My First Time - Part 3

By Liz

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Girls and their toys.
Shocked does not describe it.

This weekend had been weird enough already, but now I felt like I was entering the Twilight Zone. As I sat there alone in Abbey's room, I could already feel my cheeks flushing with embarrassment. What would I have done if I'd opened the bag whilst Ms. Kingston had still been sat there? I didn't even want to think about it.

I'm not sure what I had been expecting to be in the bag, a new top or a CD maybe, but I was well off the mark. Sex toys would certainly not have been on the list; I was dumbfounded. I mean, vibrators! I'd never even seen one up close before.

As I sat there in a daze, staring at the floor trying to take it all in, Abbey entered wrapped in a towel with two more in her arms. "Hey," she said from the doorway, "It's all tidy in there." I looked up at her and she froze in her tracks, "You okay?"

I must have appeared a little flustered. "Erm, yeah, yeah I'm fine," I replied smiling, trying to shrug it off and compose myself. "Your mum's back, with Julie."

"Really? Already? That was quick," Abbey said, sounding a little astonished.

"Well, not really," I replied slowly, looking at her. My eyes narrowed and my lips pursed together, I hoped I was giving her one of those looks. The ones that telepathically transmit what you are trying to express with just the slightest twitch of the eyebrows or curl of the lips. It took her a second to work out what I was trying to convey, but it worked.

"How long have we been in the bath?!" she asked me, shocked at the implication that we had actually spent our entire afternoon either making out on the sofa or pleasuring each other in a bubble bath.

"Don't ask," I replied as I stood up. "Let's just get everything sorted and say hello. You get changed and I'll take the towels down, okay?"

"Right," Abbey replied as she made her way to her en-suite. I took the soaking wet bath towels from her as she walked past and carried them downstairs. I controlled my breathing, calming myself, all the while mentally replaying the same phrase over and over like a relaxation mantra, 'Play it cool, Lizzy, play it cool.'

Ms. Kingston and Julie were sat at the table in the kitchen, each nursing a cup of coffee. They both smiled when I walked in, ceasing their whispered conversation.

Have you ever seen one of those westerns where the stranger walks into the saloon and everyone just stops and stares at them? I was waiting for the obligatory tumbleweed to come rolling past my feet any second. Stood there in silence, I began to feel a little self conscious again at the awkward situation. I just looked at them, sat at the table, knowing that they had probably been talking about me. Julie was the first to speak up and break the uncomfortable silence.

"Hi, Lizzy!" she said, exuberant as ever. I don't think I had ever met anyone as bubbly and full of life as her before. Ms. Kingston and Julie were so perfect for each other it was untrue.

"Hi, Julie, nice to see you again. Did you have a nice time in town?" I enquired politely.

"Oh very nice, thank you. We had lunch at a new Italian place near the park," she replied, her eyes widening, "the desserts were to die for!" It made me smile to listen to her talk about things, anything really, she had a passion for life so full and overflowing it was contagious. I could see why Ms. Kingston and Julie were so happy together. She also had a wicked sense of humour which had had us all in stitches on many occasions.

"Did you have a nice afternoon?" she enquired of me, still beaming from ear to ear. I don't know why but I got a feeling like she might have meant more in that question than she actually said in words. Maybe it was the slight smirk on her lips, or the twinkle in her eye, but it was like there was a private joke hidden in there somewhere that only she knew about. I couldn't quite tell. It was an innocent enough question, a polite response to my enquiry of her, but it just seemed a little funny somehow.

"Yeah, it was very nice thanks," I replied.

"You and Abbey get up to anything interesting?" she asked in a comically innocent voice, her eyebrows raised. She was resting her elbows on the table, her head propped up in her hands. I thought I caught sight just then of a small twitch which flickered across her face. I looked between the two of them, had Ms. Kingston just kicked her under the table? Hang on a minute.

