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Mutual Friends

Recalling a recent first time meeting
Waking up but keeping her eyes closed, she pulls the covers tighter about her while snuggling her face deeper into her pillow. Breathing in and out, the fading fragrance of pussy is picked up by her olfactory sense which results in a quickening deep within her loins. She inhales again, deeper and stronger, willing her nose to find every trace.

She lets the scent take her back...

They almost met through a common friend. Well, sort of. They were both the friend-of-a-friend though they were never introduced by her. Her name would come up in conversations along with little tidbits about the other. But they were always offhand comments usually leadoff with, “Oh you don't know her but today we were....” So she was curious about Ms. X and not entirely sure if it was good or bad.

Their meeting turned out to be pure serendipity. She was exiting a store and, just as she was about to push the handle to leave, the door was pulled open from the other side. She looked up intending to go, with the words of thanks ready for whomever was holding the door for her, when their eyes met. Instead of continuing on, she paused in the doorway.

“After you.”

For some reason she was unable to respond, the words caught in her throat. She was beginning to feel embarrassed when the other woman just widened her smile and repeated.

“Please, after you.”

This seemed to free her and her voice broke loose.

“Oh thank you very much.”

But neither one moved, or broke eye contact.

“I feel as if I know you. Have we met before?”

“It's strange, I have the same feeling, but I don't think we have.”

She ended up stepping through the door but turned to face Ms. X, who remained outside having let the door close. Another smile and a sudden impulse led to a coffee invitation, the coffee turning into tea once they arrived at the nearby cafe.

A few minutes of small talk ensued and then it became clear.

“Oh my, I don't believe this. I DO know you. Well, not know know you, but I've heard so much about you.”

Shortly they were talking as old friends, sharing stories and correcting the versions they were told secondhand. She couldn't suppress a certain curiosity about her new friend and whether she should be jealous or not. It didn't last long as their mutual attraction continued to grow with her companion stating that she was currently single and unattached. Time passed quickly and they were soon trading sexual innuendos along with meaningful glances.

She felt a desire growing for her sudden companion and as their talk became more bold, and explicit, she shifted in her seat, partly to hide her excitement and partly to allow her body some relief from the ever growing sexual tension their chat was causing. After all, they just met and the talk was just this side of I-really-want-to-do-this-with-you so she wasn't sure she wasn't reading too much into the flirting.

That first coffee ended in an exchange of phone numbers and a promise to get together again soon. She walked home with a warmth that had been missing earlier, that and a nervous excitement about how long she should wait before calling that number. Would calling too soon send the wrong message? But would that be worse than calling too late and seeming disinterested in making the relationship more? She wasn't desperate, no far from it, but she hadn't felt this spark before and didn't want to lose it.

She also had that gnawing feeling that perhaps the moment had passed, that she should have taken the chance then and there and asked Ms. X for a date. To let her know that she was interested in more than mere friendship; perhaps to have even whispered in their parting hug that its been a long time since her cunt was so wet just from meeting someone.

She had just been home for a few minutes when her phone rang. Glancing at it, her heart skips a beat: Ms. X.

She answers with a smile, “Hi there, I was just thinking of you.”

“You were? Wonderful! I hope you don't think this too forward but I'm so glad we met and I couldn't wait to speak with you again.”

Sinking down onto the couch, she cradles the phone to her ear.

“I'm glad you did. I wanted to call you but thought I might be...”

“Too soon? I thought about that...but I already wasted the chance.”

Her heart pounding within her chest, she bites her lower lip before taking the leap herself now.

“I so wanted to kiss you when we hugged. I never wanted to kiss anyone so badly as I did then.”

“I wished you had. I wished I had.”

A soft chuckle from the other end of the line.

“Would you think me wicked if I were to tell you that I wanted to touch have you touch me.”

She curls up on the couch with her legs under her now.

“Touch me where?”

The phone silent. Then the soft intake of air.

“You know where.”

Squeezing her legs together, unable to ignore the growing heat in her sex, it was her turn to pause before answering.

“I would have loved to have seen if your cunt was as wet as mine.”

The gasp was soft but she heard it.

“Say that again.”

“I wanted to slip my hand under your skirt and cup your cunt.”

That gasp again.

“Just say that word again.”

She smiled once more and let the fingers of her right hand lightly move up and down the bicep of her left arm, her left hand holding the cellphone to her ear.

“Cunt. Is that what you want me to say? I want to touch your cunt.”

She could almost feel the shudder on the other end of the line.

“Five minutes ago I would have told you that I hated that word. But hearing it from you...the way you say it made me tingle.”

She waits a moment, letting the weight of that admission sink in.

“Oh that only makes me want to say it again, and again. I want to make your cunt wet. As wet as mine.”

“I don't know if that would have been possible. I was afraid to sit much longer and have it show.”

She licks her lips.

“I mean now. Right now.”

That soft chuckle again.

“Well you can't. Not now at least. We're miles apart.”

