My First Pet

By MistressS

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This is a story loosely based on my first D/s experience.
(A little background information to make the story make more sense)

This is loosely based on my first experience as a mistress and details like names have been changed , neither me or my pet are into excessive amounts of pain in our relationship (only light bondage). This happened a few weeks after I started going out with her and was my first time staying at her place.

Any comments or criticism are appreciated and I may write more based on if people enjoy this or not. This is an early draft as well so I may update it at a later point. Thank you and I hope you enjoy.

I woke the next morning holding Jane close to me as she still slept. I lay still, enjoying her beside me, and remembering the events of last night. 'We will definitely be doing that again,' I thought to myself.

We stayed like that till Jane's alarm went off. She woke up, turning her head to look at me.

“Morning sexy,” I said giving her a deep kiss.

“Mmm... morning,” she said, leaning back into my embrace.

After twenty minutes she spoke up again. “I need to go to work.... I hope you'll still be here when I get back,” she said with a hint of sadness in her voice.

I leaned down and whispered into her ear, “Hurry back, I'll be waiting for you,” and I kissed her neck again, reluctantly letting her go get ready for her work.

I fell back to sleep once she'd gone, and dreamt of all the things I wanted to do to her. I woke a few hours before Jane was supposed to come back and decided to have a shower and a bite to eat as I waited for her. Once I was showered and had made myself a breakfast, I looked around her house a little. Then, in her bedroom, something caught my eye, I saw a thin shiny black strap with a small bell on it.

Curiosity got the better of me and I went over to look at it, picking it up I realised it was a cat collar... but it was too big for a cat. As I stood there looking at the strange collar, I suddenly remembered my friend Steven. I'd seen his girlfriend wear something similar once. I pulled out my phone and rang him up.

“Hey Steven, how are you?”

“Hey Sam, I'm good, what you calling about?”

Heh, that was Steven, always straight to the point. “I was just wondering... you know that collar thing that Sally wears sometimes.... what is that for?”

I heard him laughing on the other end, “It was a gift I bought for her. Why do ask?”

“Well...” I started, unsure what to say, “It's just... I found something similar in my friend's room... and I was interested.”

He laughed again, “ Well now, that is interesting.” He paused for a moment, seeming to gather his thoughts, “It's a sign of ownership between a master... or mistress,” he added quickly, “or 'owners', and their pets or slaves.”

I paused for a moment, I had heard and read about BDSM and Dominant and Submissive people before, but I'd always been a bit scared by the idea of inflicting pain on someone, even if they wanted me to, and I didn't like the idea of being the one receiving the pain either.

Steven seemed to sense my worries, “Don't worry, what you'll read on the internet about it, is usually only the extremes of things. Most owners don't want to hurt their pets, it's all about them submitting to them in every way. The sub's enjoy giving up all control to their dom's.”

I started to get a bit more interested as Steven continued to explain things to me for a while, settling all my worries and I even got very interested in it. Once he'd finished explaining what the relationship was actually like, I stopped worrying so much, then he spoke up again, “Is your 'friend' a dom or a sub then?”

I thought for a moment. 'Well... she wasn't very controlling last night,' I thought to myself.

“I think she's a sub... but I can't be sure,” I told him, getting quite excited about the thoughts of Jane submitting to me.

“Well then..., “ Steven paused thinking, “... why don't you try and find out. Is she out at the moment?”

“Yeah,” I respond, slightly worried about what he was thinking.

“Right... when she comes back, don't let her kiss you... you be the one in control, when you kiss her tilt her head back, and keep her responding to what you are doing. If she goes along with it completely then try asking her about the collar or try to have her put it on and then you'll know for sure.”

I felt strangely happy with his plan, it made complete sense to me. “Right, thanks Steven....” I paused for a moment “Wait... so you and Sally... “ I left the sentence unfinished, unsure how to say it.

He seemed to know what I meant anyway, “Do we have that kind of relationship? Yes she's a very good pet for her master,” I heard him laugh again. “If all goes well with this girl, me and Sally would love to meet her sometime.... maybe I could teach you some things.”

I paused thinking, I was intrigued by his offer, “We'll see what happens first, thanks, I'll talk to you later.”

“Later.... and Sam... have fun.”

I hung up the phone and looked at the time, 'just 30 minutes till Jane's back'. I slumped onto the couch thinking to myself. 'What if she freaks out over this?', 'What if she's actually a dom?', 'What if I can't do this?'. I tried to clear my head of all that, choosing to focus on the thought of having my sweet beautiful Jamie submitting to me, being totally in my power. I started to get excited by the thought again.

Before I realised, Jane was back from work and she was unlocking the door. I jumped up, grabbing the collar, of the desk, and running up to the door, trying not to seem too eager. When she came in she locked the door again and turned to me. I walked up to her, trying my best to seem in control. She just looked at me as walked up to her, until there was mere inches between us.

I reached around and gently grabbed the back of her head, looking into her eyes for any signs of what she was thinking, and I slowly pulled her head back and leaned into her kissing her deeply and forcefully. When I pulled away and she tried to follow my mouth I suddenly felt far more sure of myself... Steven was right, she was a sub... my mind went crazy with thoughts of what I could do, and I felt myself getting wet just from the thought of it.

As she stood there waiting for my instruction, I took a moment to admire her beauty before deciding what I'd have her do. I gave a devious grin as many ideas came to mind. But those would be for another time, this would be my first time as a mistress and my first time telling Jane what to do. So I gave her a simple instruction for now to see how well she would obey.

“Go get undressed and get into bed, and wait for me,” I looked into her eyes again, looking for any hints of worry or fear in them.

She gave me smile “Yes Sa..” I raised my hand to stop her.

