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My Sex-Packed Holiday Part 3 - Sally and Me

My Sex-Packed Holiday Part 3 - Sally and Me

I rubbed my wet pussy against her breasts, leaving sticky smears of juice all over them.
I woke up in the morning feeling a bit dirty and sticky after the previous night’s shenanigans. I glanced over at Matt’s bed: he was still dead to the world, although judging by the bulge under the sheet he was going to wake up with a pretty impressive morning erection. I smiled to myself, tempted to lift the sheet and have a look, but decided against it. It wasn’t time to get up for breakfast yet, so I lay in bed playing quietly with my pussy until I could put it off no longer, then got up and had a shower to wash off any remaining dried-up smears of his sticky ejaculate, as well as my own sweat and other secretions. I heard Matt stirring as I was getting dry, so I wrapped the towel around myself as I went back into the room. He was sitting on the edge of the bed, and sure enough he had another hard-on, big and stiff and sticking up in front of him. He looked a bit guilty and pulled the sheet back over himself when he heard me come in.

“It’s a bit late to be all shy about that thing now,” I laughed. “You’d better find Sally quick and get her to sort that out.”

He laughed too. “Well, you know I promised your Dad I’d go out walking with him today, over to Hartland Point, but I did say I’d see her after breakfast before we go.”

“You’d better get a move on then,” I said. “You know Dad likes to get an early start”.

“I know, that’s why I’m up now – thought I’d grab breakfast and see Sally, before he’s ready,” said Matt, pulling on a clean pair of boxers over his big stiffie.

“Well, I’m going to take my book and sun-bathe on Granta Beach,” I said, dropping my towel onto the floor and bending over to get my bikini out of the drawer, giving Matt a nice view of my bare bum.

“Just don’t get arrested,” said Matt – I'd told him about how that was where people in the know went to skinny-dip, and even sunbathe in the nude if there was no-one else around.

“And the same to you,” I said, and he went a bit red – so he presumably was hoping to have more than just a friendly chat with Sally.

“Just stay out of the way this time, peeping Tom,” he said.

After we’d had our breakfast, I saw him and Sally disappearing off towards the hotel’s private steps down to the rocks. My parents had only just come down, so I did my bit for young love (or lust) and kept them chatting for a bit. I told my Dad that I’d seen Matt, and he was going to be ready to go by 10 o’clock, which seemed to keep Dad happy. So I gathered my stuff together, and set off for the beach. Although it was possible to get to it round by the rocks where Matt and Sally had gone, I resisted the temptation to disturb them, and decided to go the long way round, by the cliff-top path.

I walked along to the place where it split in two, one branch going up a steep hill to the village, the other down to Granta beach. The last part was a bit of a scramble across some huge boulders, but before long I was on the beach, and laid out my towel. Not many people came to this beach; it wasn’t as big or as sandy as the main one, which was a short walk in the other direction from the hotel, and it was a bit difficult to get to, so families with small kids tended to avoid it.

I removed my t-shirt and slipped off my skirt, revealing my skimpy bikini underneath. It was more of a “look at me aren’t I hot” outfit than a serious swimming-suit, patterned with bright multi-coloured stripes and held together with little stringy laces. I rubbed on some sun-cream, then, as there was no-one else about, unlaced my bikini top and took it off. The sun felt nice on my bare breasts: I rubbed a bit more sun-cream on them, and then was ready to relax for a bit.

I lay there and read my book for a while, then decided to go for a short swim. It was still a bit early for the sea to have warmed up properly, but I took a deep breath and plunged in, and after the initial shock it was lovely and refreshing.

The previous year, I’d worked out that if you swam round the rocks that formed the left-hand edge of the bay, you came into a second, smaller inlet that was completely surrounded by rocks, meaning that it was completely cut off except from the sea. I swam to the rocks and, treading water, removed the rest of my bikini and shoved it into a cleft (no, not that cleft, one in the rocks). Now I could swim nude without fear of being disturbed, except possibly by walkers on the cliff path above, and they’d be too far away to get a proper look at me.

It really felt so good being naked in the water; the cold bringing up little goose-bumps all over my body, and making my dark nipples stand up like pebbles. I swam a bit further out to sea and floated on my back, gently paddling my arms and legs to keep me afloat, the water lapping around my breasts and the little dark tidy bush of my pubes. With one hand, I stroked gently over my public mound, touching my clitoris, but I quickly discovered that I needed both hands to keep me up, as I immediately started to sink under the water. Clearly a crafty floating session of stirring the honey-pot wasn’t really on. So I kicked my legs gently and propelled myself back towards the rocks where I’d left my bikini pants.

