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My First Pet (After Dinner)

This is continued from my first story My First Pet and continues from where that left off
Since people have enjoyed my first story, I've decided to write more. Thanks to everyone who commented on it for their support. I enjoy hearing from readers.

This is continued from my first story "My First Pet" and follows from where that left off.

Again, please give any comments and I hope you enjoy.

After what had happened a few moments ago, I was almost dancing round the kitchen as I prepared dinner. I was ecstatic, I couldn't believe things had gone as well as they had. My beautiful Jane had just shown she was completely willing to be my pet, my little play thing and do everything I ask.

As I was cooking dinner, I remembered I was going to talk to Steven about what happened and thank him for encouraging me to go ahead with this. Picking up the phone, I dialed his number.

“Hey Sam, I got your text, everything went well then?” he said.

I blushed slightly, knowing he probably had ideas of what had happened. “Yeah... things went great.”

“Glad to hear it. How is she?”

My face went red from that. “W..What do mean?”

I heard him laughing at my embarrassment. “Does she make a good sub?”

It felt like my face was burning. “Yes... Yes she is.”

He was laughing again. “Stop being so embarrassed. Your a mistress now, you can't have your pet seeing you embarrassed because of that, you need to be in control all off the time.”

I took a few deep breaths to calm myself down. “Your right.”

“I guess I'll need to teach you some things, so you know how to act more like a mistress, then.”

“So your going to train me like your pet then?” I said, laughing half heartedly.

I could hear him and Sally laughing, obviously she was listening in. “No, only Sally gets that. I'll just give you some pointers.”

He paused for a moment, I could hear them talking to each other, but couldn't tell what it was. Then he came back on laughing loudly. “Besides, Sally reckons that I couldn't control you anyway.”

I had to laugh at that. “She's probably right.”

“Sounds like a challenge to me, Sam.”

“And what's to say I wouldn't take control of you?”

We all started laughing again. “I'm sure you'll make a great mistress, Sam.”

I paused a moment and realised something. “You were testing me there, weren't you?”

“You caught me, I wanted to see how how controlling you would be. Your pet's very lucky.”

“Thanks. Maybe I'll introduce you two to her soon.”

“We'd love to meet her, maybe tomorrow if you're free.”

“Sure, I'll bring her round in the morning.”

“Great, I'll also teach you some more things as well, till then just remember it's you in control. See you later Sam.”

“All right, talk to you in the morning.” I hung up and went back to making dinner.

A few minutes before dinner would be finished I went back through to the bedroom to wake my pet up. As I opened the door I noticed she was curled up in the bed still sleeping. I couldn't help but laugh to myself, seeing her wearing her collar and curled up as she was, she resembled a young kitten.

I walked up beside her and gave her a gentle kiss and stroked her arm, waking her up. She smiled as she woke, kissing me back before I pulled away enough so we could speak.“Mmmm.... That's a nice way to wake up, Mistress,” she whispered to me.

I felt those sparks of pleasure through my body again as she called me that, knowing she wanted to remain my pet. “Glad you liked it, my pet,” I whispered back, giving her another quick kiss before I continued. “Dinner's almost finished, get dressed again and come through to the living room, ok.”

She giggled as she sat up. “Yes, Mistress.”

I went back to the kitchen setting out our food before I took it to the living room. My pet was already sitting down on the couch, grinning up at me as I came in. “Dinner smells nice, Mistress.”

I sat down beside her and we ate dinner as we watched TV. Once we finished I took the plates back to the kitchen before I sat back down. As we continued watching the TV she moved close to me, resting her head on my shoulder. I began stroking her hair as we sat there, until I felt her hand rubbing up my legs and thigh.“Were you wanting something my pet?” I said, grinning down at her.

“You're pet's gotten herself all worked up thinking about you, Mistress”

I devious grin came to my face as I had an idea. “Well then, don't let me keep you from taking care of yourself, my pet.”


“Go on, if you've really gotten all worked up, then you should take care of that, shouldn't you?”

“Y..Yes mistress.”

“Well.. go on then,” I say, grinning mischievously. “And, here, sit in my lap.” I move my legs apart slightly, motioning for her to sit.

She stands up and moves in front of me facing away, she hesitates for a moment and as she stands there I reach up around her waist. “Better take this off,” I say, hooking my thumbs into the waist band of her skirt and slowly taking moving it down off her hips and letting it fall to the ground. I notice she never put any underwear on earlier. “No underwear my pet? Very naughty,” I say as I lean up and give her left ass cheek a light nibble.