"Here, let me take those off you, Lizzy, I'll pop them in the wash," said Abbey's mum, standing and taking the towels from me. They were completely soaked and had left a damp patch on the front of my top. It suddenly occurred to me, in a flash of realisation, that I really wasn't being very subtle about all of this. Coming downstairs carrying two towels, my hair still damp whilst Abbey was in her room drying off. Face and palm came to mind.

I looked back to Julie and just smiled trying to diffuse her question. "Nope."

She just stared right back at me returning my smile, I knew what she was thinking. She was thinking, 'I don't believe that for a second,' but her lips never moved. She glanced past me and I followed her gaze to Ms. Kingston who was stood next to the washing machine. Her eyes were theatrically wide as she stared at Julie, silently mouthing 'Shhh!'

Well, that explained that then, what a big mouth. It seemed their lunchtime conversation had included a little more than just general chit-chat. I wasn't really upset about her saying anything, Julie would undoubtedly have found out anyway and I thought she was great. 

Ms. Kingston caught sight of me looking at her and stopped, relaxing her features into an apologetic pout. She had her bottom lip sticking out just like Abbey does, their version of a non-verbal apology. I flashed her a quick smile and she smiled back, everything was okay. I looked back to Julie who just gave me a quick grin and winked. I couldn't help but blush a little at her unspoken, sexual innuendo regarding my activities this afternoon, but I sat down at the table determined not to show it.

"So, tell me about these desserts."

We had just finished discussing the delectable sounding sweets when Abbey walked in carrying another wet towel in her hands. Her mum clapped her hands and Abbey threw it to her to put in the wash.

"Hey, good lookin'!" called Julie. Abbey saw her and a smile stretched across her face from ear to ear. She ran round the table and threw her arms around her.

"Hi!" she said, clearly delighted to see her. "I've not seen you in ages, where have you been?"

I could see Ms. Kingston smiling from the other side of the kitchen. "Oh, sorry babe. It was only a couple of weeks. I went on a training course, then I got really busy with work. I've missed you too." Abbey eventually released her stranglehold around Julie's neck and got a playful hair ruffle for her trouble. Julie was like a second mum to Abbey and Ms. Kingston like a second mum to me; I started to feel like we were becoming one big happy family.

We spent most of the afternoon just lounging around, the four of us. It was really quite nice, how many sixteen years old's can honestly say that they love to spend their Saturday afternoons at home with their parents? Or in this case, their mother and her girlfriend.

They both took turns showing us some of the new clothes that they had bought in town and as they both had great figures, I knew they would be total knockouts. Ms. Kingston even went up to her room and got changed into a new light summer dress, before walking back down the stairs to give us a twirl. Julie wolf whistled her approval and we all started laughing. A giggle and a quick curtsey later, she went to change back into something else.

Afternoon turned to evening as the sun began to set. After a bit of verbal wrangling with each other over what we were going to have for dinner, we compromised and settled on Chinese food. Abbey's mum made it a rule to always take one night off cooking per week and Saturday night was the night.

We made our choices, phoned it through and Ms. Kingston went out to pick it up leaving us in the living room with Julie. Abbey and I were sat together on one sofa and Julie sat opposite on the other.

"So," she said eventually, smiling at us both, "You two didn't get up to anything this afternoon then? Just a quiet day in?" She was so mean, but she also had a fantastic smile that just lit up a room. Her cheeky attitude and childish teasing seemed so funny and endearing coming from her.

Abbey cast me a quick glance before turning back to Julie, "Nope." she replied.

"Oh? That's not what Lizzy was telling me earlier."

"What!?" Abbey exclaimed, turning back to me in shock.

"I never! Abbey, I didn't say anything!" I replied in self defence.

Julie was winding her up and she'd totally fallen for it. She turned back to Julie accusingly, who then burst into hysterical laughter. "I knew it." she giggled, holding her hand to her mouth and falling back into the sofa cushions.

"Julie!" Abbey shouted, accusingly.

"Oh, I'm sorry, but that was so much fun." she said, still smirking, "Actually, I have a confession to make. I hope you're not mad, but your mum might have mentioned something to me at lunch." I was blushing again. "You don't mind do you?"

