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My Amazing Best Friend And Me

Tags: lesbian
Me and my best friend explore each other

It was my friends 18th birthday and me and some of the girls had gone out clubbing to celebrate. Afterwards she invited me round to sleep because I knew my parents would be pissed if I came home drunk, also her parents were at a party and wouldn't be back 'till the next day.

More about me and my best friend. I'm 5'8 blonde hair, blue eyes, slim and a perfect 32C and Kirsty has long brunette hair, brown eyes, 5'9 slim and gorgeous 34D's.

It was 2am when we finally stumbled into her huge house. We took off our heels and padded upstairs to her bedroom. "Want to watch a movie babe, there's no way I can sleep yet!"

"Yeah, which one?"

"Erm.. my parents have some in their bedroom I'll just go fetch them" and she left the room.

I looked around her room, it was twice the size of mine! I was just looking in her draw to find a tissue when I cam across a massive pink dildo. I stared at it for a moment, gawping at the size.

"What are you doing?" I heard I voice say. She had walked in and saw me basically giving her dildo a hand job, how embarrassing!

"Oh um nothing, sorry I was just looking for a tissue."

"Ok... anyway here are the movies." She didn't seem that bothered.

I looked at all the movies and all of them had naked men and women on them. "Erm Kirsty, are these your parents porn movies?" I have to say I got a little bit excited at this idea.

"Well obviously, do you want to watch one or not?"

"Yeah ok, lets watch that one" I pointed to the one with 2 women on the front. I wasn't a lesbian I guess I was just turned on by the fact it was 2 women. We couldn't be bothered to get changed into our pyjamas so we just took off our dresses and lay on the bed in our bra and panties. She put the movie on and it started playing.

A women who seemed to be the boss seduced her secretary to come into her office and they started making out. I was quite shocked at this at first but then it started turning me on, the way they were rubbing each other and kissing, her soft lips caressing her neck.

 When the secretary slowly took off her shirt and bra I just couldn't control myself, my nipples were rock hard and pushing through the silk on my bra dying to get free, and my pussy was getting wet. I glanced over to Kirsty and saw that she was obviously turned on too because her nipples were hard and she was rubbing her thigh. All of a sudden I realised how hot my best friend was and felt a sudden lust for her, I wanted her.

I told her I was just going to get a drink from downstairs and asked if she wanted one, she said she would come with me. We got our drinks and came back upstairs and pressed play.

We had been watching it for another 10 minutes or so when Kirsty came closer to me and said "You know Annabel, your so beautiful, I love you"

"How drunk are you Kirsty?"

"I'm not drunk, I have always thought you were sexy."

"To tell you the truth Kirsty, I find you really sexy too." And with that she leaned over slowly grabbing my chin and pulled my lips to hers. We started to make out, it was amazing.

She started rubbing my legs and up my arm sending tingles down my spine. She pulled me up and staring into my eyes, undid my bra and let it drop onto the bed exposing my erect nipples. She stared for a moment and slowly took my left nipple into her mouth, I can't describe how good it was having my nipple suck and nibbled by her while my other one was being pressed and pulled.

She repeated with my right nipple. I pulled her face up to mine and we started making out again, she took her hand and started rubbing my pussy over my panties, my clit was getting so hard and my panties were dripping.

She was about to take my panties off when I said, "Wait, if my bra's off then yours has to come off too!"

She smiled and took hers off, her breasts were gorgeous.

I did the same to her nipples as she did to mine, her moaning just encouraging me more. I lay down more on my back as she slipped her hand into my panties rubbing my hot clit.

I moaned and moaned, "UHH UH YEA RUB MY CLIT YOU WHORE..." this pleased her as her rubbing became more vigorous, "OH FUCK I'M GONNA CCUU CU CUMM!"

And with that I came. She pulled my panties down with her teeth and brought them up to her nose to smell.

"Suck them!" I demanded, she seductively licked the crotch area and put them into her mouth while rubbing her tits.




To be continued....

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