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My Metamorphosis

My Metamorphosis

Change can be a good thing


I got married at twenty and had a baby at twenty-one; I'm now twenty-two. Much too young my mother-in-law said and yes, I now agree with her. There's so much in life to experience. However, I'm now in the beginnings of my metamorphosis. It all began about six months after giving birth to my beautiful baby girl, Christie. I've always taken care of my body and I hated it after having her. I love my little snuggle bug but my body paid the price.

My mother-in-law, Annette who is an avid runner and cyclist volunteered to help me lose the weight. She said it would be fun working out together and give us more time to 'bond'. I was all for that since we weren't on the greatest of terms. Cordial, but not like a mother and daughter. When Christie was just over six months old we started meeting on Saturdays to work out and run. Either my husband, her son, Blake would watch the baby or we'd leave her at the gym's daycare. Babies have to be at least six months old for that.

We enlisted the aid of a personal trainer for the first few sessions to get a routine for me. It didn't help that the trainer was an amateur bodybuilder and was built to the nth degree. I was envious of her body and wanted one just like it. She looked great. I've never been attracted to women but Danielle had a body to die for. Just so you know, I'm straight. I've never kissed a girl much less had carnal thoughts about one. There was just something about Danielle.

When Christie was about nine months old I decided that since I was paying for the gym membership and only using it four days a month, I'd start training more to burn that final bit of weight off and get a body like Danielle's. Luckily, Blake has a very good job as a CPA so I don't have to work. Christie enjoyed the socialization at the gym's daycare while I felt like I was getting my money's worth working out. I began getting up very early to hit the gym when it opened at five. Danielle, the trainer would usually be there working with a client or doing her own lifting. She competed in bodybuilding so sometimes she'd practice her poses in a tiny sequined bikini and clear pumps. She'd stand in front of the mirrors by the free weights and pose not caring who looked or stared, she was focused.

Since there weren't many people in the gym at that time of day Danielle and I developed a friendly relationship. We'd discuss all sorts of topics from food, to music along with events in our lives as we worked out near each other. I slowly began confiding in her like many people do with personal trainers. I kept my voice down when things would get too personal and Danielle would listen then offer some advice if I needed any. We became close gym friends which at the time seemed fairly innocent.

Danielle is Asian and stands maybe five feet tall and weighs around one hundred or so pounds which is all muscle. She's around thirty years old but looks like she's twenty. She has long jet black hair that terminates around her tiny firm ass cheeks. When she poses she lets it swish and sway which can be hypnotizing if you're not staring at other parts of her body. She had a breast augmentation because with very little body fat she had no breasts per se. She told me having breasts impresses the crowds and in turn the judges at competitions.

I'm an average white girl, blonde hair to just below my shoulders, standing at five foot six. My breasts are still full since I'm breast-feeding Christie and will probably sag when that's over. I still have maybe ten pounds to go to get to my target weight which is the same as when I got married at about one hundred twenty-five pounds. With my swollen boobs I would qualify as a centerfold in Playboy if they still did that sort of thing.

It was close to Christie's first birthday when the reason for this story occurred. It was Friday night, my husband had been a real ass all week. He'd been slowly making excuses for no sex for the past month which is strange for him since he constantly drools over my swollen breasts. That night when I asked him to go down on me, he confessed he really didn't like it and didn't want to do it anymore. But, of course, I could still give him those wonderful blow jobs he'd been enjoying since before we wed. That was the final straw. I didn't do anything dramatic but I was mad and he didn't get any head that night.

I hit the gym early Saturday morning. I needed to release my anger and the gym was the best place to do it. I left Christie with Blake and told him I'd be back sometime around dinner. I was going to work out and do some retail therapy. He could tell I was still mad and didn't say a thing. He kissed me good bye then said he'd have dinner ready if I'd call before coming home.

I made it to the gym without running anyone over in my car since I was still fuming. Danielle was there working with a client. We waved hello then I changed in the locker room. I came out and started lifting like I was Arnold Schwarzenegger. I mean I was slamming weights and being louder than I should have. The gym has a no grunt policy and I was violating it big time. When Danielle finished with her client she cautiously approached me to see what the problem was. By then I'd calmed down a bit and apologized for slamming the weights. I explained to her what had happened with Blake. She nodded quietly, listening as I vented. When I'd finished she had a very thoughtful look on her face and told me she knew exactly what I needed.

