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My Best Friend Wendy

This story is about my first time with a girl.
Growing up I had only a few close girls as friends. Even though I was a pretty girl I never bonded much with the other popular girls in high school. I was a cheerleader for a year in 9th grade and then over the next summer a new girl moved in down the block from me her name was Wendy and she was in the same grade as I was. She was a tall girl taller than most girls her age maybe 5'8" or 5'9" and was still growing. She was athletic whenever I would see her outside she was either dribbling a basketball or playing football with her brother. Wendy had long brown hair passed her shoulders and was already almost fully developed and even though she was a tom boy and into sports she was very pretty.

My mother told me to be nice and go down and say hi to her and introduce myself. I did, not thinking I would gain a close friend in the process. When I did go down to say hi to her she was kind of shy at first and kind of made fun of me because I was wearing my cheerleader shirt. She told me I should play basketball and was asking if the girls basketball team was any good. Over that summer we became friends and I became interested in basketball and became quite good with her help. And even though my parents spent money to send me off to cheer camp I quit and tried out for the basketball team along with Wendy we both made the JV team. And our friendship grew from there.

Over the next 2 years we did everything together we even tried to get into the same colleges and also took dates to the prom. We were best friends and still are to this day. I always thought of Wendy as a jock girl but she was still very pretty. I never thought of her as being gay or a lesbian. On the night of my graduation party something happened that changed the way I thought of Wendy.

It had been a long fun day partying with friends and family the last summer before starting college. Wendy was going to a smaller college where she had a partial athletic scholarship. I was blessed enough to be going off to a university a few hours from my home town. So for all intents and purposes this was our last chance to really spend time together. Later that night Wendy and I were in the basement as Wendy was going to spend the night and we were going to stay up and watch movies on the big screen TV. We put down two sleeping bags and spread them out and threw some blankets on the floor and a couple of pillows. During the day we had drank a few beers but were just a little buzzed and tired. We both laid down on our stomachs facing the TV. We talked back and forth about the day and our future.

Then Wendy said "there is something I wanted to tell you"

"What is it?" I asked not expecting what would follow

"I think I'm gay, and I think I love you" she answered

"what? how do you know?" I asked

She looked at me and said "Because I want to kiss you"

At that time I only heard about and seen gay people on TV and news and such. The whole being gay or bi thing wasn't really a popular thing to be, it still really isn't today but at that time it was much less accepted. And when she told me all of this I wasn't sure what to think. But I knew that she was my best friend, and it really didn't bother me that she was gay. Yet I wasn't sure what I was at the time. I never really had a serious boyfriend and only had sex once in a hurried drunken rush on prom night. So I was pretty much naive about sex and sexuality.

"why do you want to kiss me?" I asked her

"I am not sure I just do and I want to do it now" she replied

And without a hesitation she leaned in and our lips met for the first time. We paused and looked at each other following the kiss.

"That wasn't so bad was it?" she asked

"no, it was nice, but I don't think I'm gay" I replied

"You don't have to be" she said

As our lips met again and again. I had kissed a few boys and never did it feel the way it felt when I kissed Wendy. I could almost feel her love for me in her kisses. And when I kissed her back I tried to match the passion of her kisses as I became more horny. We flickered our tongues together as she put her arm around me, and she rolled on top of me. I spread my legs when she did this and we started to dry hump each other as we kissed. Which made both of us even hotter than we were before. We kissed and fondled each other for the longest time before she started kissing my neck and then helped me pull my t-shirt off she kissed on my chest unhooking my bra and exposing my C cup breasts. She licked all around my areola flickering her wet tongue back and forth over my erect nipples softly biting them every so often making me moan.

She then kissed her way down my tummy just before she got down to my wet horny vagina I asked her "Can I see your boobs?" she nodded her head as I sat up she knelt on the floor removing her shirt exposing her bra and her perfectly tanned and toned athletic body. I knelt in facing her and reached my hands out touching her chest while she unhooked her bra letting it fall to the floor. My hands slowly massaged her matching C cup breasts as she reached across massaging and caressing mine as we both moaned and kissed each other ever so softly on the lips. We were both wearing short shorts that night to bed so as we kissed she placed one of her hands on my thigh and slowly ran it up to my wet pussy. Just her touching it through my shorts set off another kind of sensation I had only felt while masturbating by myself. The soft touch was driving me crazy as I place one of my hands on her thigh and did the same thing.

Wendy then ran her hand back down my thigh and then under my shorts as I wasn't wearing any panties to bed her hand softly touched and rubbed my pussy as she kissed on my neck. Shortly after she did this I did the same to her as she too wasn't wearing panties to bed. We were soon laying on our sides kissing each other Wendy with her leg wrapped over my body as we dry humped each other until either of use could no longer take it. We both slide our shorts off and kicked them aside. We then were back in the same positron this time grinding our wet pussies together for the first time as we moaned in ecstasy or the closest thing to it. We continued kissing and hugging as we did this. We did this for quite some time until we began to 69 each other when Wendy said "I want to lick you" I just nodded my head and laid on my back.

I thought Wendy was going to go down on me from that point but she then positioned herself over my body with her pussy over my face and her mouth in perfect range of my pussy. She looked back at me and smiling and said "And I want you to lick me!" I just nodded as I was so horny and becoming ever more curious as to what pussy really tasted like and what it felt like to have mine licked by a girl no less. As in my only sexual experience with a boy there was no pussy licking just 10 minutes of awkward grabbing and feeling and then a short humping and that was the end. That night I was learning something that was going to prepare me for my life at a major university and at the time I had no clue. All I knew is I was horny and about to lick my best friend's pussy while my Mom and her boyfriend were fast asleep upstairs.

We ran our tongues up and down each others wet slits. Both of us moaning and groaning as our tongues licked each others wet mounds. Wendy started to use her fingers at one point sliding one finger in and out at the same time licking and then sucking on my swollen clit. I followed her and did the same thing using my fingers and warm mouth to make her feel good. Wendy was really working my pussy good running 3 of her fingers in and out of me first at a nice slow pace but as I moaned more frequently she began moving them in and out faster, and even faster.

"you're gonna make me cum" I said aloud

Which only made Wendy work harder to make this happen. At this time all I could do was move my tongue back and forth all around her wet pussy moving my feet back and forth across the blanket and sleeping bags we had laid out as I had a life changing orgasm given to me by my best friend who is a gay girl. I had stopped licking her at that point and was feeling really sleepy. Still naked we both slipped under the covers together facing each other we talked and kissed for a few minutes Wendy told me that she really did love me and I let her know that I loved her too I just wasn't too sure about being gay. In the next breathe I told her I wanted to please her and make her have an orgasm but I felt too tired and as we talked at some point the talking stopped and I dozed off.

That summer was one I will never forget as that wasn't the only time the two of us had sex. And yes I have more stories from this summer. The summer when I learned how to pleasure and woman. Which came in handy when I went off to college. It was also an important first step in my life to realize my sexual identity as a bi-sexual. At first I liked being with women so much I did think I was a lesbian but something always drew me back to guys and then back to girls!

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