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My Aloha

The characters are based on real people, all names have been changed.

Evie leaned against the wall, surveying the crowd. It was pretty packed tonight. She had come here a few times, each time pretty blitzed and remembered having a good time, but not really much else. Tonight she was taking it easy, having come out with a few friends after dinner. It was a mixed club, both straight and gay, and the vibe was nice. She shoved her hand in her pocket, sipping on her beer. Her eyes scanned the room and landed on a girl almost directly across from her, standing next to a table with friends.

She caught her attention because even from here she could see the light color of her eyes, a blue or maybe green. She was her height without the heels she wore, long straight blonde hair cascading across her bare shoulders. The girl's head turned slightly and their eyes met. She remained motionless for a moment, both of them taking one another in and then she took a sip of her beer, looking over at her buddy Audrey who came to stand next to her against the wall.

"That guy is so damn cute. You think he's hot?" Evie looked over at the guy she had just danced with, his eyes drawn to them as he walked backwards away from her to the bar. Evie shrugged, "I guess so. In a frat boy sort of way." Audrey nodded, "Yeah...but they are so fun, those guys." Evie smiled, picking at the label of her beer. "Yah yah, I know. He's Haole, what can I say? No accounting for taste huh?"

Audrey was full Hawaiian, Evie half, both of them having attended the same Hawaiian-only private highschool before going to the University together. Haole was used in more derogatory terms nowadays, but she considered it just a nickname, referring to people that weren't local.

Her own father was white and her mother was a Native Hawaiian. Her family taught her to respect her heritage and immersed her into the local culture and schools exclusive to locals only. She had a few non-native friends, but for the most part, her circle consisted of locals. And she had never dated someone of another descent. Partly because she just wasn't in contact with Haole folks that often that were her age, and partly because honestly she wasn't attracted to people that weren't Hawaiian.

It wasn't prejudice she thought, just a preference. It was not lost on her that she was part caucasian. She knew that being white was also part of who she was, but because from the time she was little the pride of being an islander was so prized, it was really engrained in her to identify with that part of her background.

Playing sports in school she of course found herself against opponents that were not Hawaiian, but more than anything, it was curiousity that made her look at girls of different ethnicities, not attraction. Coming to college had been a bit of an eye-opener. There were people of all different races and backgrounds in all of her classes and sometimes she found herself feeling like she was in the middle of the ocean, surrounded by strangers on different life rafts than her.

She, of course, went into the city back in the day and saw hundreds of tourists milling around when she was younger, but as she got older, she stayed away from the tourist spots. Nowadays, she pretty much hung out with her friends from highschool and stayed within her circle in that regard. It was what was the norm for her, and quite honestly, what was comfortable.

A few times she had been mistaken for a non-Native because of her lighter brown hair and dark hazel eyes, both from her dad. Her skin was lighter than most locals she knew, but dark enough that you could tell she was mixed. Her body and facial features? Very Hawaiian. She was 5'7", with some curves. More precisely, she had breasts, hips and an ass. She wasn't slim, more of a stocky build because of how much she trained and surfed, but she was still pretty feminine.

And when she opened her mouth, well...then it was pretty unmistakable to people that weren't from the islands that she was local. She had a bit of an accent that she didn't really notice but sometimes others would comment on it. She didn't use pidgin all that much, but once in awhile she got lazy and reverted back to it, like a safety net, especially with her close friends.

She downed part of her beer, Audrey now talking about some other guy that wanted her to dance and her eyes went back to the girl that had been standing across from her. She was now sitting at the table, her drink in her hand. She had pulled her hair over her shoulder and the long hair lay partially over her chest, her eyes being drawn to the shirt she was wearing. Some silk number that clearly outlined her nice breasts, flaring out into loose folds.

She was wearing dark jeans the molded to her long legs, a pair of strappy looking heels on her feet. Girly. She herself didn't dress girly because she was more of a tomboy. She could dress up she supposed, but it's obvious when you aren't comfortable in something that you're wearing. And she definitely was not comfortable in stilletos.

She finished her beer, her eyes going to the bar. "Let's get a drink, yah?" she asked Audrey, pushing off the wall. Audrey nodded, and she turned, her eyes going back to the girl for some reason. Caught. The girl was looking at her again and she felt a strange sensation low in her stomach.

The girl smiled at her slowly and Evie felt the corner of her mouth curve up in response before walking down the stairs onto the bottom level of the club. Yeah, with that smile...she was She frowned at her own thoughts. Why was she thinking about this girl like that? Since when had she been attracted to white girls?

But she couldn't deny her eyes had been drawn to her. She sighed. It had been a while since she had slept with another woman. Six months to be exact. She'd had plenty of chances, but for some reason, she just hadn't been interested. She wanted a relationship, not a fling. She slept around for a few years, and even though she loved the act of sex, it wasn't enough to make her stay. And as she got older, she realized she wanted to find someone that made her want to stick around.


Alyssa listened to the professor drone on and she sighed, wondering not for the first time why she had chosen to take this class. He was so dry that as soon as her butt his the chair, she started to doze off. She drew lines with her pen on her pad, her mind wandering to Saturday night. She rarely went out anymore because she had needed to buckle down and take an extra class here and there to stay on track and that coupled with being a soccer took its toll.

Last night had been her first night out in months. A few housemates had issued her an ultimatum. Go out with them willingly, or be dragged out. So she had gone, dressing up a bit for the occasion. The club had been interesting. She had never been and it was a good assortment of people, mostly her age. A lot of kids from college, some older folks as well.

Another reason she wanted to go was that she knew it was gay friendly. She hadn't been on the stroll for awhile and was looking forward to seeing some good looking women...or maybe they would just look good if she drank enough. She didn't have the time or money to go out to the gay bars, so when the opportunity came up, she decided the heck with it.

She remembered the exact moment she had seen her. She was standing near the railing when she saw her make her way through the crowd, another girl in tow. She looked part Hawaiian, her features more local than not. Her friend was definitely full Hawaiian. She wore a tank top with thin straps and jeans, sandals that looked more like flip flops on her feet. Her hair was up in a ponytail and she had the most gorgeous bare arms she had ever seen. Light definition. Maybe a surfer. She loved surfers. Her way of dressing made her tend to think so.

A thin band around her neck, maybe hemp, and when she raised her arm in greeting at someone standing at the bar, a tattoo on the inside of her arm.  Yeah, she was very hot. She had always tended to gravitate more towards people that were very different looking than her. Their eyes had met a few times that night and she wondered if maybe she was interested but the girl hadn't approached her and she was too shy to talk to her either.

When she had come to Hawaii from Arizona for school, she had been immediately inundated with beautiful locals. Their dark skin and eyes, their fuller bodies, their mannerisms. It was very different from the people she knew back home in her small town and she was like a kid in a candy store.