If I didn't mind, she had a hanging tire at home and a baseball bat. She uses it to relieve her frustrations by hitting the tire with the bat. I was welcome to come do that instead of potentially getting barred from the gym for being so loud. I thought about it for a bit but the deal clincher was having her make one of her secret fruit smoothies for me. She'd boasted about them several times when talking about relaxing after a competition.

I laughed and decided to take her up on her offer. We both changed into our street clothes and I followed her home. She lived about fifteen minutes from the gym in a nice little two bedroom house. It was cute and very frilly, not something you would expect from a tough looking female bodybuilder.

She suggested I get back into my gym clothes so I didn't get my street clothes all sweaty because she was going to wear me out to help me forget all my troubles. I changed back into them in a spare room. They were a bit cold from my sweaty workout at the gym so I hoped she'd let me shower again before I went shopping.

She'd changed too and we met in the hallway. Only this time she was in tiny shorts and a tube top. I felt over dressed in my shorts and tech tee. She led me to the backyard and the hanging tire. Laying against the garage were numerous wooden baseball bats. She told me to find a comfortable one and swing away.

She backed off as I sifted through the bats finding one that fit my tiny hands. I noticed as I walked over to the tire she was placing her hair up into a bun and ponytail. It looked so very good on her as I began swinging at the stupid tire she suggested I name 'Blake'. I swung at 'Blake' for a good ten minutes until my arms got tired. Danielle observed the entire time and would occasionally stop me to adjust my stance or my swing. Her hands on me felt good unlike when she helped me at the gym. This time she seemed more personable and not quite as professional with her touches.

To really wear me out she had me swing five times then drop and do five burpees. After about ten minutes and fifty burpees, I was spent. When she exhausted me, she took a turn beating up ‘Blake’ which made me smile as I stood there sweaty and beat. We both laughed at her beating ‘Blake’ then headed inside to cool down and partake of her secret smoothie.

We settled into her kitchen as she went about combining various frozen fruits into a blender. Then she emulsified it. But, before pouring it into two separate glasses she reached into one of the cupboards to extract a bottle of clear liquid. She looked at me, winked then proceeded to include the liquid in her concoction. I asked what it was and she giggled. "The secret solution, silly. I can't tell you that."

I shrugged and took the glass she offered me. Oh my, it was delicious. Just the right blends of fruits to make it not too sweet and not too sour. We stood there sipping and talking as we drank. The smoothie going down just as the name implied. We finished one then she asked if I wanted another. She warned me I probably shouldn't go shopping right away if I did. I told her I needed to shower first and I'd love another.

She giggled and made another just for me. Well, I ended up having three and I was feeling almost euphoric. We laughed and bad-mouthed Blake as I told her in more detail about the reasons for my tantrum at the gym. She understood and sided with me on all accounts. She did ask if Blake was actually any good going down on me. I confessed he was okay and I really didn't have anyone to compare him to. When I said that I could have sworn a somewhat wicked smile appeared on her face. I shrugged it off and asked again about the shower.

I set my empty glass in the sink then she showed me the main bathroom. It was amazing. The shower was massive with ornate Italian tile that looked as if ten people could fit in it. There were three shower heads that could be controlled individually. She asked if I liked it.

I replied, "Yes, I love it!"

She smiled, "I do like my showers."

She set some fresh towels out for me on the granite countertop, closing the door behind her. I undressed, turned on the water then slipped in adjusting it to a nice warm temperature. I was feeling very relaxed due to the smoothies and the warm stream beating down on my skin. She must have added some alcohol to the smoothie which was the only thing I could think of that would cause this delightful feeling. Right then I didn't care. The water combined with my workout and the smoothies felt good. The only problem was the ache in my breasts from not having pumped or fed Christie. I started to milk myself when the shower door opened. I turned to look and there was Danielle standing there in the buff and how buff she was. She asked if she could join me to save water. I started to object but we do it at the gym and I thought what the heck, it's her house.

She noticed the hand on my breast and asked what I was doing. I told her they were sore and I needed to relieve them. She smiled that wicked smile once again. Placing her hand on mine she gently removed it from my aching breast. I was a little perplexed at what she was doing until she placed her mouth over one nipple and began sucking. Her lips and tongue against my nipple not only relieved that ache in my breast, it sent a pleasurable shock wave through my body. She placed one hand on my ass massaging it as her fingers on the other playfully walked down my tummy to rest over my trimmed blonde landing strip.