I pulled them on and swam back round to the main bay. As I rounded the edge of the rocks, I saw that there was someone else on the beach now, just settling down with her stuff. And guess what - it was Sally. I waved at her as I splashed out of the water. She had obviously come down to the beach to soak up some sun too, judging by her outfit of loose sun-dress and what looked like a bikini top rather than a bra underneath. She smiled and waved back.

“Hi Sally, why don’t you come and join me?” I said. She came over and laid down her stuff beside mine, while I picked up my towel and rubbed myself dry in a fairly perfunctory way – the sun was so hot I hardly needed to. I rubbed a bit more sun-cream on, trying not to notice if Sally was looking while I smeared it onto my little tits.

“I’ve not been down here before,” she said. “I was just going down to the main beach, but your Mum said you’d come along here, and she said it was much quieter. So I hoped you wouldn’t mind.”

“Hey, no, that’s cool,” I said. “I do like coming here – sometimes you can have the place to yourself all day – but I’m glad you came. It’s more fun with a friend.”

“Actually, I was watching you just now – when you were swimming in the little bay next door,” said Sally. “I was coming along the cliff path, and I was going to shout, but then I decided you were probably wanting some privacy, since you’d… you know, left your cozzie off. I didn’t notice at first, ‘til you turned on your back.”

I laughed. “Perhaps I should dye my pubic hair, so it looks more like a bikini,” I said, and explained about that little bay being great for skinny-dipping.

“I’ve never done it,” admitted Sally. “I’ve always been afraid of getting caught. But I might try it sometime; it looked nice where you were. Though I’m even a bit nervous about going topless on the beach,” and she glanced at my bare boobs.

“I love it,” I admitted. “And it’s really no big deal – I actually like to go nude when I get the chance, but that’s not really on around here, especially on the family beaches.”

“I might do it now, since you have,” said Sally. She unbuttoned her dress and shimmied it off, confirming that she had a bikini on underneath – bright red, very sexy, really showing off her large breasts. I suddenly realised I was looking at them a bit too much, so I busied myself with my towel while Sally undid her bikini top. I could see by her tan-lines that she normally sun-bathed with a bikini on; the curves of her breasts were quite a lot paler than the rest of her. It looked dead sexy, to be honest; made it obvious she was showing off something that was normally hidden.

I watched surreptitiously while she got out her sun-cream and rubbed it all over her torso, including those lovely tits. They were definitely bigger than mine, but really firm and with amazing puffy nipples that made my mouth water. Mine had never been really puffy like that, even when they were developing. I waited for my chance, as she began reaching behind her to cream her back, and managed to catch her eye.

“Would you like a hand there?” I offered.

“Thanks,” she said, and handed me the sun-cream. I squeezed some onto my hands and rubbed it over her back, taking care to massage it well into her skin. I rubbed her shoulders, even though they were already well creamed.

I wondered if she and Matt had actually had a quick fuck down on the rocks earlier – and if he’d told her about me seeing them yesterday. I really wanted to find out about that, but I wasn’t sure how. To be honest, she still seemed a bit shy – perhaps not surprisingly. After all, she’d been fucking my friend, and she may not even know yet if I knew. And if she did know that I knew, she might wonder how I felt about it. How complicated! I felt that it was probably up to me to put her at her ease – although I’d promised Matt I wouldn’t mention that I’d actually seen the two of them fucking like rabbits. Like I said, I needed to find out if Matt had said anything to her.

“Matt didn’t manage to persuade you to go off with him and my Dad, then?” I said. “They were plotting last night to walk along the coast as far as the end of Hartland Point – too far for me, but Matt did say you might be interested.”

Sally laughed. “I don’t know where he got that idea from,” she said. “He did ask, but I said I didn’t fancy going all that way just to have to come back again. Anyway, I need to work on my tan. Boys just don’t get that sort of thing.”

“Do you know when they set off?” I asked.

“Well, I saw Matt for a bit this morning,” she admitted, “and he said they were leaving at about 10 o’clock.”

“I wondered where he was,” I said, improvising wildly. “I wanted to borrow his binoculars, but couldn’t find him.”

