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seatemate turned sexmate

I was too lazy to go to school, and because of this, I have to attend special make-up classes in biology, which really pissed me off! My first make-up class was finally scheduled, with no interest I showed up, I sat at the back, behind a girl with a ponytail.

As I sat in my chair, she turns her head to me and said "hello", and introduced her self as donna, "hi, I'm catherine", I replied, then a slight grin on her face showed.  during the lecture, I caught her eyeing me with her face powder mirror, but ignored it , thinking that I was just paranoid, but after few minutes, I caught her again, but this time, She was smiling at me, it felt weird, but, It it made me to be on a wonderful mood. the lecture was finally over. I headed straight on the door, then someone tapped me on the shoulders, it was donna, she then asked me, If I could accompany her in the library and help her with some "stuff".

Surprised, I agreed, but I really don't know why. We head straight in the library, she asked me to sit beside her in this bench behind a section in which the librarian is no where in sight. Then I told her, "wow! it's not typical to ask a person whom she met for the first time to somewhere." she smiled, and answered "well, I think that's okay especially, if it is a hot girl like you." then removed her ponytail, in like a slow motion, her pretty face was highlighted with her long, brown, shiny hair. With no hesitation, I replied "You're hot too." while thinking to my self (finally, a girl in front of me, I was confused with my sexuality before, I liked boys, and I love having sex with them, but there's always this weird feeling that i wanted to have sex with a girl.)

Surprised with what I said, I hurriedly said "well, just kidding". She laugh, and replied "no, you're not, I can tell that you somehow like girls too, I could tell because I always catch you staring at my bestfriend, angeline? ring any bells?! and I hated it, beacause, I like you!".  Shocked, it felt good, when I heard she admits that she liked me. not that I like her too, but because, I like to experience making love with girls. Then she grabbed my hand, I pulled back and whispered "No, I don't like angeline, I like you. I like aggressive boys, so why won't I like aggressive girls like you" then I felt my panty was suddenly wet!

As she stare in my eyes, she whispered, "Come with me, I'll let you feel how much I like you". We went to her house, and up to her room. she dropped her bag and grabbed mine and dropped on top of her's. she whispered, "I always wanted to do this" she held my face gently, and kissed me on the lips. It felt like heaven, a chill, went down on my spine, I removed her hands, and told her that, "enough of this, you made me really horny, and I want things fast!" she smiles, "well, I did'nt expect that!" and instantly, she pushed me on her bed, and sat on top of me, took off her top, and hump for a while, I moaned, and she took my pants and wet panty off, then tickled my clit with her toungue for a while, which made me more horny, I took her bra off, then pulled her close to me, and licked her hard nipples, then, push her on the side of the bed, and now, I was sitting on her, I took my top and bra off, I pulled her pants and panty, and hugged her, trying to touch her wet pussy with mine, I humped really hard, and made her moan, then hse stopped, and pulled something from her drawer, I asked her what it is, she replies,"a strap on with 2 dildos". Surprisingly, I had an idea how to use it, of course, a great thing like this is self explanatory, as she was putting it on her, I stopped her, and grab it from her, and asked her to put it on me, she inserted the inner dildo on me, and it made me moaned as I squeeze her breast, she secures the strap, and lied again on her back, "shit!" I whispered, Then, I pulled my self on her, and inserted the outer dildo on her pussy, as it slips in her pussy, I squeeze her breast, and pump slowly, I felt the dildo pound on my cervix, It felt like heaven! It's like a hard cock pounding on my cervix while having sex with a girl, she moans, and I pumped quicker, "fuck, fuck, fuck,  continue fucking me", she moans, as I continue to fuck donna, I kiss her, and the fucking turned to a hard pounding sex, it never felt this good before! I was having the longest fucking, before I reach my climax, as my libido increase, she pushed me, and it was her turn to pump,  Damn! as she humps, her breast bounced, as she pounds my cervix, my hands are on her waist. As I reached my climax, she pounded more faster and harder, while screaming her lust out, we reached our orgasm on the same time while kissing. then we hugg, as I told my self, I love this girl, she accepted me, I accept her, and she fucks great!

We, slept for few hours, then woke up, we dressed each other, and I asked her, "can you be my girl friend?" she replied, "yes" and kissed me gently.

now, we've been going out for 7 month and having hard sex on a regular basis, and our favourite, is the 5 hour sex trip on a motel, experimenting with different toys.