Abbey looked at me for confirmation. I had totally given up on us remaining a secret in this house by now anyway. Julie's wink to me earlier confirmed my suspicions about her knowing so I just flicked my hand out as if to say 'Why not? Sure.'

Intrigued now, Abbey asked her, "What did my mum tell you?" What was it with her and needing to hear the details?

Julie looked a little taken aback by the forwardness of the question, but just a little. "Errm, well, she mentioned that she had talked to you both this morning, about last night." Julie confessed. "How long have you two been, you know?"

Abbey was the one smiling now. "Since last night." she replied. Abbey had clearly had a lot longer to come to terms with her feelings than I had, but the approachability and complete lack of judgement by Ms. Kingston and Julie was making this much easier for me than I thought it would be.

"Oh right. Wow." she replied, "I had no idea you…" She was being coy, but only because of the subject of conversation. I'd never heard Julie struggle to ask a question or talk about a subject, ever. Her and Abbey were very much alike in that respect.

I looked to Abbey who was smiling, was going to help her out, I knew it. "Like girls?" she replied, completing the question. "I've fancied Liz for ages. Last night, well, I couldn't help myself." Julie started laughing again, they were clearly both finding this hilarious to talk about.

"Well, there you go then. You knew what you wanted and you went for it."

Abbey rose from her seat next to me and went to sit with Julie on the other sofa, in my role as silent observer I thought she looked to be a little nervous about something again. "Julie, can I ask you something?" she said quietly.

"Sure babe. What is it?"

"How, erm, you know. How do you do it?" she asked quietly, almost whispering. She was blushing now. I could not believe the words that had just come out of her mouth. Was she asking Julie for sex tips?

"Do what Abbey?" Julie replied, not quite understanding the question.

Abbey looked at her, "You know." she replied imploringly, as if begging her not to have to repeat the question.

"Oh. Oh! I can't tell you that!" she replied with a shocked expression on her face. Even I was a little taken aback by her reaction.

Abbey looked really embarrassed now. "Oh, sorry." she said quietly as her head dropped in discomfort at Julie's response.

Julie was quiet for a moment before laying her hand on Abbey's. "Aww, I'm sorry Abbey. I didn't mean it like that." she said softly. "I thought you were asking me, you know; about me and your mum. Did you just mean, in general?"
Abbey looked up, nodding. "Sorry babe, I misunderstood." she said to Abbey, smiling again. "You asking me for tips?" she asked with that cheeky grin again, casting a quick glance in my direction.

I looked to Abbey who was beaming again. I loved to see her smile more than anything, she was so pretty when she did, but not when getting sex tips from your mother's girlfriend. I felt like I was floating on a sea of craziness and had been since last night. Best to just go with it I thought, go with the flow.

I watched as Abbey leaned forward and whispered into Julie's ear, what was she saying? Julie whispered something back, still smiling and Abbey continued. I watched, totally intrigued as Julie's face passed through a myriad of expressions, playfulness, seriousness, shock, delight. God I wanted to know what she was saying. I decided at that moment I was going to get Abbey back for this later.

Julie looked over to me again smiling widely. "It's not nice to whisper you know.'" I said quietly, but she just gave me a wink and went back to whispering to Abbey. Her expressions now changing in reaction to Julie's words, much more animated and extremely funny to watch, that was until she gasped.

"Really?" she said sitting back, eyes wide in obvious astonishment.

"Mmm hmm." mumbled Julie in confirmation.

Abbey shot up of the sofa and ran over to where I was sitting; she leapt into the air like a nimble feline and landed right next to where I was sat, cringing. She flung her arms around my neck and planted a huge, wet kiss on my cheek. Julie couldn't stop laughing as she rolled from side to side. Abbey had almost ripped my t-shirt off in her enthusiasm to embrace me and in the end I had to physically push her off.

Julie sounded like she was going to pass out from laughing so hard, until she eventually stood up with tears in her eyes and started walking to the kitchen to get a drink. As she passed us on the sofa, she stopped and looked down at me. I watched as her right hand reached down and she gently ran her fingertips over my now bare shoulder. Where Abbey's arms had wrapped around me in her overly enthusiastic show of affection, she had pulled my t-shirt down over my right shoulder exposing the mark there from the previous night.

