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My First Pet (A Gentle Nudge)

My friends and pet give me a gentle push in the right direction.
This is continued from my previous stories, and is about next day with my pet.

Again any and all comments are welcome, and I hope you enjoy.

I woke the next morning, the memoriesof yesterday still fresh in my mind, as I lay still, holding my pet close to me and wishing I'd never have to let her go. Glancing at the clock, I saw it was about time to get up. I reached over turning the alarm off and went back to holding my pet until it was time for the alarm to have gone off.

I gently leaned over her, kissing her cheek and neck while I stroked her arm to wake her up. She began stirring awake as I was kissing her, trying to move her way closer to me, I smiled to myself as I heard her collar's bell ringing softly as she moved. “Time to get up my pet. We have things to do today.”

She turned until she was on her back, looking over to me. “What do you have planned mistress?”

Again, those familiar sparks of pleasure ran through my body at that name. 'I'll never get tired of her calling me that.' I thought while I smiled at her. She was still half asleep. “I'm going to have a quick shower, you jump in after me and I'll make us breakfast, ok”

“Yes mistress.” She said, yawning as she tried to wake up properly.

I crawled out of the bed and went to the shower, giving myself a quick wash, before going back to the bedroom, telling my pet to go have hers. As she climbed into the shower I picked out some clothes for us, as simple t-shirt and jeans for me, and a t-shirt and skirt along with some underwear for my pet.

As I made breakfast for us, I heard my pet go to her room and put on the clothes I'd chosen for her. She came into the kitchen, a slightly confused look on her face. “Mistress? I thought you said I shouldn't wear underwear when we're in the house.”

I grinned over to her, happy she'd remembered what I'd said last night. “Yes my pet, but we're going out to see a friend of mine today.”

“Which friend?”

“A good friend who I owe for something.” I said, flashing her a devious grin.

“Ok.... what about my collar?”

“Leave that on, but you can hide it slightly if you are worried.” She was obviously worried about having to explain it to my friend. I was nervous as well, but I didn't allow myself to show it, knowing Steven knew about it anyway.

“No, it shows that I'm yours, I should wear it.”

I pulled her close kissing her deeply and passionately.. “Good girl, my pet. I'll get you one from me soon, I promise”

“Thank you mistress, I'd love that.” She smiled as she stood beside me and helped me prepare the breakfast. As we sat down and ate, she occasionally pressed me for more information about my friend, I simply said “He is a good friend, and I said that we'd meet him today.”

Eventually she gave up asking, and we finished our breakfast. We sat on the couch for a while, her cuddling up to me, as we talked and watched the TV, until I decided we should go. We decided to get the bus, since it was a short ride to Steven's, as we got on I noticed the bus was a little crowded, with no two seats beside each other free.

As I sat down I pulled, my pet towards me, patting my lap as I grinned up at her. She hesitated a moment before she sat in my lap, a few passengers giving us strange looks as I sat holding on to her, probably from us being so close and possibly from noticing her collar, but I didn't care, I was happy holding my sweet pet.

When we got off the bus, it was a short walk to Steven's house, Jamie holding on to me as we walked. When we got there, I knocked on the door, and we were greeted by Sally. Smiling at us as she let us in. “Hi there Sam, is this her?”

“Hey Sally, yeah this is my beautiful little pet” I say as I kiss my pets head. Jane looked incredibly embarrassed as I said that. I was very nervous as well, not sure what to expect from Sally and Steven, but they were my friends and I knew everything would be fine, and I was having fun teasing my pet a bit.

Sally was grinning at Jane. “Stop being so embarrassed.” Then turning to me and saying. “I see she hasn't noticed. That's a beautiful collar she has.”

Jane turned to Sally again, this time noticing her collar, and started smiling to herself, realising everything was fine. “I like yours too.”

Sally turned back to Jane. “Thank you. Your very kind.”

I laughed to myself at how quickly my pet had calmed down. “Looks like she has now Sally. Where's Steven?”