Sally blushed. “We were down the steps by the rock pools,” she said. “The tide was up, but we got a bit of the way round into the next little bay, you know, over the rocks.”

I did know – it was quiet round there, you weren’t likely to be disturbed.

“That’s nice,” I said, hoping she’d say a bit more. “Nice and quiet, no-one much gets round those rocks.”

She hesitated; then took the plunge. “Matt told me something,” she said. “He said you saw us – yesterday afternoon – down on the grass.”

She looked embarrassed, and that made me blush too.

“I’m sorry,” I said. “I didn’t mean to spy, but I was just…”

“It’s okay,” said Sally. “Matt explained. He said you were in the store-room, and just looked out.” She gave a little giggle. “I’m glad it was only you – thank God it wasn’t my Mum!”

Whoops! I hoped my face didn’t give anything away. That part of the story was still strictly between me and Sally’s Mum.

“I think that’s why we went round the rocks this morning; Matt probably didn’t want to get caught again. Mind you, it took us so long to get round there, we didn’t have much time before he had to go back. Just enough time, you know, for a quickie,” with another giggle.

I hadn’t expected her to be quite so open about it – but then why not? I was up for a bit of a girly giggle about it.

“Wasn’t it a bit uncomfortable?” I asked.

“There wasn’t anywhere we could, you know, lie down,” Sally admitted. “So I just sort of leant against one of the big rocks, and we did it like that.”

“Oh God, I’ve done it like that too,” I laughed. “It’s great for a quickie, but not very comfortable.”

“He didn’t even take my bikini bottoms off,” she said. “Just lifted up my dress, pushed them to one side and shoved it in.”

“That sounds like Matt. He’s always so impatient,” I agreed.

“It was kind of horny though,” she admitted. “Just doing it like that. And then he had to go, and I came round here.”

I couldn’t help thinking of pretty Sally lying back against the rocks, holding up her dress while Matt’s hard cock slapped in and out of her.

“If I’d’ve known, I’d’ve come and watched again,” I said.

Sally went a bit redder and bit her lip, looking embarrassed. Then she gave a little smile. “When Matt told me, I was a bit shocked at first, but then it got me, like, a bit excited” she admitted. “Thinking of you watching, while we were having it off.”

“It was so hot” I said. “I've known Matt for years, and watching him fucking you…well, it was awesome.” Even thinking about it now, I felt my pussy tingling, and almost without thinking I put my hand on my mound and slid my fingers up and down between my legs.

Sally noticed. “Did you touch yourself like that then?” she asked shyly.

“Oh god yes,” I said “and more than that.”

“Oh wow,” breathed Sally.

I looked at her. Her mouth was open slightly and I could tell she was getting a bit excited herself. Carefully, without any fuss, I slipped my hand inside my bikini and began to rub myself a bit harder. God, I was wet. “More like this” I whispered, as I allowed my middle finger to slip easily between my labia into my slit.

“Thinking of you two fucking on the rocks this morning - I think it’s got me all wet again,” I said. “I can just imagine him pushing your bikini out of the way, getting his cock out, nudging it in.” I’m not sure what was getting me more turned on, talking like this, or watching Sally’s reaction. She looked round to make sure no-one else was on the beach, then slipped her own hand down inside her bikini bottoms, her fingers obviously finding their way down to her pussy.

I saw them push downward, and heard her gasp as they plunged easily into her slit. Watching her masturbate was so arousing. I could hear the rhythmic slurp, slurp, slurp – she was obviously as wet as me. She smiled at me, and pulled out her fingers, showing them to me. They were glistening and coated in goo – and I felt a shiver run down my spine as I realised it wasn’t just her juices on her fingers; there was something that was thicker; an opaque white goo. OMG it wasn’t was it – yes, it was – it was male cum! And there was only one person it could have come from.

“Oh my God!” I whispered. “Is that Matt’s stuff?”

Sally giggled. “Well, who else’s could it be?” she asked reasonably enough. “I haven’t had time to clean myself out.”

I giggled too. How filthy it looked, looped between her fingers! I was just thinking maybe she wasn’t so shy after all, now that she’d got going, when she surprised me even more.

“Want a taste?” she said, wiggling it at me.

I think she was probably expecting me to recoil in disgust, but I’d licked up plenty of Matt’s jizz the night before, and it was lovely to see her surprised face as I replied.

