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My Lesbian Affair

I had more than a crush on Kelly, a hot blonde with exhibitionist streak.
In the two months after I dumped my boyfriend, my sex life stayed relatively quiet. Then I met Kelly.

Kelly did liquor sales for a local distributor and came into the bar one night for a promo event. I didn't like her at first. She wore too much make-up, she looked stuck up, just like some high maintenance bitch. With her blonde hair and amazing tan body, she knew that men wanted her and it went to her head. But then we were forced to talk for work related reasons. We hit it off, spent more time talking then working. By the end of the week, we were like best friends that had known each other forever.

Last Friday night, I took off from working my job at the bar to help her with another promo event at another bar. The pay wasn't as good as bartending, but hanging out with her made it all worth it.

She was just fun to be around. She was a hundred percent outgoing, where I'm much more an introvert. She was full of energy, most of it sexual. She had a boyfriend, but she loved having men lust after her. She never wore too much clothes, she was always wearing something tight and rarely hid her perky breasts in a bra.

I went to the gym with her one afternoon and she wore just a sports bra and tiny pair of shorts. The men were distracted, busy staring at her athletic body. She was around thirty, but has the body of an eighteen year old.

You could say I had a crush on her, but I think it was more like I wanted to have her body and dress the way that she does. I wanted to have her sexual energy and her exhibitionist attitude. I hadn't seen it in person, but she'd told me stories of flashing her tits, even masturbating in public places for her boyfriend.

The promo event Friday night was fun, I was giving away free drinks and getting hit on by a lot of really good looking men. However, things didn't get interesting until we got back to her house, practically a mansion on the bay. Her boyfriend was some sort of real estate developer and had done very well for himself. He wasn't home Friday night when we got back there. It was just the two of us.

I didn't think she had any interest in me besides as friends. I wasn't going to make a move, even though this would've been the perfect time as we sat on the couch, sipping wine and enjoying the view.

Luckily, she made the move. She turned to me and my heart skipped a beat. I really didn't think she was attracted to me.

She brushed the hair out of my face, then leaned in and kissed me. I've kissed a handful of women, but none came with so much lust and energy. I feared that she would drown me in her energy, but she took her time, calmly, gently kissing me.

Her lips slid off of mine and we leaned back, soaking in what had just happened. She smiled, and a naughty grin formed on my face.

“ I want you to feel me, explore me.” Her voice soft, but still full of energy. “I want to make you moan.”

“ What about Dan?”

“ He's away for the week on a business trip. We have the place all to ourselves.”

We kissed again, turning up the sexual energy between us, creating a wetness between my legs.

I would've been happy just making out all night with her, but she had other ideas. Things heated up with just her fingers brushing my legs. I couldn't resist reaching over to her and touching her soft skin, connecting to her energy.

We kept kissing as she ran her hands gently across my cleavage that escaped from my little black dress. Gentle, almost like her touch wasn't real, not groping or fondling.

She slid her hand into my dress, underneath the nylon/spandex fabric of my bra. She brushed her fingers across my nipple and my body shook. She took it between her fingers and squeezed it. I thought I would melt right on the couch.

Things happened fast. She took my breasts out of my dress, kissing my nipples, gently caressing my tits.

I pulled down the front of her dress. She wasn't wearing her bra. Her perky tits greeted me, her nipples already hard. Her tits felt natural in my hand, but for the first time I knew they were fake based on their shape.

I don't know if another woman has ever made me this turned on. I don't remember the last time a man made me feel so sexy.

Our hands explored each other, however we were still keeping it PG-13. She fondled my breasts, caressed them in her soft hands. I wanted to feel her hands between my legs, but for now they stayed away.

I ended up on my back on the couch, her laying dangerously next to me, kissing me, but staying just far enough away that it created a fire inside of me. A fire that I needed her to satisfy with her touch, her body and hopefully her lips before the night was over.

She didn't just suck on my nipples and caress my breasts. She worshiped my chest. She worshiped my whole body.

“Let's go upstairs.”

I was in another world and it took me a few moments for me to process what she said, then I nodded “yes.”

