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My first time with a girl

The true story about my first time with an other girl.
This is a true story, it happened 6 years ago when I was 18. The events take place the week after my last story.

 I woke up on Sunday morning after loosing my virginity in a gang bang. It was the day after the party. I was lying naked in bed with a slight hangover. And next to me was a beautiful blond girl, also naked. Last night we had been gang banged together. I didn't even know her name, or who she was.

 She was still sleeping. And I couldn't help looking at her. Noticing her beautiful blond hair, round breasts, beautifully shaped body, and sexy legs. She was a little older than me, but not by much. After a while she woke up. She opened her eyes and smiled at me. I couldn't help but feel a little awkward. We got out of bed, and into the shower. Rinsing dried cum from our bodies. As we showered and dressed, we talked and got to know each other a little. She told me her name was Stephanie. And that this was her apartment, last night had been her 20th birthday party. I told her my name is Anna, and wished her happy birthday. She asked if it was true that I had been a virgin last night, and I told her it was. After we got dressed, I said goodbye and went home.

On my way home I thought about what happened last night. It was something completely out of character for me. Usually I am a shy and quiet girl. Never getting in trouble, or doing anything wild. But I had no regrets, I loved what happened to me. When I got home, I got out of my top and skirt I had worn at the party. I looked at my body in the mirror, wishing my breasts was as big and beautiful as Stephanie's. Then I put on a t shirt and jeans, and went out to see to our horses. I lived with my parents on a small farm a little outside of town. We had 6 horses on the farm.

 The next week was pretty normal. I took the bus to school in the morning and back again in the afternoon. In the evening I usually went riding or jogging in the woods. And helped mom a little with her riding school.

 The next weekend, my parents was going away to a horse show. So I was to be alone that weekend to tend to the horses. So I prepared myself for a boring weekend. After feeding the horses on Saturday morning, I called my best friend Katrina and asked if she would come riding with me. She said she would love to, but was going away with her boyfriend. I'm not sure why, but I called Stephanie next. She said she would love to. About an hour later she arrived. We rode trough the woods for a few hours, talking about everything. And after we got back around 3 pm, I invited her in for a late lunch.

 During lunch we started talking about sex. Stephanie apparently had a lot of experience. And I loved hearing her stories. Especially about her experiences with other girls. She asked me if I had ever been with a girl before. I told her I hadn't, the closest I had been was with her last Saturday. We continued to talk some more.

After a while she asked if I wanted to try sex with her. I told her that I would like to, feeling my face turn red from embarrassment. She asked me to take her to my bedroom. I was feeling very awkward as we both sat on the edge of my bed. Then she smiled and leaned over towards, and kissed me. Softly and carefully at first, then open mouth. I could feel her tongue move against mine, and her soft lips too. She looked at me, and asked me how it felt. I smiled and said it was nice. She kissed me again, and slowly pushed me over on my back. I felt my body tingle as she moved her hands over my breasts.

 Next she sat up, and slowly took off my t-shirt. Then she unbuttoned my jeans, and pulled them off. She stood at the end of my bed and smiled as I watched her strip out of her own top and pants. Then she laid down on top of me, and started kissing me again. Excitement rose inside me, as I felt the warmth of her soft skin against mine. Her hands was moving over my body as she kissed my neck. She kept kissing down my neck and towards my breasts.

Then slowly, she removed my bra. She cupped one boob in her hand, and started kissing and licking the other. I started to moan of pleasure as she pinched my nipple. It felt so good, my breathing got heavier as she continued to please my breasts. My own hands started to explore her body while she teased my tits. Her body felt so nice and soft in my hands. She sat up for a second to take off her own bra, and I started to feel her round tits with my hands. She leaned over, so her tits hung right over my face. I took one of her nipples in my mouth, and started licking and sucking on it. My hand caressed her other boob. And she moaned with pleasure. As I licked and felt her tits, she started rubbing my pussy trough my panties. It felt like heaven, I was getting so wet and horny I could barley concentrate on her tits.

 Then she kissed me again. On the mouth, then my neck, down towards my tits. Then she licked my nipples again, before moving further down. She kissed my belly and stopped as she reached my panties. Then smiling, she slowly drew my panties down. She looked at my naked body for a few moments. And then she lied down between my legs. She moved her fingers up and down my slit a few times. Then she slid two fingers inside my pussy. I closed my eyes and moaned loudly with pleasure, feeling an orgasm was not far away. She continued to finger me, and I felt her tongue searching out my clit. She pleasured my clit while fingering my pussy. Within seconds I had the most powerful orgasm I had ever felt. As I was coming down from my orgasm, I felt her tongue go inside my pussy. She continued to fuck me with her tongue until I had another orgasm, almost as powerful as the first one.

When I opened my eyes again, she was standing over me. She looked at me with pure lust in her eyes as she let her panties drop. She got down on her knees, straddling over me. Her pussy hovering over my face. I lifted my head and started to lick her pussy. I let my tongue slide inside her. Tasting her juices, I remembered how I loved the taste of cum last Saturday. This tasted even better. Greedily I continued to lick her as she started to moan in pleasure. Then my tongue found her clit, and I let my tongue play with it. As I did this, I let a couple of fingers slide into her. Soon she screamed in pleasure as her orgasm shook her body.

She laid down next to me, panting heavily and smiling. She asked me if I liked it. I told her I loved it. We kissed again, holding each other close. We continued kissing for a while, before falling asleep in each others arms.

We woke up Sunday morning. As we got dressed, we didn't say much to each other. We just looked at each other and smiled. During breakfast we talked about our experience together. And I thanked her for doing it with me. After breakfast we said goodbye, and she left.

During the next days I couldn't keep myself from thinking of her, and our time together. Part of me was falling in love. But an other part kept telling me I couldn't fall in love with a girl. The only thing I was sure of, was that I wanted to see her again.

This was my second story. What do you think?

I am always grateful to hear your opinions about it. And I want to thank everyone who took the time to read it.

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