But gradually, she had realized that although alot of the girls opened up to her, she would always be considered an outsider, a foreigner. She didn't understand the mentality, especially from kids more her age, but that's what separated the folks here from parts of the mainland. Their strong bonds to their heritage and the past, and their need to preserve what traditions they had, with one another.

She respected their views, but coming from such an open-minded family, she had a hard time understanding the idea of closed ranks. Some of the locals she met had never even left the island, which surprised her. There are other worlds than this, she would think sometimes as she passed groups of locals, feeling like she stood out like a sore thumb.

Class finally ended and she pulled her hair up in a loose knot, hurrying out of class. She was supposed to meet a friend in twenty minutes and she was going to be late if she didn't leave soon. She jogged towards the exit door and literally ran into someone coming in, her book flying out of her hand, her backpack falling off her shoulder.

"I am so sorry," she said, her book landing a few feet away, her hand catching the door. "No worries," the girl said, reaching down to grab her book and then straightened, handing it to her. She felt like she was frozen to the spot. It was the girl from the club. Standing not two feet away from her.

Close up she took her breath away. Flawless skin, her hair a lighter shade of brown. But her eyes, set in that bronze skin were a startling hazel. "I...thank you..." she said softly, taking the book from her, the girl holding the door for her so she could put the book in her bag. "You're welcome," the girl replied, watching her zip her bag up.

They looked at one another, both of them with surprise on their faces. "Diego's, right?" she asked, referring to the club they had been at over the weekend. "Yeah," the girl nodded, moving from the door as a throng of people came towards it. They moved out of the way, to right inside the corridor. "Alyssa," she bit her lip, and they shook hands lightly, "Evie." Her hand remained in hers as they looked at one another, finally disengaging as she shifted her bag.

"You go to school here?" Fuck. What a stupid question. Of course she did. Evie nodded, "Business major." Alyssa nodded, "Sports psych." Evie raised her eyebrows, "Are you an athlete?" Alyssa nodded, "Soccer." Evie nodded, "I thought maybe, but I wasn't sure." "Are you too? An athlete?" Evie nodded, "Not at school though. I surf semi-pro." "That's hot." Oh my God. Did that just come out of her mouth?

Evie grinned at her and she felt her cheeks flush, mortified. "You think so?" Alyssa felt a laugh come out of her, "I can't believe I just said that out loud." Evie laughed, her cheeks tinging as well, "Well, I like a girl that says what she thinks." Alyssa smiled, feeling like she was melting. This girl was so damn cute. "One of my downfalls." Evie shrugged, "World would be a better place if people were more honest, yah?" That cute local accent was doing weird things to her internal heating system. "Definitely."

The bell to the school chimed outside and she groaned, looking at her watch. "Late?" Evie asked. She nodded, "You too if you have class." Evie nodded. "Maybe I'll see you around?" She didn't know when she had become so forward but she stopped her before she could leave. "Can I maybe get your number?" Evie blinked at her, their eyes on one another. "Sure." She pulled out her phone and put the number in as she recited it. "Maybe we can do lunch?" she asked tentatively.

Evie nodded, "Okay. Give me a ring then?" Alyssa gave her a smile and nodded back. "It was nice to meet you, Alyssa," she smiled. "You too Evie." She then turned, trotting towards her class. She felt her knees go weak watching her leave. Just her name from her lips made her want to jump her for God's sake. What was wrong with her hormones? She felt off-kilter for the rest of the day, a strange excitement a low hum the rest of the night. Evie. She thought she very well have met the girl of her dreams.


Laughing, Evie felt her phone ring in her back pocket of her board shorts. She shoved Mel out of the way, pulling it out. Unknown number. She debated not answering it, then did. "Evie?" "Yah?" she said into the phone, sitting down on her board, the puck of wax in her other hand. "It's Alyssa." She felt a smile come to her face. "Hey. How are you?" she asked, unwrapping the wax. "I'm good. What are you up to?"

She straddled her board, phone in the crook of her neck as she watched a few of her friends race towards the water. "Just at the beach, you?" "I'm just visiting a friend on the Windward side," Alyssa said. She paused, "Where?" "Kailua," she responded as she began to wax her board. "Me too. You near the beach?" "Near Bellows?" Alyssa said and she could hear a kid in the background.

"I'm right up the road from you. Maybe..." she hesitated, looking out at her friends. "Maybe?" Alyssa asked on the other end. "You want to hang out since you are up here?" "Yeah?" Alyssa asked and she could hear the smile coming from the other end, making her glad she asked. "Yeah." "Okay, I'd love to." She gave her directions and then pressed end, putting the phone back in her pocket.

She waxed her board slowly, the sun bright. She had no idea why she had asked her to come. She knew her friends wouldn't mind, although they might think it a little weird that she had invited a Haole none of them knew to hang out and their weekly gathering. Oh well.

Her mind went back to the conversation she and Alyssa had when she had run into her on campus. She was majoring in sports psychology, played soccer, and hit on her. Potent combinations. She loved people that were motivated. Playing sports at the collegiate level was not easy, and neither was her major. She was also outspoken, and she found it intriguing.

Standing a few feet from her, she had found that she was even prettier than she thought when she first met her. She was the kind of girl you saw in magazines or on the TV growing up, symbolizing the All-American California girl. Blonde, blue eyes, skin tan from the sun, big smile, outgoing personality.

It was never something that captured her attention, made her look twice. But seeing it in person, being so close to her that she could smell the fruity shampoo she had used and held her hand in hers, the skin so soft under her fingers, well...that was something else entirely. It was though she had stepped out of the magazine and was standing right in front of her, very real.

Maybe she was just curious. Was it wrong to be interested in learning more about someone because they were so different? She didn't want to lead her on. She wasn't sure how she felt about her in any sort of other way than friendship. Even though they flirted lightly, it didn't mean anything, could've been just friendly banter.

She supposed if the time came for it to be confronted, then she would have to do it. Right now, it wasn't anything other than a possible start of a friendship. She genuinely liked her, even though she didn't know her well. She seemed like she would be fun to be around. The whole idea of being friends with her surprised her. It wasn't often that people were invited into their circle.

Mel came towards her, grabbing a towel, Audrey smacking her lightly with her own in passing. "Howzzit?" Mel asked, sitting down next to her. Shani and Leah were walking towards them from the car, a cooler and grill in tow. She got up to help them. "I invited someone out here, is that okay?" she asked, grabbing the cooler from Shani. "Yeah? Anyone we know?" Audrey asked. Evie shook her head, "No, a Haole girl from school."

Audrey looked at her oddly, "Who?" "Just a girl. You don't know her." Leah grinned, "Is there something you aren't telling us sis?" They all laughed. "No, Evie don't like them Haole girls, don't you know?" Mel shook her head, "I don't know why. They are bed." Audrey laughed, pulling her towel around her, "Yeah, crazy is the word."

