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My first ever lesbian experience

Her arm extended to me, and I shook her hand.

Hi I'm sammie.'' She said in her angelic voice that could tame anyone. I couldn't help but let my eyes wander to her skimpy shorts and search her mature figure.

Hi, lauren.''

From that day on we've been the best of friends, side by side, and over the years I've grown an attraction to her, an attraction like never before.

Last night I told her, last night she said she loved me, and we talked and she fell asleep.

I felt her arm move beside me, and her eyes opened, the crystal blue glaze was like nothing else. Her lips formed a smile, and in a low voice she said 'hey their.''

She moved in and kissed me, this was a dream come true.

we sat up on the bed and she leaned her head on my shoulder.

I love you.'' she said again, the words oscillated in my head.

I love you too.'' I stuttered as I said it.

Last night.'' She began. 'last night you said you've had no experience whatsoever, no sex nothing, and your eighteen.''


Your boyfriend never even fingered you before?''

Never.'' I felt embarrassed.

Your missing out it's wonderful if he or she knows what their doing, you have to try it.''

No one has even offered me..''

Her arms brought me close and I laid my head on her chest.



Would you like me to finger you.'' My body became numb as the words seeped into my core, my mind raced.

I raised my head and looked at her face, and a wide smile appeared.

You don't know how much I do.'' I said as I lay my head back on her soft chest.

she pushed her head down to mine and kissed me again, I then felt her hands scouring my back slowly, my anticipation was building.

She grabbed my right breast and slowly played with it, Her hand grabbed the tail of my shirt and  pulled it over my head. Their I sat, bare breasted, and about to be sent to heaven and back by an angel.

Her head lowered and she took my nipple into her mouth while kneading my other. The tingles ran throughout my body like being struck by lightening.

My breathe became more often as she worked my breasts, she finally raised her head and creeped her hands down to my panties. Her palms messaged the inside of my upper legs, I couldn't wait any longer I need this.

Finally her hand met my aching vagina, petting me through my panties, teasing me.

I grab her hand and say 'please, please do it..''  Her face lit up and a grimace emerged. She grabbed the elastic of panties and pulled them down. Now naked I closed my eyes and waited for the sensations to begin.

My body is quaking, trembling in anticipation, and finally her hand rubs hard against my wet pussy.

Her pace quickened when finally I felt her finger delve into me. It was like nothing before, The pleasure surged my body as she thrusted her fingers deep inside my slit. My legs were twitching around her body, and I couldn't take much more.

Come for me hun.'' She whispered.

My body was fluctuating in an abrupt fashion, It was too much, the pleasure, Her fingers we're magic.

I felt the climax rapidly approaching, getting closer and closer.

Almost their.'' I yell as my moans and panting louden.

She started going faster, faster faster, and my body reached coitus, In one wave of ecstacy, and immense sensation my body exploded and let the orgasm thrash throughout my body.

I dropped my arms and legs down, as I regained consciousness of the world.

Sammie crawled on top of me, and we started to kiss again.

You know how good it made me feel, when I made you cum.''

I love you.'' I said as we lay arm in arm again, the morning sun filtering through the blinds...

                    watch for another out soon.

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