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My Best Friend

My Best Friend

When we first met I had no idea this would happen
It was Thanksgiving 2011, and I was coming home from the store after picking up some last minute things for dinner. In my rush to get things done I didn't notice the steps were covered in ice and slipped, falling and hitting my head against a post. I don't know how long I laid there. I just know that if the motion sensors hadn't tripped no one may have found me for hours. As I was rushed into the hospital, while everyone was talking what seemed to be nonsense, I caught the first glimpse of the woman who would come to be the best friend I ever had.

During the days I was in the hospital, Sue would come check on me every day. Throughout the day and after her shift she took concern for me and kept me company while I underwent a series of tests. During that time we realized we had many common interests. We became fast friends, making my stay seem less scary than it was. As I got better her flirting became obvious to everyone, everyone but me that is. I just thought she was being kind. The day I was released she asked if we could get together sometime to which I happily agreed.

Two weeks later even though we had exchanged texts and calls everyday she finally asked me out. The second she did I'm told I had an ear to ear smile, yet as soon as I hung up I started to panic. Those of you who know me, know that I am a woman who tends to overreact to things and fear the worst. I turned to my daughter and fretted, what if she is just asking me out to see how I am? What if she doesn't want to be friends? What if it's a actual date? How do I dress? How do I not look desperate?

My daughter, bless her heart, being accustomed to her mothers worries just laughed and said, "I'll help you get ready." We went upstairs, and I tried on every dress, pants suit, jeans and blouse combo I had, trying to guess the tone of the evening. After about an hour of this my daughter came in and said, "Here put this on".

She handed me one of her dresses, which was about to her knees. My daughter was all of five foot tall and weighed maybe one hundred and five pounds soaking wet. So, as you might imagine, this dress was so tight there wasn't any room for underwear much less a bra. I wore black leggings and borrowed the boots she bought with her dress which were also a little on the snug side, but bearable. As I came out of the room and her response was, "Wow mom ,you look hot," which of course made me smile. After we did my hair and make-up I headed to the restaurant where we had agreed to meet.

I got there first and was soon seated. Nervous as hell, all I wanted was a drink, but still being on medication I couldn't even have a glass of wine. So I waited with a lump in my throat and butterflies in my stomach, and then she walked in...She was stunning, wearing a tan skirt and pink blouse, her lovely red hair flowing down over her shoulders. She sat down and asked me how I was, we did the chit chat thing and ate. After dinner she said, "I need to tell you something". At those words, my heart raced, and every scenario I feared ran through my head. She said, "I really like you, but I have to tell you I'm engaged to another woman, we've been friend for years and we are going to be married in the spring". Trying not to sound disappointed I told her I was happy for her, but what happened next shocked the hell out of me.

All of the sudden I felt her foot slowly moving up my leg as she stared into my eyes. "What are you doing"? I asked.

Her response was, "I don't know but I don't want to stop."

Looking her in the eyes I parted my legs and said, "then don't." As her foot caressed its way up thigh she noticed I wasn't wearing panties.

"Do you want to get out of here"? she asked.

"Yes but where to? My daughter is at home, as is your fiancee." Still not clear as to where we were going we headed outside and made it as far as the parking lot before she pushed me against someones car and kissed me. It was the single most erotic kiss I've ever had, her tongue pushing into my mouth and dancing with mine as my hand reached behind her and grabbed her soft sexy ass. After about ten minutes of this we didn't even know or care where we were. My hand lifted her skirt up around her waist, my fingers finding their way to her already soaking pussy. As I pushed a finger into her she started to moan, unzipping Nikki's dress and pulling it down exposing my breasts. Instantly, my nipples were erect as her mouth moved to taste them.

