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My best friend

Her hands slid into my panties, her fingers brushing my clit...
I wake up suddenly, sweat dripping down my face. My pussy wet and throbbing. Another dream about her...and how embarrassing, this time she's lying in my bed. My best friend of 13 years (have we really known each other that long? It's hard to believe we're both 18 already) is asleep next to me, with no idea that right now my head is full of images of her. I can't remember when I first noticed how beautiful she was, or when I first began dreaming about her. All I know is that she trusts me totally, and that I'm probably more of a sister to her than anything else.

I sit up, my heart pounding. I look down at her. She really is beautiful, her long eyelashes flickering as she sleeps. Her chest rising and falling. She's wearing panties and a vest top, which has rolled up to reveal her stomach. Her skin is smooth and pale, I bet it feels soft. How easy would it be to touch her right now? But I can't, because she trusts me. Because it would ruin everything. There's no harm in letting your imagination run wild though, is there?

I slide out of bed, my feet hitting the floor with a light thud. I swiftly rush into the bathroom, pushing the door slightly closed but open enough for a line of light to fall onto my bedroom carpet.
I look at myself in the mirror, my cheeks red and my hair ruffled. I can feel my pussy becoming wetter and wetter. I sit down on the floor and slide my panties down to my ankles and then kick them off across the bathroom tiles.

I bend my knees and tease my pussy with my hand, circling my clit over and over. I gasp softly and bite my lip, to muffle any sounds I make. I close my eyes and lean my head back against the wall as I slide one finger into my soaked pussy. Another finger goes in and I can't help but let out a gentle moan. I imagine that it's her fingers inside of me and the pleasure increases. I curl up my toes and arch my back as liquid drips out of my pussy and down onto my thighs. I sit there, panting slightly, for a few moments before opening my eyes.

She's there. Clinging onto the bathroom door, a look on her face that I can't quite figure out.
I close my legs and begin to stutter out an excuse, not that I even have one.
"Shh" she whispers softly.
Her lips are wet and I realise that her panties are too as she walks towards me. She bends down onto her knees and takes my hand in hers. I shudder as she lifts my fingers to her lips and her pink tongue hesitantly licks them.

She drops my hand and looks into my eyes before kissing me gently. She pushes me against the wall and then climbs up onto my lap, pressing her wet pussy against my knee. I can feel the soaked fabric against my skin. She licks my lips as though asking for entry into my mouth. I oblige and feel her tongue against mine. She gently grinds her pussy onto my knee and moans into my mouth. I begin moving my knee in time to her movements, eager to please.

She pulls away and rests her head on my shoulder, panting and moaning. I can feel her cum dripping down my leg. With a shiver and a loud moan, she collapses on top of me. She soon recovers, though, and grabs my hand to pull me up. This time the kisses are fast, hard and hot as we stumble back into the bedroom and we fall onto the bed. We're both breathing heavily and kissing in between taking each other's clothes off. I can't help but be mesmerized by her body. Her breasts are large and perky, her nipples erect.

She pushes me onto my back and slides down to my legs. I spread them apart and bend my knees to help her. I close my eyes as I feel her hot breath on my pussy. I gasp loudly as she flicks my clit with her tongue. She pushes a finger inside of me, and then another one.
I whimper as she thrusts her fingers inside me fast, her tongue still teasing my clit. I moan as she laps up the cum dripping from my pussy.

I lay there panting as she crawls back up to curl into my side. I turn to hug her, our breasts touching. Our legs entwined. We fall asleep with the first of many memories running through our minds.
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