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My Daughter's Teacher-Chapter 8


(told from Amy’s view)

The rest of the holiday went by with Sam and I only being able to see each other one more time. He told me that when Beth got home from her week with Sara and her family that it was tough to look at her without remembering the pictures that I had showed him. When we did see each other we looked at the pictures again, it turned me on and I could tell that he liked looking at Beth and Sara too.

The night before school was to start back up I called Sam and asked him if he still wanted me to talk to Beth about the pictures. He said ‘yes’ if I would not mind. I told him that I would be happy to and that I would try to make the situation as comfortable for her as possible. That night I looked at the pictures one more time, getting myself off to the images of the young teenage girls.

When I showed up at school the next day, everything was normal. I asked how everyone’s holiday was and taught my classes like it was any normal day. After my third period class, which Beth was in, I asked her if she would stop by my office after school. I told her that I had something to discuss with her. She either had no idea what I wanted or played it very cool. She told me she would be there when the last bell rang.

As I sat in my office waiting for the final bell to ring, I realized that I had no idea how to approach the subject of finding naked pics of Beth and her friend Sara. Once I told her she would know I went through her phone, and I wasn’t sure how the school would act knowing a teacher went through a student’s phone. As I was thinking about how to approach the subject the bell rang, bringing me out of my trance. I sat there in my office waiting for Beth.

About 15 minutes after the bell Beth walked into my office. She apologized for being late saying something about getting caught up in her last class. She took a seat on the chair directly opposite from me. I liked to be able to talk face to face with my students so my desk was not in between us. I decided to dive right in, hoping she would not start crying or be to embarrassed.

“Beth, before the holidays, I took your phone from you because you had it out in class, do you remember?”

“Yes mam.”

“Well, I went through your phone during that class and I found some, lets say, risky photos of you and Sara.”

“Yes mam. I thought I saw you going through my phone.”

“Well, I’m not trying to say what you did is wrong, but don’t you think you might be a little to young for taking pictures like that? And keeping them on your phone, is that a good idea?”

After hearing my question Beth leaned back against the back of her chair, almost getting comfortable for what was to come. She looked me right in the eyes and asked,

“Did you show them to my dad?”

I was shocked.

“Why would you ask me that?”

“Because Ms. Adams, I know you are fucking my dad and I know you have been fucking him for months.”

This blew my mind, Beth knew about me and her dad. What was I going to do, what was I going to say? I tried to play it cool but all that came out was,

“How do you know I’m fucking your dad? I mean having sex with him?”

Beth smiled, I think she thought she had the upper hand.

“Because I knew he was fucking someone so I followed him one night to your house. And also because he doesn’t lock his phone and I went through it.”

I froze upon hearing this. If Beth went through Sam’s phone she knew a lot, almost everything. Our texts, the pictures I sent him, the pictures he took of me. I didn’t know what to say, I sat there speechless. Beth didn’t wait for me to say something, she took control of the situation.

“Ms. Adams, do you think you should be telling me how wrong it is to take dirty pictures? I mean the ones of you on my dad’s phone are way worse than what I took. I mean you spread eagle fucking yourself with a dildo, you with his dick in your mouth, you with that girl. My personal favorite is the one with you with my dad’s cum all over your face, I thought that was hot.”

I stared at this 17 year old student of mine, the daughter of my boyfriend, she looked as calm as anyone I had ever met, she knew what this meeting was about and she came prepared. I tried to think of something to say but nothing came out. Beth could see I was dumb founded and jumped at the opportunity.

“So Ms. Adams, did you show my dad the pictures of me?”

I said the first thing that popped into my mind,


Beth smiled and said,

“Good. You know me and Sara took those pictures hoping my dad would go through my phone and see them. We never expected that you would find them and show them to him, but I think this works out better. So what happened when you showed him the pictures of his sweet little girl acting like a whore?”

I tried to regain my composure but there was no way I could. This teenage girl had blind sided me and had me on the ropes, and she knew it.

“Ms. Adams, if you tell me what my dad thought about the pictures, I might just show you the real thing, would you like that?”

What? Was Beth coming on to me? Did she just say that she would let me see her naked if I told her what Sam thought about the pictures? At this stage I knew that how I answered this question was going to change my life. I could get up and end the conversation and tell Sam or I could tell Beth what me and her father did while looking at pictures of her and her friend naked.

“We, we, we looked at them together.”

