushed together, their legs tangled and Cara knew she was already wet..ready for her.

Her hands had gone inside Julie's pants, cupping her ass lightly, pulling her deeper between her legs and Julie lifted Cara's hands over her head, her mouth going to her neck, sucking and biting gently. Cara's hands clenched, her body arching as her mouth found her tender spots, her back coming off the couch. "Can't...I want to wait until I have all night," Julie managed, their eyes connecting. Cara bit her lip and nodded. Julie sat up slowly, taking Cara with her.


Well, that was a waste. The whole time at the party, Julie's eyes gravitated towards Cara who was talking and mingling as if she already knew everyone. And all she wanted was to take her home and ravish her. All night. And the next day and the whole next night. She had to force herself to go to different rooms that she was not in so that she wasn't distracted.

She had known that when she gave Cara the necklace, she would somehow find her way to her. She knew she was a smart girl. If she had figured it out, but never came, then it would be what she would have to live with. If they were destined to be together after what they had been through, then it would happen. She knew that what they had experienced was as real as what was in front of her now, but she had to make sure that time and distance wouldn't change anything. And Cara had found her. And those six months had not changed a thing.

She felt like time stopped when she saw her in the barn. Out of uniform, in those jeans and, she thought her jaw must have dropped she looked so good. Her whole body woke up seeing her again. Her hair was longer, her face tan from the sun. And she felt her groin squeeze as she took her in her arms. She had missed her so damn much.

They only made it about 2 hours before Julie begged off and they left. The drive home was short, both of them silent. Julie knew if she talked, they would be pulled over on the side of the road so she didn't, not even looking at her. She got out, heading into the house with Cara following her. She threw her keys on the stand next to the door and Cara stopped her, "What's wrong?"

That was it. That voice..she couldn't take it. She backed her against the door and then picked her up, wrapping her legs around her. Cara gasped slightly, her arms going around her neck. "You're mine." Julie whispered. Cara nodded, "Yes." Julie carried her down the hall, their mouths on one another and she went into her darkened room. She lay Cara down gently, then stood up. She pulled off her shirt and then slid on Cara, pulling her shirt up as well.

Cara's eyes went dark as she pulled her arms up, letting her take it off. Goddamn perfect. She reached behind Cara's back and unsnapped her bra with a flick, pulling it off. She watched Cara as she reached out, touching her scar. Her fingers on it felt erotic and she bit her lip, her own fingers going to the necklace she gave her. "I had this since my 16th birthday. It always kept me safe."

Cara stilled under her, "God I am so in love with you." Julie looked down at her, her heart finally beating again for the first time since they had last been together. "I'm in love with you too baby." Cara bit Julie's lower lip lightly and she smiled, gathering her in her arms. "Not gonna distract me this time." Cara grinned, trailing her fingers up her back and to her bra.

"You know what I've been thinking about ever since you left me that last day?" Julie whispered. Cara shook her head. Julie felt a smile slowly lift her face and Cara looked at her warily. "Uh uh. No way. You already have a leg up on me's definitely my turn." Julie laughed then felt it die in her throat as Cara undid her bra. She watched her eyes as they moved over her chest and stomch, their breasts laying pressed together. Cara rolled them so that she was above her, then sat up on her knees.

"Come here," she whispered to her and Julie came up on her knees with her. Cara reached for her jeans, slowly undoing them, button by button, their eyes on one another. Julie felt herself get wet just watching her, knowing they had all the time in the world. That she was going to let Cara do whatever she wanted. Cara then pulled her pants all the way off, pushing her gently back against the headboard, her back to it, still on her knees. She felt her breath leave her as Cara pressed her body against hers, their lips parting. She moaned, feeling Cara wrap her arms around her, her hands holding on the back of the wood behind her.

She watched her as she ran her hands over her naked body, her mouth leaving its mark along her neck and stomach. She looked down, biting her tongue lightly as Cara's mouth pulled on her underwear, slowly pulling it down with her teeth. She laughed softly, never remembering a time when she was this turned on. Cara smiled up at her, her mouth opening and her tongue running along her hips to her inner thighs. Double damn. "Hold on," Cara bit her lip, then her head disappeared between her legs. She groaned, her hands grasping the top of the head board as Cara's mouth opened on her.