As she sucked, my eyes were closed but I could hear people walking past ,their footsteps crunching in the snow, hearing their surprised murmurs as Sue suckled my breasts and my fingers pushed inside her. She pushed me on the hood of the car, lifting my dress and I let out a moan, expecting her to finger me, but instead she bent down and started kissing my thigh until she got right where she wanted. I could hear her giggle before she sucked my swollen clit, but I didn't care, hell at that point I didn't care about anything but what was going to happen next.

She wrapped her mouth around my clit and sucked like she was attacking a thick milkshake through a straw which only made me that much wetter. Her fingers slid into me and spread, so I could feel her gliding against my walls hunting for my G-spot. Once she found it I almost screamed, laying back on the hood of the car, grabbing my tits and pulling my nipples, as she devoured my clit .

She rammed two fingers into me and as wet as I was, she could have fisted me with the same ease as her fingers. I pulled my nipples moaning, "oh yes, fuck me harder" as she sucked and flicked my clit , feeling the cool metal of her tongue ring grinding against me, as she used my wet pussy for her own personal amusement park. Sensing my climax growing closer she started rubbing her hand on my stomach above her hand inside me like my G-spot rubbing in unison until I couldn't hold back any longer. "I'm going to cum," I screamed, which only made her go faster until I couldn't hold back any longer, exploding all over her face. Screaming her name as I came, she licked up my juices. She kept rubbing my stomach and G-spot, tonguing me through my orgasm, quickly bringing on a second one.

I lay there for about thirty seconds before I heard the voice of a man saying, "Can I have my car back now?" Embarrassed and damn near mortified my head cleared and I realized where we were, I apologized to him as I tried to compose myself, "I'm so sorry," I said.

He laughed and replied, "don't be, best night out I've ever had," and got in his car and left.

I looked at Sue who was trying to adjust her skirt and find where I tossed her panties, and we just stood there laughing at one another, more then half naked and covered in cum. I walked her to her car and we kissed again which quickly turned to passion again and I dragged her to my SUV and laid her in the back, happy she couldn't find her panties and pulled off her skirt. She had just waxed and had the loveliest pussy I had ever seen. A little landing strip of ginger and the rest smooth and dripping.

At this point as I took her lips into my mouth and started sucking her wetness off them, ripping open her blouse and exposing her cute little see through bra. Before I could get to it she reached behind her and unhooked her bra giggling, "I have to have something to wear home." I laughed and reached up and massaged her lovely B cups as I ate her pussy. She ran her fingers through my hair and it wasn't long before she got a hand full and pulled me up telling me to kiss her. Anyone who has ever gone down on a redhead knows how luscious and juicy they are, so when I got to her lips my face was covered in her honey. As we kissed passionately again, my knee quickly moving up between her legs and grinding her wet pussy. I straddled her leg as we kissed, both rubbing our pussies on the others leg. This quickly turned into us scissoring in the back of my truck, which now smelled like sex. The windows were covered in condensation from the heavy breathing.

We braced ourselves the best we could against the bedding of the truck while we hovered and ground against each other, our clits entwined, as the moans grew louder. The sweat beading down our bodies, mixing with our cum and juices. Still trying to kiss as often as possible, we would lose our grip and almost have to start over with our positioning. In our frenzy we used everything from the hair brushes in our purses to the emergency flashlight in the truck, even covering the handle of little plastic broom I keep in the car with lube, putting an end in each of us, all be it carefully. All we wanted was the sex to go on until we couldn't stand it any longer and collapsed and held each others naked bodies in the back of the truck and feel asleep. We woke to the sun peeking through the windows and started to panic, we were both out all night, she had to work, I was just out of the hospital, we had contacted no one all night, but neither of us wanted to go. We got out of the truck... (both naked as the day we were born) kissed and held each other as we watched the sun rise over the mountain. We gathered up our stuff and agreed to it being a one time thing because we both wanted to maintain the friendship we started.

As the years went on and her marriage came and went we have stayed best of friends and now even roommates and even though I hate myself for being apart of her cheating on her partner, It was still one of the most erotic and passionate nights of my life.

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