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My Love Jenna

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Here's something I wrote to a lover
Letter to Jenna

I got home from work very late last night, and used my key to quietly
open the door to your apartment in L.A. When I entered the room, my heart
lightened as I was greeted by the fresh, clean scent of your perfume. I
pulled off my shoes and left them by the door so as not to disturb you.

I smiled when I heard the familiar clicking of the keyboard, and I knew
that you were still awake. I walked up behind you, admiring how you looked;
your silhouette aglow from the light of the computer screen. I stopped and
just stood there. I didn't want to startle you, but I wanted you to know
that I was home.

After my eyes got used to the dim light of the room, I understood. You
were wearing your little pink tee and panties, and sitting on the very edge
of your chair. You were typing with only one hand; your other was between
your legs. You stop typing, and made a little gasp. I could see the
movement of your hand between your legs and your hips were moving slightly
from side to side. Then, you stopped to read something on the screen and
giggled softly.

I touched your shoulder; you jumped and let out a little squeal. "It's
just me honey, didn't mean to scare you," I said in a sweet voice.

"God, Mallory, way to sneak up on a person!" you scolded. You scooted
back onto the chair, rested both your hands on your lap, and glared up at

I wrapped my arms around you and started kissing you up, down, and
around your pretty neck and throat. "I'm sorry baby, I thought you were
sleeping," I said, gently kissing your lips.

"You about gave me a heart attack, Mal," you whispered softly. Then
you gasped as I ran my hand under your tee, fondling your breasts and
lightly pinching your nipples.

"What are you doing on the computer, honey?" I asked you. "Let me
see," I said resting my chin on your shoulder so I could read the screen.

"Actually it's a little embarrassing, maybe you don't want to read
that," you said, with a little worry in your voice.

"Who's Taylor?" I asked you after seeing her name on the computer.

"Please don't be mad, Mallory, it's just someone to chat with. She's
really a nice girl from Toledo, and she seems so lonely. We've been
chatting for hours, we just started fooling around, and she's really got me
going," you confessed.

"Oh my God, Jenna, this is so hot," I said, after reading everything
that was showing on the screen. "It looks like she's about to go down on
you," I giggled. "Don't let me interrupt you sweetie, type something back
to her," I coaxed.

I got down on my knees next to your chair so I could read the screen
with you. The girl, Taylor, on the computer told you she was pulling off
your panties now. I smiled and said, "Let me help her."

You giggled, turned your chair towards me, and typed something back to
Taylor. I ran my hands the full length of your long sexy legs, and up to
the waste band of your panties. "Mallory, I think she's getting ahead of
you," you said laughing, and helped me wiggle you out of them.

Then, I read the last few lines on the screen where Taylor told you
that she was licking the lips of your hot, sweet pussy. Kneeling between
your legs, I looked up at you. You glanced at the screen and back to me
again, smiled and said, "You going to let her get away with that?"

I reached around your hips and gently coaxed you to the edge of the
chair. Your feet were resting on the floor on either side of me, your knees
were wide open, and I was looking into my most precious possession. With
both hands, I squeezed the back of your butt and leaned in close to you,
blowing hot breath into your open slit. I heard you gasp, fumble on the
keyboard a few times, and then I felt your hands on the back on my head
pulling me closer to you.

I pressed my lips to your waiting pussy and gently moved them its full
length, feeling your warmth and softness. When I entered your pretty slit
with my tongue, you moaned from the pleasure I was giving you. I licked you
up and down several times, nibbling on your little clit, and I began to feel
a trembling in your hips. I pulled you even closer, pushed your knees up
and apart lifting your feet off the floor. You leaned back in the chair,
and I slid my tongue into your vagina as deep as it would go. Your
whimpering cries put a smile on my face, and a warmth in my heart.

"Oh God Mallory, you're making me cum...oooohhhh God, oooohhhh..." you
cried out. Your cries of pleasure are beautiful music to me, and I laughed
inside thinking about the poor girl sitting at her keyboard in Toledo.
Sorry honey, I own Jenna's heart, and I'm the one with my tongue in her
pussy. You are only words on a computer screen...

Suddenly, I awoke with a start to the blaring loud music of 104.7 WIOT
- FM in Toledo. I angrily swatted at the snooze button, and pulled the
blankets over my head. My mind wandered back to my dream of Jenna, and I
smiled. At least I had that. I had to wonder if when she sometimes doesn't
type anything back to me, it's because Taylor is there with her, pleasuring
her, and laughing at poor Mallory from Toledo.

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