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My First Time

Gemma eased herself on top of Olivia and slowly pushed the red strap on dildo inside her wet pussy.
"Hey, Olivia, wanna have a shower with me?" asked Gemma, from the bathroom door with just a towel around her body. She got no response from her quiet roomie, Olivia, who was a pretty blonde but a bit nerdy. Gemma walked to her in the front room. "Wanna join me?"

Olivia was just sitting on the couch with books out and looked up and saw her gorgeous room mate, Gemma Hunter, who looked as though she could be a playboy model with her gorgeous good looks and blonde hair and perfect physique. Not to mention the biggest boobs Olivia had ever seen. They seemed enormous to her small, non existant tits. Olvia felt a strange sensation below her pelvic area. What was it? As she looked more and more at her room mate's body she understood what the sensation was. It was sexual arousal sensation. Was she gay? She didn't know, she never had a boyfriend before so she must be.

"Hello, Olivia, are you coming or not?" Gemma asked, annoyed. She shook her tits in front of her and Olivia felt more and more turned on. Did Gemma know she was a lesbian and she was teasing her?

Gemma sat down beside her on the couch and her left hand rested on Olivia's right knee. Olivia gulped. "Would you like to be with a girl?" she asked bluntly. She kissed her full on the lips. Gemma's hands loosened Olivia's belt around her waist and unzipped her brown trousers and stuck her hand down there and felt how hot and wet Olivia's pussy was. "Wow, I must turn you on considerably, hun. You're panties are wet through. Let's take them off."

Gemma pulled off Olivia's trousers and knickers much to her resistance. But Olivia didnt put much of a fight as she was too turned on. She cried out as she felt her friend's fingers inside her pussy moving back and forth.

"Gemma, stop," she cried.

"Why stop when you're wet right down to your ass hole," she said evenly.

Olivia gripped the couch's cushions as her body was getting hot all over.

Gemma took away her fingers and replaced them with her tongue twirling on top of her friend's clitoris.
She cried out as she came and her body convulsed.

"Aw, Olivia, babe, come on let's take a shower," Gemma grabbed her hand and pulled her up and they both went into the shower and kissed and washed each other.

Twenty minutes later Gemma and Olivia were back in the front room and Gemma had brought out her huge red strap on dildo and tied it around her waist. She told Olivia to lie on the floor on her back and she did. Gemma eased herself on top of Olivia slowly and pushed the red strap on dildo inside her soaking wet pussy.

It made Olivia cry out and Gemma kissed her to calm her as she thrusted slowly inside her.

"Shh, it's OK," Gemma said.

She was right, Olivia did find that that the pain did go away and it turned to pleasure as they fucked harder and harder and faster and faster.

They did other positions as well - doggy, cowgirl, against the wall, until they climaxed together and fell on the floor in a heap breathing heavily.

"Was that OK for you?" Gemma asked.

Olivia grinned, "more than OK, perfect," Olivia replied.

They kissed and fell in each other's arms.
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