Beth straightened herself in her chair and asked,

“Really? That sounds hot. What else did you do? And if you want to see the real thing, not just the pictures of me I want the truth.”

I was passed the point of no return now. I was fucked either way. I could feel my pussy moisten and I knew that what I was about to do and say was wrong, but, I could not help myself.

“We fucked. We fucked while looking at the pictures on the computer. We told each other how hot you and Sara looked and what we would do to you. I had him stand up and jerk off and he came all over the picture of you on the computer screen, the one of you lying on the bed playing with yourself. I then licked his cum off the screen.”

I put my head in my hands and started to cry. I had betrayed Sam, I had broken every rule I knew as a teacher. Sam would never talk to me again and I would be fired once Beth told someone. I looked up at Beth and she had this look of shock on her face. She would never forgive her dad, and I caused it. I put my head back in my hands and cried some more.

When I had finally stopped crying I looked up at Beth and the look of shock had turned to a big grin. I didn’t understand why she had this look until she said,

“I’m glad my dad is finally getting some ass, and it seems that you are perfect for him, a little slut. So Ms. Adams do you want to see the real thing, what you saw in the pictures?”

“You can’t, I shouldn’t. It is so wrong…”

“I know it is wrong, but that’s what makes it so hot.”

Beth sat there staring at me as her hands slowly raised the hem of her skirt. She slowly raised the hem, toying with me, her perfect skin, then the sight of her young thighs. She was just about to lift the skirt to show me her panties when she stopped and said,

“Do you want me to keep going Ms. Adams Do you want to see my panties? What about my pussy, do you want to see my young, teenage pussy?”

My mind was raising. I knew this was so wrong but after looking at the pictures of Beth so many times, the chance to see the real thing was to much.

“Yes, I want to see your panties and your pussy. I want to see what I looked at in the pictures all the times I got myself off.”

Beth flashed this evil smile, she knew that she had me. She lifted her skirt, letting it sit on her lap, giving me glimpse of her black silk panties. She slowly spread her legs, letting me see right into her panty covered pussy. She ran one finger over the material, up and down, the whole time not taking her eyes off of me and I didn’t take my eyes off her finger.

“Do you like my panties Ms. Adams Do you want to see my pussy? Would that turn you on, to see my cunt, it is so wet.”

“Yes, please let me see it. I want to see your pussy!”

I must have sounded like a kid in a toy store begging my parents to buy me a new toy. I sat there, my eyes glued to Beth’s finger as she toyed with her pussy. She smiled at me and hooked her finger inside her panties and slowly pulled it to the side, showing me her pussy. I stared at Beth’s young, pink, glistening cunt as she again ran a finger along her folds.

She sat there watching me watch her as she toyed with herself. My eyes were fixated on her slender finger as it was the length of her young pussy. She then slowly began to slide her index finger into her wanting pussy. I watched as she fingered herself in front of me, in my own office. After a few pumps of her finger she with drew it and brought it to her face. She stared deep into my eyes as she began to lick her juices from her finger, cleaning it, like I had done many times.

She then stood up and fixed her skirt as if nothing had happened. She walked to the door and turned to me and said,

“Ms. Adams you are going to call my dad and tell him that we talked and everything is ok. You are not going to mention what happened here. And at 7 tonight I’m going to come by your house and we can ‘talk’ about this in more detail.”

I just nodded in agreement as Beth walked out of my office. I could feel my pussy dripping into my panties and I had no idea what I was going to do. The excitement of what had just happened was amazing, but quickly the fear also crept in. What the hell had I done? Why did I agree to lie to Sam? And why the hell would I let Beth come over tonight to ‘talk’ about it?

I contemplated telling Sam the truth, but I didn’t. I told him that Beth and I had talked and that she had told me it was just her and Sara playing around and that they didn’t send them to anyone. He believed me and thanked me for doing that for him, which made me feel even worse.

As I sat on my sofa watching the clock I had no idea what was going to happen at 7. I half hoped Beth wouldn’t show up, but the other half, the slut in me, was praying she would show up. When the clock changed to 7 and there was no knock on the door I breathed a sigh of relief. I waited on my sofa for another 15 minutes and nothing happened. I figured Beth was not coming and I made my way to the kitchen to fix something to eat. As I reached the kitchen there was a knock on my door, my heart jumped as I knew who it was.