"Do you have a rash Lizzy?" she asked me, concerned.

I looked up at her and then over to Abbey who was still smiling. "Ah, no. That was my fault." she replied for me. Julie looked at the mark again, realising it was teeth marks as her eyebrows raised.

"Damn girl." she giggled to herself as she continued to the kitchen.

I turned back to Abbey and whispered to her, "You're right, it was your fault. I'll talk to you about that later." She kissed me quickly on the lips and gave me another playful squeeze.

Ms. Kingston came back shortly with the food and we went to the kitchen to eat. It was the first time all four of us had sat down together since 'the revelation' and conversation was a little strained. As always, we could rely on Julie to lighten the atmosphere.

"No playing footsie under the table you too." she said jokingly, looking at both Abbey and myself. The smiles were involuntary and even Ms. Kingston couldn't help herself.

"Julie!" she berated, giving her a playful shove, "Behave yourself."

"I'm only playing." she smiled. Then she leaned forward towards us conspiratorially, raising her right hand to the side of her face and whispered loudly, "We did at lunch today." followed by a theatrical wink.

"JULIE!" she chided again loudly, blushing a little. We all burst into giggling fits. I loved how cheeky Julie was at times, she was like a big kid.

After we had eaten and cleared the plates away, we sat in the living room to watch a film. Julie and Ms. Kingston sat on one sofa, Abbey and I on the other. We flicked through countless channels looking for something good to watch, hoping to catch something just starting as it was about 9 o'clock.

Struggling to find something good, we eventually just picked one at random and put it on. It was a soppy, romantic thing that took its time pretty much going nowhere. I didn't care, I was just happy to be with Abbey, warm and relaxed.

Julie was lay back against the arm of their sofa with Ms. Kingston leaning back into her. It was nice that they could show their affection for each other in front of us, without anyone getting embarrassed or feeling uncomfortable.

As the movie dragged on, Abbey slowly snuggled up closer to me, leaning back into my body the same way her mum was doing with Julie. It felt lovely to be able to do. I cast a quick glance over to the other sofa; Ms. Kingston was seemingly engrossed in the film but Julie was looking over to us. She winked when she saw me looking and flashed me a massive grin of encouragement.

I looped my left arm over Abbey's left shoulder and let her rest her head back against me, she moaned softly as she settled back, comfortable and content. It felt so good to have her so close, I looked back at Julie and nodded.

She raised her eyebrows, maybe in surprise, but I thought more like an acceptance of a challenge that I hadn't knowingly initiated. Oh god, what was she going to do now?

I had lost interest in the movie by now anyway, my concentration flitting between the screen and the other sofa. I watched as Julie reached her right arm forward slowly and started to run her fingertips lovingly, up and down Ms. Kingston's bare arm; this elicited a small shrug of approval from her. She glanced back to me and grinned again. We're we trying to out do each other?

I decided to give it a go as adrenaline started to pump through my body, it wasn't like I was going to rip her clothes off or anything. My arm was already resting next to Abbey's, so I very gently ran my fingertips up her arm in a mirror-image of Julie's activities. I heard Abbey release a satisfied, deep breath; she liked it. A quick sneaky glance to my partner in crime almost had me in stitches; it was like our own private game, the discreet seduction of mother and daughter.

As I looked back to the TV, I hadn't noticed but the movie had improved considerably. The two main characters had gotten entangled in a passionate embrace and were now starting to remove each other clothes. Its never comfortable watching a movie sex-scene with your mum in the room, but this was fine. None of us batted an eyelid about it.

As the scene heated up, the woman's top being unbuttoned to reveal a lacy, black bra; I was starting to feel a little hot under the collar. Julie was now innocently trailing her fingers up, over Ms. Kingston's shoulder and across to the top of her chest. Soft and subtle; it was a masterclass of sensual seduction. I felt voyeuristic watching, but I couldn't stop.