I started to object, telling her I was straight, married along with no woman had ever done anything like that to me. She paused, looked me in the eyes and told me there's always a first time. She asked if I wanted her to stop. By that time her fingers were teasing the insides of my aroused pussy while my knees were weakening. I managed to mumble a breathy "No" as she continued her devotions to my aching breasts.

When she'd aroused me sufficiently she stopped her seduction, suggesting we dry off and move to her bed where I could compare Blake's tongue skills to her own. I was at her mercy and she knew it. She shut off the water, stepped out after kissing my cheek. She held a towel open wide to dry me off. Gently patting me down head to toe she made sure her touches kept me anxious and wet inside while ensuring I was dry on the outside. When she finished she hurriedly dried herself then kissed me once more full on the lips.

Taking my hand, she led me to her bed. The comforter and sheet had already been turned down and waiting for us.

I gave her a look, she smiled and told me, "You could have said no. I was betting you wouldn't."

She was right. I was in a mood and right now I wanted that comparison. She sat up on the bed, fluffed the pillows against the headboard for me then sat back on her heels awaiting my entrance to her test facility. I briefly thought about what I was doing, cheating and with another woman. Something I never thought remotely possible.

I crossed that last imaginary line by laying down, my head sinking into the luxurious pillows awaiting my first female supplied orgasm.

Danielle smiled then proceeded to softly nurse my full breasts once again. Her hand slipped back between my legs as I closed my eyes enjoying those lovely sensations all over again. When she'd had her fill, she kissed her way down my body slipping hers between my open and welcoming legs.

Placing her face between them, she looked up from between my legs, over my tummy then smiled at me before placing her tongue over my trimmed mound. Pausing for a brief moment, she inhaled my abundant musk taking in its unique delightful scent. I bit my lower lip anxiously awaiting for her comparison to begin. Instead, she toyed with me, licking, kissing and teasing me until I almost begged her to make me cum. She delighted in taking me close then backing off enough to keep me aroused while still on the brink of sexual insanity. Her tongue took its sweet time exploring inside me, savoring the flavor of my abundant juices. She curled it, swirled it, and folded it, moving it into every possible nook and cranny, driving me to the brink of the most intense orgasm I thought I'd ever experience.

When she heard my pleas to let me cum she stopped and asked how she was doing. I told she was the winner by a landslide. She laughed then returned her glistening cheeks to my thighs lapping up my sweetness once again. She combined her tongue with her fingers exploring my lustful body until she could sense I was about to burst. She stalled a bit making me practically beg her to release me.

She then frustrated me ever so slightly by changing her position. She sat upright moving her legs within mine so our vaginas were kissing each other.

She grinned and asked if Blake could do this to me. She began undulating her pelvis into mine with a slow melodic rhythm no man could ever do. I shook my head 'no' as she finished her test on her willing guinea pig.

I was in heaven. Looking at her magnificent body moving over me, causing such wonderful feelings inside me changed my life forever. I was close already and this new sensation of our common female organs rubbing against each other quickly sent sensations through me like nothing had before. I mashed my breasts with my palms causing massive leaking. Then it came or should I say I came.

My body convulsed, bucking my sweet Asian trainer as if she were riding a bronc at the rodeo. She smiled at me as she rode me to the championship. Her words of encouragement sounded so good to me. Within a few brief moments, she soon followed me in my moment of bliss.

When we were both spent, she eased her legs from mine to join me purring, head surrounded by those fluffy pillows. She asked how that compared to Blake. I replied, Blake Who?

She laughed, kissing me deeply as we lay in each other's arms glowing. She told me I was welcome to stay the rest of the day and we could talk and make love again. I thought about it and decided the mall could wait. She liked that response and kissed me again.

Until then I had no idea how much I'd missed out as far as orgasms were. I still loved Blake despite our little spat. Now I had a dilemma to deal with and that was going to be something I would dwell on for some time.

Fast forward to the present, it's been over a year now since Danielle and I performed our little test. We eventually became lovers and business partners. I decided to take some classes and become a personal trainer. We keep our sex life private and we've started our own studio together. Blake has actually returned to going down on me. He's still not as good as Danielle but he tries and I direct him when he does. I also returned to giving blow jobs to reward him when he gets it right. We're thinking of having another baby now that Christie is older.

At some point, I'm going to run the idea of another woman in our bed by Blake. I need to be subtle with my hints so he thinks it's his idea and I reluctantly agree to it. He likes it when I agree with his ideas. Until then I hope he doesn't figure out what I'm doing and who I'm doing it with. I'm enjoying my life now going from the caterpillar to the butterfly. It's a lovely metamorphosis.


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