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My best friend made me feel so good.

Let's just say I'd like to continue what we started

This was back in September and a bunch of us were going out for a friends birthday. Before we went to the club, my bff and a few other friends went out for appies and drinks. My bff had had a few drinks and was being very affectionate towards me, hugging me and kissing me but in a close, friendly manner. She was telling me how much she loved me and what a good friend I was. I should probably go back a bit further very briefly and say that we did kiss once before when we went on a skiing trip for her birthday. It was something I think we both always thought about. Anyways back to the main story. After we had our drinks and food, we headed over to the club across the street and met up with the rest of our party.

My friend and I were dancing on the floor when she decided to sit down on a leather chair right behind me. It wasn't very busy where we were, and most people were near the front dancing. I was dancing with my back facing her and was winding my hips slowly and sexy, kinda just joking around. I was wearing a short black dress that was flowy at the skirt part, so she got a perfect view of my ass and my thighs.

I then felt her hands on both of my thighs, starting to run them up and down while I still danced in front of her, her still sitting down. Then she started rubbing my ass and I could feel my pussy starting to throb. I wanted her to rub my pussy right there. I was delirious and wasn't even aware that there were other people in the club anymore. And then while she was still rubbing my ass cheek with one hand, she slowly ran her fingers between my legs and started to rub my clit on top of my thong. I bit my lip so hard and bent over a bit more for her to get a good look at my ass and pussy. I turned around to look at her, and she had this look on her face like she wanted to fuck me as bad as I wanted to fuck her right then.

After about another 10 minutes her rubbing and fondling my pussy and ass, I turned around, kneeled down, and whispered in her ear ' Let's go to the washroom, ok?'. She accepted and I grabbed her hand and we headed for the ladies room.

I pulled her into one of the stalls, she sat me down on the toilet and she started fingering me and rubbing my clit. She was standing infront of me, so I pulled down her pants, thong and started rubbing her pussy, which was nice and wet at this point. I then pulled her towards me and we started kissing, while still rubbing and fingering each other. She's got nice, big, juicy titties so I couldn't resist myself, I had to get a taste. I pulled down her already very low cut top and pulled out her titty and started sucking it. She tasted so fucking good. I flicked her nipple with my tongue and every time I did, she drove her finger deeper into my pussy. And then out of nowhere, someone started banging on the door. Sorry to say, we had to wrap things up and head out.

We've never mentioned it, but we both know it in the back of our minds. To be honest, I'd like to continue where we left off. I've thought about bringing it up to her because I'd really like to to eat my pussy out and I'd love to taste her nice juicy clit just as bad. Hope I can make a dream reality.

BTW, I consider myself very straight. My friend is such an amazing beautiful girl and she's the only girl I've ever wanted to mess around with.

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