Nervously, and with an encouraging smirk from my teacher, I did the same. I took my time working up to it, but eventually had my hand very slowly caressing the top of Abbey's chest. A loving embrace, just below her collar bone.

I felt her head tip back into me further, a sign that she was subconsciously enjoying my subtle advances. Julie was such a bad influence.

The movie was storming along, the lead character wasting no time getting his leading lady to the kingsized bed, laying her on her back and kissing his way down between her breasts. I could feel Abbey breathing heavier again me, clearly getting aroused at either the scene on the television, my gentle caresses, or both.

Julie was running her hand further and further down as I watched apprehensively, very slow circular motions which caused Ms. Kingston to breathe a little heavier as well. I'm not sure how I felt about watching this, but it was still exciting.

Not knowing how far this was going to go had my heart pounding in my chest. I did the same, trying to match her move for move; this was so wrong but my adrenaline was coursing now, it was a rush. I felt as my index finger just brushed over Abbey's left nipple, ever so slightly. It was already very firm and she squirmed back against me.

Julie obviously had no issues with touching up her lover who then let out a little moan of approval. It was clearly louder than she meant it to be because we all heard it, Abbey included. She looked over to her mother and realised what was going on, what Julie and I had been up to. She turned her head up and to the side looking at me, her mouth open, the look on her face expressing surprise and delight. If she could have whispered without being overheard, I know she would have said something like, 'You naughty girls.'

Julie continued regardless and a gentle tweak of her puckered nipple had Ms. Kingston moaning, "Oh god." The second the words left her lips she froze, sudden realisation striking that they were not alone in the room. In one swift movement she jumped up off the sofa and, her cheeks bright red with embarrassed, strode off to the kitchen, "Can I get anyone a drink?".

Julie had a devilish grin plastered across her face, "I'm so bad." she whispered.

We finished the movie without any further funny business and were ready to call it a night by 11pm. We both gave Ms. Kingston and Julie a hug each and said goodnight; I hadn't actually hugged Julie before, it made me feel like I really was becoming like one of the family. We were half way up the stairs when we heard Julie shout to us, "Have fun girls!", followed by a loud slap.

"Ow. What?" she giggled, "They know I'm only playing."

"Is she always like that?" I asked Abbey, as we entered her bedroom.

Abbey just laughed to herself, "Julie? Oh yeah, she winds my mum up all the time. It's hilarious." She padded over to her bathroom and stopped, "Just going to the bathroom, do you want to put the TV on for a bit?"

"Yeah sure." I replied, flicking it on from the remote. There was nothing on now, just repeats and the tail end of a couple more films. I undressed to just my boy short panties and climbed onto the bed. The fact that I'd undressed and remained topless I suppose spoke volumes at that point, but it didn't even occur to me at the time.

A few minutes later the en-suite door opened and I heard Abbey whisper to me, "Lizzy." I turned around the there she was stood, completely nude and leaning on the door frame in a replication of my earlier stunt.
She was drop dead gorgeous, I could barely speak. So that's what that looked like, damn.

"See anything you like?" she whispered seductively.

I found my voice and replied, "You know, that's cheating."

She giggled beautifully and ran over to the bed, climbing onto it and crawling over to me seductively "What you gonna do, tell on me?" I smiled as she brought her lips to mine, I loved kissing her.

I rolled onto my back automatically as her hands began to roam my body again, her fingers playing over my abdomen felt heavenly. There was a problem though, something was bugging me but I couldn't put my finger on it.

It was as if I had forgotten something. What was it? Abbey's tongue dancing over mine was making it incredibly hard to concentrate, her soft moans of pleasure turning my brain to mush. She wasn't wasting any time and already had her hand at my waistband, ready to plunging into my panties. Then it struck me.

My arms flew up and grabbed her shoulders pulling her off of me. "Stop! Wait wait…" was all I could managed as I tried to catch my breath.

"What? What is it? Abbey asked as she sat back. She looked a little confused, like she had done something wrong.