“Go on then” I said. For a second she pulled her hand back, maybe thinking I was joking, but then she held it out again. I took hold of her wrist and leant over, putting her sticky fingers in my mouth and sucking the salty goo into my mouth. The flavour was different this time, kind of fishier, mixed as it was with Sally’s own juices. I sucked on Sally’s fingers longer than I really needed to, flicking my tongue round them in my mouth.

Sally was blushing. “Oh God, Annie,” was all she could say. But she was still well turned on, judging by the state of her nipples.

“Is there any more where that came from?” I asked.

“I’ll have a look,” she replied, and was about to put her fingers back down her bikini when I stopped her.

“Can I look for myself?” I asked.

She looked a bit shocked at this, and there was a bit of pause before she said “Ok,” sounding a bit reluctant.

I thought I’d maybe gone too far. “It’s ok” I said. “I was only joking.”

But I think she made her mind up at this point. “No, you have to now,” she said. “You have to go down and look,” and in one quick movement she took hold of her bikini pants and pulled them off.

I could see the smooth bare shaved expanse of her plump little mound now, and just the top of her slit. Quickly, I pulled my towel over and laid it down between her thighs. I could feel my own body tingling as she moved her legs apart and I scrambled over between them, putting one hand on each warm soft thigh as I gazed at the pink glistening folds of her labia. I stroked her thighs gently, feeling the warm flesh giving under the pressure of my fingers.

“Ready Annie?” asked Sally.

“Go on then,” I replied, and watched as Sally squeezed her vaginal muscles, her hole pulsing as she suddenly pushed out a creamy mass of stuff – a gloopy mixture of Matt’s semen and her juices. Quickly I put my hand under her and caught the stuff in my palm as it oozed out. I smelt the sharp aroma, and held up my palm and showed it to Sally, letting the goo run down over my wrist.

Sally giggled. “That’s filthy, Annie! Now what are you going to do with it?”

“What do you think?” I replied. “It’s a shame to let it go to waste.” And I put out my tongue and licked it off my hand, savouring every drop.

“I think there’s probably some more to come,” said Sally.

“I hope so,” I mused, thinking that Matt’s balls had obviously been working overtime to replenish his supply. Parting Sally’s labia again, this time I put my face right down close to the pink moist folds of her sex. Gently I licked at the exposed flesh. Sally let out a little cry, and I could see her vagina pulsating as she squeezed again. I put my mouth right at the entrance, and saw another dollop of semen emerge before it glooped onto my tongue. Oh, that lovely salty taste. I lapped at her hole, slurping up everything that I could, finding more semen just inside. I could see the little folds of flesh around her clitoris, looking aroused already, and I took my tongue out of her slit and slid it around the hard little button. As you can imagine, this began to drive her wild, and she obviously had to strain very hard not to start screaming out in pleasure.

I could tell that she was close to an orgasm. Placing my mouth on her clit, I took the hard little button between my lips and sucked it tenderly, squeezing slightly, but always aware of how sensitive this delicate bud could be. That was all it took to push Sally over the edge, and her whole body shook as she came. I felt more of her juices almost squirt out of her vagina over my chin as she held my head in her hands, grasping my hair as she pressed my face into her soft mound. I could hardly breathe for a few seconds as she climaxed wildly, before flopping back onto her towel, gasping heavily.

Wow, that was some orgasm she’d had! Breathing heavily myself, I crawled up over her body and crouched over her, my legs squeezing against her sides. I looked into her blue eyes as she smiled at me, then leant over and kissed her. She purred with pleasure, stroking my bare back as she licked at the inside of my mouth with her tongue.

“I could taste all that in your mouth,” she whispered as I eventually pulled away. “You could have left me some though, instead of swallowing the lot.”

“Why don’t you try some of mine instead?” I said with a grin, and wriggled further up over her chest until my crotch was sitting over her breasts.

“God, Annie, you’re soaking already,” she said, and I realised she was right – the crotch of my bikini was dark with the moisture from my pussy. Sally pulled on the two ties on either side of my bikini bottoms, and I raised myself up slightly so she could pull them off. Now she really could see just how wet I was. I rubbed my wet pussy against her breasts, leaving sticky smears of juice all over them. Her puffy nipples were glistening, and they’d hardened with arousal. I leant over and licked up the smooth curve of her left tit until I reached the nipple, then sucked it into my mouth, flicking it with my tongue.