She felt her nipples tighten, looking down at her eating her out. Her hips wanted to move and she made them stay still, Cara's mouth forcing an almost purr out of her. Cara's tongue moved along her folds, her hands holding her hips as she took her time, memorizing her flesh. She sucked in a breath, her tongue going up to her clit and she let out a long sigh, her hips finally moving, unable to stop herself.

Cara pulled her hips forward, bringing her tight to her mouth as she pushed her tongue inside of her. She felt her knees get weak, her body moving forward. "Cara," she murmured. Cara pressed deeper, her hands going around her to her ass, holding her cheeks. She spread her gently and she swallowed, feeling her body accomodate Cara's request. Cara flicked her tongue again and again over her swollen flesh, using the tip of it against her oversensitive clit. It almost hurt it felt so good.

Cara moved one hand under her, her thumb pressing against her opening and she moaned, trying to get more of the feeling, her insides aching for her. She spread her legs farther apart, falling back slightly, Cara moving with her, never stopping and she felt her thumb finally enter her, the flat of her tongue moving lightly over her clit. "Yeah..." she let out, her hand dropping to her head, as she rode her face. She knew it wasn't going to take much more to send her over the edge, no matter how much she tried to prolong it.

She felt another finger near her opening and then she felt it move up along her perenium, to her backside. She inhaled lightly, trying to relax as Cara started to suck on her clit harder, her tongue moving rapidly. She let out a breath, gasping as she felt her thumb slide in deeply, her index finger pressing against her other opening, rubbing as she thrust lightly.

She felt her insides start to clench uncontrollably, her body nearly sliding down the wood as she lost control, the need to climax overriding her sanity. "God baby, just like fuck me so good," she moaned and Cara groaned into her, the vibration causing her to jump off that cliff as she ran her hand over her own breast, her head falling back against the wall, riding her face. The spasms seemed to go on as she started to feel lightheaded, pleasure making her contract around Cara. Her world fell apart and came back together in the span of a moment.

"No more," she whispered, gently cupping her face. Cara slowly pulled out, placing a kiss on her between her legs and she collapsed onto the bed, pulling her down with her. "Holy shit," she said in wonder, her chest moving rapidly. Cara gave her a brilliant smile and she laughed, looking at the picture of contentment, like a cat that ate the canary. Cara grinned and she tickled her side gently, Cara squirming. "Brat." They kissed, the taste of her infused in her mouth. "You love it," Cara winked at her and Julie shook her head, slapping her ass. "Owww.." Cara giggled. "Yeah, I did. I do," she said gently.

"I don't ever want to leave your side," Cara said almost inaudibly. "You don't have to." Cara pulled away, her eyes on her. "Stay with me. Stay here with me." She felt scared at the prospect of starting a real relationship, being such a solitary person, but she also knew there was no one else she would rather share her time and space with. "You...would want that?" "I want everything," she acknowledged. Cara ran her hand up her arm, their hands linking. "As long as I can be with you, I'll do anything. Move anywhere." "Too boring here for you probably," Julie thought, saying it. Cara grinned, "I have a feeling life with you is anything but boring."

Julie slowly moved, getting on top of her, Cara watching her with wide eyes. "I am a really boring person. Lazy..unmotivated. All I want to do is ride horses, swim nude in the lake with you, make love every hour on the hour, and make you realize everyday that it's you I want to be with." Cara's mouth opened, then closed and she saw the shock in them.

"What?" she asked her softly. "You are everything I have ever dreamed of having in my share my life with. I want you in every possibly way," she whispered back at her, her hands going around her back. Julie let out a breath, "Thank God. Otherwise I was going to have to resort to plan B." Cara eyed her, "What's plan B?" "No idea other than keep you captive here and make you scream my name over and over again in pleasure until you give in to what I want," she shrugged, her hands moving slowly over her body.

Cara swallowed, her tongue snaking out to wet her lower lip. "But on second thought, I guess that was going to be plan A....and it's looking really good right about now," Julie smiled and Cara moaned as her mouth went to her breasts, her hands on her thighs. In time, everything would fall into place. Right now...right now she just wanted her in her arms, to know that they were both alive, and that they were really together. Cara had saved her life and now it was payback time.                                   


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