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My First Unwanted, Yet Wanted Sex Part Two

I got just enough comments to inspire me to continue the story. I hope you all enjoy.


"Admit it, you want more. I already know. Tell me. Tell me you want more."

"I..I..I want more!"      

"Ha-ha-ha-ha." the second voice laughed a devious yet seductive laugh.

"The little virgin wants to be drowned from her innocence already? That was awfully, quick."

"You know what they say, Samantha. Nothing ever goes as planned." said Juliet.

         Samantha, Samantha was the other woman's name. Maddison figured it out. Juliet and Maddison both very much so burned with jealousy of her. Samantha was a very gorgeous girl but she tended to have a terrible personality. Many guys at school were too afraid to ask her out. So instead they all asked Maddie. This was what caused Samantha to be extremely jealous of Maddison. She thought that she stole the guys away from her.  She wanted to do something as revenge so both Juliet and Sam chose the perfect plan. To take away the one thing Maddie held dear. Her virginity.

"Why are you two doing this to me?!" yelled Maddison while wriggling around in her position.

"Ask yourself that sweetie. Why would anyone want to steal beautiful, gorgeous Maddie's virginity? Oh yeah, so those perverted jerks who want you so bad will have to be second place to some girls they rejected." replied Samantha adding some attitude to her speech.

"Is that all? That's why you're doing this to me? That is so stupi...iiid!" Maddison said as 2 cold hands pulled her panties down and 2 others started caressing her breasts by surprise.

"Oh god, please just stop. I..I'll stop!"

"Stop what? Being incredibly hot? Sweetie, you can't do anything to stop this except climax." Juliet said.

"Leave it all to us sweetheart. You'll like this. You did say you wanted more didn't you?" Sam continued.

"I...I thought you were going to stop if I said it!"

"Oh don't be so innocent little virgin. You know you were hot and you wanted to be touched on your pure little pussy."

"AHHHHHHH! *mwmf*" Maddie yelled but her screams were muffled.

"You better be quiet now. You don't want us having to use this now don't you?" Juliet said while pulling down Maddison's blindfold to reveal a big wooden paddle.

"That's more like it Maddie. Samantha, are you ready? Shall we begin the de-virginizing process?"

       A nod from Sam indicated that she was ready. And so they began. Sam began by teasing Maddie. Rubbing her fingers in circular motion on Maddie's pussy lips while rubbing her inner thigh. Juliet was fondling Maddie's breasts while licking her neck. She quickly removed Maddison's gag and licked her lips.

Quickly, Maddie let out a loud yell/moan, "Do it already! Finger me! Finger me, please! I can't take it! I hate being teased!"

Two laughs were let out by Juliet and Sam and they walked away for a short while.


Again, to be continued. I'm a beginner and I still want to know by the readers if they want more.

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