My First Time With Another Woman!

By MissyLuvsYa

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My first lesbian experience!
It really has not been that long since the first time I ever had sex with another woman. I had never thought of it as revolting or anything like that. And in fact by the time I first did it I had fantasized about it and actually once made an attempt at it.

Right after college I rented an apartment in New Orleans with one of my three closest friends, Rhonda, a sorority sister from college. Our next door neighbors was a lesbian couple close to our age. Rhonda and I became good friends with them and we hung out together some. Both of the next door lesbians were very pretty, one especially. And Rhonda and I thought it might be fun to experiment with each other.

So one night when Rhonda and I had been drinking we thought we would try lesbian sex. We started to kiss but really couldn’t pull it off, both ending up laughing so hard. We decided that we were just like sisters so any attempt between us just wouldn’t work.

There were no other opportunities over the next couple of years as I was involved with one guy after another. Then my boyfriend at the time asked me to go to this lake house for weekend with some other couples he knew. I had met one of the couples and liked them. He and I had just started a sexual relationship and they all planned to do some water skiing which I love to do, so I accepted.

There were two other couples, one of which was married, and we all settled our things into our rooms once we arrived, cooked steaks on the grill for dinner and then went for an evening boat ride, and drinking several glasses of wine out on the lake. We had a good time and a lot of laughs boating and finally returned to the house where the men took up to drinking Scotch and smoking cigars out on the deck that overlooked the water. And we ladies sat inside drinking more wine talking and getting to know one another better.

The wine followed by the scotch had the boys ready to sack out before long and it was just us girls, Wynona, who was married, Lydia and myself. Lydia soon was ready to doze off and joined her boyfriend in their bedroom leaving just me and Wynona still sitting in the den talking. Wynona was very pretty, strawberry blond, sexy figure and twenty-seven years old, two years older than me at the time.

I was enthralled with her life story. She had put herself through college as a stripper and told me about a serious lesbian girlfriend she had in those days before she met her husband. I was very tipsy by this time and told her that I had never been with another woman but had fantasized about it. She seemed to be very inquisitive about that. Wynona told me how pretty and sexy she thought I was and I told her that she was too.

In a few minutes she softly took my hand and said, “Girl, come with me.”

I allowed Wynona to take my hand and lead me down stairs where there was one empty bedroom. She eased the door closed behind us and stood with her big blue eyes inches from mine. At that moment I felt so attracted to her. Within seconds we found ourselves in a deep passionate kiss. Our tongues were intertwined in a playful erotic duel. Her hands caressing my face and her fingers then running through my hair. I was so excited and nervous, feeling extreme sexual arousal.

Wynona pulled me over to the bed and we lay down next to each other still embraced in passionate deep kisses. I felt her fingers unbuttoning my blouse and I said, “I can get that.”

I quickly unbuttoned my blouse and removed my bra as Wynona did the same and then she stood up and pulled her shorts and panties off. I watched nervously as her little trim blondish red patch appeared. My heart was racing! Then I started removing my shorts and panties nervous about what she thought of me naked.

I was completely shaved at the time and Wynona looked at me with a seductive little sexy smile and said, “mmmm I love a sweet little bare beaver!” She wrinkled her nose in a little cute laugh and pulled me to her and we kissed.

Still kissing we were squeezing and pinching each other’s nipples as our hands both wandered south. Finally her fingers reached my pussy and perfectly surrounded my clit and slid up and down my wet labia. My hand found its way to Wynona’s pussy. She was very wet like me. After a few minutes using our fingers for pleasurable foreplay Wynona made her way down my body, first kissing my neck then my breasts slowly down my belly until her soft sensual mouth found my clit.

Wynona’s tongue worked miracles as she flicked it back and forth on and around my clit, sucked and licked my now extremely wet labia. She used her fingers spreading my labia apart while her tongue made wonderful love to me. I soon found myself having an incredible orgasm that seemed to go on for minutes. Then I knew it was my turn to return the favor to Wynona as she rolled over on her back for me to pleasure her.

I kissed her soft lips tasting my own pussy on her lips and tongue. Next I kissed down her neck, sucked her erect nipples and fondled them, then let my tongue slowly slide down her belly, all the time keeping my eyes on her facial expressions which denoted pure pleasure. This was my first time making love to another woman and I found myself enthralled with erotic excitement. Finally my tongue reached Wynona’s pussy. As I started to lick her I savored this first taste of another woman’s pussy. I was familiar with the taste of mine from wetting my fingers during masturbation many times but now my tongue was licking another woman’s labia.

I started slowly licking around her clit, teasing it, licking at it with my tongue then found myself licking her all over and teasing, pleasuring her clit. I spread her labia apart and licked her. She was so wet my lips, mouth, chin and fingers were covered in her love juices. I noticed that Wynona was squeezing her own nipples and using one hand to pull at her own hair as she moaned and twisted while I licked at her. I kept licking and working my tongue around her clit until finally she spasmed and started to orgasm. I so enjoyed watching her squirm during that the first orgasm I ever gave to another woman.

We then lay cuddled together in silence on that bed for several minutes. I finally told Wynona that we better get up before we fall asleep and the others find us naked cuddled up on the bed in the morning. Wynona laughed and agreed. So we quietly left and went to our bedrooms. I found my boyfriend sound asleep slightly snoring and crawled into bed with him.

In the morning My boyfriend and I enjoyed a quickie fuck before joining the others for breakfast and a day of boating, skiing and drinking on the lake. Wynona and I didn’t have a chance for another get together that weekend but since we lived in the same city we had a few “girls night out drinking parties” that resulted in discreet encounters over the next year until her husband got a great new job opportunity and they moved several hours away.