She moans slightly from my bite. “Sorry mistress, I was in a hurry to get dressed for you.”

Pulling her down onto my lap I whisper into her ear. “That's ok my pet, I was going to tell you not to wear any when we're in the house anyway, I want to be able to have you whenever I want.” I start nibbling and kissing her neck.

She lets out a load moan, leaning her head back against my shoulder. “Yes Mistress, you can have me whenever you want. I only want to please you.”

“Good girl, and you do.” I reach around her and interlock my fingers with hers, I move our left hands under her shirt to her breasts and begin gently squeezing them, pinching her nipples. As she moans loudly I move our right hands down to her slit, rubbing her with our finger tips.

She shivers and squirms under our touch as I direct her hands movements, all the while I'm kissing her neck. She starts grinding her hips up onto our fingers wanting more. I push two of our fingers into her and she lets out a load gasp as I begin pushing them in and out of her.

She begins to buck her hips in time with our fingers movements, wanting them deep as she can get them. I could feel myself getting wet as she moves her hips, grinding them against my pussy through my jeans, every time she bucks them, and she moans even louder as she gets close to cumming. “Ohh... yes, please mistress, fuck me, oh fuck... yes.”

I move from her neck, whispering into her ear. “Yes my pet, now cum for your mistress.” As I say it I push our fingers as deep as I can and grind her palm into her clit.

She arches her back of my chest, almost screaming, in ecstasy as she cums all over our fingers as I continue fingering her throughout her orgasm, making it last as long as I can. She falls back into my chest as she comes down from her orgasm.

“Good girl,” I whisper as I bring our hands, still interlocked up to her mouth. She quickly opens her mouth, taking our fingers in, eagerly licking up her juices. I laugh lightly at her eagerness. “How do you taste, my pet?”

She moves away from our fingers. “Not as good as you, Mistress,” she says, still gasping from her orgasm.

“Care for some dessert after our dinner then?” I say laughing, unable to keep from making the joke.

She laughs with me, as she slides from my lap onto the floor. “Mmm, yes Mistress, I would.”

She quickly unfastens my jeans and works them off my legs, throwing them across the room. She smiles up at me as she notices the wetness on my underwear. “Did you enjoy playing with me Mistress?”

I grin down at her. “Of course my pet. Now here..” I reach around, and pull her head to me. “... come get your treat.”

She giggled as she moved towards me, planting kisses and nibbles up my thighs, as I moaned from her actions. “Oh god, yes my pet, don't stop.”

She kept going with even more vigour. I pulled her head closer to me, wanting more. She licked up my underwear, causing me to shiver in anticipation, and she bit the top of them, pulling them down my legs with her teeth, before she tossed them across to where my jeans had landed.

She licked her lips as she saw my pussy, imagining my taste. Before she almost jumped forwards, tracing around my slit with her tongue and flicking my clit. I lift my own shirt over my head before I reach down, removing hers as well, before throwing them aside as well.

I put my left hand on the back of her head, pulling her face close into me, as I played with my nipples with my right. She began sucking on my clit as she pushed two fingers into me. I pushed my hips up, forcing her deeper into me and began grinding my hips on her fingers and against her mouth.

I was moaning deeply, quickly coming to my orgasm. I felt Jamie, moaning against me as she sucked and licked at my clit, causing shivers throughout my body. She had her free hand between her legs, fingering herself in time with her other hands movements in me.

I came quickly after, pulling her face close to me, as she eagerly licked up all my juices. Until she came soon after, her screams muffled against my thighs. I reached down under her her arms and pulled her back up onto the couch, her legs shaky from her orgasm. I kissed her, tasting myself on her lips, as I reached between her legs coating my fingers in her juices, and brought them back up, licking my fingers clean.

“Come my pet, we should get some rest before tomorrow,” I said, breathing heavily.

“Yes Mistress,” she breathed as she tried to stand, her legs still shaking, before she fell back onto me.

I stood up, holding her close to me, as I supported her. “All tired out my pet?” I laughed lightly.

She laughed with me, as I walked us through to the bed and gently laid her in bed and crawled in behind her, holding on tightly, keeping her close to me. “Sleep well my pet and sweet dreams.”

She turned her head, kissing me, before she turned back, wriggling even closer up to me. “Yes Mistress, I'll dream of you.” I knew she was smiling as she drifted off in my arms, happy with what happened happened today.

I lay awake for a while stroking her hair as she slept besides me, all curled up in my arms. I began to drift off to sleep myself.

“Rest well my pet, we have a lot ahead of us tomorrow.”

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