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my love

My first year college dorm experiences with my amazing roommate
It was the first day of college. I was unpacking. I noticed my roommate was already moved in. As I briefly wondered who she was she suddenly walked in like she owned the place, and with looks like that she did.

Her long curly blond hair just barely touched her perfectly round bum. Her bum was barely covered by her shorts. She was short but a cute short. She is 5’1 with a perfect set of round perky breasts. Her tight fitting, light-blue t-shirt showed off her breasts perfectly. They were more than enough for a handful. She was tanned with a gorgeous smile, silky smooth pink lips, and pretty brown eyes that you just could not help but look into. Her curvy hips made her desirable to everyone on campus. She has a body of a supermodel. She turned heads the second she walked by.

“Hi! I’m Amy,” she said giving me a gorgeous smile with her hand held out for a handshake.

“Hello, I’m Sarah. Nice to meet you,” I said with my hand shaking hers.

I was trying not to stare for too long. She was my dream girl. Unlike me she was beautiful. I wasn’t the model type like her. I’m in shape yes, I work out a lot. But I was a bit shorter than her standing at only five feet and with smaller breasts, just getting into a B cup. I had long brown hair that reached the middle of my back. I’m not tanned like her, but I have a great smile and amazing green eyes that make up for it. My favorite part of me is my ass. Because of the sports I did in high school and the fact that I work out I had nice toned legs that lead up to a perfectly well-toned ass that guys begged for.

“Sarah? Hello earth to Sarah. You in there?” Amy waved her hand in front of my face trying to get my attention.

“Oh, sorry. I was just thinking about my classes,” I had gone off into a daydream while thinking of her.

“Really? Anything interesting?” she asked with a questioning look.

“No not really, just some boring science classes. You?” I nervously blurt ed.

“Yeaa, I’m going to be an actress one day. I’m taking some theater classes.” She would make a gorgeous actress. She was perfect for the job. “Well I’m off to check out campus, you in?” she again gave me that irresistible smile. I just wanted to know more about her.

Weeks went by after we settled in. She was always going out to parties and coming back with random guys. I stayed in and studied rather than enjoyed college life. Most nights when she was gone I spent thinking of her. I had seen her naked a few times by then. We had grown comfortable around each other. Most of the time while she was out having fun I was in my room having my own fun.

One night I was on our couch watching TV thinking about her. She had walked in with an extremely good-looking guy. He was tall at least 6’4. He had to work out a lot. His tight plan white t-shit showed off his sexy muscles. I was jealous not that she had him that he was getting a night with her. I wouldn’t have mind joining them. She took him into the bedroom. I heard her moan. I wanted to make her moan like that. I later I heard the bed smacking the wall. He was pounding into her. It had been a while since I had been with a guy or a girl. I was so turned on. I couldn’t help it I had to relieve myself.

I went to the shower bringing my long pink dildo with me. I knew I was going to need it. Seeing how it was late no one was going to bother me.

I got undressed as fast as I could, pulling my soaked panties down and off and standing back up straight lightly stroking my wet slit. It felt so good. I stroked a little more, parting the lips of my pussy. I wanted more so I began pushing a finger in, moaning softly. It reminded me of Amy’s moan. I wanted to make her moan like that. I wanted to cause her pleasure.

I turned on the water making sure it was steaming hot. I jumped in with my dildo in my hand. I got it wet with the burning hot water. I started running the long pink dildo from between my breasts, down my stomach and finally meeting with my swollen clit.

I rubbed it slowly at first, picking up speed and enjoying the head of the fake dick. I slowly slid then dildo down my pussy making its way to my tight love hole. I then began to slowly pushing it into me. After slowly sliding it out I shoved it back in hard. I started pounding my needy pussy with the oversized rubbed dick.