When I opened the front door Beth was standing there, smiling, wearing warm up pants and a t-shirt, dressed normal for a teenage girl on a Monday night. I invited her in and showed her to the den. I offered her something to drink as I pored myself a glass of wine, I needed something to take the edge off.

When I returned from the kitchen Beth was sitting in the arm chair across from the sofa so I took a seat on the sofa, facing her. I sat there waiting to see how Beth was going to handle this situation. It didn’t take her to long before she said,

“So, tell me about how you and my dad got together.”

I sat there and as calmly as I could told Beth how me and her father had met at the parents/teachers night a few months ago. How we went to dinner and how we had been seeing each other ever since. I explained how we wanted to keep it quiet because we didn’t know how she would take it or how the school would take a teacher dating a student’s father. I left out all the details about our sex life, I figured Beth only knew what she gathered from searching Sam’s phone and there was no reason to expand on any detail, at least not yet.

“That’s a very nice story Ms. Adams. But now tell me about the good stuff. I want to know how he fucks you, how you fuck him, what he likes, does he like anything weird or dirty, I want all the dirty details.”

“Beth, I don’t think I should, I mean he is your dad and I’m your teacher, it wouldn’t be right.”

Beth leaned forward and laughed. Deep down I knew this is where this night would end up going and deep down I wanted it to go this way. She looked me right in the eyes and said,

“Ms. Adams, you don’t think its right? You know what isn’t right, you having naked pictures of me and my friend, you telling me in your office how you get off looking at them. How about you asking to see my pussy, do you think that is right? And since you have seen my pussy and you are fucking my dad, I think I should call you Amy, don’t you?”

“Of, of, of course, you can call me Amy.”

“Good, now Amy, I want you to tell me everything. My dad thinks I’m at a movie so we have a couple of hours.”

A couple of hours? Dear lord, what could happen in a couple of hours with me and this sexy teenager. I took a deep breath and began to tell Beth all of the details she wanted to know.

I told her how her dad fucked me, hard, rough, dirty. How he loved to call me names and how much it turned me on when he did it. I told her how I loved being his slut, doing what ever he wanted me to do. I told her about our threesome with my friend from college, how hot it was to watch Sam fuck my friend and how much he liked seeing me lick pussy.

I told her about our role playing, how I pretended to be her and Sam would fuck me pretending I was his daughter. I told her about his panty fetish, and how when she would walk around the house in just her panties he would come over to my house and tell me about it then fuck the shit out of me. I told her everything, not leaving anything out. When I was done spilling all of the dirty details, Beth sat there smiling, knowing she now knew everything.

“Beth, I know I shouldn’t have told you all these things and I know I should not have let you come over here tonight. I know what happened earlier today in my office was so wrong, but I also know that I love your dad, and I don’t want him to get in any trouble, so what ever you are going to do, please leave him out of it.”

“What I’m going to do? You think I’m going to tell the school and get you in trouble. The truth is, I know my dad loves you too, he has been happier the last couple months than I have seen him in years. I have no plans on telling anyone about this.”

I was so relieved when she said this. I might be able to keep my job, and maybe Sam would never find about this whole thing. And to hear Beth say that she knows he loves me, that was the best news of all. Then Beth asked me,

“When you were role playing, pretending to be me, did you like it?”

“Yes, it was hot. I guess I was like every other little girl who always had a crush on her daddy and your dad helped me live it out.”

“Well, do you think he wants to fuck me? Would you care if he did?”

“To be honest with you Beth, we only fantasized about it. When he saw the pictures he was really upset, he didn’t know what to do. I had to convince him it was alright and that looking at the pictures was only another step in our fantasy. But him actually having sex with you, I’m not sure, maybe with a lot of convincing. Me, honestly I think it would be hot to watch him fuck you.”

I didn’t even realize the words I had just said until they left my mouth. I tried to make some statement to cover my real meaning but Beth knew what I had said and she knew I met it.

“So Amy, you want to see my daddy fuck me. You want to see him fuck his little girl? What about sucking his cock after, licking my juices off his dick, would you do that?”

I was way past the point of return now so I just answered honestly,

“Yes, I would.”

“Would you lick my pussy? Would you like it if my dad watched you lick his baby’s little cunt?”

“That would be so hot, I would love it!”

“You know Amy, all this talk about you fucking my dad, and me fucking him and him watching you lick me has got me wet. Do you want to see? Do you want to see my wet panties and my dripping pussy?”


