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My adopted sister and I

Was Janey about to finally turn her dreams into reality?
"Dinners ready!" shouted my adopted mum. "Janey, can you go and get the rest of the clan please, they're outside near the lake I think."

"Yeah, no problem," I replied.

I was four when my drug addict of a mother put me up for adoption. She couldn't stand wasting her money on me, so she did what she had to do for herself, she gave me up. How she continued to pay for her habit, I'll never know and I don't think I'd want to know either.

Mr. and Mrs. Brown adopted me, they were a loving couple, who deserved everything and anything for their effort and dedication they'd put into fostering and adopting children with troubled pasts. Unfortunately, they weren't able to have kids of their own, due to Mr. Brown suffering from testicular cancer when he was just nineteen.

"Hey, guys, dinner is ready now, time to come in and eat!" I shouted.

I was nineteen, making me the oldest out of all seven of us. The second oldest was Tammy, then Harry, Kyle, Gemma, Layla, and the newest member of the family, two year old Oscar.

"Janey, Tammy has gone into the woods, she said she had to take care of something," whispered Gemma.

Tammy was eighteen, she'd been here roughly the same length of time as me, so you would've thought we were close, but we could never find ourselves talking for more than 5 minutes. I've come to terms with the fact that I was extremely attracted to Tammy, despite the lack of conversations we had. She was the same height as me, with medium length brown hair and she had the most welcoming hazel eyes that made me want to fall right into her, whenever I gazed into them.

"Okay, I'll go and find Tammy. You take the rest of your brothers and sisters in, Gemma," I smiled whilst ruffling her red, curly hair.

I had come out as a lesbian to my family about 2 years ago, none of them were surprised, due to the fact that I had never had a boyfriend and I would always compliment the look of a woman, rather than a man.

"Tammy!" I shouted.

Just as I was about to give her another call, I slowly began hearing some sort of noise coming from a few feet in front of me. Being as quite as I could have possibly been, I pulled the branch of a very large bush aside and peered into an open space, that I had never came across, whilst walking Oreo, our dog, before.

As I looked to the left, I shockingly found Tammy perched up against this tree, with her legs parted wide open and her fingers buried deep inside of her own pussy. Oh how I wished those fingers were mine, I thought.

Not saying a word or making a sound, I peeled back the branch a little, to stop myself from being spotted and watch her masturbate for fifteem minutes, right until she ended up releasing her load all the way down her legs and onto her hand.

Mesmerized by what I had just watched, I flung the branch back, forgetting about her seeing me and ran all the way back to the house.

I took a seat right next to Kyle and swiftly devoured my dinner. I kept picturing Tammy at the highest point of her orgasm, over and over again.

"Janey, slow down and taste your food," laughed Harry.

"Sorry, I guess I was hungrier than I thought," I responded.

As I cleared my plate and the table, I loaded the dishwasher and made my way to my room. Hurriedly passing the front door, I shot around the corner, into my room and locked my door.


"Janey, are you in there?" murmured the person on the other side of the door.

"It's 1:00 a.m. who is it and what do you want?" I grumbled.

"It's Tammy, I wanted to talk with you, but when I got home, you had already finished eating dinner," she replied.

"This can't wait until tomorrow?" I sleepily said.

"No, now open the door, Janey," she sharply muttered.

As I got up, I opened the door and let her in.

"Want to admit to something?" questioned Tammy.

"What do I have to admit to? Because I have no clue what you're going on about," I lied.

"I saw you watching me, Janey," she smiled.

As I tried to avoid eye contact with her, I still managed to keep up my lying, right until she leaned over me and gave me the greatest view of her cleavage.

She lowered herself to my level and began gracefully kissing her way around my neck.

"I admit it! I watched you masturbate in the woods earlier and you know what? I enjoyed every moment of it!" I snapped.

"Do you like the feel of my lips pressed against your neck, Janey?" She teasingly giggled.

I did. I liked it an awful lot. Her warm, soft lips felt so good against my cold neck. It turned me on quicker than I thought it ever would. Just being in her presence was amazing, but having her want me just as much as I had wanted her was indescribable.