Evie smiled to herself, finishing with her board just as a car pulled up. They all looked towards it, watching as Alyssa got out of the car, wearing a bikini top and shorts, pulling a bag out of the backseat. "Ooooh. I think you ARE hiding something from us," Leah said whistling and Shani and Mel hooted, looking at her. Evie felt her cheeks stain as she stood, "Shut it now. Be nice or else. She's just a friend. Don't want her running away from YOU crazy folk yah?" "Okay, okay.." Leah said as she walked towards Alyssa.

She made herself not stare at her bare stomach and smooth legs. She was in shape and looked good in that bikini top, her breasts looking perfect in the cups holding them up. Damn her friends for putting thoughts into her head. "Hey you," Evie smiled, reaching her. "Hi," Alyssa smiled shyly, a small dimple she hadn't noticed before appearing in her cheek. Cute. They hugged lightly and she took her bag from her.

"Have a good day so far?" she asked, slinging it over her shoulder as they walked together. "Awesome. It's such a gorgeous day out. You surf already?" Evie shook her head, "Was just about to. You know how to surf?" Alyssa shook her head, "I've only tried a few times and I barely made it up."

Evie smiled, "Well, that's pretty good actually. Maybe you want to come out with me?" "I..don't have a board?" she said timidly. Evie laughed, "No, I meant come out with me. On my board. My friends are a little weird about giving theirs up." Alyssa smiled, "I wouldn't give them up to me either." They both grinned at one another, finally reaching the rest of the group who had set up closer to the tree for shade.

"Hey. This is Alyssa everyone. Alyssa, this is Mel, Shani, Leah...and that's Audrey over there trying to get the grill going." "Trying is really the word..hey Alyssa, nice to meet you," Mel smiled. Shani, Leah and Audrey all said hello, Audrey waving from her crouch. "You need help?" Alyssa asked her, walking her way. "My saviour," Audrey smiled, all of them laughing.

They all sat around having a beer, the grill finally going and then Evie picked up her board. "Anyone going out?" Everyone shook their heads, enjoying their beers. Evie looked at Alyssa who set her beer down, looking up at her. "You sure?" she asked her. "C'mon, we'll see what you learned from the first two times you tried." Alyssa smiled and stood up coming with her.

She tucked the board under her arm as they walked to the water. She put the board in, then patted it. "Get on...close to the front. I'll get us out there a little ways." Alyssa got on the board and she got on behind her, paddling them further out. She sat up behind her, looking out at the waves. They were a bit too big for a beginner and she didn't want Alyssa to get hurt. She turned the board. Nothing. "We're going to have to wait for a little, yah?" she asked her.

Alyssa turned herself so that they were facing one another and nodded. "Thanks for bringing me out. I never got to do any surfing in Arizona." Evie smiled, "So that's where you're from?" Alyssa nodded. "Pretty there?" Alyssa smiled, "Gorgeous. Canyons...sunsets...I miss it." Evie nodded, "I know I miss it when I leave." "Where on the mainland have you been?" Evie looked up thinking. "California and Washington." "West Coast," Alyssa nodded.

Their legs touched, the waves getting closer. The sun made Alyssa's skin look darker, the water running in small streams across her neck and shoulders. She felt that strange sensation in her stomach again looking at her and she shook it off. "Ready for a little action?" Evie asked, her eyes going over her shoulder to the coming waves." "Crap, okay...just promise to save me if I start to drown." Evie grinned, lightly patting her thigh as she turned, "You got it baby. Let's rock and roll."


Alyssa groaned, rolling over slowly in her bed. She was sore. Surfing was no joke. She used muscles she never knew she had and forgot the last few times she had tried she had felt the same way afterwards. Even though she was in shape, her body protested to her moving whatsover. No wonder Evie had such a gorgeous body.

Shani had ended up letting her used her board and her and Evie had stayed in the water for a while. Watching Evie surf was incredible. It seemed effortless and incredibly sexy. A few beers helped bolster her confidence later in the afternoon and finally she had gotten and stayed up the last few times she tried to although she bit it hard, causing Evie to laugh almost uncontrollably at her. That beautiful smile making her laugh too even though it hurt.

She loved hanging out with her and her friends. They were all sweet to her and she knew it was probably uncommon for a white girl to hang out with them. To their credit, they hadn't treated her strangely or talked behind her back while she was there which she found some groups of girls liked to do, and it made her relax around them.

A few times they had started talking in thicker accents, incorporating pidgin and Hawaiian words, and she had just listened, wondering at being in the states, and yet not being able to understand them. She spoke Spanish fairly fluently, having grown up around a fair amount of Mexicans in Arizona but this was different. She found herself being drawn to it.

She had stayed at their invitation, eating a early dinner with them before heading back to campus for a night class, Evie walking her to her car. She wanted to kiss her so bad it made her teeth ache, but she hadn't, unsure of if there was something transpiring between them or not. A few times she would catch Evie looking at her, but she didn't outwardly flirt with her, didn't touch her in a sexual manner, so it was hard for her to read any signs. Evie seemed genuine, but maybe not interested, although she did sense curiosity.

She really wanted Evie to see her as more than a friend, but she didn't want to scare her away if it wasn't what she intended by having her come out to meet her. She would take having her over a friend than not being able to see her at all. So they hugged at the car for a long moment, Evie's strong body feeling so good against hers. When they pulled away, she had cupped her face lightly, their eyes meeting, and then got in her car and left. That night when she had fallen asleep, all she saw were those hazel eyes looking back at her.

She forced herself out of bed, grumbling at her alarm clock and hit it harder then necessary. She took a long hot shower and dressed gingerly, her body protesting even the slightest bend at the waist. She heard her phone vibrate and she picked it up. A text from Evie? She felt her heart speed up. How are you feeling today? She laughed out loud. Bastard she texted back, walking through the house to the kitchen.

Her phone vibrated again. A little sore are we? She smiled, grabbing a bottle of water out of the fridge, her eyes on the clock on the wall. Very. You worked me out. She wished she had worked her out in other ways but that was neither here nor there. Wimp her text chimed back. Her eyes widened, her grin getting bigger. Why don't you come to see my game tonight? Then you won't think so loser.

Her phone remained silent as she made her way to her car. She sighed, starting the engine, throwing her bag in the back. Her phone buzzed and she looked down at it. What time? she felt a smile come to her face. 6pm she sent, driving towards school. Okay, will try to make it. She felt butterflies. Yeah, she had a crush, that was for sure. She hoped she would show. She missed her already and it had only been a day.

Midway through the game, she saw her walking down the steps to sit in one of the bleacher seats. She wiped the sweat off her face with her sleeve and tried to concentrate, running towards the forward trying to pass her. A few moments later, Evie was forgotten as she felt the buzz of playing the sport she loved so much running through her.

