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My Best Friend Kim

I woke with the sun coming through the curtains, it warmed my face as I opened my eyes realizing I was still naked from playing last night. I got up and picked up my strapless dress from the ground walking into my bathroom, I needed to clean up before my friend Kim came over. I stepped into the steamy shower and letting the water flow over my breasts and my ass. I stood there in the water as it splashed onto my face.

I opened the door to my bedroom and walked out with the steam of the shower following me, I knew my friend would be here soon. I turned on the hairdryer and let the warm air blow through my hair as it started going frizzy. I heard my mum call my name

"Jamie! Kim's here, I'm leaving now," she yelled from downstairs.

I quickly brushed my hair and ran down to the kitchen where the sum beamed through the curtains. There stood Kim, her long blond hair fell to her waist, her perfect tanned body and her large breasts. She ran over and hugged me

"Jamie! Girl I have the perfect selection of movies for us tonight" She said as my mother picked up her keys and her case. She was leaving for the weekend, so me and Kim had the house to ourselves. I walked to the door with my mom and kissed her on the cheek before she left.

"Remember if you need anything the people next door will help you," she said as she gave me a hug.

"OK mom I love you."

"Love you to sweetie."

As I heard the car start Kim came and dragged me into the lounge I saw she had closed the curtains and had a DVD in the player ready to go.

"I'll go get the popcorn ready," I said as I rushed to the kitchen.

I found the bag of popcorn and ripped the wrapping open and placed it into the microwave. I watched it go around and around until it stopped. I gave it a shake and popped it back in.
The smell of butter started to fill the kitchen as the popcorn jumped and popped in the bag, I heard the movie start up just as the popcorn had finished. I grabbed a bowl from the cupboard. I filled it to the brim and walked out into the now dark lounge.

I sat the bowl on the table and sat down close to Kim. She grabbed the bowl and started eating handfuls of the popcorn as the movie started I noticed something different about this. I gasped this wasn't a movie it was a porno, but I hadn't seen one before so I sat there with Kim eyes fixed on the t.v as a male and female were having rough sex.

I looked over to Kim because I saw her hand moving near her crotch. She was masturbating to the moans of the couple. I started getting really horny and I watched her as she started squirming she let out small moans as she rubbed her pussy. She finally gave in and moaned loud as she came in her panties. I felt myself cum, she looked at me and sucked her fingers dry of her juices. I fixed my gaze onto the t.v as a lesbian scene came on. The two girls french kissing on a couch, moaning as the played with each others tongue.

I felt Kim move and looked at her, she moved close to me and planted a kiss on my tender lips. I pushed her away.

"Kim what are you doing?" I asked her as she gave me a confused look.
"You watched me before and I heard you let out a small moan," she said.

She sliped herself onto me again and kissed me again. This time I didn't push her away. I gave in and opened my mouth letting her warm tongue slide into my mouth. We laid there playing with each others tongue. As her hand reached down my waist I let go of the popcorn bowl, the popcorn spilling all over the floor.

She reached for my wet panties and started rubbing my pussy. Her blond hair falling over her face as she kissed my lips. I started to moan as her fingers played with my panties, she pulled away from our kiss and slid down to my waist pushing my dress up to my belly. She removed her hand from my panties and pulled them down, I lifted up my hips helping her get them off.

I watched her head go into my crotch area and jumped a little as her tongue touched my wet pussy. I grabbed my breasts as the pleasure of her tongue swirled around my pussy. I pulled my nipples making them hard. I was beginning to breathe deeply as the climax approached I moaned

"Kim....OH..don't stop Kim I'm Cumming."

I jolted up and shaked violently hoping that Kim would stop licking me, but she didn't. I came right in her pretty little face.

I slowly recovered from the climax when Kim kissed me again, her warm cum drenched mouth met mine. I moved my hand down to her pussy as she let out a moan at my touch. She pulled away from our kiss and laid back on the couch. I pulled my dress off and laid on top of her perfect body. I kissed her neck making her moan again, sucking and licking her neck getting her wet ready for my tongue to slide into her pussy. We kissed as the sounds from the t.v were drowned out with moans from both of us.

I stopped kissing her and moved down her belly pulling off the skimpy skirt she arrived in, she had no panties on so I immediately started sucking her warm wet pussy. Kim let out a low moan as I flicked my tongue faster pushing my head all the way into her pussy. She started bucking wildly as her orgasm took over her body, I kept going licking her and sticking my tongue into her hole until she came in my mouth. Her juices tasted good she moaned again as the last of her orgasm ripped through her body, she grabbed my tits as she shook again.

'Wow, I must have really done well if shes still cumming' I thought

I lifted my head up and looked at her perfect face.

"I Love You, Kim," I said moving up her body to kiss her again.

"I love you too, Jamie," she replied parting her lips for my tongue.

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