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My lover in a Limo

This is for a sweet girl by the name of Virginia.
Kimber is lying in bed asleep when she feels something wet and warm start licking her pussy. Not wanting to see who is it, she keeps her eyes closed moaning as the licking continues. She lightly squeezes her 36DDs as she gets close to cumming. A few minutes later she arches her head back and her back up as she cums. She opens her eyes to see her pleaser and she stares right into my eyes.

“Morning neighbor!” I say so cheerfully as I am now sitting between her legs naked.

“Oh Kelly, that was an amazing wake up, but why?” Kimber asks me.

“Well Virginia comes home today and well damnit, I am so horny I can’t wait!” I pout.

Kimber just smiles as she sits up. She cups my face in her hand and kisses me softly. Then the leans me back a bit and starts kissing my 18 year old 30C breasts. I softly moan as she pulls on my nipples with her teeth. Kimber lays me down on my back before sliding between my legs.

“Mmmm yes you are very horny this morning, Kelly” Kimber moans lightly kissing my pussy.

I go to say something but Kimber put her finger over my lips. She just smirks and dives her tongue into my pussy. She continues to lick my pussy faster and faster. I feel myself building up an amazing orgasm. Just as I was about to burst, she stops. She slides up my body. I go to look down at Kimber and she quickly blindfolds me.

“Stay here, be right back.” Kimber whispers kissing my cheek.

I lay there groaning as I want to cum so badly now. Just as I was wondering where Kimber took off to, I feel her turn me over on my stomach. Kimber climbs back on the bed and lifts my hips up. Then I feel her shove something inside my pussy.

“Ohhhhhh fuck, Kimber!” I moan loudly.

Kimber is now fucking me with a big strap on. She digs her nails into my skin as she pounds into me. I just lay there and take it, loving it, as I feel myself building up again. Then 10 minutes later, my body shakes as I cum, squirting as my body shudders in the wonderful orgasm my neighbor is giving me.

“Good girl.” Kimber kisses me as she pulls out of me.

She removes the blindfold and leaves me to recover on her bed while she left the room. I gain the feeling back in my body enough to get up, and put my blue tank top and black short shorts on. I get up and give Kimber a kiss before leaving her house. As I walk back to my house, I pass by one of Kimber’s girlfirends, Echo.

“Good morning Echo.” I say smiling to her as I pass by.

Over the course of the day I am helping my mom out around the house to keep myself occupied. Finally, 5 pm. I run up to my room and put on my favorite white dress with heels. I walk outside to get in my car and there is a limo sitting outside my house.

“Hey girl, come on figured you might like a limo for your date!” Kimber yells coming out from the back.

I run up and hug her. She lets me in the back smiling before giving the driver Virginia’s address. I smile and wave at Kimber as the limo pulls away. It stops a few minutes later in front of Virginia’s house. I get out and Virginia is standing on her porch waiting for me.

“VIRGINIA!” I scream in excitment running towards her.

“KELLY!” She screams back doing the same.

We meet in the middle in an embrace. I hold her tight against me my hands on her back that was covered by a lovely red dress. My other hand on her head wrapped in her lovely brown hair. Finally we seperate, staring each other in the eyes.

“How was Vermont?” I ask holding her hand as we head for the limo.

“Boring as hell, I missed my baby too much.” Virginia says hugging me before getting in the limo.

I almost cried right there, but kept myself together before joining her. I wrap my arm around her as the limo takes us to our favorite French restaurant. There we enjoied a lovely dinner and we both shared our 45 days without each other. When we finally leave the restaurant, the limo pulls up and Kimber steps out of the back again.

“Alright girls get in here, time for a ride.” She smirks.

All three of us get in the limo, I wrap my arm back around Virginia. The limo takes off, and I lean my head over kissing Virginia on her neck softly lightly licking it. Virginia just giggles grabbing my face and kissing me. I kiss her back and not soon enough I am on top of her and we are making out, not caring that Kimber is with us.

“Oh Kelly, how I missed your touch on my body.” Virginia moans in my ear.

I smile as I sit up and remove my dress slowly, showing her I was wearing nothing under it at all. She slowly slides out of her dress and pulls me down on top of her. As we start to make out again I start to rub and squeeze her 36B breasts. I kiss down her body and start to slowly kiss and suck on them.

“Oh Kelly yes.” Virginia moans.

I kiss further down her body before I reach her pussy. I dive my tongue deep into her lovely aching pussy. Oh how I’ve missed the lovely taste of her pussy. I keep licking her pussy faster and faster feeling her orgasm building. I hold her hips down as I lick.

“Oh, oh, oh, oh, Oh KELLLLLLLLY!” Virginia moans as she cums her body shakes hard.

I suck it all up. Just as I move up a bit smiling at her, I feel a wet warm tongue on my asshole. I look back and Kimber is licking my asshole. Kimber grabs my hips pulling me back against her face. I look over at Virginia who smirks before sliding between my legs and starts licking my pussy.

“Oh, oh, yes girls ohhh yes” I moan never experiencing anything like this before.

I continue to moan my hips trusting back and forward against their faces. I hold their heads against me panting heavily. I keep moving my hips against their faces as they lick my asshole and pussy at the same time. A few minutes later I shake and cum squirting on my lover’s face.

“OHHH FUCK!” I moan sliding off of Kimber’s face.

I kiss both of them. Seeing Kimber is now naked, Virginia and I slides between her legs. We both start licking and fingering her pussy hard and fast. We hold her hips down so she can’t move them.

“Ohhhh girls, yessss, yeesssss” Kimber moans holding our heads to her pussy.

We keep going unaware that the limo has stopped moving and the driver has entered the back of the limo with us. We didn’t care as we kept licking Kimber’s pussy and fingering it hard and fast.

“OHHHH SHIIIIT!” Kimber moans cumming.

Virginia and I back up a bit looking up at Kimber who is panting hard. Both of us giggle. Virginia and I start to make out again. Suddenly we are stopped by a cough from the driver sitting on a small seat to the side. We look up at the driver and it is Kimber’s friend Erin.

“Hello girls.” She says smirking wearing a classic limo driver outfit.

We look at her, as she has a long thick black dildo sticking out of her pants. She licks her lips as she gets the large black cock lubbed up. She looks at both of us.

“So which one of you two wants to ride?”Erin asks seductivly.

I crawl over and up to Erin kissing her softly. Erin not being one to wait around turns me around to face Virginia as she lowers me l onto her cock. I moan loudly as I am lowered down. Virginia crawls over and starts sucking and licking my pussy as I ride Erin.

“Ohhh ohhh, yes, yes.” I moan loudly “Oh yes Erin fuck me, oh Virginia lick me!”

I open eyes and see Kimber sliding behind Virginia. Kimber is wearing the same strap on she fucked me with earlier in the morning. I smirk as Kimber plows into Virginia’s pussy fucking her as hard as Erin was fucking me.

“Ohhh yes, oh my, yes!” I moan loudly.

After 20 minutes of this hot fucking, Virginia and I cum at the sametime. Both of us fall on the floor making out in a sweaty mess. We cuddle up with each other panting hard. We close our eyes and fall asleep in each other’s arms. Erin and Kimber get out since Erin parked the limo in Kimber’s driveway.

“Lets set them in my bed, we can sleep on my couch.” Kimber says as her and Erin carry us into Kimber’s house.

They set us in Kimbers bed and let us rest comfortably in each other’s arms.
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