She made a few good plays, had a few great assists. Tied, they went into overtime and she felt the adrenaline pumping through her as she made the field goal from thirty feet away, sealing their victory. Sweet. They trotted off the field, her teammates razzing her, all of them shoving one another. Another top twenty team bites the dust she smiled to herself.

She reached her bag and grabbed her towel, wiping her face and neck and then remembered that Evie was here. She looked up into the stands and didn't see her in the bleachers anymore. Well, it was a long game. She pulled her bag over her shoulder and took out her phone. No text.

She felt disappointment, putting it back in her bag and started to make her way towards the locker when she saw her. She was standing near the tunnel, her shoulder leaning against the cement waiting for her. She gave her a big smile and she felt her heart melt. God she was so adorable.

She approached her and Evie pushed off the wall. She was wearing a worn tshirt and baggy jeans, flip flops on her feet. The quintessential island girl, and it suited her well. "Hi," Evie said, as the stopped within a few feet of one another. "Thanks for coming," Alyssa smiled, tugging lightly on her shirt. "Of course. You had a great game, ass kicker."

They both laughed, "Naw, it's a team sport." "Well, they're lucky to have you. You're very good." Alyssa felt herself blush and Evie grinned, "Shy?" Alyssa let out a breath, "You make me feel like..." They were both silent, Evie watching her. "Like what?" Evie asked. "Like a little girl." Evie raised her eyebrows, "You are." Alyssa shoved her hard as they walked to the parking lot. "I am not." Evie put her hands up in submission as they made it to her car, "Okay. You are pretty girly though."

Alyssa dropped her bag, opening her trunk. "What's wrong with being girly?" Evie shook her head, "Nothing," but she had a twinkle in her eye. "Hey Lyss. Good game," said her teammate, Jaleen. "Thanks babe," she smiled at her. Jaleen looked at Evie, raising her head in greeting. Evie nodded at her, not saying anything. She put her bag in her trunk, shutting it. "What was that?" Alyssa asked, unlocking her door. "What?" Evie asked, her eyes leaving the back of the girl to her. "Do you know her?" Evie shrugged, "We've met."

Jaleen was local, and gay to boot. She had hit on her a few times, but she had never been interested. She was too cocky, thought she was God's gift. She preferred a little more subtlety, and a little less husky quite honestly. "She's a cool girl..just a little...forward." Evie looked at her as she opened her car door. "She hits on you?" Evie asked, studying her.

Alyssa smiled, "I am kinda cute, I'm told." Evie smiled but didn't say anything in response. Well, that was a bummer. She chewed on her lip, feeling unsure as she held onto the car door. "Do you maybe want to grab a bite to eat? I'm starving," Evie said. Alyssa nodded, "Me too. Sure. I need to take a shower though, I stink. I'm just up the road. Do you want to come over for a minute?" Evie shrugged, "Sure." "I promise I won't be long."


Evie peered at the pictures in frames on the table as Alyssa took a shower, the sound of the water running causing her to look towards her bedroom. The door was slightly open and she could see her clothes on the floor. She sighed.

She didn't know why she felt like an idiot around her. She was really a cool girl. She liked hanging out with her a lot. She was smart, funny as hell, and she was really laid-back. There was this slight pull towards her as well, like a magnet, and she wasn't sure if it was entirely unwanted. She hadn't been surprised by someone in a long time.

She knew there were questions in Alyssa's eyes. When Alyssa made the comment about Jaleen, she felt some sort of heat light up her neck. Jaleen was a player. She knew her well. Had grown up in the same neighborhood. Their mothers knew one another. She had run into her at a few get-togethers and clubs. She supposed Jaleen considered her competition. They both liked the same type of girls, the taller more feminine ones. They had actually slept with the same girl more than once, which she found out only later. She wondered if it meant she needed to be more discriminate.

Jaleen was hitting on Alyssa. But Alyssa hadn't been with her. Somehow that made her feel better. Not that she was outwardly showing Alyssa any sort of attention like Jaleen was. When Alyssa had said she was told she was cute, she wanted to tell her she was, but somehow felt her tongue get stuck on the roof of her mouth. She still felt unsure about how she felt about her. She was drawn to her but she wasn't sure if it was because she was so different or if it was something else.

She knew Alyssa felt unsure around her. Knew Alyssa liked her. Was she attracted to her? She supposed she was but she thought maybe it was less sexual than something else. She had lived her life hardly giving Haole's a second glance when it came to having them beneath the sheets with her. So having her eyes opened all of the sudden to even a possibility left her feeling confused.

She heard the bathroom door open and realized she could see her as she got out of the shower, a full length mirror standing opposite her in the bedroom. She felt her throat close, her eyes riveted to the mirror. She was naked, her hand going to the towel that hung on the rack next to her. Fuck. She felt her mouth water slightly and she turned, walking to the sliding glass door or her lanai, not wanting to look like a peeping Tom.

Holy shit. Had it been that long since she had seen a naked woman? Her body was...perfect. The light skin showing slight tan lines where she had been out in the sun. Not an ounce of fat, graceful and lean, but not thin. Her breasts. Damn. Full but high.

She rubbed her eyes, looking at the night sky. And that small strip between her legs? She was used to seeing dark hair there, or none at all. The blond trail leading to the apex between her legs. Double damn. What was wrong with her? Seeing her naked had definitely left her feeling even more confused.

A few minutes later, she heard the sliding door open and Alyssa came outside, sitting on the chair next to her. She smiled weakly at her, seeing she had put on jeans and a shirt, her wet hair up in a ponytail. "Where do you want to eat? Or do you want me to make us something?" "You cook?" Evie asked. "Of course I cook. You don't?" Evie shook her head. "Well, I do, but not well. If you like rice and beans, I'm your girl." Alyssa laughed, "Well, I can make something instead if you want? Maybe some pasta or something?" Evie hadn't eaten in for awhile. She nodded, "That would be cool." Alyssa tilted her head and she got up, following her inside.

Evie laughed, pushing back her plate. After the initial awkwardness of seeing her naked, she had slowly let the tension leave her as they chatted like old friends, talking about their childhoods and antics they used to play on friends when they were growing up. She found Alyssa was a practical jokester like herself and she had her holding her side a few times as she recounted some pretty funny stories.

She found that she could actually relax with her like she did with her close friends. It was impossible not to like her she was so real. A few times Alyssa had to ask her what a certain slang term meant that she used, and she found it kind of cute. They sat outside for awhile having a beer before she had to go, promising to help her dad with a project in the house.

"Thanks for dinner," Evie smiled, shoving her hands in her back pockets, her nervous habit. "You're very welcome. I'm glad you came over." Alyssa opened the door for her and they stood in the entryway for a moment. "Maybe if you're free this weekend we could do dinner or something?" Alyssa asked. Evie nodded, "Okay. Call me then."

