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My First REAL Lesbian Experience

My new friend Holly introduces me to oral sex, in the way only a woman knows best.
I am 22 and in college, I had flirted with women my whole life and had even done some stuff like kissing and tit sucking on a dare, but this was the real thing and I was sooo fucking hot. She was one of my girlfriend's roommates.

We had all gone out to a club and were having a good time getting a little bit drunk, and dancing and flirting with guys. None of them really appealed to me or Holly, so we wanted to split.

My friend Jessica was picking up a guy and didn't want to leave.

I told Holly, I would take her home. We rode together and we were talking about sex and guys, and she said to me, that she hated when guys wanted her to give a blow job but never wanted to lick her pussy.

I laughed and said I had the same experience.

She told me she was bisexual and had been with women before. I was surprised and kind of turned on. We got to her apartment and she invited me in for drinks. I went in and we had a drink, and she sitting next to me talking and giggling with her hand on my thigh.

I was feeling pretty shy and didn't know what to do. She was really starting to come on strong.

I said I was going to get going, and she said, "Wait no..I want to show you something."

She slid her top down and showed me her tits. She asked if I liked her tits. They were perfect. C cup and round and firm. I stared and said they were perfect.

Suddenly she leaned over and started kissing me. I kissed her back and her hands wandered to my tits and she started rubbing my nipples through my shirt. I wasn't wearing a bra and my nipples got hard almost instantly.

She asked if I had ever been with a woman and I said no. She pulled my shirt up and started licking and kissing my tits and sucking and lightly biting my nipples. She rubbed her tits against mine. I just leaned back on the couch at first and did nothing. Her hand slid up my skirt and started rubbing my pussy through my panties. Stroking her finger up and down my slit.

She said, "I want to touch you."

At first I said that we shouldn't be doing this...but her mouth felt so good on my tits and her hand slid inside my panties, rubbing my bare pussy gently. One finger slipped between my pussy lips and she started rubbing.

She undressed me, and undressed herself as well. She pressed her hot body all along the length of me rubbing our bodies together. Her tongue kissing me and her mouth on mine. She got down on her knees and kissed her way down my belly, licking my thighs, then she found my slit. She ran her tongue up and down my wet slit then spread my thighs apart and dove in. Her tongue found my clit easily and she started eating my cunt hard.

My eyes closed and rolled back in my head. I had NEVER had my pussy licked like that.

She slipped a finger inside my pussy and slid it in and out as she ate my wet pussy. Pretty soon she had two fingers inside, and my pussy was bucking up to meet her mouth. My hands gripped her long red hair and I was cumming so hard I had never cum like that. She licked me and finger fucked me till I came twice more.

Then she said, "Now its your turn."

I wasn't so sure about that, and told her I had never eaten pussy.

She said, "Too bad honey, I licked yours - now you eat mine, trust me you will like it."

She shoved me back onto the couch and straddled my face lowering her pussy down to my mouth. I didn't do anything at first, and she got aggressive and said, "Eat my pussy you little bitch, I made you you start eating and don't stop till I tell you to!"

She ground her pussy down on my lips. It was completely bare and baby smooth. I started licking up and down her slit.

"MMMMM yes, thats it, lick that pussy," she said.

She was grinding her pussy on my tongue hard. I stuck my tongue in her tight pussy and she moaned in pleasure. I started licking her clit harder and faster as she rode my face. She was getting wetter and wetter..She flipped over and said, "Now lick my pussy and my ass!"

I didn't want to but she lowered her mouth to my pussy and started licking and I would've done anything to keep her doing it. I tongued her pussy from behind and licked her tight asshole. She started screaming with her climax and jerked her pussy all over my face and chin.

Then she sat up on the back of the couch and told me to eat her some more. She grabbed my hair and shoved my face into her pussy. I licked and nibbled and tongue fucked her as she held my head down and jerked her pussy all over my mouth.

After she came again, she told me to lie down, and she lay down the opposite way, and scissored our legs together grinding our pussies together. I felt like I was going to cum again and she kept rubbing our pussies together until we were both screaming in pleasure.

When she was done, she licked my pussy clean sticking her finger into my asshole...and said, "We will save that for later!"

I went home and I can't WAIT till we hook up again.
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