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my first time




The day started out as any other day . At the time I didn’t know I would meet the woman who would change the way I thought of sex.

So I get to work and hear laughter the kind of laughter that makes you feel good all over. It puts a smile on my face as I went to get my drawer thinking I had to meet this person.

It turns out her name was Merry what a prefect name for her. She was always happy and laughing she was merry for lack of a better word.

My group of friends embraced her like we had known her for years, Before long every where we went she was with us.

I felt drawn to her. I found myself thinking about her at odd times She had me thinking about having sex with a woman, something I had never done before .

I would rack my brain trying to find reasons for us to get together. Where ever she was I was there. Her smile would make me feel all tingly inside and her touch on my hand would send waves of pleasure coursing through my body.

I could tell she was as attracted to me as well. Before long it wasn’t me who would search her out she would find me before I had time to begin to look for her at work .

She was always finding reason to touch me or brush up against. I think she caught on to the job right away but pretending not to understand so we could continue to work closely together.

I started to have fantasies about the next time she touched me that I would tear her clothes off and throw her on the nearest counter and find out what she tasted like.

i wanted to feel her nipples in my mouth kiss her from her head to her toes lingering over her breast and her clit. It got so bad then when ever I saw her I would blush just thinking about what I wanted to do. But I was terrified . I had never been with a woman before.

Then one day she started calling me more and more we started talking about how unhappy she was in her marriage that he could never satisfy her in the bedroom and that she had never had an orgasm.

I said “ that was horrible do you not at lest masturbate?”

she said “ No”.

Well at this point I knew I had to do something .Everyone should be able to experience orgasm whether with someone or alone.

I asked her “ well tell me what turns you on?”

she said “ she has a confession to make but was afraid of what I would think’.

I replied “ you could tell me anything.”

she proceeded to tell me “ that what turned her on more than anything was the thought of being with me.”

I told her I felt the same way and I proceeded to have the best phone sex of my life. The next day at work we were very busy but I couldn’t take my eyes off of her nor her me.

I think I had more screw ups that day then I had ever had the entire time I worked there. After a while I couldn’t stand just looking at her and not being able to touch her.I walked up to her and said I needed to see her in the back room.

She follows me back there and before she can turn around from shutting the door I am behind her rubbing her tits and kissing her neck I hear her moan and feel like I am gong to cum just from the sound she makes.

She turns around and rips me shirt open and starts sucking my breast I feel like I have died and gone to heaven I take her shirt off and start caressing her tits as she continues to suck on mine.

She starts kissing me as our hands both start taking each others pants off, her hand working it was down my body . When she reaches the wetness of my pussy my knees go weak I don’t think I cant stand

She starts rubbing my clit back and forth as I moan in her mouth . I tell her to stop I don’t want to cum yet I want her to cum in my mouth.

I get on my knees In front of her and start kissing her stomach and my hands are squeezing her large beautiful breasts. I then move my hands to her thighs just stroking them up and down.

I hear her whimper above me.

She says “ please, please”

As she thrust her hips back and forth I want her so bad that it hurts. And finally I cant stand it any more I put my face between her wet oh so very wet lips and start stoking her clit with my tongue over and over as I slip my fingers inside her.

With in minutes I hear her cry out my name her juices run over my face I think god nothing has ever tasted as good as her .

After a moment or two she grabs me and says “ now your turn’ I tell her I want her on the desk that want to cum on her tits. She lays on the desk as I straddle her .

I start rubbing my clit against her hard nipple. her hand is squeezing my tit so hard it would hurt if it didn’t feel oh so good.

With her other hand she starts rubbing my clit as well. I reach behind me and find her clit once again and stroke it in time with me riding her breast. In moments I cum all over her and I feel her shudder beneath me with her own orgasm.

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