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My best friend Jenna

A day with Jenna, what could go wrong?

"Mmm, yeah baby, fuck me!" I moaned into my pillow as I slid my dildo in and out of my tight little pussy.

Suddenly I hear a knock at my door, which is closed thank god, that scares the crap out of me. "Sweety, dinner's ready."

"Alright, thanks, mom," I reply.

I get up from my bed and walk over to dresser to put some clothes back on and hide my dildo. I see my reflexion in my full size mirror.

I stand there and examine my tight 17 year old body. To me I'm perfect. My long dark brown hair reaching a few inches below my shoulders, my face, the source of many comments, my gaze drifts down onto my breasts, they're a nice 34D and on my 5'3" slim little body they look absolutely huge and on the plus side they don't have any sag in them at all. And my pussy is pretty nice too, very shapely. I spin around to get a look at my ass. Oh my ass, a couple of my ex boyfriends have told me it's amazing. So I guess you could say that I have the body of a goddess. I think that would be going a bit too far because who's to say what goddesses look like?

"Hey dummy! If you don't get your ass down here soon I'm gonna eat your food!" My brothers yells from the diner table downstairs.

"I'm coming! You don't have to be such an asshole!" I say as I quickly put on some clothes, pajamas will do.

"Smells good, mom." I say when I walk down the stairs and into the kitchen taking a big whiff of the awesome smelling meal.

Pulling out a chair and sitting down I eyeball the food. Meatballs, carrots and potatoes. Pretty sweet.

Dinner goes by uneventfully then the four of us go our separate ways for the rest of the night. My parents decide they want to watch one of their lame movies, my brother goes to play video games like always and I go back to my room to watch a movie that isn't lame.

"Hey fuckface, wake the fuck up," Jason says. "Mom and dad are gone out for the day and since it's Saturday I'm having friends over so you should get the fuck out."

Jesus. Jason can be a dick. I look over at my clock and see that it's 9:30am. I guess I slept in, a little. I call my friend Jenna and ask her if she wants to hang out and she agrees.

We live in a small town and there's not really a lot to do so we usually just hang out in the forest by a nice little waterfall. It's a nice day out today so we're going to take a little dip in the water, should be fun.

10:30 comes and she Jenna shows up at my house in her new car and we drive out to the waterfall. Well as close as we can get anyway. It's just a short little hike through some bush to get there from where we have to park the car so it's not a big deal.

When we get to the falls we see there's other people there. A decent sized group of boys who're tossing a ball back and forth. I haven't seen them before so they must be from a different town.

Thy see us before we get to a corner of the pool of water. "Hey girls, why don't you come on over and play?" One of the guys ask. He's pretty tall, 6'2" I think, blonde and he's got some nice muscles.

"No thanks, we just wanted to relax and talk." Jenna replies back.

We walk around to the other side of the pool and strip down into our bikinis. Jenna must have gotten a new one because I haven't seen it and I must say, she looks hot in it. I can't eke but stare at her while she puts it on. It's little a white, the bottoms are a little T-back piece and the front leaves nothing to the imagination and you can tell she shaves her pussy bald. The top piece to this bikini is just as revealing as the bottom, just two little triangles as coverage and even then you can almost see her areolas.

Let me tell you a bit more about Jenna, she's kind of a slut. She won't sleep with just anybody but she will if she thinks you're hot. She's very athletic, she plays a lot of soccer and volleyball, she has long blonde hair that goes just past her shoulders, she has small boobs, they're only 32B but she does have a nice ass because she's so athletic.

"Ok, you can stop checking me out now, Jasmine. Unless I turn you on that is..." Jenna says with a smirk on her face.

"Sorry, I'm just admiring your courage. Not everybody is willing to be seen in such a slutty bikini!" I retort elbowing her in the side.

"It's all good. It takes a big girl to step out of the bounds of comfort. Plus, knowing people can see me like this is such a turn on. I think it's fine when girls still wear your regular run of the mill bikinis though."

My bikini is just one of the normal styles with the color black. Nothing too revealing.

We sat there talking for an hour or so with taking an occasional dip into the pool of cool water. The boys still playing and tossing their ball a little farther in.

One of the boys, the one with the blonde hair started to wade towards us. "So, have you changed your minds yet? Want to toss the ball around?"

"I'm up for it if Jasmine is." Jenna says looking at me. I nod and the three of us start to walk towards the ret of the group. There's 8 of them standing in a rough circle, and they're all fairly well built.

After introductions, Timothy, who has dark brown hair asks us if we want a drink. Beer or Captain Morgan and Coke. Jenna and I both ask for the latter and he swims over the edge of the pool, grabs us a couple bottles and mixes the drink while we make light conversation with the rest of the guys.

"So how often do you guys come our here?" Jenna asks.

"As often as we can, so about once a week." Replies Brett. The one with blonde hair.

After idle chatter like this for a little while the ten of us decide it would be a good idea to fire up a little game of keep away. Except the two of us girls are the only ones who can hold the ball and guys have to guard us.

After picking teams the game begins and it's a pretty intense game, the guys weren't holding back even a little bit. Jenna's team started off with the ball and eventually my team started to overpower them. Suddenly Jenna was within my reach an I lunged. Surprising her, she couldn't pull back fast enough and the ball was in my grasp. We were going to win now, I was sure of it.

"Wait, stop everybody, Jenna's top came off!" Timothy says in a hurry and the rest of us turn to look and sure enough there's a topless, grinning Jenna, nipple poking out like little bullets.

