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My First Time With Jackie... The End

I laughed, threw myself on the bed, and licked my lips, still tasting her wetness.

“Ok Jackie you don’t have to tell me, but trust me; you will leave here feeling very satisfied; because I’m going to tear that cootchie up girl.” I laughed, but kept my eyes on her. I needed her to know that I meant it. She just blushed and opened her legs wider…


I left her panties on and asked her to lie on her stomach. I began to gently massage her back, while giving her soft little pecks… I loved her reaction to my touch, her skin all goose bumpy and her soft moans were driving me crazy. My left hand made its way into her hair; I gently pulled her head up and bit her earlobe she yelped, I kissed her again passionately. While I did this I unclasped her bra, and pulled it away from under her, her soft breast now resting on the bed.


“God Jackie, you’re so hot,” I whispered in her ear in between nibbles “Are you enjoying yourself” I murmured.


“Uhmm yeahh mmm,” was all I managed to get from her…  


I kissed and licked her back, while rubbing the sides of her boobs with the tips of my fingers. I reached her lower back and asked her to arch her back and stick her ass in the air, which she did without hesitation. I had her beautiful shapely ass in front of me; god, how did I ever get so lucky? I couldn’t help myself and bit down hard. She shrieked and tried to crawl away; I grabbed her hips and brought her back --- I guess she doesn’t like it rough (Oops my mistake) a gentle spanking will have to do then. Her ass giggled with every slap, her hips gyrating wanting more.


“Hay Mara, this is wrong,” she moaned “we should stooopp mmm uhmm.”  


I caressed her ass cheeks while rubbing her pussy vigorously; she was so wet it was soaking through her panties. I had to taste her, pulling on her panties to make a thong I traced from her ass crack to her swollen pussy lips with my tongue. She shivered; god the female body is awesome! Her phat lips perfectly separated by her now snug panties, forming the most succulent camel toe I have ever seen. I wanted to just dig my face in her crotch and lick her clean, suck her dry, eat her whole; but I didn’t want her to just think that this was all there was to “foreplay.”


I placed my hand on her lower back and lowered her on the bed, spread her legs a little more; and began to massage them making sure to switch it up between a deep tissue massage and a light stroke. Then I noticed the little hole behind her knee and thought to myself “Uhmm I wonder what she would feel if I stuck my tongue in there.” Ooh a nice giggle, and a sexy look, I guess I did good. I licked around a little more, while massaging her legs, and lightly touching her warm pussy, just teasing her.


I spanked her ass lightly and said, “Jackie honey --- can your turn around and lay on your back please.”


“Yeah, but Mara this I feel weird, all warm inside. I think we should stop” she pleaded.


I shush her with a kiss; I could never get tired of kissing her. My mouth wondered off to her neck, then lower to her exposed breast, I licked around her areola, her nipples hard as a rock it took all of my strength not to take them into my mouth. I kissed and licked her arms. I didn’t want to leave one inch of her untouched, unkissed, she needed to know that she was worth the time. I was in her mouth again, exploring with my tongue, savoring her taste while caressing her face.


“You’re beautiful Jackie,” I whispered “I don’t think I could ever get enough of you.”


“Mara, I never knew I could feel like this,” her body covered in goosebumps.


I smiled “Well you haven’t felt nothing yet,” as I finished my sentence I stuck her toe in my mouth, she laughed and tried to pull her foot away. I pulled her back and she struggled for a little bit, we laughed and looked into each other’s eyes, we kissed again, everything just felt so natural.


I pushed her back down on the bed and went straight for her stiff nipples; sucking, licking, flickering my tongue against them, and gently grinding my teeth on them. She was loving this. So much so that her body was coming off the bed, and moans of pure delight where filling the room. While playing with her breast I took her panties off with my teeth, once and for all liberating that wonderful thick, juicy, and extraordinary beautiful set of lips. I went at them like a bitch in heat, first gently licking her slit up and down, then sucking on her plumped lips, and finally parting them with my fingers and flickered my tongue against her clit… I loved the sounds coming from her lovely mouth, she had put up a struggle before but now her hands were in my hair and she was pulling me towards her. I had to pull my head back, spread her legs a little wider and inserted my index finger into her swollen hole. It gripped my finger as I slid it out and back in again, she was tight. I bobbed my head back and forth, and up and down on her engorged clit, and managed to find her g-spot; I pushed against her love button, and…


“Ah hmmm god Mara, fuckkk get away!” she shouted “I’m going to pee on you.”  


I didn’t stop and I even managed to fight to keep my head in place. She tried to back away from me, but I followed her, my mouth was asleep, my tongue tired, but I desperately needed to feel her cum in my mouth.


“Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk,” she yelled followed by a loud groan; and the tightening of her vaginal walls. Her juices began to flow in my mouth, the sweet extract of a satisfied woman. Her whole body shaking, her legs squishing my head, I knew her clit was sensitive so I let go of her puffy lips and started gently licking up and down her slit; sending little shocks of pleasure every time my tongue made direct contact with her clit. I heard something vibrate on my dresser.    


“Jackie, I think your phone’s ringing,” I said.


“Huh?” she still had that glazed look; she reached over and grabbed her phone. “Hello,” she answered. She looked at me, her eyes wide open. She grabbed a pillow and tried to cover her naked body. I knew it was her husband; she was acting like he could see her.


“Hay Jackie, nunca cambiaras ” (you’ll never change) I laughed, threw myself on the bed, and licked my lips, still tasting her wetness.

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