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My First Lesbian Experience

I was so excited about going to college, as I had never been away from home before. I was spreading my wings of independence and soaring away. I had my map of the college grounds and my dorm room number. I was meeting with a lady named Chelsea to help me find my room.

I was a little nervous, but excited as well about this new adventure. After meeting up with Chelsea, getting my key and finding my room, I was on my own. I put in the key and opened the door to find my new roommate. She introduced herself as Bree, she was a tall skinny blonde. Bree had been here for 2 days and she was already unpacked and settled in.

She helped me with my bags and boxes and I was so glad I had a nice room mate. Bree told me she was staying in tonight and going out tomorrow night if I wanted to tag along. I told her that sounded nice and I would go. Tonight I would unpack and get to know Bree. We talked about high school, upcoming classes and events we were interested in.

Bree then asked me what my preference was, I was puzzled, preference to what. She asked me if I liked boys or girls or both. I had always loved girls but never acted upon it. I told her I was still a virgin, and that really peaked her interest. She said she could help me if needed.

I was finding myself being attracted to Bree, friendly and sexually. She came over and put her hand behind my head and pulled me to her and kissed me. It was a kiss like no other, our tongues swirling and dancing, I put my hand around her shoulder. Bree then asked me if I would like to get more comfortable. I said yes, and we both watch each other get undressed.

I was getting so turned on now as I got a really good look at her very sexy body. She then asked me to lay down on my bed and told me to relax and she would do everything to pleasure me. I could feel the butterflies fluttering as she continued to kiss me passionately and move her hands over my shoulders to my breasts.

Bree then moved her head down to my breast and took a nipple in her mouth and started sucking on it,that felt so good. It was a sensation I have never felt before, sucking, tugging, pulling. My nipple was getting hard as she went to the other one, getting it hard as well, she even flicked them with her lovely fingers.

I started to feel a wetness between my legs, I had felt this before when I rubbed my clit at night in my bed a few weeks earlier. She then moved her body between my legs and parted them, slowly she ran her finger to my clit and down to my awaiting pussy. Bree said she would not penetrate me right now, but would do so eventually tonight. She wanted me to enjoy the sensations I was feeling and not to rush things.

She put her tongue on my pussy and started going from clit to pussy, back and forth, taking time out to suck on my clit every now and then. I kept telling her over and over how good this felt, and she said the best is yet to come. Bree then told me she wanted to put a finger inside of me, I felt her finger go in ever so slowly and then out. She told me I was so tight and needed something bigger.

She went to her drawer and pulled out a dildo, I had seen one online before but never in real life. She said that I really need to relax so she could pop my cherry. As I laid there she introduced the dildo to my ever so wet pussy. First she rubbed it against me for a time, then with alot of pressure she pushed the tip of it inside me.

It was real painful at first, but after awhile it became pleasurable. She was pushing it in and pulling it out, I was breathing hard and moving my hips to meet the dildo. Bree was moving it in and out, faster and faster, I could feel my heat rising, higher and higher. Then suddenly I felt like a dam exploded between my legs, I came and came some more, gushing. She then pulled the dildo out and put her tongue back down there and drank all my juices.

Bree then handed the dildo to me to use on her. I kissed her and slowly pushed it in her wet pussy. She moaned with pleasure, I was moving it in and out so fast, she kept telling me to go faster. She told me she was cumming, so I pulled out the dildo and put my mouth down to where her juices would flow from. She squirted so much liquid, I had a hard time keeping up with her.

After we were finished, we cuddled and kissed for awhile, teasing eachother. We agreed that we would hook up alot during this year, and we did, almost every night. Bree is a wonderful room mate and an awesome lover. I love college and I love being a lesbian even more.

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