I soon began to moan load. The pleasure hit me wave after wave. This made me weak at the knees. I had to lean on the wall, putting one of my feet up on the wall in front of me to give me more access. I was close. Close to release. I felt it rush through my whole body. I finally climaxed thrusting to the dildo one last time into me. Moaning loudly as my whole body shook.

When I came back from my shower she was sitting on the couch alone. She stared at me, “Where have you been?” she said with a devilish smile.

“I went and took a shower.. Why weren’t you having fun with Mister tall, dark, and handsome?” I said with a wink.

“Yea, yea. Mister tall, dark, and handsome was also mister tiny,” she said with a mean laugh making fun of his size.

“Well it sounded like you were enjoying yourself.” I stuck my tongue out at her playfully. Hoping she would say no but I would if I had you.

“Nahhh. It was fake. Haven’t you ever faked one before?” She smiled acting as if he was nothing. She teased me with her beautiful smile. I wondered if I would ever get to taste those lovely lips.

“Yea sure. So what are you up to now?” I was in the bedroom now letting my towel fall putting my pink rubber dick back under my pillow. Out of nowhere I heard her. “Oooo why is that out tonight?” she said leaning in the doorway smiling at me slightly biting her lips. She slowly moved towards me. “That’s what the shower was for huh?” She gave me a sexy look like she wanted to do something. “Hey, Can I borrow that? I really didn’t get what I wanted tonight.” She was biting her lip again as she lay down on my bed.

“Sure. Just hand it over when you’re done.” I gave her a wink in hopes I could help her get what she wanted.

“Sure thing baby.” She winked back blowing a kiss. I couldn’t help but get wet.

She grabbed her towel and headed to the shower to relieve herself of the dissatisfaction from mister tall, dark, and tiny.

The next morning I woke up alone. Her class was earlier than mine. My pink long dildo was on my nightstand with a note. “Thanks baby. I really needed that. I loved every moment of it. Now I see why you had it out. Kiss kiss Love you girl!” signed with a little heart and winky face at the end.

I had an hour till class. I was overwhelmed with the thought of this oversized pink dick inside of her. I slid out of my shorts and thrust the dildo straight into me with no hesitation. Pounding away, moan after moan I brought myself to yet another powerful orgasm. By the time I was done and dressed, it was time for class and as I walked out of the door Amy walked in.

“Hey you get my note?” she smiled hugging me and kissing me on the cheek

“Sure did. Sorry I can’t talk I got to get to class.” I hugged her and gave her a loving peck on the cheek before I walked out the door. We had grown really close.


I came back from class. I threw my bags on the floor. I heard a moan. I whispered to myself, “Damn already Amy? Its only one in the afternoon.” The bedroom door was open. I saw her on my bed thrusting my pink dildo into her. This drove me nuts. I walked in. “Need some help?” she was panting moaning in need of an amazing orgasm.

“Yes please. Strip for me and be sexy about it I’ve always loved your body.” Right then I slowly bent over with my ass facing her I moved my hands around my ass and down my thighs. I looked at her, over my shoulder. She was focused on me. Her eyes wide open. As I stood up straight I took my shirt off and turned around to her rubbing my breasts.

“Take it all off. Please. I want to see it all.” She barely got the words out of her mouth.

I took the rest of my clothes off and climbed on to the bed. I grabbed her wrist and stopped her. She looked at me confused until I grabbed hold of the dildo then started ramming it into her. Her face lit up. Her eyes flew open as well as her mouth, with a loud deep moan. I kissed her to keep her quiet. I couldn’t believe my dream was coming true. I brought her to the orgasm she needed. She then pushed me down and did the same for me.

After that day weeks passed by and now a month later and we never spoke of that afternoon or did it again. Sometimes when she hugged me or sat next to me on the couch I could tell she wanted more but she held back.

Tonight was one of those nights, I found myself lying in bed drifting off thinking about her. I was thinking about her perfect body. I imagined being between her legs tasting her sweet nectar. I dreamt of her until I was wet enough to plunge my fingers into my own pussy. Oh how I wished they were hers. I played with my clit until I cried out in pleasure. Sliding my juice covered fingers in and out of my sex thinking of her mouth. I dreamed of her hot steamy breath on me.

