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My new neighbor

When you move sometimes you hate the neigbors, others you love them
My name is Angela and I'm an 28 year old brunette with b-cup boobs. First off I must tell you that I have never considered myself a lesbian or even bi-sexual honestly. I say that because I just moved into a new apartment where I met my new neighbor and she was hot. She had a great figure and solid c-cup breasts that almost made me drool. She was so hot that she got me wondering what if I had been playing for the wrong team. As I was moving some stuff and saw her go into her apartment and I just loved what I saw. Luckily for me on the day I moved in she came over to introduce herself after I finish unloading all my stuff.

“Hello,” I said.

“Hi, I'm Jessica I live in 2F right over there,” Jessica replied.

“Oh hi Jessica, I'm Angela,” I said.

She also had a great smile, as her smile was flashed to me, it was official: she was gorgeous.

“Hi Angela, I just wanted to introduce myself and let you know I'm over there if you need something like some sugar or some other stuff. You never know what you may need when fate calls,” Jessica replied.

“OK then, thank you Jessica,” I said.

Then she unexpectedly gave me a hug.

“I'm sorry, I'm just a little extra friendly,” Jessica said.

“I can see that, would you like to come in for some coffee?” I asked.

“Well I won't drink any coffee, but I'd love to come in,” Jessica replied.

Then we both came in and sat down on the couch.

“I don't like coffee either, I just thought that's what people offered before 6pm,” I said.

“Well it is nasty, that's why I don't drink it at any time of the day,” Jessica replied.

The we both laughed for a few seconds.

“So what brings you over here to my neck of the woods?” Jessica asked.

“Well, I just got out of a relationship honestly, shit happened, I guess I'm trying to get away from it now,” I replied.

“Your boyfriend?” Jessica asked.

“How did you know?” I asked.

“Just a hunch,” Jessica replied.

We made some more small talk and I told her about what happened with my ex boyfriend and she was a great listener. It was really nice of her, especially for being a stranger complete. Before I knew it we had been talking for over 2 hours.

“Shit, it's getting a little late now,” I said.

“Yeah I guess it is, time does fly sometimes,” Jessica replied.

Then we both got up and we hugged each other again. I just felt something weird, I'm not at all sure what exactly honestly, but I know I was a little turned on. I thought if she was more than willing to talk to me all that time when she only knew for 10 minutes beforehand, I'd ask her something.

“Can I ask you something personal?” I asked.

“Sure,” Jessica replied.

“Have you ever felt like you wanna be with another woman, if you haven't ever been with another woman?” I asked.

“Yes actually, a few years ago I felt like that, why do you ask?” Jessica asked.

I wanted to say something but I simply could not, but then I think she connected the dots.

“Anyone ever tell you that you are a sexy lady?” Jessica asked.

“Not in a long time,” I replied nervously.

Then I got a little horny, and I think she got horny as well. I saw lust in her eyes and she saw the same in mine.

“I'm a bisexual woman Angela, are you OK with that?” Jessica asked.

I felt a little choked up or a few seconds, my nerves were going nuts.

“Yes, when was the last time a woman told you that you were a sexy lady?” I asked.

“A few months ago, but she was a non sexual friend,” Jessica replied.

We both slowly came towards each other.

“What's it like to be with another woman, I mean obviously it's a little different than being with a guy, but what is it like?” I asked.

“Well it's different as you said, but it's more intimate though. It's more sexual and it always lasts longer, every single time,” Jessica replied.

“Is that so? Would you mind if I kissed you right now Jessica?” I asked.

“I'd like that,” Jessica replied.

Then I kissed her once, it lasted for about 15 seconds, then we looked at each other for a minute.

“Well I guess the only thing I can say now is: welcome to the building,” Jessica said just before she kissed me again.

We were both very horny, but I was curious and she was bi-sexual, so we both thought why not when the opportunity came up. We both wrapped our arms around each other and made out for a minute.

“And you have never ever been with another woman before?” Jessica asked.

“Never, not even once,” I replied.

“Well I think we're gonna be great friends now, call me crazy,” Jessica said.

Then we both went to my bedroom, we both laid down on the bed and got on our sides. We kissed each other a few more times and then got closer to each other.

“Don't be nervous, I'll be nice and gentle with a first timer,” Jessica said.

She kissed me once again and put her hands at the bottom of my shirt. She pulled it off me exposing my pink bra.

“Well you certainly have nice breasts, are they c-cups?” Jessica asked.

“No, just b-cup boobs, but thank you for that,” I replied.

We both leaned up and I took off her shirt. Under her shirt she was hiding c-cup boobs, and for the first time ever my pussy got wet when I saw another woman's tits.

“Those are some nice tits Jessica, have you ever modeled?” I asked.

“No actually, I know they are sexy, it's just my exes' problem now, they'll be missing these,” Jessica replied.

Then she took off her bra and I got to see her rocking rack up close. My pussy just got wetter as if it was magic. She laid down on her back and I slowly pulled down her skirt exposing a sexy thong she was wearing.

“Sexy Jessica, I mean damn,” I said.

“Thank you, and just so you know, I don't welcome everyone like this,” Jessica replied.

“Dually noted,” I said as I slowly pulled her thong off.

That exposed her somewhat hairy pussy. There just something about her, I don't know what it was exactly, but when I saw her, I couldn't get her out of my mind. I took a good long look at her pussy and got close.

“Don't worry, it won't bite,” Jessica said.

Then I leaned in a bit and gave her pussy a gentle lick.

“It just takes a little practice, that's all,” Jessica said.

