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My Girl's Night Out

I needed a night out...

I'm not such a good story teller, but the following is a true event and I thought I would give it a go.  I welcome your comments and constructive criticism.  Please do not duplicate without my persmission...


It was a rare night when both kids were gone and my girlfriend had invited me over for drinks and sitting in the hot tub.   I was looking forward to some good old fashioned girl time.   I grabbed my swimsuit and headed out the door.

Emily was in the shower when I got to her house, and her daughter let me into the living room.   I sat on her couch and almost fell asleep as I was tired from having worked the last few days.   I woke up to a hand on my shoulder, and Emily was standing over me, wearing only a towel.   I could smell how clean she was, and startled myself by visualizing her naked under the towel.   I jumped up and quickly followed her into the kitchen, watching as she mixed us drinks, chatting all the while.

We took out drinks outside and continued to chat, talking about work and you.   You are my favorite subject and our talk quickly became sexual in nature, especially when you began texting me with flirtatious talk.   Emily mixed a strong drink and I was quickly becoming buzzed and enjoyed the rare feeling.   I could feel myself becoming aroused from our talk and your texts and I suggested we get into the hot tub, hoping to hide my increasingly wet panties.

Emily took our drinks back inside and mixed us some more while I changed into my bathing suit.   When I came out of the bathroom I saw Emily had changed as well and noticed that she had a gorgeous body, large supple breasts and a very nice ass.   I hoped she didn’t catch me looking as we grabbed our drinks and went back outside and got into the hot tub.   All the while you are still texting me and I can tell you are getting excited from our talk and innuendos.

I don’t know what came over me, if it was the drinks, the heat, or the sexually charged conversation, but at some point I leaned over and kissed Emily fully on the mouth and was pleasantly surprised when she responded.   I quickly jerked back and was alarmed and said that I hoped this wouldn’t ruin our friendship or our working relationship and apologized over and over.   As Emily put her fingers over my mouth and told me to hush and that everything would be okay, it took a lot of self control to not grab her fingers and begin sucking on them.   I was quite startled at where my thoughts were going as I had never been with a woman before and didn’t know where my desires were coming from.   You continue to text me and Emily and I laugh at how obviously you were enjoying our chats.

I was enjoying the company and the feeling of freedom when it suddenly occurred to me that I was really drunk, no longer simply pleasantly buzzed and I stood up on the hot tub and said that I had better get out.   I was also feeling very horny and felt my nipples pointing as the cool air hit my breasts and Emily was laughing and said “you had better cover up”.

We went upstairs and sat outside on her balcony, still in our wet suits.   Normally I might have been a bit cool, but here in Arizona it stays so hot so late, and my internal fires were keeping me warm as well.   I was enjoying another rousing text from you when Emily reached over and began feeling my breasts.   I let out a groan in spite of myself and said “wouldn’t Jake like to see this.”   Emily then jumped off her chair and said “well then Jake would really enjoy this,” and began kissing me passionately.   Now I haven’t had a good fuck in well over a year and a half since I got divorced, and was so horny I didn’t know what to do but go with the feeling.   Emily began roughly massaging my breasts and kissing me and I could feel her tongue ring and enjoyed the different sensations that were being set off inside of me.   I threw down my phone and forgot about texting you and just went with the embrace.

I got caught up in the sensation of being drunk and heady from the kiss when Emily shoved her hand down my bathing suit and began teasing my pussy with her fingers while we were kissing.   I think the air got sucked out of my lungs.   Emily must have heard my quick intake and began fucking me fast and furious with her fingers and I was so horny I quickly came hard, and could feel my juices flowing out of my pussy as a shudder racked my body.

I wanted to return the favor, but I hesitated as I had never been with a woman before, but my instincts quickly took over.   I pushed Emily back and sucked on her generous tits and began fingering her pussy.   Emily began grinding on my hand and I could feel her wet pussy juices dripping all over my hands and I marveled in the fact that I could cause that sort of a response in another woman.   Emily quickly shuddered and I felt more juices flow from her as she came.   That excited me more than I expected and I told her ‘I’m going to lick on you” and quickly went down to her dripping clit and lapped up her delicious juices.   Emily began to moan and squirm and I held her down and rammed my fingers into her cunt as I fucked her as hard as I could with my fingers, all the while sucking on her clit and pinching the nipples of her breasts.   Emily then moaned so loud as she came a second time that I thought she would wake the neighbors and alert her husband to our activity.

Afterward when I was feeling a bit more relaxed, and I started laughing.   I said “damn I never knew I could do that to another girl, but I guess watching porn movies taught me a few things, ha ha”.   Emily assured me she had no complaints and was very satisfied.   I smiled to myself and thought I can’t wait until my next girl’s night out.

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