Sally was giggling as she lead us through the house. “Master's in the living room. Follow me”

We followed her through the house to the living room where Steven was waiting for us. “Hey Sam, this your pet then?”

“Hey Steven, yeah, her name's Jane. Jane this is Steven and Sally.” She was still holding on to my arm, slightly unsure of them. We sat down on the couch beside each other when Steven motioned for us to sit.

“So, how've you two been?” I asked Steven, as I held my pet close to me, almost protectively, to reassure her not to worry.

“We've been good, Just been lazing about.”

We sat talking for a while, Jane started to become quite friendly with them both. While Jane and Sally where talking, Steven took me through to the kitchen so we could talk. “She seems very nice, your a lucky girl Sam.”

“Thanks, I wouldn't have tried anything without you pushing me to try it though.”

“No problem, me and Sally always thought you'd make a good mistress, you just needed a gentle push.”

“Well thanks anyway. I still can't believe you talked me into this though.”

“You'd have probably got curious eventually anyway, I just speeded things up. Now then, I said I was going to teach you some things right.”

“Umm... yeah, what did you have in mind.” I said nervously, unsure I wanted to really know some things, I still didn't like the idea of causing my pet any pain.

Steven seemed to know what I was thinking though. “Right, so nothing too much today, I'll just talk you through some of the basic things. I'll let you explore what your limits are with your pet.”

That put my mind at rest, knowing I wouldn't have to do anything I was unsure about. “Thanks Steven, what did you have in mind.”

“Right, well we'll let those two talk while I show you how to do some basic knots and things, and then we'll see what else you want to know.”

“Umm... ok, Can't hurt to learn I guess.” I was getting nervous again, even if Steven assured me it would be fine, I was worried about hurting my pet by accident.

We passed through the living room again, Jane and Sally were giggling on the couch, stopping quickly when they saw us. “I hope you two are behaving.” Steven said laughing as we passed.

“Yes master, of course we are.” I could see her and Jane barely holding back a laugh.

“Good girl, we'll be back in a bit ok.” With that we headed up to Stevens bedroom, looking around, it seemed pretty normal, nothing struck me as odd, until that is, Steven pulled a small spool of rope from under the bed. “So, do you know anything about this?”

“No... Are you sure this wont hurt her.” I was very nervous by this point, remembering all the things I'd seen of people tied up in awkward positions.

“She'll be fine, I'll teach you some basic things and I promise that it doesn't hurt, you don't even need to try them until you're more comfortable with it, ok.”

Taking a deep breath to calm myself “Right, lets just do this.”

“I knew you'd come around, now then, I'll show you how to tie the knots, but I'll only do it on a pillow or something so you get the idea.”

“All right then.”

We spent an hour or so, him teaching me a few different ways to tie up my pet, before he began talking about what to do after she was tied, from fairly basic things to spanking and whips, I cringed at the thought of using those though. 'Maybe in the future, but not now' I thought to myself.

After we finished, Steven had managed to calm my worries down again, he's very good at that it seems, we went back down stairs. Our pets were still talking and giggling away when we came back, stopping again when we entered.

Jane seemed to know we were going home soon, almost jumping up, and hugging me. “I missed you two pet. You ready to go home?”

“Yes Mistress” She looked back at Sally, a slight giggle between the two. “I'll talk to you later.”

As we walked back to the bus I asked her what she and Sally had talked about, she just laughed and said they were just getting to know each other. When we finally got back home, it was time for dinner. I quickly made us a meal and we ate it watching TV again.

After we finished we were cuddling on the couch when my pet said she was going to get changed. I waited for a while, before I got curious as to what she was up to. As I opened the bedroom door, I almost fell over from the shock. My pet had managed to tie herself to the bed, naked and had blindfolded herself. I stayed by the door, lightly laughing to myself. 'Steven and Sally talked her into this no doubt' I thought, shaking my head as I quietly walked up to her.