Grabbing my firm thighs in her hands, she pulled me towards her, and I crawled closer until I was almost sitting on her face. She let out a little moan of pleasure, and parted my labia with her fingers, gazing at the damp light-pink folds of my inner lips. I felt her tongue lick slowly round my pussy, slightly rough, stimulating the nerve endings around my vaginal entrance. Already my juices were starting to well up, and her tongue slipped inside my hole, lapping and sucking at them.

“Oh yes, Sally, oh yes, oh yes,” I gasped, letting her know that she was really hitting the spot. I clenched the muscles of my pussy, squeezing out the secretions.

Her tongue was nice, but I needed something to go a bit deeper. “Use your fingers now,” I whispered, and she obliged by sliding the index and middle fingers of her right hand into me. I held back my moans of pleasure so that I could listen to the squishy sound of her fingers. I looked out nervously across the beach, scanning the rocks for any intruding visitors who might be surprised (pleasantly or otherwise) by the sight of my naked body.

She must have masturbated a lot, since she knew where to go for maximum effect. She curled her fingers up inside me, finding the softest, squishiest spot inside my soaking vagina. I felt a third finger nudging at my entrance, then joining the other two. I couldn’t help letting out a bit of a squeal, which rose to even more of a crescendo as her tongue found the hard bud of my clitoris. Oh Christ, it was my turn to come now. I pushed my pussy against her face, rubbing and moaning and gasping as I felt the first wave hit me. My body shook as I came, squeezing my thighs against Sally’s body to stop myself falling.

I slid back to sit on Sally’s chest as my tremors slowly stopped. Sally’s pretty face was covered in my sticky juices, and I laughed as I smeared my fingers across her cheek. “Wow, Sally, thank you!” I said. “You are like totally bi, aren't you?”

“God, Annie,” she said, her bare breasts heaving. “I’m not really like that, honest! But when you started talking about watching Matt and me, I got so turned on.”

I leant over and ran my fingers over her breast, flicking her nipple playfully. “I’m not either” I said. “Well, I mean, I wouldn’t want to go without guys, but girls are fun too. And this way you get twice as many chances to get off.”

I picked up my bikini bottoms and tied them back on. “Better make myself decent before anyone catches us” I said. Sally pulled hers on as well, and licked her lips, trying to reach as much of my sticky juices as she could, before wiping her face with her towel to get rid of any final streaks. I was glad that she didn’t seem to have any post-orgasmic attacks of embarrassment or shame.

“Are you going to tell Matt about this?” I asked. “I don’t mind if you do.”

“Do you think he’d be ok about it?” Sally wondered. “I mean, I know you’d talked about seeing us fucking, and he told me he thought that was really hot, but this is kind of a bit different.”

“No, you have to tell him,” I said. “He really won’t have a problem with it. It’ll probably make him hard as anything. I know what he’s like.”

“You two are crazy,” said Sally.

“You’re not so bad yourself,” I replied. “That was great fun – but if we don’t get ourselves a bit of a tan, people will wonder what we’ve been up to.”

So we tidied up our towels and stuff, and laid ourselves out in the sun. We chatted on and off about this and that before going for a bit of a swim. I showed Sally how to get round to the little bay next door, and where I normally left my bikini if I wanted to swim naked. When we got back from the swim, we of course needed to top up our sun-cream levels, which involved much giggling as we rubbed it onto each other, with rather a lot of attention being given to boobs and bums. In the end, we were there all afternoon, and only left when it was time to go back to the hotel to get ready for dinner.

“What’s your Mum been doing all day?” I asked innocently as we strolled back along the beach. I was looking forward to seeing Abi again; we had unfinished business together.

“She drove off to visit an old school friend of hers,” said Sally. “So I expect they’ll have spent all day gossiping and drinking white wine.”

“Sounds like a good plan to me,” I said. A tipsy Abi, her inhibitions lowered by alcohol, was an attractive prospect.

“I wonder how Matt and your father got on,” mused Sally. “Do you think they actually got to the end of Hartland Point?”

“It is quite a way,” I said, “but they should be back by now. Whatever, I bet they didn’t have as much fun as we did.”

“I bet they didn’t!” said Sally.

Coming up in Chapter Four: find out what happens later that night, when Sally asks me to help her and Matt make a film of the two of them fucking.

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