Alyssa bit her lip. She leaned in, putting a hand on her shoulder and brushed her cheek across hers, giving her a soft kiss and Evie put her hand on her waist, steadying her. She wanted to pull her closer, wanted to find out what that scent was...knew it was a bad idea. Their eyes found one another and Evie smiled. "Okay, I'll call you," Alyssa said softly. Evie nodded, squeezing her waist lightly, then backed away, turning to head down the steps.

As much as she wanted to look back to see her standing in the doorway, she didn't. She couldn't lead her on if she wasn't sure. She just couldn't. She liked her too much for that, and somehow that thought wasn't comforting.


"Hey girl, come join us." Alyssa smiled at Leah as she walked through the sand. Evie had invited her out to the early bonfire, the setting sun making the beach take on a rosy glow. They huggged and she followed her towards the crowd. She hadn't realized there was going to be so many people.

There had to be at least thirty folks here, all standing around drinking or sitting and talking near the fire. All of them local. She felt eyes on her as she came into the fold. "Hi Alyssa," Mel said from her perch on the log nearest her. "Hey Mel." Seeing that she knew some of them, the curious eyes moved away from her.

"Come, have a beer. Evie is out in the water right now with Micah. She'll be up in a bit." She nodded, sitting next to her. She saw Evie out in the water sitting on her board, laughing with the girl that was on her board next to her. The girl reached out slapping her board and Evie shoved at her, both of them grinning.

It had been weeks since their dinner at her house. Since then, they had hung out three more times. And each time she become progressively more attracted to her, and more unsure. She felt even more shy around her as the spent more time together.

Evie was everything she wanted in a partner and more. She loved the way she made her feel, as though she was the only one when they were around one another, her eyes interested in what she had to say. And everytime they were together, she wanted to touch her, wanted...her.

But Evie hadn't committed one way or the other. She knew that Evie had an idea of how she felt. She could see it in her eyes, her hesitance. She didn't want to be one of those girls that professed their feelings to someone they knew didn't like them in that way, only to be rejected out loud. She knew tonight would change things. Because hanging out with her was becoming too hard. She wanted a relationship with her and deep down, she had a feeling that Evie didn't.

She had to distance herself for awhile. Just to untangle her heart from the mess it was getting itself into. She knew that some of it had to do with her not being local. Evie's friends were all local. Her circle of friends were close and they didn't really involve outsiders. Tonight was just reinforcement of that.

She didn't know why she thought she even stood a chance, seeing her teasing the girl getting out of the water with her, a cute local girl with a stunning body. For some reason she felt a slow crush in her chest. Her want of this girl that would never be hers was deafening.

Evie put her board on the ground, looking towards the bonfire and their eyes met. She smiled at her and she smiled back, finishing her beer. Mel was talking about some street nearby that had recently been repaved, causing even more grief. Potholes were a major problem with the badly re-paved roads and the rain.

Evie grabbed a bag nearby and held up a finger to her, asking her to wait. She nodded and she watched her walk to the showers with the girl who was out in the water with her. The girl slung her arm around Evie's waist. Even though Evie didn't put her arm back around her, she knew from that intimacy that they knew each other in an entirely different way. Yeah, she was stupid to even think she was available.

Leah sat down next to her, seeing she noticed them walking off. "That's Micah. You've met?" Alyssa shook her head. "Her...girlfriend?" she asked almost scared to hear the response. "No, ex." Alyssa nodded feeling her stomach plummet. "She's cool. They aren't know?" she said, looking at her. Alyssa didn't meet her eyes, but nodded, looking at the fire. It didn't matter. It was obvious it was what Evie preferred, what she was comfortable with. She couldn't help that she wasn't attracted to her.

She dug her feet in the sand, taking another beer from Mel. She saw Evie walking back by herself, changed into shorts and a tshirt, her wet hair down around her shoulders. God, she looked so good. Micah came jogging after her and stopped Evie near her board. She said something to her and Evie responded, looking confused. Micah put her arms around her neck and kissed her. Evie didn't pull away, didn't move at all as they stood outside of the light, their bodies close to one another.

She felt tears threaten and she stood slowly. Leah stood next to her, Mel looking over at Evie surprised. "I think I'm going to go sis," she said softly, stepping over the log. "Don't go..." Leah said uncomfortably, also looking confused. "I'm sorry," she said quietly. She hugged her loosely, then headed towards her car.

She had almost reached it when she heard her name being called. She opened the door and turned to see Evie making her way towards her, the only light coming from the fire along the path. She got in her car as Evie reached her, Evie crouching down next to her open door. "Where are you going?" she asked, her eyes slightly hidden in shadows.

"Evie.." she said almost inaudibly, putting her key in her ingnition. "Alyssa, just stay." Alyssa started the car, looking down at her. "I can't." "Why?" Evie whispered. "You know how I feel about you. And it doesn't matter does it? You won't ever see me the way I see you. I must look like an idiot to you and your friends." "Stop. You don't," Evie shook her head, her body moving closer. She felt herself want to move closer and instead moved away.

"Why did you invite me here tonight?" she asked her. Evie frowned, "Because I wanted to see you. Wanted to hang out." Alyssa nodded knowing that what she wanted all along was to just be friends. "It's not your never...gave me any indication that you were attracted to me..I doesn't make it hurt any less, seeing you with someone else."

Evie put her hand on her leg, "I'm not with Micah." Alyssa shook her head, "And I'm not it doesn't matter does it?" she felt tears come to her eyes and she looked out the windshield. "Alyssa," Evie hesitated. "She could see her eyes out of the shadows now. She looked like she wanted to let her down easily. She couldn't bear to hear the rejection out loud.

"Just give me time. Maybe I'll be able to chase these feelings away. How about...I call you, okay?" Evie bit her lip, then nodded, slowly standing. Their eyes met, then she shut the door, backing out. She didn't realize how attached she'd become, didn't realize how much it would hurt to leave her.


Evie trudged back to the bonfire feeling like shit. Micah had surprised the hell out of her. Kissing her like that. She hadn't kissed her back, just had stood there. And knowing Alyssa had seen it didn't sit well with her. Right after Micah pulled away, she turned her head to see Alyssa leaving. Fuck.

It wasn't her fault was it? She had never told her she wanted her in that way. The pain she had seen in Alyssa's eyes made her heart hurt. She never wanted to hurt her. She really liked her. But she knew she had been playing with fire. Knew that Alyssa had feelings for her. She just didn't realize the extent of them, her words cutting to the heart of the matter.

She wasn't local, she was right. But did that mean she couldn't be with her? She hadn't met a girl like Alyssa...ever. She had all the qualities you could hope for in someone you wanted to be with. And she was very easy on the eyes. So what did it boil down to? Physical attraction? Love? Or that she was Haole?

