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My Lesbian experience

Adult toys party gets hot
I went to a an adult toy party recently with one of my girlfriends which was alot of fun. I was not shy at all about it as my husband and I used many different things over the years to kind of spice things up. I had such a good time that my girlfriend suggested I talk to the hostess and host one myself, you know, if you host you get free stuff, or discounts so I agreed to do it. I picked a night when my husband was out of town and my in-laws kept the kids overnight. I got everything together for the evevning, wine, finger food, all that stuff. The hostess came over at eight o'clock sharp, the party was not to start until 8:30, but the hostess needed the extra time to set up. I was a little surprised when I answered the door and the hostess from my girlfriend's party was not who came over.

"Hi, I'm Nicole." she said extending her hand. "You look surprised, what's wrong?" "Oh nothing, I just thought Joyce was going to host." I said. "I'm sorry, Joyce had to cancel at the last minute so she asked me to do it instead, you can call her if you want, I understand." "No, that's OK, c'mon in." I said

I had no problem with Nicole being there, actually I thought to myself she might do a little better. Joyce was a little older, while Nicole was around my age I guessed which would probably fit in a little better with the women I invited. Nicole got ready arranging everything, a very impressive array of toys and lingere and some videos, we talked while she got things together and I got very comfortable with her. Another advantage to her age was that she was definitely more in shape than Joyce, and she offered that she would model the lingere if the other ladies wanted to see how things would look on.

The party started more or less on time, and it was a huge success. I sold way more than expected, so I got credit for a couple of free items. Everyone had a great time, drank more wine than ate the food, so I think the fact that everyone had a little buzz going helped the sales! After the last guest left, Nicole asked me to pick out what I wanted. "Gee, there is so much, I just don't know, my husband loves lingere on me, I just don't know what to pick out. You never know what something will look like just lying on the table."

"No problem." said Nicole "Just show me what you might like, and I will model it, then you can be sure." she smiled. "OK, well, he loves lacey and black, I never bought the outfit with garters, maybe that." "Just wait here, and I will put it on for you!" Nicole kind of winked, and left the room.

While she was gone from the room, I was trying to decide on a couple of toys, there were a couple of vibrators that I liked, I picked one up looked around to see that Nicole was not there and turned it on and rubbed it across my thigh. All of a sudden Nicole walked in. "Find something you like?" she smiled. I got flushed with embarassment as I turned around and saw Nicole standing there.

"Oooops, " I stuttered and put the vibrator down.

"Oh don't be silly said Nicole, you are supposed to get a little worked up at these things." she smiled

"What do you think of this?" I looked over at her and was glad my husband was not there, his jaw would have hit the floor. Nicole was a ver attractive woman. She was blond, small build with what I guessed were about 36C size breasts. I kew from seeing some of the magazines in the house, after me, she was his type. "Well. It looks great on you, but I am just a little larger than you in the chest" I said. I am a black woman, medium build with 38DD tits and what my husband says is a great ass.

"I have an extra one here, try it on." I took the other one, feeling a little self conscious but I squoze myself into and joined her in the living room. "That looks great on you! Take a look!" I looked in the mirror and had to admit that it was pretty sexy. Nicole came over to me,

"Here let me just adjust this strap" she got behind me and fixed a strap that was inside out, and had me turn around. "Now that looks better, oops, let me fix that" as she said that she had put her hand on the material on my breast to straighten out the material. As she did this, whether it was voluntary or not, whether it was the wine or not I felt my nipples harden at her touch. She smiled and did not move her hand away I looked into her eyes and smiled, I had never been with a woman before, there were always fantasies here and there but nothing ever happened. But now, I felt myself getting a little wet as her other hand reached up toward my other breast. All of a sudden, she leaned forward and kissed me. Her tounge parted my lips and I couldn't help but to moan. Her fingers were teasing my hard nipples and I could feel my pussy getting wetter by the moment. I pulled her closer and returned her kiss, I pulled off my top so I could feel her hands massage my naked tits. I pulled her closer as we got on the couch. She began to kiss my neck and slowly trace circles with her tounge on my neck. She slowly inched down to my breasts; I could feel her gently suck and lick my nipples. Oh it felt so damn good, but not as good as when her hand slipped under the lingere bottoms and her fingers slipped into my aching, wet pussy.

I wanted all of her at this point so I quickly slipped out of the rest of the outfit, as did she. Nicole then gently pushed me back down on the couch and began softly kissing my thighs. I wanted her so much at this point. I was so wet it was unreal. I watched her kiss closer and closer to my waitng pussy, and finally I felt her tounge lick my burning clit. I did all I could not to come right away as her tounge worked me over, she was so good at eating pussy, almost better than my husband. I stopped her before I came, I wanted this to last as long as possible! She stopped and traded spots with me laying back on the couch.

I was nervous, but I started doing what she did to me starting with sucking her pretty white titties, she moaned with delight as I licked and sucked her nipples and breats, my pussy was on fire as I did this, I went for it and started licking her the same way she did me. I had never done this before, but I soon learned why my husband enjoyed eating pussy so much! She was groaning with pleasure, and she turned and we got into a 69 for what seemed like forever, I finally exploded all over her face, as she did as well. We rested then played with each other a little more before she had to leave. I was weak with orgasmic pleasure as she kissed me once more and got up to leave. Needless to say Nicole and I will be hosting another party soon!
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