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My Schoolgirl Neighbour Revisited

My daughter and her lesbian schoolgirl friend
I recently wrote about my 17-year-old schoolgirl neighbour, Lucy,who was friendly with my daughter of the same age, Angie. At that time, Lucy was staying over at our place. I got her to masturbate for me while my daughter was in her room on the phone.

While Lucy often wore her school uniform for me and seemed perfectly happily playing with herself through her navy blue school knickers, she simply would not let me touch her in any way. This struck me as odd until one night the two of them were staying in our house again, both still wearing their school uniform grey skirts, white blouses and white knee-high socks.

After a lovely meal, Lucy and Angie disappeared into Angie's room saying they were going to study for an upcoming exam, so I sat watching videos. About half way through the evening, I decided to make the girls a drink and, without really thinking about their privacy, I opened Angie's bedroom door and walked in. I stopped dead in my tracks as I look at the lovely sight in front of me. Angie and Lucy were both on Angie's' bed, looking at school books.

As I stood just inside the door, they were both completely oblivious to me, so much so that I heard Lucy say, "I masturbated in front of your Dad last week."

"You what?" Angie gasped.

Smiling happily, Lucy repeated, "I masturbated for your Dad the night I stayed over and you were in your room on the phone."

Grinning, Angie said softly, "That would have delighted him as I know he just loves navy blue school knickers. He's always trying to see mine. I know for a fact that he sometimes takes them out of the laundry and uses them to masturbate."

"God, that's so hot," Lucy groaned.

Obviously interested in what had transpired between her friend and her Daddy, Angie asked then, "H ... have you let him do anything to you, Lucy?"

"No, apart from letting see me playing with myself through my knickers a few times," Lucy replied, adding, "I ... I would rather you played with me."

Opening her eyes wide, Angie almost whispered, "You'd rather what?"

Putting down the book she had in her hand, Lucy reached out and slipped her hands around her young school friend's waist, saying, "I ... I'd rather you played with me, Angie, I've often thought of you with your hand up my school skirt and between my legs, doing the most wonderful things to me through my gym knickers."

"Oh, fuck," Angie groaned, "I've often thought the same. Lots of times after being with you, I've had to masturbate."

I couldn't believe I was actually watching and listening to this. My absolutely gorgeous 17-year-old schoolgirl daughter and her friend talking about masturbation so openly.

After a few moments, Angie looked at her friend, asking softly, "W ... would you like to masturbate me now?"

Lucy must have been really turned on as she simply groaned, "Lift your skirt, Angie, lift your skirt right up and let me put my hand between your legs. I want to feel your little pussy through your navy knickers."

I could see my little girl was trembling as she took hold of the bottom of her school skirt and lifted it right up round her waist. I found it hard not groaning as I looked at her incredibly sexy little navy blue school knickers, noticing how her lovely little love mound pressed proudly against the front of them.

"Oh, God, Angie," Lucy moaned, "I never realized that a simple pair of navy blue cotton school uniform knickers could turn me on so much."

Reaching out and taking hold of the bottom of Lucy's grey skirt, she gasped, "I want to finger you, Lucy I want to finger your pussy through your gym knickers."

Watching those two 17-year-old schoolgirls with their hands between each other's legs, feeling and fingering each other through their delectable navy blue knickers was almost too much for me.

My excitement was only heightened when Lucy moaned, "You're creaming your knickers, Angie, I can feel them getting wet."

"So are you,"" Angie responded and, obviously highly aroused, she groaned, "Fuck, Lucy, you're going to make me come, you're going to make me come in my school knickers."

Opening her eyes wide and smiling innocently, Lucy croaked, "Let's see if we can come together."

Taking me by surprise at the speed and ferocity of their orgasms, both girls screamed as they made each other come in their knickers, Angie sobbed, "I ... I want to kiss your knickers, Lucy, I want to kiss your navy blue knickers till I make you come in them."

As if it was pre-planned, both girls turned at the same time, their heads between each other's legs. The only sound in the room for the next few minutes was heaving breathing as they kissed, licked and sucked each other's pussies. They were so excited that large dark stains were clearly visible on the crotch of their navy blue schoolgirl knickers.

Lucy was first to go, crying happily, "I'm coming, Angie, I'm coming in my knickers for you."

This was followed seconds later by Angie sobbing, "I love it, I love feeling your head between my legs and your mouth on my school knickers, making me come so beautifully."

Suddenly, taking my breath away, Lucy groaned, "I wish your Daddy was here, Angie, I wish he was here feeling and fingering me through my knickers.

Apparently well aware of what was going on around her, Angie grinned at her school friend, sighing, "He is, Lucy. He's watching us now."

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