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My Babysitter's Daughter

A quiet holiday becomes a lesbian love fest
This story is from Christmas 2011 when I went to stay with friends in the country. Marion was my baby sitter when I was a little girl and I have remained friends with her throughout my adulthood, even though she moved down to Somerset when I was in my teens. Marion has one daughter called Ruth who I met a couple of times when I was a lot younger but our paths never really crossed. That all changed last December when I came to stay.

I should state, that although I am involved with another girl it’s a sort of open relationship and we both see other girls and guys from time to time. Laura and I are like soul mates and while we might get the shit fucked out of us here and there, we always come back to each other for cuddles and some good old pussy licking.

I arrived at Marion’s in the late afternoon. Ruth came down just after I arrived and she gave me a little hug. I was a bit taken aback by how much she’s filled out and those big brown eyes - I had forgotten about them! Marion asked us through to the kitchen and Ruth told me about her college stuff and asked me what music I was into. As she spoke I couldn’t help notice how her eyes kept lowering to my boobs. I’m used to it from guys obviously but she was having a proper gander. I got the impression that Ruth was a bit innocent if you know what I mean. She’s only 17 and she could have been a virgin for all I knew. I didn’t mind her looking at my tits, in fact it quite turned me on. I couldn’t wait to get her alone to be honest and get to know her a bit better.

I got my wish later on after tea and I was just unpacking my stuff in my room when Ruth knocked on my door.

“Hi come in,” I said.

“You settling in OK Danielle? It’s nice to see you. We can listen to some music in a bit or something.”

“Yeah that would be good!” I said.

“You’re very pretty,” said Ruth, rather quietly.

“Thank you Ruth. You are too!”

“Aah not like you though! You could be a model.”

“Well actually I am!”

“I’m not surprised!” Said Ruth, with a little sparkle to her voice

“You should be more confident Ruth, you’re gorgeous.”

Ruth had long brown hair and a really fit body. As she spoke to me her hair was running down her front following the contours of her boobs. I’m a double D, so I guess she’s about the same and being taller than me they were even more obvious. Unlike me though, she wore baggy tops so her breasts left more to the imagination. If you’ve got it flaunt it, I say. She looked at me with this shy expression and looked at her toes when I told her she was hot.

“You think I’m hot? Aren’t guys meant to say that,” she said.

“Maybe I’m looking at you like a guy,” I said.

Ruth blushed a little and then her eyes focused on my legs and I realised I was sitting facing her with my already short skirt most of the way up my legs. Her eyes were flashing between mine and the hem of my skirt and I realised she could probably see right up to the top. It might sound wrong, I don’t know, but I was suddenly turned on by the idea of a younger girl looking there.

“Anyway, have you got a boyfriend?” I asked.

“No…I haven’t. Ummm Danielle, can I ask you something?”

“Yes sure - fire away!”

“Well, with you being that bit older. I thought you…”

“Come on Ruth, what’s on your mind?”

She was standing awkwardly with the ends of her sleeves in her hands and was clearly struggling to put into words whatever she wanted to say.

“Why don’t you come and sit next to me?” I said. “Relax, it’s your house!”

“I know…OK.”

Ruth sat on the end of the bed and looked into my eyes and then her eyes seemed to wander around my face as if she was going to paint me later. After a few seconds she edged towards me and she drew herself closer until her face was only an inch away from mine. I was sure she was about to kiss me and then Marion shouted up stairs to see if we wanted a coffee.

“No it’s OK! Thank you!” Shouted Ruth.

Ruth looked at me again. Then she just came out with it.

“Danielle, I think I might be into girls, but I still like guys and I don’t know if that’s normal. I feel all mixed up.”

“Awww there’s no need to feel mixed up. You don’t have to be straight or gay. You can like both. I do.”

“You do?”

“Sure. I’m seeing a girl now, but I’m still into guys a little bit.”

“Oh… so I’m not odd then?”

“No, of course not baby. Ruth, I thought you were going to kiss me then.”

She looked at me nervously and suddenly found it hard to look at me directly.

“I wanted to,” she said.

“Why don’t you then?”

Ruth leant towards me; I could feel her breath on my face and our lips touched. Just as I thought she we were going to properly kiss, she stopped and jumped up.

“I’m sorry…I can‘t!”

“It’s OK Ruth… don’t go!”

“I’m sorry Danielle, I’m going to get a coffee… sorry.”

I could tell Ruth was really muddled with her sexuality just now. Deep down, I still thought she wanted to kiss me and I think in different circumstances she would have.

I put my undies away and hung up my tops and went back down, admiring the water colours on the staircase wall on the way. Marion was in the kitchen baking and Ruth was in their little conservatory watering some plants that had candy pink flowers.

“They’re nice, I said,” trying to act as normally as possible.

“Oh yeah, they’re Christmas Cacti. My Mum has always grown them.”

“They’re lovely.”

“Danielle… about before.”

“It’s fine Ruth. Just forget it ever happened if you like.”

Ruth smiled sweetly and I looked down at her boobs pushing through her pullover and thought how I would have liked them squashed against mine. I might have been a bit more pushy with someone else but Marion was a special friend so I wasn’t about to mess things up for her daughter. Ruth was still 17 and I think I was probably a bit like her then. Four years is quite a long time at that age and I wasn’t so confident then either.

I had a coffee and a cookie and we all sat in the conservatory talking about the weather and holidays and the usual stuff. Ruth seemed to have got over everything and we had a good old girly chin wag over several cookies.

