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My First Lesbian Part 2

My first time
Part 2 of: My First Lesbian.

Once she had calmed down from her orgasm we packed up our stuff and got dressed and headed to the train station to go back to my place.

We walked hand in hand to the station and of course this gave us a lot of stares and whispered conversations behind our backs by those who don't understand. We didn't care, we just kept walking and giggling about what we had just done on the beach. When we got to the station we boarded the train, we found a seat towards the back and put our bags down on one of the seats. Before we sat down I leaned down and took her bikini bottoms off from under her mini skirt and put them in my bag. "Trust me you won't be needing them tonight," I told her.

We had a make out session on the train before the train departed the platform. We continued to tickle, pinch, lick , kiss and bite each other for the rest of the train trip. At one point a bunch of guys jumped on the train and were staring at us, you could clearly see that they were drooling over us two girls playing with each other so we decided to heat it up a bit. Kirra pulled down the front of my top to reveal my tits but she held her hands in a way that my nipples were not being seen by these young drooling guys. She massaged my tits for a few minutes and then she lent down and took one of my nipples into my mouth and sucked on it, I moaned in pleasure to the sucking my tit was getting.

The guys all grew silent, just watching and listening to what was happening before their eyes. They were stunned into silence. We took advantage of this silence to make it even more entertaining for them, Kirra completely took my top off and cupped my tits, now the boys could see my entire tits including nipples.

You could tell that all the guys had erections and were trying very hard not to take their dicks out and start jacking off. I whispered into Kirra"s ear and she nodded in reply. She got on her knees in front of me and slowly started to take off my skirt and bikini bottoms.

I was glad I had a fresh shave that morning as the guys got a birds eye view of my glistening wet pussy. Kirra knelt over my pussy and at the same time her miniskirt had risen up showing her ass and pussy from between her thighs. She took a breath and blew cold air over my pussy, that sent goosebumps raging through my body and turned me on even more. She opened my lips to reveal to the whole world my wet swollen clit and entrance.

Kirra took one quick lick over my clit, that sent waves of electricity raging through my body. All this fun was driving the guys wild, they were literally dry humping the seats. The thrill of other people watching us was turning us both on more then anything else ever has. We couldn't stop what we have already started, so we got into it at full force, not caring who would see or hear us we just knew we wanted each other.

She licked my clit again and inserted her finger into my dripping wet pussy, I moaned as the thrill of being touched and licked for the first time felt amazing. I have never played around too much to myself, I just hoped Kirra would be gentle breaking my hymen. By now my juices were running down my but crack and all over the seat, I didn't care because I didn't have to clean it. Kirra put my legs over her shoulders and placed her finger covered in my juices to my mouth, I eagerly sucked my juices from it.

She put her finger back into my pussy and worked my tight cunt with it. "Kirra be gentle I'm still a virgin but I want you to break me in please," I begged of her.

She replied by gently kissing my clit. She worked her finger slowly and deeper inside my cunt. Oh my god it felt amazing, I have never felt something so amazing like this. We had a connection before and now that she is fucking me I didn't want her to stop. Kirra put her thumb to my rear hole and gently pressed in it, it tickled a lil bit but felt so good that I exploded into an orgasm squirting my juices onto the floor, the seat opposite and her face. I had drenched her face and hair in my pussy juices but she just smiled back at me licking her lips wanting more, I know I wanted more.

She ran her thumb up and down my butt crack, I had no idea why tho but just then I felt her push her thumb into my ass. Kirra was still licking and sucking my clit while she had a finger in my cunt and her thumb up my ass. She pushed her thumb and finger deeper inside me, I could feel that my hymen was starting to tear but the pleasure I was getting from everything she was doing to me I didn't even notice when she put a second finger in my cunt and completely broke my maidenhood. I closed my eyes as I felt another orgasm coming " I'm CUMMING, OH FUCK MEEEEE!!!!!" And I squirted more of my juices.

I opened my eyes to look at Kirra and seen that she was drinking my juices that were coming out of me. I nearly passed out then, thank god I didn't. I looked over at the guys on the train and they had their dicks in their hands, some of them were still pumping away but the rest had cum on Kirra's back and ass. One of the guys starting walking over to us and spread Kirra's legs a bit and put his dick to her cunt and pushed, his dick went all the way up to the hilt. He did a couple of pumps then moaned and blew his load in her cunt. Another guy walked up but instead of her pussy he fucked her ass. I didn't want to see her fucked so I turned my eyes away but I knew she was being fucked from her moans and the guys moans, I wanted her all to myself and when the guys left I told her that.

She told me that she will only fuck me from now on until I told her she can fuck others. That made me happy so I kissed her then pulled her up onto the seat and laid her down. I was curious in what a guys cum tasted like so I licked her cunt. It was horrible and I puked. "You have to wash all that off before we do anything else tonight." She agreed.

We got dressed and waited for the train to arrive at the next station and we got off and walked back to my place for an all night fuck session.

My next story will be about my first dick, if any one is interested.

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