"I forgot to tell you something." I breathed heavily. "When your mum came back from shopping this afternoon and you were still in the bathroom, she came in here with something for us."

"She did?"

"Yeah. She, bought us a present each from town."

"Really? What did she get us?" Abbey asked, smiling.

I opened my mouth but I couldn't say it, I just motioned to the bottom right-hand corner of the bed, "Down there, in a bag."

Like a big kid she quickly crawled to the edge of the bed and jumped off full of enthusiasm, like it was Christmas morning. "I don't see anything Liz."

"Its, err, under the bed."

She lifted her head and looked at me with a funny expression, "Why is it under my bed?" I didn't reply so she knelt down and reached under for it, bringing out the bright red bag.
"Hey, fancy bag, look at this!" she said, holding it up and giggling, "Maybe it's some sexy underwear. What do you reckon?"

"Its not." I replied.

She looked at me again, her forehead creasing. "You've already had a look? Why didn't you tell me earlier?"

"I forgot, sorry Abs." I apologised.

She winked at me as she jokingly replied, "I forgive you." I now watched as she opened the top and looked inside, her eyebrows furrowed in confusion then shot up as her eyes went wide. She looked back to me with a look I could only describe as amazement. "She didn't!"

"Yeah, she did."

"Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god." she squealed quickly as she stood up and emptied the contents of the bag onto the bed, five items.
There they were. Two plastic cases containing bright pink vibrators, a pack of batteries and, what were these? I picked one up and read the label, 'LoveHoney - Water Based Lubricant'. My cheeks were burning again, I could feel the heat rising from them. She really had thought of everything. I began to wonder what the lady in the shop must have thought, maybe Ms. Kingston had just responded, "They're for my daughter and her girlfriend."

Abbey had the biggest grin on her face I had ever seen. "Oh my God! Liz, I've always wanted one of these." she said as she picked up one of the vibrators.

"You what?"

She turned it around so I could see the pink length through the front of the packaging, held it up in front of her face just below her eyes and made a buzzing sound like a bumble bee, 'Bzzzzzz.'

I laughed at her, she was giddy with excitement. "Abbey, I cannot believe your mum actually bought us these." but she just kept smiling, totally engrossed at her new toy. "I've got to brush my teeth." I said as I got up and went to the bathroom.

Running through my nightly ritual in the en-suite, I couldn't help but continue to laugh at the activities of the day. I looked at myself in the mirror, toothbrush hanging from the corner of my mouth, "Lizzy, today has been a fucking weird day." I giggled to myself. I washed my face, checked my hair and opened the door switching the light off.

I stopped in my tracks, freezing in the doorway, two things were different. One was that the light had been turned off leaving just a dim glow from Abbey's bedside lamp; the other was a buzzing sound. I didn't have to be a rocket scientist to work out where that was coming from. I tipped my head round the door quietly and could see Abbey lay back on her bed. Her shoulders were propped up on her headboard and her hands were working up and down between her legs. My nipples hardened instantly at the sight.

Soft moans escaped her lips as I watched her run the tip of the vibrator over her clit, it was louder than I thought it would be. Watching as she pleasured herself with it, I could already feel myself becoming incredibly aroused. I walked into the room on tip toes and stood at the bottom of the bed watching her. She had her eyes closed and her head tilted back.

My eyes were fixed on her puffy lips, swollen with excitement, already wet with the vibrating stimulation. She lifted her head and opened her eyes, seeing me stood there watching her. Her cheeks were flushed a rosy red hue, eyes glazed over with teenage lust.

I reached down to my hips, slipping my thumbs into my waistband and slowly slid my panties down over my smooth legs, the material pooling on the floor as I stepped out of them.

Longing for physical contact, I slowly climbed onto the foot of the bed, crawling on my hands and knees between Abbey's legs. The need in her eyes was enforced by the act of spreading her legs for me. I reached up and took the vibrator from her; it felt funny in my hand as it oscillated quite powerfully. I gently replaced the soft, jelly-like end, already slick with her juices, back on her clitoris as her hands gripped the duvet.

"Oh fuck." Abbey moaned loudly.