She felt her shoulders slump as she came back into the light of the fire. "You let Alyssa leave?" Mel asked her drinking her beer. Evie shrugged, "She's her own person." "Well, good..she should've left your stupid ass. What's wrong with you?" Evie eyed Mel, feeling her neck flush, "What are you talking about?" "You can tell that girl likes you. Why would you kiss Micah like that in front of her?" Evie felt anger and she pushed it down, "I didn't kiss her, she kissed me. And I can't help that she likes me like that. I never told her I wanted to be with her."

Leah was standing next to them and she handed Evie a beer. "Yeah sis, but we know you. The way you act around her, the time you've been spending together. You fighting this?" Evie took a long drink of the beer. "I don't know..if I can be with her." "Because she's Haole?" Mel asked, looking at the fire.

Evie took a few long swallows of her beer and shrugged, the answer making her feel racist and horrible. Leah sat down on the log and she sat too, silent. "You we get older..I think there's something to be said for breaking out of the mold you come from. That different doesn't necessarily mean bad," Mel said quietly. "And it doesn't mean you forget where you came from and who you are," Leah added.

Evie's eyes looked around the circle, all her friends laughing and talking. Their dark skin beautiful in the light, their accents standing out more to her now that she paid attention. Alyssa's skin was just as beautiful, her accent different as well. What was holding her back? "I think...I'm scared," she finally admitted, finishing her beer. "A first for you, huh?" Mel smiled. She felt a small smile tug at the side of her mouth.

She looked over at Micah and sighed, Micah's eyes looking guilty. "She knew you invited Alyssa, had been talking about it earlier," Leah said, shaking her head. They all realized that Micah had done it on purpose, to put Alyssa out. Evie nodded, "Figures."

She wasn't attracted to Micah anymore. She was fun to hang around, but was sneaky like that. She was always trying to make her jealous when they were together. She didn't play games. And she wished that Alyssa was here, with her...just sitting next to her so she could see that smile light up her face, hear her laughter. She missed her and she knew she had fucked up by not opening herself up.

A week went by, then two weeks and Alyssa didn't call. She felt a sinking in her stomach. She lay in bed the last few nights, her mind solely on her. She didn't just miss her. She knew what these feelings immerging were. It signified a want and a need she previously had ignored. It wasn't just friendship that drew her to Alyssa. She be with her. She felt some sort of door slowly creaking open and she felt the need to run through it. Maybe she should just try to call her. She felt unsure still. Not of her feelings, but of what to do.

That night, she took a long shower, dressing casually. She was supposed to meet Audrey and Shani at Diego's before heading over to another friend's for a late BBQ. She didn't feel like going out, but decided a quick stop wouldn't hurt her.

It was rowdy when she got there and she had to make her way through the crowd towards the back where she saw them sitting. "Hi," she smiled at Audrey, hugging her, her body freezing as she looked over her shoulder. Alyssa was near the back with some girls. One of them was Jaleen. Who had her hand on her back, both of them facing the table in conversation. She met Audrey's eyes. "Just one beer then?" Evie nodded, following her to the bar.

When she came back up after a shot to come her nerves, she saw Jaleen was being even more aggressive, her arm around her waist, her body language clearly sexual. And then their eyes met. Alyssa's surprised baby blues looking back at her. She gave her a half-smile, then sat at the table. She felt crushed. She should've called her. Should've told her that she was sorry. That she wanted to see her. And now it looked like she was too late.

She was letting Jaleen touch her and even she had said she was too forward for her. She hated that someone else had their hands on her. She finished her beer, waiting impatiently for Shani to finish talking to someone near the back. "Bathroom," Evie said, heading down the stairs. She got to the back area and saw Alyssa coming out. She hesitated, then stopped in front of her, both of them partially in the shadows of the club, no one around them.

"Hey," Evie said, trying not to stare at her. Short skirt, sexy sequined top, cute sandals on her feet. "Hi," Alyssa said so softly she almost didn't hear her over the music. "You..haven't called," Evie said slowly. Alyssa looked away, then back at her, her eyes filled with some emotion she couldn't name. "I..I'm sorry," she said, fidgeting with her skirt slightly.

"I...saw you with Jaleen. Are you two..." she trailed off, not wanting to say the words. Alyssa remained silent for a moment then shrugged, "It's nice to feel wanted I guess." Evie swallowed, their eyes on one another. Did that mean she was with her?

"I'm sorry Alyssa..." she said quietly. "For what? You didn't do anything wrong." "I did. By not telling you how I felt.." she said. Alyssa blinked at her, "How do you feel?" Evie chewed on the inside of her lip, "I like you...a lot. And I miss you when I'm not with you. I...don't know...I'm not good at expressing my feelings sometimes." "Try," Alyssa said softly.

Evie leaned against the wall, Alyssa coming further into the shadows with her, their bodies coming closer. "It's not that I don't want you. I do. I'm make me anxious." Alyssa brought her lower lip into her mouth making her want to groan, "Why?"

Evie rolled her shoulder, facing her. "Because I've never felt this way about someone..." she stopped. "Not local?" Alyssa finished. Evie shook her head, "About anyone." She held Alyssa's breath catch at her words, her eyes widening. "And maybe I'm partly scared because you're not local..and that's new for me too. I don't...I don't go into relationships lightly anymore. I have to be sure."

Their faces were close and she forced herself not to look at her mouth and those full lips. "How can I make you more sure?" Alyssa whispered. "You don't have to," she heard herself say, and she knew it was true. She wanted to kiss her so bad, her eyes going to Alyssa's mouth which parted as she watched her. "But I guess I'm too late.." she said softly, thinking of Jaleen out there waiting for her.

"No, you aren't." Her eyes went to her. "You and Jaleen.." she said tentatively. Alyssa shook her head, "Definitely not." Evie wanted to laugh the way she said it. "Well, then stop flirting with her." Alyssa let out a throaty laugh that hit her in her stomach. "Why should I?" Evie gave her a slow smile and she saw Alyssa's desire almost instantly.

"Evie!" They both turned to see Audrey coming down the hall. "Hey Alyssa. Hon, we have to go, we're running late." She nodded, turning back to Alyssa. "Want to come?" Alyssa looked at her blankly for a moment and both of them let out small laughs. "Where?" "Barbeque. Up near Moanalua." "I didn't drive., " Alyssa said. I'll take you home." Alyssa hesitated for a moment. "Please?" she asked, touching her fingertips with her own. It felt like an electric shock up her arm and she wondered at it.

Alyssa nodded but she could see she looked a little unsure. Probably because of the last outing at the beach. She would make sure that this time Alyssa knew that all she saw was her. They walked back up the stairs and she saw Jaleen stand as they stopped at the table to get her coat. "I better go say my goodbyes." "Want me to wait?" "I'm a big girl," Alyssa winked at her. She nodded smiling and headed outside with her friends.