Beth stood up and was about to take off her pants and then she looked at me and sat back down. She smiled, more to herself than to me and said,

“You like being my dad’s slut? You like having him tell you what to do?”


“Would you like being my slut too? Would you do what ever I told you too?”

I only hesitated for a second before I answered, “Yes.”

Beth leaned back in the chair, smiling, knowing she was going to get what she came for.

“Good, I’m so glad you’re willing to be my slut too. How hot will it be for you, being the slut of my dad and his daughter? You get wet just thinking about it.”

I didn’t answer, there was no need to, we both already new the answer to her question.

“You know Amy, I have had a crush on my dad for so long. I have tried almost everything to get him to fuck me. I walk around in next to nothing, I rub up against him when I hug him, shit, I even took those naked pictures in the hopes he would find them and punish me, which would lead to him spanking me then fucking me. Now, you are going to help me fuck him, ok?”

I just nodded yes. The thought of Beth fucking her dad, my boyfriend, was turning me on. The thought of me helping her fuck her dad, however she wanted me to help was turning me on. Deep down this is what I always wanted, to see Sam fuck Beth and to be a part of it.

“…But first Amy, before you help me fuck my dad, I want to see what he likes about you so much. Stand up and strip for me, I want to see the tits my dad sucks on and the pussy he loves fucking so much.”

I stood up, feet from where Beth was sitting and unbuttoned my blouse, letting it fall to the floor, exposing my bra covered tits. I slowly unsnapped my pants and let them fall to the floor also. I was standing there in front of my boyfriend’s 17 year old daughter who just happen to be my student as well, in only my black bra and black thong. I reached behind my back and unsnapped my bra, catching it before it fell off. I wanted to tease this little minx before I showed her everything.

I held my bra in place, covering my tits while I looked into Beth’s eyes. I saw the same look of lust in her eyes that I had seen in her dad’s so many times. It tuned me on knowing that father and daughter were so much alike. I let my bra fall to the floor, adding to the pile of my cloths. I stood there, running my hands over my breasts, toying with my nipples, all in hopes of turning on this teenager.

Beth motioned with her hand for me to turn around and I did. I looked over my shoulder at Beth as she took in the view of my ass. I bend over at the waste, sticking my ass out for her. I rolled my thong down my legs, giving Beth an unobstructed view of my ass. I could feel my wetness running down the inside of my thighs as I looked over my shoulder at Beth.

She nodded again, wanting me to turn around, which I did. I stood there, completely naked with the gaze of a sexy teenage girl piercing my body. I ran my hand down my stomach and over my mound. I slightly parted my legs and ran a finger over my wet lips. I remembered what she had done earlier in my office and I did the same thing. I inserted a finger all the way into my cunt and brought my juice covered finger to my mouth and sucked it clean.

“That is so hot Amy, I can see why my dad likes you. Do you want to see me naked? Do you want to see everything I have?”

“Please, let me see…”

“Get on your knees slut.” Was all Beth told me. I obeyed, not thinking twice about her command.

Beth stood and removed her t-shirt, showing me her sports bra which tightly held in her young breasts. She lifted her arms and freed her tits, letting me see them for the first time in person. Her nipples were already rock hard as she gently ran her finger tips over them. She slid her pants down her legs and stepped out of them. She was standing just in the same black silk panties I had seen only hours before.

She sat down in the chair and began to massage her young pussy through her panties. She did not take her eyes off me as her wetness began to soak through the silk material.

“Do you like watching me play with myself Ms. Adams Do you like watching me play with my soaking pussy?”

Hearing Beth call me Ms. Adams sent a shiver up my spine. The wrongness of being her teacher and her being the daughter of my boyfriend was more than enough to turn me on. But hearing her call me Ms. Adams almost made me orgasm right there.

“Yes, I love watching you play with your pussy. It’s so hot, your dad loves to watch me do the same thing.”

“Really, my dad likes to watch? What else does he like?”

I was on my knees, feet away from a sexy teenager watching her play with herself and I was about to tell her some of the most intimate details of me and her father’s sex life.

“He likes to watch me finger myself. He loves to see my panties get soaking wet then he makes me take them off and put them in my mouth or he puts them in his mouth and sucks my juices out of them.”

“Oh God, that’s fucking hot!”

I could see that telling Beth about Sam and I’s sex life was turning her on. She was forcefully, almost shoving her panties into her pussy. She smiled, seeing me look at her playing with herself and rolled her panties down her legs, giving me a clear look at her dripping pussy. She threw her panties at me and said,

“Lick them! Lick my pussy juice out of them like you do for my dad!”