A bit later I was snuggled on the sofa with a cushion, but I had had a long day travelling so I had an early night leaving Marion and Ruth to watch something on catchup TV. I was glad the experience in my bedroom hadn’t soured what I hoped was going to be a nice little break. I just wanted to forget about work and modelling and enjoy some time on the coast with my friends.

The next day the first of two incidents occurred that meant things were not destined to go quite to plan. The idea was that we were going to drive to the seaside and have a look at the shops in Minehead. However Marion got a call in the morning, saying she had to go in for a couple of hours. That wasn’t too serious, so just rearranged everything for the afternoon.

The second thing happened after breakfast. I went up for my shower and I could hear music coming from Ruth’s room on the next floor. I went into my own room and slipped out of my pyjamas. Just as I was choosing a clean pair of knickers, I heard a noise behind me. I turned round and Ruth was in the doorway. She looked at me, her eyes wandering all over my naked body. She didn’t say a word but just pulled on one end of the belt on her dressing gown. There was a brief wriggle of her shoulders and then she just kind of walked out of her robe and stood a few feet in front of me. I walked towards her and took her hand and guided her towards my bed,

We sat down together just like the previous day, except that we were now both naked. I ran my hand up her belly and then traced a finger around the outline of her boobs. They were fantastic, if anything a bit bigger than mine. I put both hands under her tits and cupped them. As my hands caressed her boobs, Ruth put one hand in between and began to touch me. As soon as the back of her hand brushed my nipple it went stiff. We both sat there for a while just gently touching; stroking each other’s arms and our breasts. I put my right hand down and stroked the smooth flesh inside her thigh. Ruth took a breath as my hand made its way up and I dabbled my finger nails against her pubes.

“You don’t mind me touching your pussy do you?” I said.

“No. It’s OK,” she said, nervously.

“Shall we try that kiss again?” I asked.

“I’d like that,” said Ruth.

“You won’t run away?”

“Not this time, no.”

Ruth moved closer to me and put her own hand between my legs and we began to kiss. Our lips parted as they touched and we explored each other’s mouths gently as our fingers were parting the pink flesh between our legs. I was getting wet down there and I soon found so was she. Our first tentative kiss grew in hunger and passion as our fingers pushed deeper into our moist pussys. Before long our kisses were breathless, pausing only to look into each other’s eyes, expressing the desire we had for one another.

At last we broke off and I stood up and told Ruth to lean back on the bed. I knelt between her legs and brushed my finger tips backwards and forwards inside her legs. Every stroke was a little bit further towards her little pot of gold. Her legs were spread and the hairs around her pussy were damp from the fingering I had given her just before. Even before my tongue went in, I knew she was just going to have the sweetest, tastiest pussy I had ever licked.

Ruth’s moans were instantaneous. My tongue parted her labia and then rolled upwards until I found her juicy little clit. It was already swollen and had left the little hood where it lived. That cute, pink little button was just begging to be licked and tickled and sucked. I got her so wet. I just loved how her juices flowed as my tongue went into her cunt. She tasted so good too. As I licked her out my right hand found my own soaking wet pussy and I fingered myself as I gave this girl, who I barely knew, her first lesbian experience. We were both so turned on. Ruth played with my hair as I gave her oral and her moans got louder and louder. I rested my hand on her belly so I could feel the vibrations as she came. Then it was if the pleasure in her pussy just spread out in waves and I could feel the vibrations go through her legs as they rubbed against me.

“Danielle….Uggggghhh Danielle…it’s soooo…oh shit I’m coming!!!”

Her moans grew louder and louder until she was a quivering, shuddering mess on the bed. Her fingers were digging into my shoulders but I didn’t mind one bit because I was so thrilled with the pleasure I was giving her.

I was also getting close but I hadn’t got myself off - not quite. Ruth looked at me and remained in the same position but pulled me by the arm and smiled. Then she licked her lips slowly and I knew what she meant. I stood up and shuffled towards her until my pussy was directly over her mouth. She put her hands behind my bum and squeezed the cheeks as I allowed her to study me close up. There was that visual thing with her, a 17 year old girl about to lick her first pussy - why shouldn’t she have a good look!

I closed my eyes and lowered myself a little and then felt her tongue brush my pussy lips. I was already so wet and it was an amazing turn on to know how my juices were now flowing into her mouth. I had been so close and the perfect pressure of Ruth’s oral sex just sent me over the edge. I wriggled on her face as my body began to judder and my pussy grew hot and the tingling spread through my entire body. There was something about the way she explored my wet cunt that made it even better, like she was discovering the new tastes and textures of a girl’s pink velvet. I finished with my pussy grinding on her lips and nose. It was one of those deliciously long orgasms that just spreads through your pores and I squealed from the intensity of it as Ruth’s tongue darted in and out. stroking my clitoris. I fell forward as Ruth squeezed my bum and gave my ass hole a naughty little tickle with her index finger. We lay together and snuggled on the bed, rubbing our breasts together, until our nipples were hard again. Then we kissed with the taste of our pusys still on our lips.

Marion came back from work an hour later after Ruth and I had shared a shower.

We had a lovely time at the seaside and actually found a place doing candy floss in December. We were like three big kids again with the pink sugary stuff all over our faces. Ruth looked at me and laughed and when her Mum wasn’t looking licked some off my nose. I was there for another two days and Ruth and I got together whenever we could. It’s nice to know I showed a girl how much pleasure she can have without a man and I hope to visit again soon to continue from where I left off.

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