"How does it feel?" I asked her quietly as I got my first, close-up view of Abbey's beautiful pussy. Her skin glistened in the warm light from the lamp, her moisture soaked lips, so puffy and red. I could smell her arousal, it was inebriating.

I couldn't help myself, it drew me in as I leant forward and touched the tip of my tongue to her folds. She moaned, a guttural sound from deep down, a primal urge. I retracted my tongue back, running it around my mouth, savouring the flavour of another girl for the first time. Almost salty yet strangely indescribable, it tasted like sex.

She was driving me to madness, I was already cum drunk and wanted more, much more, as I ran my tongue the full length of her beautiful lips savouring every drop. I took in her scent, revelling in the intimate act.

"Oh my God. Lizzy." she moaned louder. Hearing her whimpers of pleasure only made me want her all the more. Twenty four hours after she had had her way with me, her body was now mine.

I removed the vibrator from her clit and replaced it with my mouth, slipping her enlarged nub between my soft lips and playing my tongue over it. I had to hold her legs down to prevent her from crushing my head between her thighs. I gently placed my hands on her inner thighs and pushed, forcing her legs wider.

As she had done to me the night before, I began to suck on her clit, running my tongue up and down and from side to side. It drove her absolutely wild and I could tell she was almost ready to cum. It was my turn now and I wasn't going to be rushed. I release her from my warm mouth and slowly ran my tongue back down her entrance, parting her labia and lapping up her juices.

As her hips began to buck, I once again restrained my attentions, the frustration of orgasm denial becoming evident in her increasingly strained moans. Payback time.

"So tell me, what were you and Julie whispering about earlier?" I asked her quietly. My head was just inches from her pussy, her lips now so swollen and aching to be touched, they were parted as her juices flowed down over her ass.

"You've got to be kidding! Lizzy, please!"

"No no, come one. I want to know." I teased. This was going to drive her insane but I was too curious to let it go.

"Ok ok." she breathed raggedly, "She told me to try massaging your, oh god." She was barely able to get the words out as I teased her frenzied pussy with a quick lick. She was quivering with the pent up sexual tension, her face was flushed and feverish.

"My what?"

"Your G-spot." she squeaked out between gasps. "She said to curl two fingers up inside you.. ah please Lizzy!. An, an inch or two in and rub." I was amazed, that was quite a piece of advice.

Time to test the theory. I reached my right hand up, ran my fingers over her sopping pussy to make them slick and slowly, ever so slowly, slipped my index and middle fingers into Abbey. Her stomach muscles rippled and spasmed. I had never imagined any girl could ever get this wet, as her opening stretched to admit me her creamy fluids trickled out. I couldn't resist moving my mouth lower to lick them up as I watched her eyes roll back into her head.

As instructed, I curled my fingers up inside her hot pussy and then back slightly; the response was instant and powerful as I tried to hold Abbey's hips to the bed. I ran the tips of my fingers around until I felt it and pressed gently she tensed, the muscles in her pelvis contracting powerfully.

"YES! OH FUCK!" she screamed at the top of her voice. There was no way on earth that her mum and Julie hadn't heard that. "I'M CUMMING!"

I tried my best to keep her quiet but I may as well have tried to stop the tide. Her back had arched up to an almost gymnastic angle and her hands were gripping the sheets so hard they looked like she was about to tear them to shreds. Abbey had turned bright red as the colour spread from her face, down her neck and shoulders to her upper chest.

Her legs shook as I held my fingers inside her, feeling the contractions of utter bliss pulse through her centre, an explosion of her pent up sexuality.

As she came down from her unrivalled climax, I shuffled up over her and rested my head on her warm abdomen. It was such an intimate moment, I could feel my head moving up and down with her breathing. I lifted my face from her soft skin and started to place lovingly gentle kisses on her stomach, following the contours of her muscles and curves. A soft moan of contentment from both of us made me feel so happy.

I stopped and rested my chin on her tummy looking up at her. As she glanced down to me she smiled, her post-orgasmic glow made her look more beautiful than ever, she looked like an angel.

