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My First Pet (My Naughty Pet)

The next story in my My First Pet series
Really sorry to al those that have patiently waited on this, some real life things got in the way of my writing. but here it is now. I hope it was worth the wait.

This story is about the first time I had to discipline my pet.

As always, any and all comments are welcome, enjoy.

It had been two weeks since my pet had agreed to be mine, to give herself completely to me and do anything I told her to. We had spent the time trying out more of the things Steven had taught me, as well as a few things I had looked up myself. Though I still didn't like the idea of inflicting pain on my pet.

I awoke as usual before she did. As I lay there still holding her close to me, I sighed to myself, I had to go back to work that day and I wasn't looking forward to it, I just wanted to spend the day cuddling up with my pet on the couch. I reluctantly crawled out of the bed, careful not to wake my pet doing so, and had a shower.

When I was finished I went back to the bedroom to get changed, noticing my pet was still asleep. I went over to her and gently stroked her cheek, wakening her up, still asleep she was rubbing against my touch and I couldn't help but laugh to myself.

When she did wake she looked at me through still tired eyes, confused at why I was up and dressed so early. “Morning Mistress” She said smiling happily, though still wondering why I was up.

Still stroking her cheek I said “I have to go to work today my pet, I'll be back about two, ok.” A hint of sadness in my voice at having to leave her for the day.

“Ok mistress, I'll miss you” She answered with the same note of sadness in her voice as well.

Giving her a slight smile, I tapped her nose. “It's still early, you go back to sleep for a while and I'll be back as soon as I can, right”

She yawned and answered with a simple “Yes mistress.” As she already began to drift back to sleep.

I looked over my shoulder as I closed the door, noticing she was already back to sleep, smiling at her and closing the doors quietly as I left for my work.

I worked at a small restaurant, not great pay, but enough and it was easy work. This was my first day back as the 'new' me since my change the weeks before. During the day I got a few comments about it, usually saying I was more confident and commanding, I had to laugh to myself at them. 'You have no idea' I thought to myself.

At lunch I got a call from Steven. “Hey Sam.”

“Hey Steven, what's up?” I asked, slightly confused as to why he was calling.

“You remember that friend I mentioned last week?” I knew the one he meant. She ran an lingerie store, and sold a few things “from a back room” as he had put it. He'd asked me if I wanted to go see her and, hesitantly, I had agreed.

“Yeah, I do”

“Well, I said you'd go see her today, that ok?”

“Yeah, sure, I'll go after work, will you be there?” Part of me hoped yes since I'd never been to a place like that before, and yet more of me would rather do this alone.

“Nah, I've got things to do, but she'll be free all day probably.”By this point my boss was getting annoyed at me for using my phone and because my break was over.

“Got to go Steven, I'll talk to you later.” I hung up and went back to work.

By now I was relaxing back into my normal routine at work. When I had a few moments to myself I texted my pet that I would be late, telling her I'd be back as soon as I could. I could picture her face as she read my text, a mixture of sadness and frustration. I pushed it from my mind and focused on my work, willing time to pass quicker.

As soon as my work was over I rushed out to catch a bus into town. I got off outside the shop Steven had told me. As I entered I could see someone at the other end of the store reading a magazine. I took a few breaths, relaxing back to my mistress mind set, and walked up to them.

“Hi, Steven said I'd be coming over” I said as confidently as I could to the person.

They looked over the magazine, their eye's going wide as they saw me. “Sam, Is that you?”

I looked her over for a second before realising who it was. “Rebecca?” She was one of my best friends at school, but she'd moved away suddenly a few years back.

“Oh my god, it is you” She almost squealed “Steven said he was sending a friend over, but I had no idea it was you.”

We talked for a while, catching up and talking about our old school. While we talked we walked around the shop, I occasionally picked up some things. Then she took me to the back room, where the more 'private' things were sold, as she joked.

We kept talking as we walked around, and she stopped every so often to pick up something, from handcuffs, to silk rope and paddles, and put them in the basket of things I had.

After she'd gotten everything she wanted, we went back to the front room and she put the things in a bag for me, and let me use her discount. I was anxious to get back to my pet, so I paid and went to leave, Rebecca called after me just before I reached the door, and ran up to me.

“Almost forgot Sam, Steven asked me to give you these” She said holding two tickets to a party at a club in a few months time. I knew the kind of party it would be as soon as I saw them, I wasn't hugely interested in going at the time since I never went to lots of big parties, but I took the tickets anyway. 'Well, I've done a lot I usually wouldn't, recently' I thought as I put them in the bag with my purchases.

“Thanks, it's good to see you back, I'll see you around Rebecca.”

