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My 19th

One HELL of a 19th birthday.
This was during a time when I was sort of in an open relationship with a British girlfriend by the name of Jasmine. Despite the fact that I have direct Scottish descent and her being a Brit, we got along just fine.

It was a Saturday on a dreary day, just the perfect weather for MY BIRTHDAY! It was my 19th, and I was kind of excited on what Jasmine would get me. She came over to my apartment in a normal mood. Our relationship was not based on sex, we just did normal things mostly. The beauty of it, however, is that the sex is always fresh.

As we are sitting on my couch watching the movie Dog Soldiers, drinking Jones', and snuggling lovingly, I notice that she has not once wished me happy birthday. I had only dated her for 4 months, and I didn't expect her to remember right off the bat, but I had given her subtle hints all week.

Long after the movie, I stroke her raven black hair and gently rub her navel. She, very lightly, fondles my left breast over the top. She gets to the point where she is straddling me. She gives me a real seductive look in those blue eyes of hers. She leans down to my face and just barely kisses my lips. I fucking hate that! She always plays this game of barely touching me. She makes up for it later, though.

Her strawberry tasty lips just barely make contact with mine. I pull her face towards mine and we lock lips for real! She giggles, and darts her tongue into my mouth. As we play tonsil tennis, she almost makes me gag by getting her tongue near my throat. (She has a long fucking tongue...) The way she is leaning on me, her lovely ass is way up high. I take my left hand and I pull her black skirt over her ass. I caress her round and smooth ass gently and I lightly smack it.

After squeezing her ass for about a minute, she pulls the strings down from my satin night top and exposes my B cup tits. My nipples are perky thanks to the cooler temperature. She takes both hands, and just barely rubs my nipples with her fingers. She is just TRYING to drive me CRAZY! I moan angrily, and she laughs at me. "Let's just say you have your sexual games, and I have mine," she says to me in a devious British accent. I know it sounds cliché, but her voice brings about some crazy classiness into the mix of sex. I love it.

Not fucking around anymore, she leans a little closer and asks, "Which breast is your favorite?"

"My left one," I reply.

She smiles and starts sucking on my right breast. I sigh in pleasure as she rolls her tongue around my nipple. I stroke her soft hair and she lightly nibbles my breast. Having a slight fear of getting bitten, I say, "Careful."

She just chuckles and nibbles it some more. She then moves over to my left breast and begins sucking on it, vigorously.

"Mmmm," I moan as she gets a mouthful of my favorite breast. She takes two fingers from her left hand and strokes my nipple on my right breast. I wrap my legs around her torso in a full-guard-position. (I think they call it that in UFC.)

After sucking my tit for about 5 minutes, she slowly licks up my chest and starts kissing and licking my neck. She knows it's my most ticklish spot, and takes great advantage of it. "Ooohhh," I moan involuntarily as she is accessing my sweet spot. She giggles deviously and continues treating my neck like ice cream. She begins to move her lips more quickly and vigorously on my neck. This makes me more and more ticklish. My legs involuntarily unlock and start shaking erratically. She loves it when my legs shake.

"Ooh...Ah," I moan as she sucks on my neck. She then stops and kneels upward, looking at my breasts with glee. I try to catch my breath after getting perpetually tickled. She looks at me and says, "Edward, eat your heart out."

I roll my eyes at the fact that she's brought up that stupid twilight movie. She considers those vampires to be scary, but she has never seen "30 days of night". Those vampires are fucking frightening.

She then stands up and pulls my legs toward her. She kneels in front of me and licks her lips. (We all know what that means.) "Are you nice and wet for me?" she asks as she lightly strokes my white satin panties. She smiles and says, "Yep: supper is ready." I could have came just hearing her say that. She rubs up my legs and firmly grasp my panties. As she pulls them off my crotch, it feels so good.

She eventually takes my panties completely off and admires my slightly fuzzy pussy. She leans in really slow towards my pussy, and just about to make contact, but she then stops.

"Ahh, shit!" she exclaims, "Shit, shit shit!" She pulls away from my pussy and stands up. What the fuck? I thought.

"What's the matter?" I ask. 

She replies, "I forgot something at my house."

I scoff and say, "So what? Weren't you just about have 'supper' as you put it?" I ask.

She has a apologetic look on her face and she goes, "Come on, let's go to my house."

I put my panties and my top back on. "I'm not gonna lie, Jasmine, that was a real buzz kill!" I exclaim. 

She kisses me and says, "I'm sorry, Scout. I promise: I'll make it up to you when we get there."

I raise my eyebrow and say, "If you don't?"