"If you carry on doing that, then we're going all the way tonight," I sternly said.

"What are you waiting for then?" she replied, as I pulled her closer to me and slipped my hand down the side of her jeans.

As I laid down on my bed, I pulled her down with me and began grinding my knee roughly between her legs against her needy pussy. As I felt the wetness soaking through her jeans and onto my knee, I grounded faster and harder, until her breathing became deeper in tone.

Fighting my way up her shirt with my hands, I fumbled around with her bra, unclipping it until it loosened up at the front for me to slip my hands underneath.

It was my opportunity to show Tammy my passionate and lustful side, that I had been hiding away for so long. The times I had spent admiring her from a distance clearly hadn't gone unnoticed and it was time to turn my dreams into reality.

"Give me a strip tease," I winked, pulling away from her abruptly.

"I wouldn't do it for anyone else," she seductively whispered to me as I ran my tongue along her earlobe.

She got up.

Not taking my eyes away from her, just in case I missed a vital move, she began twirling around, not taking her eyes from me at all. She was turning to the party music between my legs and I did not want her to stop. She fondled with her own breasts, twisting her nipples until they were red and fully erected. She began circling her own nipples with her tongue, switching from time to time to rub her pussy that really needed the attention from my tongue and fingers.

My fingers and tongue were pumping for some action. It was as if they needed to be in there.

As she teasingly unbuttoned her blouse that she had quite obviously changed into before knocking on my door, I helped her with her jeans until they dropped at her ankles.

I sat on the edge of my bed as she stood before me. I pressed my finger over her knickers and began loitering around her tight virgin hole, pressing my finger into it now and again.

The waiting game was over. It was time to take her pussy and make a long and glorious meal out of it.

I eased my hands down each side of her knickers and pulled them down to her feet. She stepped out of them. I pushed her down towards the bed and held her there as I let her breasts free. She was completed naked and was begging for a fucking.

"Give it to me the way you want to give it to me. I'll take anything," she groaned.

I kissed my way between her breasts and quickly nibbled on her left one. My lips met her landing strip, so I pushed two fingers straight inside her pussy, as I licked my way around it, avoiding her clit on purpose. Pumping my wet fingers all the way in and all the way out, she began to tell me to fuck her with another finger, as well as the two that were already filling her pussy up. So I did as I was told and pushed another finger inside. I felt her pussy tighten. For a virgin, she really wanted the whole package on her first lesbian fuck.

"How does it feel?" I questioned.

"Amazing. So fucking good," she huskily replied.

My tongue was throbbing beyond belief. I removed my fingers that were glistening with her juices, I slowly licked them clean. I lifted her legs up and rested them on my shoulders and buried my attention seeking tongue inside her hole. It was swirling and diving around, lashing around inside her pussy for the first time. It was tasting every possible part and savoring it all.

"I want to try something, give me a second," I said, as I grabbed something from my drawer.

"Want to seen how my dildo works?" I devilishly winked.

"This pussy is all yours," she replied.

I switched my vibrating dildo on and softly began rubbing her clit with it. Her legs began to twitch and she was bucking up towards the dildo, as if she just wanted more and more. I glided it over her clit, around it and everywhere else possible.

Finally I removed it from her clit and surprisingly pounded her pussy with it over and over again, as I licked at her clit furiously.

I felt what I wanted to feel. Her hand against my head, pushing it towards her pussy even more. I licked the dildo every time it was visible and sucked her clit until it was throbbing. She was close and I knew it.

I sped the dildo fucking up and used my fingers to softly stroke her clit. She pulled on my arm and I suddenly met her lips. I slid my tongue slowly in her mouth and we massaged each other's tongues as if they were in battle. Biting my lip, she wanted me to go faster as she was seconds from releasing her load onto my dildo and down into the palm of my hand.

"I'm going cum!" she screamed, as I put my hand over her mouth to keep her from waking everyone up.

It was everywhere. My trousers, my bed, my hands and my face. She tasted good and now let's hope I taste just as good for her.

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