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My Fantasy

This is a short story describing my fantasy of having a lesbian experience.
I closed my eyes as I felt the surge of wetness between my legs. She took one of my ankles and tied it to the bottom bedpost, then took my left leg and tied it to the other bedpost. My legs were spread wide open and I had nothing to please myself with.

I was beginning to grow impatient. I twisted and knotted the bed sheet in my hand, clenching my pussy walls as drops of perspiration beaded on my upper lip. She tied my arms above my head and then left the room, leaving me squirming impatiently on the bed. She came back into the room holding a vibrator and dressed in white lingerie that showed off her nipples and her clean shaven pussy mound.

I imagined licking her sweet little cunt and began to grow even hornier. I tried to reach down to rub my throbbing pussy but the rope was unwilling. She came and knelt between my legs and I could feel her hot breath on my inner thigh.

I almost cried out with impatience and want but I couldn't find my voice. She locked eyes with me as she turned on the vibrator. She turned it on the highest setting and giggled, licking the head of it. She held it above my mound, teasing me, making me moan in frustration. I tried to raise up but I was weak with desire. She finally brought it to my inflamed pussy lips, running it up and down my slit, collecting my juices on the tip of the vibrator.

I moaned so loudly I could hear it echoing in the outside hall, but my mind and body were consumed with pleasure. She placed the vibrator on my clit, leaving it there. I began to thrash on the bed, gyrating my hips and arching my back. My eyes rolled back into my head as intense waves of pleasure washed over me. Then it stopped. She took the vibrator away. I screamed out in frustration and arched my back. My pussy needed to be touched.

She left the room and came back with a dildo that had been dipped in water and then frozen. She sat down between my legs once again and began running the icy dildo up and down, pausing to circle my clit. She ran it up my stomach and caressed each of my breasts, letting the water from the melting ice drip down my nipples and onto my chest.

I wanted her to fuck me with it, but only teased me, running it up and down my body, over my tits, down my stomach, around my clit and back up. She stopped and placed the tip of the cold dildo against my opening. I arched my back and moaned. She put it in me a little bit, and then took it out. She tossed the dildo on the floor and I cried out once again as she reached for the vibrator. She touched it to both of my nipples, but didn't even graze my pussy with it. I moaned angrily as she left the room again.

This time she came back naked, dangling her thong on her index finger. I licked my lips as she approached me on the bed. She dragged her thong across my face and I inhaled her sweet scent as I began to grow even wetter. She then dragged her thong down my body, over my wet pussy and let it hang there for a minute. She picked it up and inhaled her scent mixed with mine and sighed, tracing her tongue where her pussy had been. I began to get squirmy again and she laughed as she watched me writhe on the bed, waiting for her touch.

She circled around the bed with hungry eyes, making me a little nervous but excited nonetheless. I watched as she crept closer to the foot of my bed. She gave a little moan and began ravenously licking my pussy. I sighed as her warm tongue flicked over my click and down my slit. I was so close to cumming, and I wanted nothing more than to reach down and press her mouth closer to my aching pussy.

I clenched the sheets as the most blissful orgasm washed over me, consuming my mind and causing loud moans to escape from deep inside my throat. She moaned with me and continued to lick my flooding lips, thrusting her tongue in and out of my sweet hole, bringing me to a second orgasm. I pulled against the ropes, trying to free myself and I was overcome with pleasure, cum squirting out of me onto the bed. She lapped it all up and began untying me.

“My turn…” she giggled and traded spots with me.

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