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My Lesbian Love Adventure

Elizabeth and Allie had been dating for about six months now, the love they felt for each other was beyond more than just lust. It was easy to tell between their conversations, flirting in the chat rooms, commenting on each other's pictures, and their poetry back and forth to each other, that this was always going to be more than just an online affair.

Elizabeth was 21 years old, and was a very small, brunette. She has black hair, and green eyes, that you can spot from across the road. Elizabeth was considered very petite. She has long legs, and a tight stomach and ass most people noticed right away. She had a nice B size chest that Allie could not keep her hands off.

Allie was 28, and was the most beautiful girl in the world, in Elizabeth's eyes. Allie had short blonde hair, and had the most beautiful green eyes, just like Elizabeth. Allie was on the short side, ranking in maybe five feet tall if that. Standing next to Elizabeth she felt extremely short. Allie had the most amazing ass, and often Elizabeth felt the need to smack her hands across her ass, and giggle as she often did.

Elizabeth and Allie had been together for six months, and had met up twice. Allie lived in Indiana, and Elizabeth lived in Florida. Sometimes it made the relationship hard being so far away from each other, but their love could survive just about anything. They have been through multiple speed bumps in the road, but their love always came out strong.

Elizabeth's spring break from school was coming up, and she decided that it had been too long since her last visit with Allie, and that she was going to get in her car, and go see Allie. Allie of course was totally excited about the trip and both of them, could not wait to see each other again.

The weekend before Elizabeth's last week of classes was here, and Elizabeth was getting more and more excited as the days went on, as was Allie. They were talking more and more about all the things that they were going to do, places they were going to see, but in all honestly, Elizabeth's main reason for going to see Allie was, that she wanted to make love to Allie, and make her feel like the most beautiful girl in the world.

Lately, Allie had sunk into a depression, there had been problems at home, and Elizabeth was at a total loss as to how to help her beautiful girlfriend. It seemed that no matter what she tried, that nothing was bringing back the old Allie. Elizabeth figured that this trip was just what the both of them needed at this point.

Elizabeth's last day of classes came and went. She loaded up her car, for a week away. She had her clothes packed, along with it, she brought Allie's gift, which was a beautiful butterfly necklace. Elizabeth was always calling Allie her beautiful butterfly, and thought that this was the perfect gift for her girlfriend. Along with her clothes, laptop, cell phone, and her make up. She also had some odds and ends, and Elizabeth also packed her toys. Elizabeth never went anywhere without her toys.

With her car packed, and her cell phone fully charged, she got into the car, and headed off to Indiana and was ready for her twenty hour drive to her girlfriend. Elizabeth was not too thrilled about the fact that she was going to be in the car alone for the next twenty hours, much less that she was going to be alone, but she knew that in the end it was going to be well worth it, just to see Allie again. She knew that Allie needed to see her again, and even more just to have her wrap her arms around Allie and let her know that everything is going to be okay again. Elizabeth was more than happy to do whatever it took to bring back Allie's beautiful smile.

After driving for what seemed like forever, Elizabeth stopped at a hotel in Atlanta Georgia, and decided to stop and get some sleep. She was making great time, and didn't want to be the walking dead when she got to Allie's place. Elizabeth checked into the hotel, and ordered some room service, and called Allie on the phone. You could just hear the excitement coming through the phone, and Elizabeth had the biggest smile on her face, knowing that she was making Allie extremely happy. Elizabeth explained to Allie that she would be there tomorrow around eight at night, and that she couldn't wait to see her. She told Allie that she was going to go to sleep, so she will feel refreshed for driving the rest of the way tomorrow. They said their “I Love Yous” and hung up the phone, and with that, Elizabeth plugged in her phone, rolled over and slipped into a very deep sleep.

Six AM, came very early the next day for Elizabeth. She quickly jumped into the shower, and took a nice hot shower, and put on some very comfortable clothes, but that were also very sexy clothes. She was wearing, a white lacy bra, with matching panties, and a purple tank top, and tight blue jeans. She packed up the rest of her stuff, and threw them on the bed, grabbed her keys, and headed out the door to check out. She quickly paid for her night stay, threw her bag in the car, and was once again on the road.

Elizabeth's drive on this day seemed to be a longer one. She just wanted to be with Allie, and it seemed like it was taking forever to get there. She had heard all the songs multiple times, and she was sick of talking on the phone. Around six o clock, she decided to stop at a Denny's and grab something to eat. Elizabeth was relieved to get out of the car, and stretch her legs, and grab a little something to eat. She ordered a plate of nachos, which everyone knew was Elizabeth's favorite, and an ice cold, Coca-Cola, which also happened to be her favorite. After she finished eating, she went to her car, and grabbed her, make-up bag, and headed to the little girls room. There, she added her make-up, put a brush through her hair, and teeth, and was once again, in the car.

About an hour after driving again, Elizabeth called Allie and informed her that she would be there in about an hour as long as there was no traffic. They both sounded like little school girls, extremely excited. They hung up the phone, and Elizabeth kept driving on. Elizabeth had caught her second wind, and was wide awake again, and was almost jumping out of her skin with excitement. She was so excited about being able to see her girlfriend, and knowing that there was going to be no one home, at her girlfriend's place, made everything so much more exciting.

Right around eight o clock, Elizabeth pulled into Allie's drive way. She was filled with excitement, but for some reason she was also nervous. It is not like the 1 st time that Elizabeth and Allie were getting together so Elizabeth didn't quite understand why here nerves were kicking in, high gear. However all her nerves passed when Allie came running out the front door of her house, and practically tackled Elizabeth to the ground, and they lost each other, in a deep sensual, passionate kiss.