They had a good time, all of them chowing down on the pork they had pulled out of the pit. A few drinks of tea later and they were in the car, on the way back to Alyssa's. The barbeque was fun, most of the people at the last bonfire there, plus a few other folks. This time, Alyssa wasn't the only Haole and she thought maybe it made her relax more.

Her friends could see that Alyssa meant something to her, and they were all gracious. Micah had shown up as they were leaving and she didn't give her a second glance, her and Alyssa making their way to her car. She was still mad that she had tried to use her to make Alyssa upset.

When they got to Alyssa's, she walked her to her door. She loved that she could go anywhere with her and Alyssa could grab people's attention and hearts. And this girl...wanted to be with her. It made her nervous, but ecstatic. "Do you..want to come in?" she asked tentatively. Evie nodded, "Which is why I shouldn't." Alyssa smiled, her eyebrow raising.

"Tomorrow, want to come to my folks place? An early dinner." Alyssa nodded, her eyes lighting up. "I'll pick you up, yah?" "Okay," Alyssa replied. She reached out slowly, her arm going around her waist, her hand on her lower back. Alyssa didn't move, watching her. She pulled her closer and Alyssa let go of the doorframe, her hands going to her hips. She brought her into her body, hugging her close. Alyssa raised her arms, hugging her back, their bodies tight.

She felt so good in her arms, smelled even better. She raised her other hand, tangling it lightly in her long hair. Their mouths were close, and she gave up the fight, her mouth brushing Alyssa's. Alyssa gasped softly and then they were kissing, their lips parting sweetly as they held one another.

Yeah. Why in the world had she waited so long? She tasted like heaven and the vision of seeing her naked flashed through her, making her pull her even closer, her leg going between Alyssa's as the kiss deepened. Alyssa moaned and she thought if she didn't stop, she was going to shove her into the house and carry her to her bed, making love to her all night, her body vibrating with need.

Their tongues met, Alyssa pushing her body into her, their hips bumping and she forced herself to stay still, to not take even though her mind screamed for it. Their kisses slowed and she pulled back, nudging her nose with her own. " Four pm?" Alyssa nodded, their breaths mingling. They let go of one another and she ran her finger down her shirt before she went down the steps, knowing if she turned around, she wouldn't leave. Tomorrow.


"No sir," Alyssa smiled at Evie's dad. He reminded her of her father. They even had the same goatee and color hair. "Call me Pete, and don't lie. Evie drives everyone insane." Alyssa grinned, "Aw, she's a sweetheart." Pete grinned, "Well, she can be...when she wants something." "Aren't all of us kids like that with our parents?" "I like you," he laughed, standing as Evie made her way back to the bench. "I like this one Evie, she's a keeper." Evie laughed, sitting. "You think so old man?" "I know it." He moved away to help Evie's mother in the house and she smiled at Evie, their bodies touching as she scooted closer.

"I love your dad. He reminds me of my pops." "He's a laugh a minute that guy," she groaned. "Thanks for asking me to come. I've had a great time." Evie nodded, "I'm glad you came. My parents really like you." Alyssa smiled, "I have their stamp of approval?" Evie nudged her with her arm, "It doesn't happen often."

She felt her face get hot and she felt shy all of the sudden. "You are so damn cute, you know that?" Evie said softly. "Stop," Alyssa said softly, seeing her dad coming back out with plates. "Stop what?" "I can't concentrate...go sit...across from me or something." Evie grinned, "No way." Alyssa mumbled some obscenity, Evie's mom and sister coming out of the house with dishes. She got up to help them, knowing her face was probably red. She'd get her back. They'd see who would be blushing later.


After the picnic, they drove to the North Shore, parking near the water, the area almost fully deserted. The sunroof was open and all they could hear were the waves hitting the shore below. The stars were bright, no outside light taking away from the breathlessness of it. She loved the absolute beauty of this island. The weather, the surf. She looked over at Evie who turned the car off. The people. She felt her heart start to beat loudly in her ears. Lord but she wanted this girl. And she had come to her. Finally.

Alyssa took off her sweater and then slowly and carefully came over the center console, surprising Evie who had just unbuckled her seat belt. She straddled her, her arms going around her neck. "Damn," Evie mumured, her arms going around her, her head tilting back to rest against the backseat.

"I don't think I can wait. I want you so damn bad," Alyssa whispered, her mouth descending on Evie's. They kissed slowly, their hands moving over one another, feeling soft skin under clothes. She took Evie's hand, putting it on her thigh and moved it up under her skirt. Evie's fingers teased her skin, leaving trails as they made their way between her legs, lightly running over her underwear.

She let out a soft sound, her legs shaking slightly. Evie hand slipped under the elastic, finally touching her bare. Evie whimpered, her legs spreading around her legs as Evie gently ran her fingers up her folds. "You're so wet," she whispered in her ear, pulling her closer. "You make me insane," Alyssa whispered.

She pulled the hem of her shirt up and over her head, then unclasped her bra. Evie licked her lips and then she felt her back arch as her mouth took her nipple, her fingers gently entering her easily. "Evie," she cried out softly, her vagina clamping hard around her. She couldn't possibly have more than two fingers in her, but she felt full, so good. It had been a long time.

"God you feel so good baby," Evie said against her neck, pumping lightly into her, her breasts rasping over Evie's clothes. She could feel herself reach the edge too quick and tried to fight it, stilling her hips. Their eyes met and Evie gave her a smile, "What are you waiting for?" Alyssa laughed low, her insides twitching around her gliding fingers. "I don't want to come yet," she murmured.

Evie moved her fingers slightly as she continued to move inside of her, her palm on her clit and she shook her head, moaning. "Evie..." she bit her lip, on the brink of losing control, pleading with her eyes. "It's okay baby, let go..I'm right here."

She shuddered, Evie's mouth on her breasts again, her fingers deep and strong and as her palm hit her clit again she felt the climax shatter over her as she rode her, the sounds coming from her throat something she had never heard before. Evie panted under her, holding her through the orgasm, her mouth taking hers again, bringing her down slowly.

She whispered her name against her neck, both of them sweating, the windows of the car starting to steam. Evie's fingers slowly withdrew and as she started to get off of her, Evie brought her back, her fingers going inside of her again, her body rising slightly out of the seat. She swallowed, pushing against the wheel, her legs opening wider.

"You aren't done," Evie whispered darkly and Alyssa felt her whole body respond to her words, her muscles slowly relaxing around her fingers as she added another one, her mouth going to the valley between her breasts, her hand cupping her neck.