Then I heard the door open. It was her! I didn’t want to stop knowing she was near just made me want more. I hope she didn’t have a guy with her and she would come in and help me.

“Sarah?” she said in a soft drunken voice. I wasn’t familiar with this voice. It was so sweet and innocent. Normally when she talked it was a strong sexy voice with a sound of you can’t touch this. “Sarah? Are you here?” she sounded depressed.

I jumped out of bed trying to pull myself together. “Yes! Amy, what is wrong?” I was worried maybe some guy hurt her. I had always worried about her. “Amy?” I called out again worried. She came stumbling into the room. She was clearly upset. Her make-up was smudged by tears rolling down her face. “Amy? What happened to you?”

She came closer to me. In her little purple party dress she kicked off her heels and she sat on my bed and leaned her head on my chest. Mumbling into my chest “I love you Sarah. You’re the sweetest girl I know. I know you like me. You’re always going into a daydream when you look at me. And there was that one day.” I couldn’t believe she finally brought it up again. She looked up at me “You want me don’t you. But I know you. You won’t do anything when I’m like this.”

“You’re right, I won’t,” I said laying her down, kissing her forehead and then lying down next to her. She fell asleep with my arms wrapped around her. I couldn’t believe this was happening. Was I dreaming?

The next morning I wake up to a soft kiss on my lips. I opened my eyes to find out its Amy. “You couldn’t have thought I would forget,” she said in a soft sexy tone that was music to my ears.

“Of course not.” I grabbed her by the back of her neck pressing my lip passionately to hers. I took the chance to make her mine for even just a little while. We kissed deeply and we pulled our bodies closer. Not being close enough Amy climbed on top of me putting me between her legs. She took my shirt off letting my boobs free from the tight cotton shirt. I wasn’t wearing a bra. She quickly sucked my right nipple into her mouth flicking it with her tongue, gracing it with her teeth, and sucking hard on it. She took the other nipple between her fingers twisting and pinching it. All of this made me slightly moan. I wanted more.

She kissed her way down my stomach making it to my shorts. She hooked her index fingers in my shorts and panties pulling them both down and throwing them to the floor. She kissed up my thigh. I was already wet with anticipation. She nibbled and kissed all around my pussy driving me wild making me beg with moans for more. She finally planted a soft slowly kiss on my silky slit. Then slowly she licked up my pussy making me smile with pleasure. Like a wild animal she began to lick me clean of my juices. Biting, kissing, licking ever inch. I moaned loud, I’m sure I was heard. She soon brought me to my most powerful orgasm. I knew then no one would ever be able to do better than her.

She climbed back up kissing me pushing her tongue into my mouth. I tasted myself on her it made me hungry. Hungry for her. I took her tiny little party dress she fell asleep in off. She had nothing underneath. No panties. No bra. Nothing. I pulled her to me taking in one of her nipples and biting down on it making her moan. I switched to the other one biting down on that one too.

She slowly moved up letting me kiss and bit down her stomach till she was sitting on my face. Having her sweet nectar inches from my face made me nuts. I grabbed her hips pulling her down burying my face into her. She tasted sweet I couldn’t get enough. I stuck my tongue deep in her making her moan loud. I pushed my tongue in and out of her making her shake and cry sounds of pleasure. Licking her juices up I flicked my tongue on her clit she shook and squirted her juice all over my soaked face. I licked her clean not letting go of her tell she scream that she couldn’t take anymore. She collapsed on me, her breast pressed against mine.

“I love you Sarah. I never want to make love to anyone else. Be mine?” she looked into my green eyes with he be brown puppy eyes.

“Yes baby. I wouldn’t want to be with anyone else. I’ll make love to you every night.” From that night on she was mine. I finally got what I desired. My love.

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