When I was beside her, she still gave no indication she knew I was there, I leaned down and kissed he left nipple. She immediately squirmed at my touch and was giggling hysterically. “You done this for me my pet?” I said, gently pinching on the nipple I had kissed, causing a moan from her.

“What took you so long mistress, I've been waiting.”

“Have you now?” A devious idea coming to me. “and what if I don't feel like playing tonight, maybe I should leave you here all night?” pulling on her nipple again to emphasise my point.

“No... please mistress, you wouldn't do that... would you?” I could hear slight panic in her voice.

“I don't know my pet, I never asked you to do this.” I had no intention to just leave her there, but I was enjoying her reaction slightly, knowing it would be all the better when I gave her what she had wanted.

“I'm sorry mistress, it was Sally, she told me that you would want this, but were worried for me.”

I giggled at that, before I leaned down and kissed her. She pulled back slightly, not expecting my kiss, before she began kissing back, leaning into me as best as she could. “And you thought you would give me a gentle push, hmm my pet?”

“I'm sorry mistress, I thought you would like it.” I could tell she was close to crying, thinking she'd made me mad, so I decided to end my toying with her.

“Who said I didn't love it.” I say as I crawl onto the bed, sitting between her legs, and I lean down kissing and nibbling her breasts.

She moans loudly at my touch again. “Thank you mistress, I only wanted to please you.”

I moved further up, kissing and nipping my way up her neck and to her ear. Whispering to her “Your such a great pet, this was a lovely surprise. I love you my pet.” then I made my way back down to her breasts, kissing and nibbling one while I massaged the other, before switching sides.

She was squirming in her bonds as I continued for a while, before I moved down further, down to her stomach and the sides of her thighs, before moving back up, this time on the insides of her thighs, looking up to her face every so often, it was clear I was getting her very worked up from her face, all scrunched up in pleasure, and she was moaning loudly.

I ran my left hand fingers up her slit, flicking her clit as they passed it. “Now then pet, what should I do?”

She gasped loudly at my actions, trying to move her hips down onto my fingers. “Please mistress, do whatever you want to me, please just let me cum.” I grinned up at her, even if she couldn't see me, and pushed two of my fingers into her.

“Not till I say you can, my pet.” as I leaned down again, licking around and flicking her clit with my tongue as I fingered her.

“Y..Yes.. mistress.” Her voice shaky, as she was already close.

I continued like that for a while, until I suddenly pulled my fingers out, she moaned from the sudden lose of feeling, before I replaced the feeling, licking around her pussy and moving my fingers to grind into her clit, and gently flicked and pulled on it. As I pushed my tongue in to her, she moaned loudly, and she was madly trying to push her hips onto me, held tightly by her self made bonds.

I revelled in having her so close to the edge, but knowing she was holding off for me. Until I moved away enough to speak. “Now cum my pet, cum for your mistress.” As soon as the words left my lips her back arched up, and she screamed out in ecstasy as her orgasm over came her body, and she was shaking in her bonds, as I eagerly leaned back down, licking up all her juices.

When she finally came down from her orgasm I undid the knots around her ankles, surprised how easily they came undone, and yet they had held her tightly. I massaged up her legs, chest and up each arm, undoing their ties and finally removing her blindfold. As soon as she was free she grabbed onto me, kissing me madly. “I'm so glad you liked that mistress.”

I pushed her back down to the bed, kissing her back, just as madly as she had. “I loved it my pet, thank you for that. I'll be sure to remember that one.”

She was still breathing deeply and smiling at me “Yes mistress, I'd love to try that again.”

“Good girl. Now, it's late we need some rest.” I said as I gently rolled to her side and turned her to face away from me, reaching round her and pulling her close to me.

She giggled as she gladly pushed back into my arms. “Night mistress.”

I was stroking her hair as she fell asleep before I quickly followed.

“Good night my pet, I can't wait to see what other adventures we'll have.”

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