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My first Sapphic love

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My epiphany
It was almost a cliché. We met at a friend's social gathering and, whilst neither of us expected such a result, it happened.

At the party, even though we were in the company of others, we noticed each other and the attraction was instant.

We engineered, solely by glances, that we ended up in the ladies' cloakroom at the same time. No, nothing happened there but we did exchange phone numbers - albeit with shy smiles.

I was too nervous to call - nothing like this had happened to me before. O K, I had fooled around with some friends when I was away at school but the sensations I was feeling now, didn't compare.

After a couple of days, she called. The call lasted three hours. We talked, we flirted and we teased. By the end of that call, we knew we had something special and the only way to ensure it wasn't ephemeral was to be together for more than an hour or so. To this end, we arranged that she would stay with me for a weekend. I couldn't go to her home as she shares it with others.

We set a date five days hence. I confess, I was on tenterhooks.

Late Friday afternoon arrived and I heard a knock on the door. Should I answer it? Hell, yes!

I acted very demurely on the doorstep,waving her in but, as I turned from locking the door, she grasped me in a tight embrace and kissed me deeply. I was gone. My arousal levels skyrocketed as our tongues explored each other's mouth and our hands quickly mapped the upper areas of our bodies.

Whilst my body wanted to continue, my brain craved comfort, so I broke our decidedly lustful embrace and led her to my bedroom. I saw her scan the room and then she approached me and kissed me again. Very soon, we were stripping each other of our clothes and, for the first time, I was able to see her entirely naked.

For a moment, I was stunned. I couldn't take in the rise of her breasts, her hard nipples, the curve down to her hips, and the shadow of hair surrounding her vulva. She also looked me up and down. Before I was aware of her thoughts, her mouth was on mine and her hands were stroking my back. Inevitably, I responded, locking my hands under the swell of her buttocks, drawing us both to my bed. We more or less fell onto it with me underneath.

Soon, we were exploring each other's breasts, stomachs and between each other's legs. The touch of her tongue was like an electric shock. My hips rose to meet the probe of it. Quickly, her tongue was accompanied by a finger seeking my g-spot.

There was no finesse in the first part of that coupling. We simply desired and lusted for each other.

Speedily, we brought each other to orgasm - she with her tongue and finger, me, with my tongue. We lay, side by side, slowly recovering a steady rate of breathing and, without doubt, on my part, exhilarated by what I'd discovered in myself.

Even though my initial desire had dissipated, I wanted more. I turned to her and started kissing - her lips, her chin, her breasts and stomach. As I worked my way down her body, I felt the ripples of wanting rise in her. By the time I reached her clitoris, she had her hands on the back of head, pulling me into the musky depths of her pussy.

My tongue lapped at the folds and teeth nipped at the hard bud. Her legs parted to allow easier access.

Something guided me and I rolled us over so that I was underneath. Our bodies were clasped together and, unconsciously, I slipped my knee between hers, lifting my knee to tense the thigh muscle.

She rubbed herself against the hard muscle of my thigh whilst her tongue explored ever deeper inside my mouth.

Feeling the rising passion, I broke the kiss, lifted myself on my elbows and sucked on one of her hard nipples. Her reaction was immediate. The wetness engulfed my thigh, running down both sides whilst she moaned and shouted her way to a second orgasm.

Extraordinarily, for me, as she peaked, so did my climax. Never before had I cum without rubbing my clitoris.

Once again, we were side by side, panting as our bodies subsided from the delirium of ecstasy. This time, though, we whispered our delight in the pleasure we had enjoyed. Why did we whisper ? Perhaps we because even though there was no-one else within hearing range what we had experienced was the foundation of something more permanent.

For the next hour or so, we explored each other, touching, licking and nibbling. Of course, we both knew we had been with other partners - male and female for her, male only for me - but I think we both felt that, this time, there was something different.

All too soon, our stomachs started rumbling - neither of us had eaten since earlier in the day. The noises, far from being embarrassing, amused us. Chuckling, we climbed, albeit with some reluctance, out of the bed.

Looking at each other as we searched for clothes, we, more or less simultaneously, shook our heads and headed for the kitchen naked.

This could be interesting! Maybe we could talk a little more?

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