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My first night in Ireland: Part 1

Tehmeena meets her lover for a night of passion
No this is not a true story, but yes this is based on real people and what we can only hope to achieve.

My name is Tehmeena, and I am from Syria. I am a flight attendant with British Airways. I have black hair though I usually lighten it up to a dark brown. I keep it so that the length usually hits just below my shoulders. I’m tan and toned, roughly 5 foot 10 inches. My greatest feature is my hourglass figure, at least I think.

Stepping off the plane I felt feelings of delight and awe flood my being. Looking through the windows as I walked down the jet way I can catch glimpses of a clear blue sky touching the Dublin Metro area. Making my way quickly through the airport and passport control I was able to quickly step out onto the curb at the arrivals area.

“What a perfect day,” I say to myself smiling. Pulling open my purse I dig out a cigarette and lighter, scolding myself silently as I know it’s unhealthy. Taking a slow drag I can feel the cold as it slides down my spine. The weather was chilly, roughly 5C, and having grown up in Syria I was not accustomed to it.

Finishing up my cigarette, I hailed a cab. “The Shelbourne Hotel please,” I say to the driver and the cab speeds off.

Arriving at the Hotel, I quickly check into my room. Taking the elevator up to the fifth floor I barely notice the luxurious surroundings of the 5 star hotel. Opening the door to my room a lovely sight opens up to me. A king size bed, beautiful furnishings, and a wonderful view greet me. Dropping my purse and my bag I let out a giddy laugh, run and jump on the bed. Kicking my heels off, I pull open my cell phone.

“Hello?” was the sharp excited response I got from the other end of the line.

“Its me,” I said with a grin on my face. “I just got in. Oh, Delilah you have to see this room I got! It’s so wonderful!” I say grinning and rolling onto my back, feeling the softness of the bed cradle me.

“I am sure that is not the only thing that is wonderful,” I hear Delilah say slyly over the phone.

Giggling, I tell her the address of the hotel and to let herself in if I am in the shower still when she arrives. Then getting up I walk over towards the bathroom. Passing a mirror I stop and look at myself. Looking back was a pretty decent sight. I was tall about five feet and ten inches, with long dark brown hair. I was tan, a bit too tan I thought but then again I am just biased. I kept myself in good shape; my hourglass figure was something I worked hard to keep.

Opening my blouse I drop it to the floor, exposing my perky 36C’s covered by a black lace bra. Unzipping my skirt I let it drop to my feet, turning I inspect my butt clenching my cheeks slightly as I check myself. Unclasping my bra I discard it and my black lace boy shorts to the floor. Completely disrobed I step into the shower.

Getting out I am greeted by the stunning figure of Delilah laying back on the king bed. “Hey there beautiful,” she said smiling.

Pulling my robe around me I look her up and down. Just wearing a light jacket and a t-shirt did not obscure her amazing figure. Her intense eyes one could get lost in met mine and I felt my knees go weak. She wore tight jeans that outlined her butt perfectly, something I thoroughly enjoyed.

“Salam habibi,” I said as a smile grew over my face. “It’s so wonderful to see you.”

Jumping up she moved towards me and I wrapped my arms around her. Looking up Delilah smiled, “It is so good to see you too!”

Our lips met as our bodies pressed together in a passionate embrace. The soft feel oh her lips on mine, her scent invigorating. I felt myself get butterflies in my stomach as our lips parted and we both sat down on the bed. “So then,” I said, “shall we have dinner? I am sorry I’m late today but the flight got delayed.”

“It’s ok, I had to eat earlier.”

“Oh,” I said looking a bit disappointed.

“Of course we could always just have dessert” Delilah said, a smirk on her face as she leaned closer.

“Mmmm I like the way that sounds,” I said leaning towards her. Our lips met as my arms wrapped around her and we both fell back onto the bed.

Running my fingers through her hair, I kissed her softly. Her scent filling my nose, fueling my passion as I pulled Delilah shirt up and off. Her perky breasts cupped softly by her bra greeted me and I kissed slowly down her neck.

“Oh Tehmeena!” Delilah moaned softly as my kisses met her chest, my hands already moving down to unbutton her jeans.

Sliding off her pants I stand back, gazing into Delilah ’s beautiful eyes. As our gaze meets we both share a grin as my heart warms at the sight of her. Slowly she sits up and beckons me closer. As I step towards her she stands and takes the robe, slowly pulling it off me. The robe falls to the floor around me as I take Delilah in my arms. Looking up at me into my eyes our lips inch closer. I can feel myself warming as we close our eyes and our lips meet. Our soft skin pressed against each other. My nipples getting hard, pressing into her chest, I reach around and unclasp her bra. Breaking our kiss just for a moment so I can remove her bra completely.

“Lay down my love,” I whisper into her ear as I ease her back onto the bed. As she lays back I see her nipples are erect. Grabbing her panties I slowly slide them off, my fingers grazing her legs slightly making her skin rise with goosebumps.

Kneeling between her legs I beckon for her to move towards me. Leaning forward I grab her thighs as I slowly breath out onto her lips. Kissing her mound slowly I feel her squirm slightly in anticipation. I continue to kiss around her vagina, slightly making contact with her lips as I move closer each time. Finally I slowly lick her swollen clitoris, slowly, gently. I hear Delilah gasp and suck air in as her legs tense around my head.

“Relax baby,” I say taking a moment from her warm embrace. Then going back down I lick her clit again as my hands grip her butt cheeks. Cradling her pelvis and butt as I lick and lick I feel her squirm in delight. Her breathing becoming labored as Delilah moans in delight.

“Ohhh, ohh my god!” she moans out. “Tehmeena, it’s… ”

She gasps as I finally push her over the edge. I can feel her legs tighten around my head as her muscles spasm. Grabbing my hair Delilah bucks her hips as an orgasm rips through her body. In my mouth I can feel the warmth liquid squirting into my mouth. Happily I swallow it down, my tongue running over her hot clit again.

“I… I’m sorry!” Delilah said panting, her breasts rising and falling with her breathing.

“For what my dear?” I ask looking up, wiping my mouth with my hand, grinning at the taste of Delilah covering me.

“I am pretty sure I squirted in your mouth,” Delilah said, a bit embarrassed.

Smiling I said back, “Yeah, I think you did.” Getting up I crawled over her, our eyes meeting again, breasts touching I said, “But who is to say I don’t like that?”

Giggling we both kissed and embraced sealing the moment.

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