“When we're alone you will address me as mistress, understand?”

“Yes mistress, sorry mistress,” She looked down, looking upset. Sparks of pleasure ran up my spine as she called me that, before I felt bad for making her upset, then I realised why.

I took her chin in my hand raising her head up smiling at her warmly, “That's ok my pet, you didn't know, and I forgive you,” I give her another forceful kiss before continuing. “Now go do as commanded, I'll be through for you in a bit.”

She gave me a big smile and quickly walked into the bedroom. I was ecstatic, I'd gotten exactly what I'd wanted and I didn't even need to force or trick her into it like I thought I might.

I went back to the living room, picking up my phone and texting Steven on my success.

'Hi Steven, your plan was great, I'll talk to you later.'

I hurried back to the bedroom. As I opened the door slowly, I could see Jane lying out on the bed. As I entered, I smiled to myself, knowing that my pet had done as she was told, and I didn't need to do anything to entice her to obey me. I walked up to her slowly, never taking my eyes of her beautiful naked body. As I came up beside her she turned her head to look at me, smiling the whole time.

“Do I please you mistress?”

I leaned down kissing her again, letting it linger for a moment before I pulled away, her moving after my kiss again, “Yes my pet, you make your mistress very happy.”

“Thank you mistress, I love making you happy.”

I smile warmly at my pet, she knows exactly how to act. 'Her last mistress taught her well' I thought to myself. 'That makes my job far easier'. I reach out caressing her cheek with my hand, and she slowly rubs her cheek into my hand enjoying my touch.

I pull the collar I found earlier from my pocket, when she sees it I notice a slight fearful look appears in her eyes. I stroke her cheek again. “Calm down pet, there's nothing to worry about.” With that she settles back down again.

“Where did you get this from?”

She hesitated for a moment, clearly worried about how I'd react. I spoke up again, this time more forcefully and lightly slapping the side of her ass as I spoke.

“Your mistress asked you a question my pet. Where did you get it?”

She looks straight at me, fearful of what I might say. “It was a gift from my previous mistress.” She looked away again, thinking I'd be angry that I wasn't her first one. She didn't know that it was because of this collar that I'd done this.

I reached over pulling her face back to look at me. “It's ok my pet.” I kissed her again while continuing to stroke her cheek, “And who is your mistress now?”

She smiled seeing that I wasn't angry with her. “You are mistress, only you.”

I smiled very pleased with her answer. “Good pet.” I reached down and gently traced my fingers over her left breast. She immediately began to squirm under my touch. I could tell she was all worked up just from submitting to me and I had gotten my self drenched from having her submit. I smiled to myself 'plenty of time to train her later, she deserves some pleasure' I think as I began to climb on top of her.

I lean down flicking her nipples with my tongue. As I do, I look up at her seeing her face all scrunched up in pleasure, then her arms started to move to the sides of my head. I pull away, grabbing her wrists and holding them above her head, I put them around one of the bed posts.

“Don't let go, ok?” She nodded blankly, gripping onto the bed post.

I go back to liking and suckling on her breasts again. My intention was to make her feel good, but then an idea comes to mind. 'This would be a good time to see how long she'll obey me for' I doubled my efforts on her breasts, alternating between gently kneading them and roughly squeezing them. All the while keeping an eye on her face for any signs that she might give in to her desires. She lay there squirming in pleasure, moaning softly at my touches.

I continued for a while until I was satisfied that she wouldn't disobey me, I began to slowly kiss and nibble down her stomach. When I reached her crotch I lightly slapped at her thighs. Telling her to spread her legs for me. She quickly does what she knows I wanted. I reward her with a loving kiss on her lower lips and she thrusts her hips up to me, wanting me to continue. I push her back down before I gave her a few more kisses down there. She was squirming around, aching for release.

I looked back up to her and smiled noticing her hands were still on the bed post. I sat up and began gently tracing my fingers up her slit. “Do you want to cum my pet?”

“Y..yes mistress... please... I need to cum.” I smiled, knowing she was holding off for me.

“Good girl,” I pushed two fingers into her dripping pussy “Cum for your mistress.” I leaned down again, liking around my fingers as they thrust in and out of her. I paid attention to her clit rolling it over my tongue.

She came quickly after, spasmming around my hand as I continued to finger her through her orgasm. I had a mini orgasm at the same time from having brought her to this point and from knowing she was so willing and trusting to completely obey me.

I smiled down at her, sweaty, naked and extremely satisfied, my pet always looks so sexy. I sat up at the top of the bed and pulled her up, resting her head in my lap. As she comes down from her orgasm, I stroked her hair out of her face and sat there cuddling her. As we lay there she turns her head to me.


“Yes, my pet?”

“That was wonderful... should I make you cum now?”

I looked down smiling at her, my beautiful pet, always so eager to please. “No my pet, that was for being such a good girl, there will be plenty of time for you to make me cum later,” I kiss her deeply again, continuing to stroke the side of her head.

“Yes mistress, thank you mistress” She pauses for a moment wondering something, “Mistress.... do you want me to get rid of that collar... since it's not from you I mean?”

I gently kiss her forehead. “Well, if your my pet you should have something to show it” I say smiling at her. “I suppose this will do till I get one of my own for you.”

She grins up at me, happy that I wasn't upset with her, and she lifts her had up from my lap, letting me strap the collar around her neck.

I gently kiss her forehead again, “Now, you rest quickly, I'll go make us some dinner, ok”

“Yes mistress,” She moved off my lap lying back down onto the bed, quickly falling asleep, the small bell ringing with the rising and falling of her chest as she breathed..

I looked at her lovingly again before I went off to cook our dinner.

“My beautiful pet, oh what fun we'll have together.”