She raises her right hand and says, "Then I hereby declare that I will be your personal slave for the week: 'all inclusive'."

I nod and say, "I'll hold you to it."

It takes us about 6 minutes to get to her place. I'm still pissed at her for neglecting my pussy, especially on a day like this. We walk inside and it is really dark inside. She usually keeps her house lit up a little bit, even if she is gone. She takes me upstairs, and takes me into her bedroom. It is dark as hell. I would have to be a cat just to see a foot in front of me. She squeezes my ass under my skirt. Around that time, I realize that she had something in mind for me and I just know it... She turns the light on...

As the bright light comes on, in the room stand 3 other naked girls! These girls are my friends and Jasmine's. "Surprise!" they exclaim. I laugh in awe at this and smile at Jasmine.

"What? did you think I would forget your birthday?"

"I'm sorry for being pissy at you, Jasmine."

She just shushes me. These girls are Clara, Tanya, and Kriss. Clara has short brown hair, brown eyes, and a lot of tattoos on her arms and chest. She kind of looks like a Suicide Girl. Tanya is a gorgeous brunette with green eyes like mine and hair down to her ass. Kriss is a beautiful blonde with blue eyes and tits around my size, which I kind of prefer.

One by one, the girls take off my clothes, and I feel like pinching myself to see if I'm dreaming. Clara takes off my jacket, Kriss removes my blouse, Jasmine removes my skirt, and Tanya takes off my panties. I can barely breathe...Jasmine starts removing all of her clothes, as the remaining 3 girls are fondling my breasts and ass simultaniously. This is so hot... Kriss is kissing my mouth, and Clara is sucking on my left breast as they direct me to the really large four post bed.

Having trouble focusing on the different girls is a new, exciting and unorganized sexual experience I have ever felt! Jasmine whistles and the girls stop. Obedient like dogs....odd.

Jasmine has 4 pairs of cuffs and tells me, "Lay down on the bed and spread you're arms and legs."

I giggle and ask, "What's with the cuffs? not that I'm complaining."

Jasmine laughs and says, "When you get tickled or when you're about to come, you jerk your body very erratically." (Unfortunately that's true...)

I do as my lover says and spread my body out on the bed awaiting to be a slave to 4 girls...Sweet! All four girls cuff one of my appendages to the posts. To tell the truth, I have never done any bondage stuff until this day.

Clara lightly rubs my pussy with her right hand and she adjusts my red hair with the other. Kriss joins her in lightly rubbing my pussy. It feels so different and sensual. Tanya and Jasmine are sucking on my tits, vigorously. All this being felt at the same time is nothing like I expected, but in a good way!

"Mmmmm...That feels fantastic." I sigh. The girls giggle.

Clara says, "You aint felt nothing, yet." Clara kisses up my legs and she begins to lick my pussy.

"Ooohh...yeah," I moan. Kriss walks up to my face and puts her right breast to my mouth. I suck on her nipple while moaning silently. Jasmine and Tanya are still sucking my tits. I'm moaning and groaning passionately. Kriss walks back over to my pussy and puts two fingers inside me while Clara is licking me.

"Oh, God! Oh, fuck! Ahh!" I start exclaiming and my body begins to tremble, wildly.

Jasmine asks, "Is she trembling?"

Kriss says, "Yup, she appears to be."

"Sweet!" Jasmine says. She then goes, "Battle stations," and the girls switch positions. Clara and Kriss are fondling my breasts while they kiss and suck on my neck. Jasmine and Tanya smile at each other, deviously and begin to lick my pussy simultaneously! Try to put yourself in my shoes: All of my sweet spots are being deployed AT ONCE!

"UUhhnnn!" I strain as I can feel the climax coming. My body, my legs especially, are shaking wildly! They do not let up, they just keep on going! Tongues on my neck and tongues in my pussy, it's just too much to handle! I start yelling and screaming with pleasure, and after one final jerk, I come.

Clara and Kriss look at me with big smiles on their faces. They kiss my cheeks and say, "Happy birthday, Scout."

Jasmine and Tanya are still licking my pussy, and I go, "Uuhnnn.... uh.. Ah!....mmmmm."

Jasmine says, "That's a good girl." They're licking it all up as my body starts to relax, a strange sensation overwhelms me, and before I know it, I pass out.

It was embarrassing at first to know that I passed out after sex, but COME ON! It was FANTASTIC! Nowadays, I'm proud to even have had that sex opportunity, let alone even have sex on my birthday.

When I woke up, I was still cuffed to the bed, but Jasmine was snuggled next to me. She kissed me on the mouth and said to me, "Happy Birthday."

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