"Fuck the top, not like it did much anyway." She said. That wasn't far from the truth at all.

"On that note. Let's take a quick break, I'm thirsty." Brett pipes up. We all agree and make our way over to edge where our bottles are.

"Ok, Jenna, I gotta say. You have some nice titties, not to mention your nipples are fuckin' great!" Exclaimed Jake, another one of the boys. Then a murmur of approval went up among the rest of them.

"Well thanks guys. You know, it's not the cold water making them hard. It's being surrounded by a bunch of hot guys, and if you want to see the rest all you have to do is ask..." Jenna said as she started to slide her thumbs into the waistband of her bikini bottoms.

"Oh my god, she's going to fuck one of them!" Was all I could think and the. I suddenly felt my pussy getting hot and my nipples getting hard.

"Fuck yeah we want to see the rest!" Said Jake. All the boys looked like little kids on Christmas morning.

And with that, Jenna spins around, bends over as much as she can and slowly slides her tiny little bikini bottoms off revealing her hot little ass to us all.

Pulled Jenna closer and whispered in her ear. "What are you doing?"

To which she replied also in a whisper. "I'm getting us laid!"

"What?! You know I'm still a virgin!" I snapped back under my breath.

"Not for long Jazz!" she said aloud as she put a hand on either side of my face and kissed me.

It was electrifying being kissed by her, my pussy fluttered, my nipples longed to be touched, and my body vibrated with excitement. Ready to be fucked and have a good time!

A loud cheer went up among the men at the sight of us kissing, I could see out of the corner of my eye that most were sporting erections. Pulled back from the hot make out session Jenna and I were having, reached behind my head and undid my top and removed it.

"Holy fuck! Now THOSE are nice fuckin' tits! Barely any sag!" Jake exclaimed.

I turned around and removed my bikini bottoms in the same fashion as Jenna did. When I turned back around the guys all looked pretty pleased. Two girls, naked and standing in front of them ready to get fucked. Who wouldn't be pleased?

"Nice, both of you have shaved pussies." Brett observed.

"Yeah. Shaved bald and silky smooth!" Jenna replied while reaching over and rubbing my pussy. "I taught our little Jasmine here how to shave and get it feeling perfect!"

"Fuck, this is so hot." Daniel said.

"So, boys, how are we going to do this?" Asked Jenna.

"Well, I've got some blankets back up in my truck. I could go get them." Brett commented.

"Sounds good to me, I'd rather not get covered the crap on the forest floor." Jenna said. "Ok so you run and get them and the rest of us will get ready!"

With that Brett took off sprinting, he didn't want to miss anything fun. In turn, Jenna ordered the remaining 7 guys to strip down and stand in a line. None of them had any issues with that order. Then she told them to take off their swim trunks and wait for Brett, again, no objections.

We waited for around five minutes for Brett before he got back to us, the two blankets he had were pretty large, probably fit for a queen sized bed. After he handed them to Jenna and I he stood over beside the others and took his shorts off too. Seeing all those hard, throbbing cocks was really starting to make me even more horny. None of them had really big cocks though which was a relief for me since I haven't had sex yet. Their cocks were all a pretty good size though, nothing to be ashamed of. Daniel's cock was the smallest at what looked to be about 6" and Brett had the largest at about 9".

"Pretty nice, guys. But before we start, Jasmine and I are going to put on a little show for you." Jenna grabbed me by the waist then lowered me to the ground onto one of the blankets she had laid out.

As I laid there on my back looking up at Jenna I realized just how beautiful she really was. She knelt down and moved her body over mine, lowered her lips onto mine and kissed me. It wasn't just some regular kiss either, there was passion, there was feeling packed into that kiss. As our mouths mingled and fought she slid her left hand down my body until it rested over my pussy. Then she slid her finger into me then she pushed another finger in.

She pulled her mouth off of mine and we were both breathing heavily. "Wow." I said. "That was amazing!"

"You're a damned good kisser." She replied.

After a couple more smooches she kissed a trail down to my breasts, kissing each nipple then continuing down to my pussy. Then she licked the fingers she had in my pussy and tells me how sweet I taste. Then I grabbed both my nipples and started to pinch and twist them at the same time, she stuck her two fingers back into my pussy and licked my clit. Then she did the totally unexpected and rubbed my g-spot. She found it so fast it like she knew where it was the whole time.

"Whoa! Holy crap!" I yelled in astonishment. "That was a very new and amazing feeling!"

She just giggled into my pussy not wanting to stop. She pulled her fingers out then offered them up to me and I greedily sucked them into my mouth. She was right. I do taste pretty sweet.

After a couple more minutes of her eating me out and trying different techniques I felt my pussy start to tingle even more and build up pressure, almost like I had to pee. My breathing got really short and fast, my arms started to tense up. I was about to cum and I knew it would be a huge orgasm. I moaned Jenna's name and grabbed her head with my hands and just held her there while she went to town on me.

Then suddenly a huge explosion of pleasure,my whole body started shaking and stiffened up,my pussy just started gushing and gushing pussy juice all over Jenna's face as she tried to drink it all up, but she couldn't, there was just so much.

After I came down from my high I looked over at Jenna who was just sitting there smiling, obviously pleased with her handy work. "So, did you like it?" She asked.

"Hell yes I liked it! I've had orgasms before but nothing near that!"

"Well you know, we still have something to take care of." She said as she pointed over to the guys who were all standing there grinning like idiots. "It looks like they liked what they just saw."

Part 2 coming soon. Please leave comments below.
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