"Oh my god, Lizzy." she said quietly to me, dropping her head back to the pillow, "I think I just exploded." Both of our heads shot up and swung to face the door as we heard a quiet, giggling sound coming from the hallway. Muted voices whispered to each other.


"Come on, leave them alone."

Abbey and I just looked at each other and started laughing. Her mum and Julie were so bad.

I awoke to the sensation of a soft pair of lips pressed to mine, the gentle massage rousing me from tranquil sleep. As I slowly opened my eyes I could see that it was still dark, the silhouette of Abbey lay in front of me. We were cuddled under her covers, in each others arms, the most content I can ever remember being.
She kissed me again and I returned the affection, slipping my tongue to meet hers as they danced together. I would never complain at being woken in the early hours if it was always this sensual.

As our lips parted she whispered to me, "Hey you." I lifted my hand to her face, running my fingertips slowly along the curve of her jaw line.

"Hey yourself." We both smiled.

She leaned forward and laid her nose gently against mine. "I love you Lizzy." she breathed so quietly. If I'd been just one inch further from her I doubt I would have heard the words that stole my heart.

"I love you too."

---------- EPILOGUE ----------

Sunday came and went all too quickly, bringing to an end the most incredible few days of my life. As the sun rose on the Monday morning, I lay in bed with Abbey and felt so peaceful and serene. That weekend had been my awakening. An exploration of body and soul, a confirmation of my new sexuality before the beginning of a new week.

We couldn't take our eyes off each other as we got dressed for school; our smiles a reflection of our joy at having finally found each other.
As we made our way downstairs Ms. Kingston was sat on the sofa nursing a coffee. We were running late and didn't have time for a bite to eat before leaving, unfortunately Julie had already left for work. Abbey hugged her mother, gave her a kiss and headed out of the front door and into the morning sun to wait for me.

"Thank you so much for having me over Ms. Kingston." I said to her.

She held out her arms and motioned me forward. I embraced her, hugging her tightly. "You're very welcome Lizzy." she replied, "Have a lovely day." and with that, placed a loving kiss on my cheek.

I remember walking out of the front door and squinting my eyes in the morning sunlight, the warm golden rays washing over me.

Abbey turned and we looked at each other, her perfect lips curled into that delightful, prepossessing smile I loved so much. "Come on." she giggled and I ran to her, linking arms as we strolled up the street together.

Our entire Monday at school was a teasing collection of coy glances and lip licking; it drove me to distraction all afternoon until we inevitably had to bid farewell to each other and go our separate ways. Everything that had happened over the weekend played through my mind as I walked home on my own. I was in love.

As I stepped through the front door I was still smiling to myself. I dumped my bag at the bottom of the stairs before quickly snatching it back up, remembering the present from Ms. Kingston that was buried at the bottom.

"That you Lizzy?" my mum called from the kitchen.

"Yes mum." I called back to her.

"Did you have a nice time dear?" I was still smiling wildly to myself, did I have a nice time? I couldn't remember a better one.

"It was great mum, thanks. Did you an dad have a nice weekend?"

"Very nice, thank you sweetie. We went out for a meal and even caught a show."

"Oh that's great." I called back as I started to climb the stairs. "I'm just going to change, i'll be down in a sec."

"Ok." Halfway up the stairs I stopped in my tracks when I heard, "Oh I forgot to mention, Abbey's mum called this afternoon."

I walked backwards, down a couple of steps and lent over the banister to hear her better. "Oh?"

She tipped her head around the kitchen door to see me and smiled. "Yes. She said how nice it was to have you over. She even complimented me on bringing up such a lovely and polite young lady."

I returned her smile, "Really?"

"Mmm hmm." she mumbled as she disappeared back around the door. "Actually, she asked if you would like to stay over again next weekend."

Author's Note: This concludes the 'My First Time' series, but if there is sufficient interest I may revisit it at a later date. For now, on to genre's new. Thank you so much for all of the lovely feedback, your comments are great to read and make me enjoy writing all the more.