After a minute or so, when Elizabeth and Allie were finally able to pull away from each other, long enough to catch their breaths, Allie offered to help carry Elizabeth's bags into the house, and Elizabeth gladly accepted the offer. Elizabeth was beyond exhausted, and was relieved to be out of the car, and not driving anymore, and thrilled to have any help bringing her stuff up to Allie's house.

Allie led Elizabeth through the house, and headed up to Allie's bedroom, and places her suitcase on the floor beside the closest. Elizabeth could not keep her eyes off Allie. She was more beautiful than the last time Elizabeth had seen her. Allie was smiling from ear to ear, beyond thrilled and happy to be there together, finally. It seemed like it was so long since their last visit.

Elizabeth walked over to Allie's bed, and sat down on the bed, just lost in Allie's beauty. Allie was definitely drop dead gorgeous in Elizabeth's eyes, and it wasn't often, that Elizabeth found herself starring at Allie. Of course, Allie thinking that she was not beautiful, blushed, and walked over and sat down on the bed next to Elizabeth.

On this day, Allie was wearing, a tank top, that showed off her beautiful huge tits, that Elizabeth had to fight the urge not to touch, and a pair of light blue jeans, that showed off her beautiful, well rounded ass. Sitting next to each other, you could just feel the sexual passion for each other that they had to fight so much to keep from attacking each other.

Elizabeth and Allie sat on the bed, and were just wrapped up in each other's arms, and talking the evening away. Around 10 o'clock. Allie announced that she was hungry, and Elizabeth realized that she was too, so they headed down stairs to the kitchen to fix themselves a little something to eat, before they headed to bed for the night.

Allie had opened up the fridge, and had bent over to grab something from the bottom drawer, and seeing Allie's ass right there, Elizabeth could not draw her eyes away from Allie's ass, and wasn't even aware that Allie had Stood up, and was looking at Elizabeth and blushing uncontrollably. Elizabeth had to shake her head, and snap herself out of it.

Next thing Elizabeth knew, she was practically flying across the floor and found herself, with her arms wrapped around Allie's waist, and their lips locking each other. Allie's fingers were through Elizabeth's hair, and they were lost in the deep passion for each other. Breaking the kiss, Allie told Elizabeth that she was no longer really hungry, or rather wasn't hungry for any food at the moment. Elizabeth blushed, and smiled, and her head motions showed Allie that she agreed with her. Allie than took Elizabeth's hand and they headed back upstairs to the bedroom.

Inside the bedroom, as they made their way towards the bed, Elizabeth pulled on Allie's shirt, and told Allie to just stand there for a moment. As Elizabeth turned in front of Allie she stripped down to nothing, and was standing in front of Allie, fully exposing herself. Elizabeth walked over to the bed, and got inside the bed, and laid down. With one hand on her left breast, gently tugging on her nipple, and the other hand slowly sliding between her legs, she asked Allie to slowly remove her clothes.

The sight of Allie slowing stripping her clothes, drove Elizabeth crazy. As Elizabeth watched Allie with very close eyes, she slowly slid her hands, inside her legs, and became aware of just how excited she was. As Allie was slowly taking off her bra, and panties, Elizabeth slid a finger into her wet pussy, and let out a soft moan, that sent goose bumps across her whole body. She slowly slid another finger into her pussy, and was slowly finger fucking herself, as Allie was standing there, completely naked. Elizabeth felt an Orgasm come on, and begin to shake, and Allie walked over to Elizabeth and kissed her deeply, sliding her tongue into Elizabeth's mouth, which than made Elizabeth explode all over her fingers.

As Elizabeth came down off her orgasm, and lost herself in a deep sensual passionate kiss with Allie, She rolled Allie over on the bed, and was on top of her. Elizabeth gave Allie a seductive smile and grin, and giggled a bit, and told Allie to sit back, that she was going to enjoy what Elizabeth had in store for her.

With Allie laying on her back, Elizabeth leaned over, and slowly placed sweet kisses on Allie's neck. Allie let out a soft moan, and right than and there, Elizabeth knew that Allie was beyond relaxed. Slowly kissing Allie's neck, Elizabeth took her right hand, and grabbed Allie's left breast, and softly massaged it. Kissing further down, Elizabeth's mouth came to Allie's right breast, and pulled in a nipple with her mouth, gently nibbling and sucking on it for a few moment, when she was done, Elizabeth moved her mouth over to Allie's Left breast and gave it the same attention she gave the right one. Allie told Elizabeth that she was driving her crazy, Elizabeth just looked up at Allie and mouthed the words, I Love you and smiled to Allie. She leaned back over, and slowly placed sweet kissing on her tummy, and slowly kissing down.

Soon, Elizabeth was facing Allie's beautiful pussy, and the site was beyond amazing. Elizabeth Slowly traced her tongue across Allie's wet pussy lips, and flicking her tongue over Allie's swollen clit. Allie Gasped as Elizabeth sucked her clit into her mouth, giving it light nibbles. While sucking, and nibbling on her clit, Elizabeth slowly entered a finger into the folds of Allie's wet dripping pussy. While sucking, on her clit, and slowly pumping her finger in and out of Allie's pussy, Elizabeth used her free hand, and played with Allie's breast and nipples, giving them a gentle tug. With a deep moan and a shaking body, Allie grabbed Elizabeth's head with both hands, smashing her face into her pussy, as she exploded into a deep powerful body trembling orgasm.

After Allie regained her breathing, and her body stopped shaking, She pulled Elizabeth up to her, and kissed her deeply, and held her close in her arms, as the two lovers, drifted off into a blissful sleep.

To be continued...

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