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My new neighbors

Moving to a new place can be so stimulating. . .
"That's the last box, miss." The movers did their job quite efficiently. "You have a nice day, now."

I was so excited to have my first place!! Things were beginning to look up for me!! It had taken a lot to save up for the quaint 2 bedroom apartment, but it was finally mine!!

I relished in the thought of freedom as I began unpacking my clothing into my dresser. I smiled as I pulled out the little black cocktail dress "You and I have had some fun times together," I giggled to myself.

After a few hours of organizing my cluttered mess, I stepped outside to get some fresh air. The breeze felt good against my skin as it fluttered over my blouse. It was a sunny day, perfect for a bike ride.

My home was in a cul-de-sac in a nice location in town, not too far away from the college I would soon be attending. I had my dreams set on becoming a teacher.

There were a few other houses around, but it seemed like everybody else on this block was at work.

I turned around to go unpack some more when my neighbor's door opened.

"HEY THERE!!" a voice yelled from the doorway, and out came a gorgeous blonde wearing a see-through halter top showing off the full size of her C-cup breasts, tight fitting cutoff jean shorts, and a comftorble pair of sneakers.

I watched from my front yard as she walked over to me, her hips swaying with each step as she carried a gift basket to me.

"My name's Tracy. Welcome to the neighborhood!" She chirped as she handed me the basket. "I brought you a housewarming gift!"

"Thank you, that's very sweet of you." I blushed as she stared into my eyes. Suddenly it began to get very hot on the sidewalk. "My name is Jennifer, but everyone calls me Jen." She was nodding her head as she looked over my curves.

"Would you like a hand unpacking? I have nothing but free time right now." Tracy never took her eyes off my body. I could tell that helping me unpack wasn't the only thing on her mind.

"Sure, I would love a hand. This could take me all night if I do it alone." I said.

"I'll make sure you don't take all night," Tracy purred as they began to walk into Jen's house.


"There. The kitchen's finally done," Tracy sighed as they both collapsed onto the living room couch. "I never knew that dishes could get me so worked up!" she giggled. The sun had gone down hours ago, and we both were sweating from all the work.

"I think we've done enough for now. Would you like something to drink?" It felt good to be the host to somebody in my own place!!

"Whiskey and soda, if you have any," she said as she began to take her shoes off and relax.

"So do you live alone?" I asked as I handed her the glass.

"No, but my roommate Kim is at work. She's always working so she can pay the bills." Tracy sips on her drink, "I take it you have your boyfriend coming over soon to help you 'settle in' better" she winks at me when she says "settle in".

"No, actually I'm single right now, but I prefer girls anyways." I have always found the female body sexy, and from the looks of it, Tracy was admiring me right now, too.

"Have you ever had more than one partner before?" She smiles slyly as she asks me, and caresses my leg gently with her fingers.

"I. . I. . No I haven't," She's beginning to move her hand up my thigh, oh God, "That's always been a fantasy of mine, though." I stutter through heavy breaths. She is getting me wet right now, and I can almost taste her hard, perky nipples through her see-through shirt.

"Maybe we could change that tonight. My roommate will be home very soon." Tracy begins kissing me gently, our tongues caressing each other's as she slides her hand over my own erect nipples. I gasp as she pulls me towards her. Our bodies rhythmically pushing closer together.

She unzips my pants with her free hand as I grasp to take her top off. She moans softly as I press my bra against hers and kiss her again, this time more passionately. Just as she begins to move her hand past my pantyline, headlights flash in the window.

"She's home. I'll go get her and introduce you two." Tracy smiles as she pulls away to go to the door. "Kiki, I'm over here with our new neighbor! Come over here!" she yells out the door.

A few moments later, Kim, or Kiki, walks through the door. She's wearing a stylish trenchcoat, a black mini skirt that shows almost too much, and high heels.

It's only then that I realize that Tracy and I are both still in our bras, and my zipper is still down. "Looks like the party started without me" Kiki smiles as she takes off her trenchcoat to reveal only a bra covering her D-cup breasts.

"What did you say your roommate did again?" I ask as I admire Kiki's four pack abs and slim, curvy figure.

"I am a dancer at the local club," Kiki offers.

"I am impressed. You definetly have the figure for it." I can't help but begin to play with myself, my pussy already soaked. "What can you show me?"

"Lots, but we have to go to the bedroom," Tracy answers with a knowing smile.

Tracy and Kiki begin kissing as we all move to my queen sized bed, and I begin to kiss Tracy's body while I undo her zipper.

Kiki turns to me and unsnaps my bra with one hand, while the other plays with my nipples, making them even harder. I pull off Tracy's shorts while Kiki puts my nipple into her mouth. I gasp as my body shudders with pleasure. I caress Tracy's wet shaved pussy while she undresses Kiki. I join them on the bed, and we all begin to tease eachother with our hands and tongues, licking and fondling each other's clit while lying on our sides in a triangle shape.

Before I even know it, I'm getting ready to cum all over. Tracy notices my pussy tighten around her fingers as she rubs my G-spot with determination. "You like that, baby?" she says between lickings

"Ooohh GGGOOODDDD," I moan, as she puts my clit into her mouth. Kiki makes the same noise as I pleasure her, picking up speed, she thrusts her groin against my tongue and I taste her wetness as she wriggles with pleasure.

"Take me, take me NOW!" she yells as I furiously rub her G-spot with my fingers. I grab her breast with my free hand and rub and pinch her hard nipples, exciting her even further.

"Oh fuck" I moan. "Yes. . . YES" as Tracy plays with my whole pussy with her tongue, tasting my pleasure. "GGGOOOODDD I'm CCUUUMMMMMIIIINNNNGGG!" I yell in extacy as Tracy and Kiki do the same.

"That was the best housewarming gift I could have ever asked for" I laugh as we begin to dress again. "We should do this again some time."

"Why don't you come down and see me at work sometime?" Kiki says. "I'll give you a free show. I know you'll leave with a smile on your face." She smiles as she pulls up her mini-skirt.

"I will," I say, still shaking from the orgasm.

"Oh, and bring Tracy, too. I'll show you the VIP lounge." She winks as she heads nextdoor.

I have the best neighbors anybody could ever ask for.
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