“You to Sam, see ya”

With that I quickly caught a bus back to my pet, rushing up to the door and quickly opening it, I walked up to the bedroom to put my new toys away, but I stopped at the door, hearing heavy breathing and moans on the other side.

I knew instantly what was happening. 'Heh, my pet couldn't wait for me to get home.'

I paused for a second, thinking what the best thing for me to do was, suddenly a mischievous thought came to mind as I reached into the bag, pulling out a pair of padded hand cuffs. I opened the door slowly, wanting to surprise my pet, but she was too far gone to see me enter.

Her face was buried into the bed, her ass up in the air with her left hand fingering herself, I knew she was close from her moans, so I quickly moved to her side and grabbed her arms, quickly cuffing them behind her back.

It took her a second to realise, but she quickly snapped out of her daze, her head shooting to the side to see me. “M... Mistress...” She said, seemingly confused by what had happened.

“Thought you'd have some fun while I was out my pet, hmm?” I said doing my best to seem angry or upset, I wasn't really, I just wanted to join in, but I knew that wasn't how I should react, and not how she would want me to react, so I did my best to seem annoyed at her for playing with herself while I was out.

“I.. I'm s..sorry Mistress, I never...” She replied with a slight stutter in her voice, I suspected it was partly due to thinking she'd angered me, but knew it was mostly from having been so close to cumming.

“What.... you thought I wouldn't find out? Hmm?”

She hadn't changed position during this, and at my words she looked away from me. “I'm sorry Mistress, I never thought, I'm sorry.”

“No you never my pet, you'll have to learn” I said as I sat down at her feet, rubbing a hand over her ass as she arched up into my touch.

“Yes Mistress, I understand. I will learn to do better”

“Good girl, but you will need to be punished for this”

“I understand Mistress, I know I have to be punished for playing with myself without permission”

I wasn't sure I could do this, I was scared of really hurting her, but I knew I had to do it. I never said anything, I simply raised my hand and brought it down on her left as cheek as hard as I thought I should.

She gasped quickly from the spank “Oww.... Sorry Mistress” Her words muffled slightly as she pushed her head against the bed

I repeated the action, this time on her right ass cheek. She never spoke this time, just another loud gasp as my hand contacted with her ass cheek.

I gave each cheek another spank, this time as instead of a loud gasp, I got a deep moan from my pet as she arched her ass up further in anticipation of the next spank.

I laughed lightly to myself, sure I wasn't really harming her now, and brought the next two spanks down with more force one after the other. She let out a short gasp of pain and again arched up for the next ones.

I got more into the spanking, getting quite wet from it. I continued to spank her till I reached 9 spanks, as she arched up for the next one again, I instead softly trailed my fingers over her slightly tender ass, she moaned deeply at my touch.

I reached between her legs, tracing my fingers up the length of her slit, she shivered and gasped loudly, trying to grind against my fingers. I slipped two fingers in easily with how wet she was, no doubt from her previous playing with herself, but she had gotten more aroused by the spanking I thought.

I began slowly moving my fingers inside her, slowly working her back to the orgasm she'd been close to before I came in. Soon she was forcing self back onto my fingers as I picked up speed, her moans and gasps still loud, even muffled by the bed.

I leaned down towards her ear, whispering softly to her “Your ass looks lovely coloured pink pet”.

She blushed deeply at my words as I continued to finger her, soon she was on the edge of orgasm again, and I was soaked and needed to get off too. I quickly pulled my fingers from her, she moaned at the loss of feeling as soon as they left her, but quickly gasped and shot up as I brought my hand down on her ass again.

I stood up and quickly went to the door to retrieve the bag there, brining it into the room I brought out a small vibrator with several settings and stripped of my clothes. I slowly pushed it into her pussy as I walked back, before sitting at her head, gently pulling her head up towards me with the vibrator controls in my hand.

She quickly understood and began placing light nibbles, kisses and licks up my thighs. It didn't take her long to get me worked up, after my spanking her and fingering her. I turned the vibrator in her on, as soon as it started she jumped lightly pushing against my pussy.

She quickly began licking around my lips and over my clit. I began moaning loudly, shuddering each time she passed my clit.

I reached down with my free hand, pulling her close to me as I set the vibrator to the next level, she moaned deeply against me as she slowly pushed her tongue into me.

I was on the verge of cumming, so I put the vibrator up to it's highest level, my pet screaming out in an orgasm almost instantly, The vibrations from her cries sending me over the edge as I aslo came.

We lay there for a moment recovering before I moved down, un-cuffing her hands and removing the vibrator, setting the items aside and pulling her up into a deep kiss.

“All is forgiven my pet.”

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