I followed her into her bedroom, a room filled with simple, stylish luxury. The only thing that didn't fit was the plush, luxurious bed. She jumped on to it like a schoolgirl. She took off her dress, she wasn't wearing any panties or a bra. I couldn't believe that she went out in public like that. I wished I had the body and the bravery to do that.

I crawled on to it and then on top of her. This time I was in control, this time I got to take in her body, her tan body and sexy curves. I kissed every inch, explored every bit with my hands, touching everywhere except between her legs.

Before I had a chance, she took back control and put me on my back. My dress came off, then my strapless bra. I worried that my body wouldn't be perfect enough for her, but the lust in her eyes said it was. She ran her fingers around my belly button, kissing the soft flesh of my stomach, almost like she knew what I was concerned about. That or torturing me because of how badly I wanted her lips between my legs.

She took off my thong, then laid down next to me. Our two naked bodies pressed together as we kissed. I had never felt so alive, so sensual, so sexual. She made me feel this way.

She climbed on top of me, the way a guy would mount me. I wished she could've had a cock and fucked me. Instead her naked body rubbed against mine, our bare intimate areas grinding together.

She knew what I wanted. She slid her hand across my wet lips between my legs, just brushing across them at first, teasing me.

I rose my hips, raising myself off the bed for her and greeted her fingers with my wet cunt. She finger fucked me as we made out. Never had finger fucking felt so hot like this before.

Our kisses became more intimate, more heated, more excited. The feeling inside of me started to grow, feelings of pleasure that I didn't know I could get just from being fingered.

“There's so many things that I want to do to you.”

“Do them all,” I pleaded.

“I'll save them, but we will have a lot of fun together.”

She kissed me again and I was left to imagine what else she had in store for the future.

Her kisses left my mouth and headed down my neck. The wetness grew between my legs, I hoped she was going where I thought she was. She kissed my nipples, then my stomach. She kissed my bareness above my lips. Then finally she kissed my soft pussy lips.

Her lips teased me, kissing my inner thigh all the way to my knee, then back to my cunt. If she had teased me any further, I wouldn't have been able to take it.

Her touch was gentle at first, just explore my opening, teasing my clit. However, she soon buried her tongue between my lips, working my clit at the same time. She was an expert, this clearly wasn't her first time going down on another woman.

She licked me until my moans started to fill the room. She licked me until I was at the edge and she kept going. My orgasm took over and swept me away.

I laid on the bed, soaking up what had just happened. I needed a break to recover, but she sat up and pulled me to my knees. She pulled my hand to between her legs. I felt her wetness, I felt her softness and most importantly I felt her heat. She did the same to me. We fingered each other as we kissed.

This time I made her moan. “Let me go down on you.”

She didn't back down. Her moans became louder. I was just rubbing her clit. Her body went stiff. I couldn't believe she was orgasming. It was almost too easy to make her climax.

Her body went weak and she collapsed on to her back. Her chest heaving up and down from the heavy breathing.

I wanted to make her orgasm again. I positioned myself between her legs. I wanted to taste her. I reached out with my tongue and tasted her wetness, her sweetness, her sexual juices.

I wasn't as skilled as her, but she kept encouraging me. It made me want to make her come even more. I buried my face between her legs, buried my tongue inside of her wetness.

She looked down at me, her green eyes memorizing me. She reached down and wrapped her fingers with mine. My purple finger nails clashing with her pink finger nails. I had never felt so close, so connected to a woman before.

I switched to her clit, focusing on it with my tongue and she started to moan almost instantly. She grabbed the back of my head, she pulled me closer to her clit. She raised her hips and pushed her cunt up to me.

She grabbed a hold of one of her tits, squeezing it hard. I flicked my tongue across her clit as fast as I could.

Her body shook with the touch of my tongue. She cried out loud. I kept going until her orgasm faded away. Her body relaxed, her moans turned into laughter.

“ You made my toes curl.”

“ It was my pleasure.”

She pulled me on top of her and we kissed. This time our kisses soft, relaxed.

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