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My First Sensual Experience with Celeste

I have had a crush on my friend Celeste for a while now, but I've never really known if she's felt the same way about me. She was coming over to my house and I swore to myself that I wasn't going to let her leave without telling her how I felt.

To be completely honest, Celeste was terribly sexy, completely fuckable, and straight up desirable.

She had long blonde wavy hair and dark green eyes. She was fairly short like me, around five-feet and barley over one hundred pounds. She had an amazing chest. I have always been into girls with big chests. She was a 34 DD and had nipple piercings which I enjoyed very much. Celeste had thick lips -- lips that anybody in their right mind would want to bite.

It was about one in the afternoon when I heard a knock on the door. Immediately I knew it was her. I made sure that Celeste came on a day when my roommate Kayla wouldn’t be home. If Kayla saw us doing anything, I don’t know what she would do, or think.

I opened the door and in came Celeste wearing a jean mini skirt and a red strapless crop top. Damn she was sexy. Just looking at her made me want to rip her clothes off and start licking her body. I could feel my insides clenching and butterflies in my stomach.

“Hey Celeste, you look amazing. I’m glad you came,” I mumbled in hopes that she wouldn’t catch me staring at her breasts.

“Thanks, your boobs look amazing in that dress. Is it new?” she said smiling.

We both walked in and sat down on my bed. She placed her Coach purse on the side of my bed. She laid down on her stomach with her legs slightly apart, but it was enough to where I could see her panties.

“Hey Tyanna, do you have any lotion?” Celeste questioned.

“Yeah absolutely, let me go get it,” I said as I walked up to my bureau. Shortly after I said, “Do you want me to rub it on you? Like your back?”

“Um, sure. Thanks,” she answered, pleasantly surprised.

“Take off your shirt and your bra so it doesn’t get in the way,” I said very bluntly. I wanted things to go faster. She did as I asked, which I enjoyed.

She sat up on her ass, and I helped pull her crop top over her head and unclipped her bra; fucking beautiful. Her skin was perfect, not a blemish or scratch on her. She laid back on her stomach, flipped her hair over to one side, and closed her eyes.

I straddled her behind as I squirted the lotion onto her back. She tensed up a bit then relaxed. I started to rub her shoulders and then her lower back.

After rubbing her body, relaxing all of her muscles, and getting my pussy soaked I asked her a question. “Do you want me to rub your legs?” She looked back at me and smiled like a child who just woke up from their nap.

“Sure, you do a really good job,” she said in a daze.

“Take off your skirt,” I demanded, with an ounce of hesitation. Surprisingly, she didn’t say no. She turned over with me still on top of her. She looked at me and then I caught on. I scooted back and unbuttoned her skirt, pulled the zipper down and slid her panties and skirt down at the same time.

“What are you doing Tyanna? I… I… ” she started as I began to interrupt her.

“Celeste I think you are completely sexy. Please I want to show you a good time. You won’t regret it.” I begged. She stared at me and before she could say another word I laid on top of her and kissed her.

She kissed back and the rush of emotions was all too surreal. Our tongues interlaced and I glided my hands over her breasts. I put her nipples in between my fingers and I gently tugged.

When I stopped to breathe I locked eyes with her and there was a strong want. I had barely enough time to breathe before she grabbed my cheeks and pulled me in for another kiss. I broke away so she could kick her skirt off the bed and onto the floor. I took off my bra slowly while her mouth began to water. Her eyes looked at me like a lion stalking its prey. I undid my dress and slide it onto the floor.

I bent her knees up and laid on my stomach. I began licking her pussy, pushing my tongue deeply inside and making her moan. I moved up and gently nibbled on her clit. Her hand reached down and pulled my hair. I spit onto her pussy and sucked on the swollen lips. Her cunt was dripping wonderful tasting juices.

“Oh, Tyanna, you feel so good. I didn’t know you would feel this good,” Celeste moaned.

I quickly got up and ran to my bureau. I opened up the top drawer and pulled out my dildo. At the sight of it Celeste’s eyes grew wide, but then a smile appeared seconds later. I jumped on my bed like a child.

"I can tell, you are enjoying yourself. I know you wont regret this. Open your mouth and suck on this,” I ordered.

She smiled and obediently did what I asked. I pulled it out of her mouth and slide it into her pussy slowly at first, in and out, making sure I didn't go deep.

I enjoyed teasing her. Her pussy swelled more as time passed. I teased her for what I'm sure felt like forever to her. I didn’t want to tease her any longer so I started bringing the toy deeper inside her.

“You like that baby, don’t you?” I asked her while rubbing her clit with my free hand.

“Oh yes, very much. If you continue much longer, I’m going to cum,” Celeste said.

I so badly wanted to make her cum.

To prove to her that I could please her.

To show her I could provide everything she needed.

I could tell she was close to cumming. Her face became red and heated, and the muscles throughout her body began to tense up. Right as I thought this she screamed my name and relaxed. She seemed all out of breath.

Our hearts were racing.

“Thank you for that. It was much needed,” she said trying to catch her breath. “Now it’s your turn,” she grinned.

I was surprised at how eager she was to please me. We swapped places so that I was lying on my back and so she was on her knees looking at me.

I almost couldn’t believe we were actually doing this. Correction; that she was doing this. Now she knows what it’s like. Now she knows how I feel. She took her hands and carefully caressed my body. She kissed everywhere on me, not missing a spot. She began to slip two fingers inside of me making my heart pick up the pace again.

I moaned quietly, saying her name, and loving every second she touched me. I could see this working out in the long run if she wanted it too. She used her tongue circling my clit while still sliding her fingers in and out teasing me like I teased her.

I wanted to cum badly and I could feel it rising in me. She took the dildo, spit on it before penetrating me; gently she slid it inside of me. Though, she did increase the pace. I could feel the orgasm rising in me. In one more swift motion I came hard. 

The orgasm took control of my entire body. All my muscles clenched and it lasted for a long time. The feeling was amazing. When I began to relax I was thankful someone sexy like Celeste made me feel this way.

She pulled the dildo quickly out of me when she realized I came. She kissed me gently and I bite her bottom lip. She looked at me with her sweet eyes.

“Just so you know, I've thought you were sexy this whole time,” she said to me, grinning. She got off of me and rolled over.

We heard the door open and I saw my roommate Kayla starring at us. Shit!

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