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My friend, part 2

My friend, part 2

The ending to the story of Rosie and Kelly's love
One minute I’m telling Kelly I’m a lesbian, the next minute the unthinkable is happening. I’m under her beautiful body and being kissed senseless. I couldn't think. Her lips felt amazing, our tongues were dancing, fighting almost. Her hands had crept to my breasts, and were now massaging them. I couldn't help it, I moaned out her name, “Oh Kelly.” My shock had subsided and now my hands were on her ass.

I could feel Kelly’s hands creeping to the hem of my top, and my mind started racing. ‘Do I stop her? Do I let her continue? Is this right?’…’Stuff it’ I thought. ‘She wants me and I want her’. I leaned towards her, and let Kelly take my top off. I didn't have to worry about her top, as she had taken it off earlier. ‘One, two, three,' I thought, before flipping us with Kelly on her back and me on top. Kissing her lips, nibbling had Kelly moaning my name.

“Mmm, Rosie,” I continued my assault. I traveled down her neck, sucking, leaving a mark. ‘Mine I thought.’ Continuing down to the tops of her breasts, where I began placing feather light kisses, nibbling softly, caressing. She leaned up, and I slipped my hands behind her back and undid her bra. Pushing the straps down and off, her breasts were now bare to me. I licked my lips, winked at Kelly and dived in.

Taking one of her rosy nipples in my mouth, I flicked my tongue back and forth. Swirling around her hardening bullet. My hand tweaking her other nipple. This caused Kelly to moan out.

“Oh Rosie!”

My mouth moved to her other nipple, my hands began to creep down her body. My tongue, circling her nipple, my fingers circling her navel. I felt her body shiver at this double attack. My lips began their decent. Kissing her chest, her tummy and stopping at her navel. My fingers were stroking the insides of her thighs. My tongue was darting inside her navel; teasing.

Kelly’s hands slipping into my hair, pushing me lower. I obeyed her request, and lowered my head. Taking a deep breath in, I inhaled her scent. She smelled of lust, desire, need and I knew then only I could give her what she wanted.

My fingers began lightly tracing her lips through her panties, and my mouth began placing tiny kisses where my fingers went. I felt her hips rise, and realised I could tease her no longer. I hooked my thumbs into her panties and pulled them over her ass and down her thighs, tossing them to the side. Spreading her legs, I looked into her eyes and saw pure lust. Kelly wanted this and so did I.

I lowered my head, spread her lips and with my tongue licked up her slit. This gained an instant groan from deep inside Kelly. I began licking her clit, softly at first, just teasing. Slipping two fingers into her pussy, I began slowly stroking. My tongue flicking, and licking her clit, faster now; my fingers working faster. Her hands tightened in my hair, her hips started bucking and in no time at all she was coming, and coming hard.

I lapped up all her juices, leaving nothing behind. I took her down from her high. Kissing back up her tummy, her nose, her eyes and finally her lips. Pulling her body tightly against mine. I whispered in her ear I loved her, and then curled her into my arms where she fell asleep.

It didn't matter that I hadn't come. What mattered to me was that Kelly was happy. Id loved her from afar, and I was finally able to show her. With this in mind I fell asleep with the most beautiful girl in the world in my arms sleeping softly.

Thank you to Poppet for editing my story :)

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