Evie was more rough as she took her a second time, just the way she liked it, and she felt her nipples grow to hard peaks again. Her eyes hazed over as her other hand went to her clit, rubbing her wetness over it in circles. One hand went to the car door, the other to the dash as she started to move her hips with Evie's hands.

It usually took her awhile to come again in one session, but Evie had her there within minutes, both of them moving together fast, her stomach taut with need as Evie's mouth moved over it. As her mouth moved farther down, she felt the start of her orgasm deep in her lower back. Just watching her head get closer to her vagina had caused it and before she could think about that any further, her insides tingled and then overwhelming pleasure shot through her womb through her whole body and she grasped at the leather, her eyes opening blindly as it overtook her.

"Baby," Evie said into her collarbone and she groaned, sitting back up fully, her arms going around her. She held her for a long moment, their breaths slowly returning to normal, the throbbing between her legs subsiding. She watched Evie open her eyes, need strong in them. Evie finally came out of her and she picked up her shirt. "Take me home. It's my turn." Evie bit her lip looking wary but nodded. They kissed gently and then she got off of her, sitting back down in the passenger seat.


Evie followed her silently into the darkened house and down the hallway. She turned on the bedside lamp low, Evie closing the door behind her. She looked even darker in the gently lit room. Her Polynesian heritage making her look slightly mysterious and very very sexy.

Alyssa reached out, pulling Evie closer by the waistband of her jeans. "Give me what I want," she whispered, her hands still against her stomach. "You can have anything," Evie said softly. Alyssa felt her breath leave, her heart clenching lightly. "You. Just you."

She tugged Evie's shirt up and off of her revealing her smooth dark skin, her ample breasts appearing. She went for the buttons on her jeans, Evie taking her face in her hands. Their mouths met as she tugged lightly on the fabric, pulling the jeans over her hips. Boy shorts, flat stomach, gorgeous hips and ass in her hands. A few moments later, both of them naked, they fell to the bed.

Alyssa straddled her and ran her body up hers, loving the way their bodies looked together, light and dark hair, skin, her taller and more lanky body on top of Evie's smaller more womanly body. She couldn't remember ever being this turned on. And then Evie whispered, "You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen."

She felt her eyes stinging at her words and she bent at the waist, kissing her slowly. Breathless, she finally pulled away, her hair over both of them. Evie tangled her hand in it, bringing her back and she lay on her, her leg sliding between Evie's, her breasts aching against hers. She kissed her neck and whispered softly in her ear the things she wanted to do to her. Evie laughed, her face getting red.

She made her way down her body, her eyes taking in her full breasts and the large areola surrounding the hard peaks and nearly groaned. She licked then sucked each one in turn causing Evie to move under her, her hands gentle on her body. Her mouth trailed lower to the shortly trimmed hair between her legs, darker than the hair on her head.

She pressed her face to her, smelling her arousal and then she spread her legs, holding them under the thigh as she got her first look at her. She swallowed. Delicate lips covered her opening, so soft, no hair anywhere, her hair shaved from above her clit which already looked a bit swollen under the hood.

She opened her mouth and ran her tongue slowly from the bottom to the top and Evie made a soft sound. They looked at one another, and Alyssa wanted nothing more than to make Evie feel good. Evie's one hand was grasping the sheets, the other was gentle on her head.

She nudged her lips apart, her mouth opening and she started the slow pleasurable task of taking Evie on the ride towards ecstacy. She was light and precise, staying with what Evie liked. Evie was moaning softly, her legs spread wide on the sheets and she kept her eyes open, wanting to watch her lose control.

She lapped her juices with her tongue, spreading them over her clit as she moved her tongue and lower lip over it, now making an appearance from under the hood, too big to stay hidden. "Alyssa," Evie whispered, her name sounding like a plea. No, she was going to take her time. She had been wanting her for too long to make this a short trip.

She ran her tongue over and over her folds, barely going inside of her, her nose pushing subtly on her clit. Evie's legs shook slightly as she took her with her mouth, both her hands on her head now, her back coming off the bed.

"I need you..." Evie managed, her cheeks turning red. She knew what Evie wanted. She wanted it even more than she did. She moved her mouth to her clit and slowly brought it into her mouth, just enough suction and tongue to make Evie jerk into her. She kept the motion up, her hand sliding from under her strong thighs to her opening. She teased it with two fingers, not going inside, just rubbing against her now dripping slit.

Evie groaned, her body moving with her hand and mouth, needy. "Please baby," Evie let out, her eyes begging and Alyssa knew she couldn't hold out any longer, needed to feel it too. She stabbed at her clit with the tip of her tongue and then slowly pushed inside of her. Evie cried out softly, her hips moving hard against her and she slid in the rest of the way.

She was so damn tight and so hot inside that Evie thought she had died and gone to heaven. She made love to her with her fingers and mouth, Evie clenching tightly around her, her hands flying to the head board.

She looked up to see Evie's head tilted back in pleasure, her mouth parted with her moans, her breasts moving with her movements as Evie bore down on her fingers which had started to move faster with her hips. She groaned into her, the vibration making Evie gasp and she started to eat her out in earnest, wanting to see her let go.

She licked and sucked her clit heavily, adding another finger and thrust in and out strongly, her scent and the sound of sex turning her on even more. Evie whimpered, her head starting to shake back and forth and her eyes opened, desire shooting from them as she started to climax. Evie blinked at her, her biting her lip between her teeth, the shocked expression on her face dissolving into bliss as she groaned harshly, her insides spasming around her fingers so deep.

She lapped at her clit soothingly, Evie's body finally relaxing and they lay for a long moment, Evie's chest heaving, her hands coming down to rest on her head. She withdrew, and came back up into her arms. Evie opened her eyes, the hazel a even brighter color, her face flushed and moisture gathering in the valley of her neck and chest.

"Was that..." she hesitated, suddenly feeling unsure. "Yes, most definitely," Evie responded, pulling her close. She felt a smile come to her face and Evie gave her a small grin, her eyebrow shooting up. The look in her eye made her heart beat quicker and she started to move away, but Evie rolled over, pinning her beneath her, her hands on either side of her head.

"God, you're so sexy," Alyssa murmured. Evie smiled at her, their lips meeting softly. She had her squirming under her moments later, her kisses readying her for more. "You've knocked me flat on my ass, yah?" Evie shook her head, amazement in her eyes. "Yeah?" she asked, touching her face. Evie nodded. "So what's it like?" Alyssa asked, studying her. "What?" Evie asked.

"Making love with a Haole." The side of Evie's mouth quirked up. " wasn't even something I noticed.'s being with you. And being with you is more than I could have ever imagined."

Alyssa closed her eyes briefly, pulling her into her embrace. "Love is the same color," Evie admitted, and Alyssa's eyes snapped open. The word wasn't lost on either of them. "Evie," she whispered. Evie nodded, "Yeah," she acknowledged.


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