my fascination with my best friend Jane

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My name is Tasha and I'm 19 years old. For a few years i've been curious when it comes to my sexuality, but it wasn't until I met my best friend Jane at college that I realised I was definitely bisexual.

Straight away something fascinated me about her, and I didn't know what it was. Sure, she's absolutely gorgeous, she's about 5 ft 5 with a slim size 8 figure, long blonde hair that almost reaches her cute little bum and big brown eyes. She loves to go out partying, and can drink more than me and our other friends put together! She also used to enjoy casual sexual relationships with men, much to my disappointment. Every time we used to go out on the town, we'd have a few shots of vodka each, dance together and then she'd end up going home with a random man.

One particular night, a few months ago, we were both very drunk and we ended up kissing passionately on the dance floor. I was amazed, she was by far a better kisser than any man I'd ever kissed before. As soon as we pulled away (both of us quite reluctant, if I remember correct) there were a few random men taking pictures on their camera phones! I suppose they must have been amazed to see two young, good-looking girls snogging each others faces off! Myself, I'm 5 ft 2, slim but with curves, size 8/10, with shoulder length blonde hair and blue eyes. I do get quite a few men interested in me, but I only have eyes for one particular person... and that is Jane.

Anyway, so after that first initial kiss it became something we did every week. Every friday night when we went out on the town, we would end up kissing (usually for her to attract the attention of a man) but i enjoyed it immensly, and she seemed to... Although we never spoke about it. And every friday night when I got home at 3am, I would lay in my bed naked, thinking about my gorgeous best friend and the way her lips tasted on mine... mmmm... The orgasms I'd give myself, touching myself thinking about her were mind-blowing, sometimes I'd end up almost screaming her name out. But this was nothing compared to what was about to happen...

One friday night, my parents had gone away for the night, and knowing that Jane and I would be hitting the town as usual, I asked her if she'd like to stay over afterwards as she lived at the other side of town. She said yes to the idea, as she had stayed a few times before, and I didn't think anything of it. I never would have guessed that something might happen...

We went out as usual to our favourite bars, had quite a few drinks and then got into a taxi to go back to mine at about 2am. I was wearing a pink strapless top and a black skirt with high heels, and she was wearing a little black dress with heels, which she looked stunning in. As soon as we got to my house, we got out a bottle of vodka and sat chatting on my bed in my room. I have a sofa bed in my room as well, which she usually slept on. I was just getting up to set it up for her, when she touched my arm and I turned to look at her, a little surprised.

"I'd rather sleep in your bed with you tonight, if that's okay." She said, looking me straight in the eye.

"Erm... sure, but there isn't much room." I replied, a little shocked. She smiled warmly at me.

"I'm sure it's big enough for the two of us." She said, cheekily. And with that she took a swig of vodka and handed the bottle to me. I took a long swig, my heart racing, wondering how the hell I was going to cope with Jane laid beside me all night, totally unaware that I was desperate for her gorgeous body.

"Tasha, you look so gorgeous tonight. Well, you always do. But my God, it's a shame I didn't get to kiss you tonight." Jane said, smiling confidently at me, with a little glimmer of naughtiness in her eye.

I searched her gorgeous face, desperate to see if she was just mucking around, when suddenly I felt her lips on mine, kissing me passionately, her tongue twirling with mine, her hand on my back, the other on the back of my neck. I kissed her back, pushing myself closer to her. She began kissing my neck and further down my chest... it felt so amazing... we both stood up off the bed, and she unzipped the side of her dress and let it fall to the floor, revealing her toned, sexy body in a pair of matching black bra and french knickers. I pulled off my top and skirt, and the two of us, both still wearing our high heels, began to touch each other and kiss each others breasts.

I undid the clasp on her bra and pulled it off, and took her breasts into my hands, feeling how amazing they felt. Jane is only a 32A but it was plenty for me, as I began to lick and gently suck on her nipples. I heard her moan in pleasure and felt her body shiver, so I continued to trail kisses down her stomach. Before I reached the top of her french knickers, she pulled me up and began to kiss and caress my 32C breasts, taking one nipple into her mouth and then the other. I was filled with ecxtasy, and my knees felt wobbly.

We both sat down on the bed, kissing each other on the lips in a frenzy, as her fingers travelled down my body to my dripping wet knickers. Moving them aside, she pushed two long fingers inside me and began to finger me hard. I moaned out in pleasure. It felt so amazing, much more amazing than with any man before. I felt myself about to cum, and I begged her to stop, but she shot me her naughtiest smile and told me to open my legs wider. I did as I was told and she kneeled between my legs, ripped off my knickers and hers, and began kissing my stomach, moving further and further down until her warm breath was on my clit. With her two fingers still fucking my pussy, she began to lick and suck on my clit in the most pleasurable way I have ever known. I was screaming out in pleasure, moaning her name as I began to cum hard.

"Ohhhhh Jane, you sexy bitch. Ohhhhhhhh ohhhhhhh ohhh!"

I looked down at her after I climaxed and she grinned at me, looking so naughty with my juices all over her lucious lips.

"Tasha you're so sexy." She said, staring at my body, and beginning to touch herself. I sat up, desperate to help her out, but she beconned me to stay.

"I want you to watch me." She said, smiling cheekily as she moved her fingers down to her dripping wet pussy and began to moan with delight, whilst staring at my body beneath her.

"Awww Tasha, fucking hell you're so sexy. Your body... I've wanted to do things to you for so long."

I sat up, not able to contain myself, as the gorgeous Jane was getting herself off right in front of me. I began to tease her nipples, which only increased her moans of delight. I removed her fingers from her dripping wet pussy and laid her down on the bed, letting my own fingers begin to explore her beautiful body. With one hand caressing her breasts, I let my tongue do the work on her pussy. Teasing her by licking everywhere but her clit, then giving her clit a big lick, then going back to teasing her, she was moaning in pure ecxtasy, screaming at me to fuck her little pussy.

I began licking and sucking on her clit, and reached into my bedside drawer for my pink 6 inch vibrator. I climbed on top of her, my pussy face down above her face, and my mouth above her own pussy. She gasped as she heard the sound of the vibrator. I put it on the lowest setting, and began to tease her clit with it. She was moaning and quivering with pleasure, and began to explore my pussy with her tongue, as I slipped the vibrator into her tight wet hole, pushing it onto the highest vibration it would go to.

She screamed out, her breath hot against my dripping pussy in her face. I pushed the vibrator in and out of hole. fucking her with it, and began licking her clit, as she ate out my own pussy. It felt absolutely amazing being in control of her, and the way she was licking and sucking my pussy was just so hot... She began to come, which set me off as well, and we both screamed out each others names in total pleasure. Hot and sweaty, we lay beside each other, and Jane licked her own juices from the vibrator, moaning as her tongue darting across the length of it, very skillfully. I watched in total awe.


We spent the rest of the night trying out the vibrator on each other and exploring each others bodies some more, before finally falling asleep together, our hot naked bodies pressed together. And since then, we have fun together often :) And so, my fascination with my super-hot best friend Jane continues :)