I caught Beth’s panties and turned them so I could see the gusset. There was white girl cum all over them, the smell was intoxicating. I brought them to my face and ran my tongue through them. I sucked in the wet silky material and tasted Beth for the first time. As I was cleaning her panties as she was busy fingering her pussy.

I sat there watching as she fingered her self with one hand and the other toyed with her erect clit. She watched me as I continued to toy with her discarded panties.

“Tell me more about what you and my dad do. I want to hear every dirty detail as I get myself off!”

I watched as Beth fingered herself as she listened to my stories about me and her father. I told her how I licked his ass, how he licked mine. I went into detail about how I pretended to be her as Sam pretended to fuck his own daughter. I told her how much I loved when her jerked off on my face and called me names and this sent her over the edge.

Beth’s body jerked and withered as her orgasm passed through her body. I watched, transfixed as her young body shook uncontrollably. It was one of the most intense sites I had ever witnessed. When her eyes finally lost the glaze she looked at me and licked her fingers, smiling the whole time.

“God that was hot hearing about you and my dad. I want it, I want him to do all those things to me too. I want to be his slut. But right now I want to cum again and I want you to make me, with your tongue.”

Beth spread her legs further apart, her pink folds begging to be assaulted. I crawled to her, placed my hands on her thighs and dove in. I didn’t waste time, I tasted her from the source for the first time, and she was nothing less than amazing. My first real taste of teenage pussy send me into over drive. I sucked her clit, tongued her pussy, did anything I could think of to get her off.

“YES, that’s it Ms. Adams, eat me, lick my fucking pussy, make me cum you fucking slut!!”

Beth continued to spout dirty names at me and everyone got my own juices flowing more and more. She had grabbed my head and held it to her soaking cunt and would not let me move until she came. When she did cum, I opened my mouth and let her juices slide down my throat, savoring every drop. She pushed me away after she came, trying to regain her senses. I sat there watching, waiting for her to do or tell me something.

She finally looked at me and smiled,

“You look good on your knees with my juices covering your face.”

She turned around on the chair, so she was on her knees. She looked over her shoulder and reached back and spread her perfect ass cheeks and said,

“Now, lick my ass, prove to me how big of a fucking whore you are.”

I placed my hands on top of hers, helping to hold open her ass. I ran my tongue up and down her ass crack, pausing each time I came in contact with her light brown asshole. Beth must have had enough of me toying with her asshole as she grabbed my head and forced it down to her hole.

“Tongue fuck my asshole you fucking bitch. Fuck my asshole with that slutty tongue of yours. Make me fucking cum!”

I stiffened my tongue and drove it as deep as I could into her asshole. My head moved back and forth, like a wood pecker, trying to make this teenage slut cum. Beth reached down and began to finger herself as I did this. Her orgasm wasn’t far away as she started shouting at me again,

“Yes, Yes, Yes…that’s it, I’m going to cum from you licking my asshole you dirty fucking bitch, Yes!!!”

Beth collapsed over the chair, her ass still high in the air. I had licked Sam’s ass many time and really liked the depravity of it, but licking a teenage girl’s ass, my boyfriend’s daughter at that, was way more intense than anything I had ever done.

When Beth turned around she had a huge smile on her face.

“That was the first time someone has ever licked my ass, and it was great. It was so dirty and nasty, you really are a huge slut, and I love it.”

Beth said all these things just like an excited teenager, which she was. We both sat there for a few minutes, recovering and wondering what was going to happen next. Beth told me.

“Now we just need to figure a way to get my dad to fuck me. And me and you, this needs to happen again, soon, because I really want to taste your pussy.”

“Beth, do you really want to fuck your own dad and if so how are we going to make that happen?”

“Yes I want to fuck him and we will figure it out as to the how part. But I have to get going, I don’t want to get in trouble for being late. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Beth got dressed and walked out of my house without a second thought. I was there sitting on my sofa, not believing what I had just done. I had put my career, my relationship and god knows what else on the line for a piece of teenage ass. But her ass and pussy was so good. I started thinking of ways to get Sam to fuck Beth and it first made me feel ashamed about what I was thinking. Then the thoughts of Sam fucking Beth and me watching and joining in took over and I fingered myself to one more orgasm before I went to bed. I knew I was in trouble, I could only hope it was the good type of trouble.

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