So I leaned in again and gave her pussy a few more licks, but of course they weren't as gentle that time. I never ate pussy before, but I wanted to make her feel really good. Call me cocky if you want, but I was determined to make her feel good. Both of our pussies were extremely soaked to say the least. Of course she couldn't see mine just yet, but she'd find out how wet it was. I licked her pussy a few more times and once I was ready, I stuck a couple fingers into her pussy as well. She let out a few big moans as a sign of pleasure.

“Yes, now stick those fingers in there deeper for me Angela, make your new neighbor moan really loudly,” Jessica said.

Then as she requested, I stuck my fingers into her pussy deeper. I had the pointer and middle finger into her pussy as deep as I could get them and she belted out quite a few moans.

“Shit yes Angela, that's what I'm talking about,” Jessica said.

I began thrusting my fingers in and out of her pussy a bit and she began moving around as if she couldn't get enough. She put her hands on my boobs and squeezed them very tightly.

“Yes, now show me what you can do with your tongue now Angela, we both know you are just dying to,” Jessica said.

So I did that too, but not because she asked. I really did want to, I was just building up to that and building my confidence as well. Once I was ready, I leaned down stuck my tongue into her pussy, but of course I didn't put it in too far too quickly.

“You are such a tease Angela,” Jessica said.

“I'm not sorry,” I replied.

Then she leaned up and gave me a kiss, she could taste a lot of her juices off my lips.

“Not bad,” Jessica said.

Then she slowly put her hands onto my back and undid my bra. It fell to the floor and she too made sure to take a good look at my rack as well even though it wasn't as big as her rack.

“It may not be as big as mine, but it's still getting my pussy wet,” Jessica said.

“I can see that,” I replied as I looked down at her pussy.

I put my hand on her pussy and rubbed it very slowly as we made out a little more, but her hands were busy unbuttoning my pants. She slowly stuck one hand into my panties and felt just how wet my pussy was as well.

“And you are seriously telling me that you have never ever been with another woman before?” Jessica asked.

“That is correct,” I replied.

“Well, prepare to be fucked by a woman,” Jessica said.

Then I stood up and she pulled down my pants along with my panties exposing my hairless pussy.

“And no hair down there huh?” Jessica asked.

“Nope, not down there anyway,” I replied.

Then she stood up and gave me another kiss.

“Sorry, I love kissing,” Jessica said.

As we were both completely naked, we both wrapped our arms around each other. Our boobs leaned up against each other nicely even though her boobs were bigger than mine, but nevertheless it was still an amazing feeling.

“Well you certainly have the sexiest tits, bar none,” Jessica said.

“You really think so?” I asked.

“Yes, they may just be B-cup boobs, but they are sexy beyond belief, don't you ever just look at yourself naked?” Jessica asked.

“Maybe,” I replied.

Then we made a little more for a few more minute, and after that she pushed me down on the bed. She got right over my pussy and leaned her head in. She had experience eating pussy, so I wasn't sure exactly what I was in for, but I was more than ready to be pleasured. She also just started with a few nice licks on my already very wet pussy. I immediately let out a few moans.

“Oh Jessica,” I said.

She didn't say anything, she was just locked and loaded it seemed. She spread out my pussy lips a bit and stuck her tongue into my pussy. This was a beyond great feeling, it was seriously nothing like I had ever felt before in my life. It was so much different to have another woman eat me out rather than a guy. I put my hands onto her head and that made her wanna go in a little more then. I was getting very sweaty and my heart was beating very heavily, I was just so excited and turned on at the same time that I just knew I was gonna have the biggest orgasm of my life.

“Fuck yes Jessica, and I usually hate my neighbors, but I know I'm gonna love you,” I said.

She just made it worse when she put her fingers into my pussy as well. I put my hands onto my boobs and pinched my nipples very hard. I just was so pleasured that it was a big wild card on what I'd do when she was making feel so damn. I just began screaming at the top of my lungs.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck yes!” I screamed.

I knew the other neighbors wouldn't like it, but I didn't care, I had this neighbor being extra nice to me, and I was gonna let them know. She had a great tongue and knew how to use it. She was moving it around inside my pussy and it wasn't fair, how could I not scream. I leaned up with her and put hands back on her head once again. I stayed up and made her stick her tongue in there as deep as she possibly could. I had my eyes closed and I breathing in and out rather rapidly. With her tongue going inside me it just felt like I was on a definite high and just couldn't escape it to save my life. She even began sucking on my clit a bit as well, then I had to lay back down and just try to grasp this feeling that I seriously just never ever felt before. I also began moving around quite a bit when I moaned as loud as I ever moaned in my life.

“Fuck yes Jessica, don't stop, don't you dare stop fucking me!” Screamed.

My pleasure was as high as I think it could go, then I began moaning very loudly once again and without much more warning, I came all over her face. After that she climbed up on top of me and kissed me a few times with cum soaked lips.

“So does this mean when I ask you to pose as my girlfriend, you are gonna do it for me?” Jessica asked.

“Sure Jessica, anything for you,” I replied.

We made out for a few more minutes and she just rested her head on my boobs. I guess they were just big enough to be used as a pillow. I had never been welcomed like that before, so the whole thing was an experience to say the least. I think we were just both horny, so we did it, I can't say I regretted it at all. Let's just say after a few sex sessions, I officially got a position on the other team with Jessica. About 6 months into my stay in that apartment building, I officially moved in with her. I think I'm overstaying my welcome, but I don't think Jessica minds one bit.
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