My First Time With A Girl

By AmberLove

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My first time with a girl...
It was late one September afternoon and it was quite chilly, as it is in Canada in the early fall. I was on my way home from work and I had plans to meet with some friends tonight to go out to eat. I got home and started trying on outfits to decide what to wear when the phone rang. It was one of my best girl friends, Cara.

"Hey, Cara! What's up?"

"I'm afraid to say our plans have been cancelled for tonight, sweetie. Joel had an emergency meeting at work and Celine's daughter got sick. We could still do something if you're up for it?" Cara asked.

"Oh well that's a bummer," I said. "Sure, why don't you come over at six and we'll figure something out!" That would give me about an hour to get ready.

"Okay, sounds perfect!" Cara said. "See you at six."

I hung up the phone and went back upstairs to choose an outfit. Since I had no idea what we would be doing now, I opted for something a little more casual, but I wore my black matching thong and bra set underneath in case we decided to go to a bar or something.

The doorbell rang right at six and I ran to open the door, excited for what tonight might bring since it was just us girls.

Cara walked in and she looked stunning. She was wearing a skin tight black dress that hugged every curve of her body. She wore false lashes and daring red lipstick, with he hair in soft curls framing her face. The top of her red lacy bra peeked out from under her dress. "You look fantastic!" I spluttered.

"Thanks!" Cara replied. "You should change into a dress too. Come on, I'll help you."

We headed upstairs to my closet once more. We browsed through my mini dresses and finally found a cute dark blue one that complemented my eyes.

"Here," Cara said, handing me the dress. "Change."

"Okay, let me go to the bathroom. I'll be right out," I said, grabbing the dress.

"Oh, no, no, you can change right here," Cara said.

My cheeks flushed. "Urm...all right." I stripped off my loose top and wiggled out of my jeans. Forgetting I had a lace thing on, I was surprised when I heard Cara gasp. "W-what?" I asked.

"You're sexy!" she blurted out.

"Um, thank you." I gave a nervous laugh.

"Amber," Cara asked, "have you ever been with a girl before?"

"Uhh no... Cara, I'm straight."

"Well that doesn't mean anything," Cara replied. "I've been with a woman before." She flushed. With that, she came closer to me and whispered in my ear, "It'll be fun, I swear," with a naughty giggle.

She lifted her dress up over her head and sighed. I was surprised--her breasts were quite large. I stared wide-eyed at them for a few moments before she grabbed my hand and led me back to the bedroom. She pushed me down on the bed and straddled me, unclasping my bra and sliding my arms out of the straps.

She began to ravenously suck on my nipple and a moan escaped my lips. She heard it, and it made her even more hungry. She began kissing her way down my chest, further and further. Past my navel.... kissing around my belly button. She finally reached the top of my lace panties and she giggled in surprise when she realized they were already soaked.

She began flicking her tongue over my panties, making my pelvis thrust into the air. She slipped my panties off and I spread my legs without thinking twice. She buried her face in my pussy, licking and sucking on my stiff clit.

I bucked and moaned as she began to increase her speed. Then she would slow down and stop for a few moments, making me wild with impatience. She would then begin to suck and lick... suck and lick. I moaned and my eyes rolled back in my head. It was so erotic.

She began to flick her tongue faster as I ground my wet pussy against her mouth. My hips bucked and I moaned as my juices flowed out of me onto the bedsheets. My body quivered as waves and waves of pleasure rolled over me.

"Ohhhhh. Ohhhh my goooood babyyy ahhhh." I moaned as I came.

Cara giggled and sighed. "My turn." She turned over on her back and pulled me on top of her. I could tell this was going to be a very long, pleasurable night.