She thought to herself, no I can't but something in the way she responded told her something else was possible. Something desired.

“No I can't touch your cunt right now. But you can.”

That silence again.

“You want me to place my hand on my vagina?”

“No. I want you to finger your cunt.”

There wasn't a gasp this time, not the barest of one. Instead the sound was one of a muffled moan. That's when she knew they were indeed sharing the same desires and that she could take it further.

“Not only do I want you to rub it, I want you to call it a cunt as you do.”

The moan louder, no attempt made to cover it this time.

“Say it.”

“ what?

“Tell me you want to rub your cunt for me.”

A long release of held breath passes from the other end. Along with a longer pause.

The sexual tension is almost palatable in the silence that follows and she fights the urge to fill it by speaking. She knows she must wait or the moment may escape.

Finally, along with the sound of the phone being placed into another hand, she gets her answer. Ms. X's voice just barely above a whisper.

“I want to touch”

“What did you say? I couldn't hear you.”

There's a gulp on the phone. The voice stronger this time.

“I want to touch my cunt.”

“You want to touch your cunt?”


“For whom do you wish to touch your cunt?”

“For you.”

“So you want to touch your cunt for me?”


“Are you?”

“Touching? Yessss.”

Now it was her turn to shiver. With each drawn out hiss of the yes, she felt her cunt quiver.

“I'm going to set my phone down for a moment.”

Before Ms. X can reply, she lays the phone on the couch and she stands. Facing the couch, just above the phone, she unsnaps her jeans, slowly drawing down the zipper in a way that she knows will be heard on the other end. With a quick shove, her jeans pool at her feet. She hesitates but leaves her panties on before picking up the phone and sitting back down.

“Now we're even. Or did you take off your panties already.”

The voice soft again on the other end. Soft and a little short of breath.

“No, they're still on.”

“Good, now where are you? How are you sitting?”

“I'm in my living room, in a chair. I'm... just sitting.”

“Spread your legs, pull up your skirt so your cunt is exposed.”

While she waits for Ms. X to comply, she takes her own instruction and spreads her legs, her panties pulled tight now over her mound and between her legs, displaying to her own view the damp camel toe.

“Ok. What now?”

“Mmm, someone can't wait now can she? Well then, take a finger and run it over your cunt lips.”

Her own finger traces over the fabric of her soaked panties.

“Tell me what you are doing and how it feels.”

“I'm using my fingertip. Touching my pussy.”

“NO. Its not your pussy, its your cunt.”

“Yessss, my cunt.”

“Good girl, now go on.”

“My panties are so wet. I can't almost see through them.”

“Mmm, that's so hot. Keep rubbing your cunt. Press the material into your lips.”

“My cunt lips?”

A smile widens on her face.

“Yes, your cunt lips. I want you to fuck yourself through your panties. Like I wanted to do in that cafe.”

A low deep moan greets her in response.

Her own finger presses down, soaking the crotch of her undies more, making the touch that much more responsive and exciting. A curl of her fingertip, she strokes her burning cunt. Needing more but letting the need grow, just as she knows its growing in Ms. X.

All she can hear on the phone is labored breathing. Part of her wants to make her talk, to tell her what she is doing in detail, but her increasing need is destroying her patience.

And she knows what she is doing. She's doing the same thing.

“Can you use both hands and still use the phone?”

“I'll try.”

“Rub your clit with one hand, keep fingering with the other.”


“Fuck I'm so turned on.”

“Me too.”

“I wish I was touching you.”

“Touching my cunt you mean.”

A smile again.

“Yes your cunt. And have you finger my cunt. Finger it before I have you lick it.”

“Oh I want to eat your cunt.”


“Are you close?”

“Yes, but wait.”

“Ok, but not too long. I want to cum with you.”

“There's something I want you to do for me.”

“Tell me.”

“Make sure your finger is wet, the one rubbing your cunt.”

“Oh it is.”

“Taste it.”

“I already am.”

“Oh fuck.”


“Yessss, nowww.”

Her body twisting, eyes closed, her hand cupping her cunt, she holds on as she sucks on her finger. The phone forgotten, it slips onto the cushions beneath her.

It takes a few moments for her breathing to normalize and to regain her composure. She looks for the phone and finds it by following the muffled, “Are you there? Hellooooo?”


“Hi, I thought I lost you.”

“No sorry, its just that it was pretty intense for me.”

“Me too.”

A slight blush rises up on her cheeks.

“Umm, I hope you'll forgive me for taking charge like that. Telling you what to do.”

Her ear is bathed with a bubbling laugh.

“Oh no, not at all. I loved it. But...”


The laugh again greets her and makes Ms. X's voice light and playful.

“But this time, let's get in bed and fuck our pillows. It will be easier to talk that way...”

She smiles again into her pillow and inhales. Cuddling her pillow just as her phone buzzes. She picks it up and brings it to her ear.

“Good morning! I hope your phone is charged up again...”

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